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soo....looks like there's a new theory out there about the finale that sounds plausible to me. apparently it follows a bit of the Terminal Velocity sl from the comics. they say Barry will THINK they defeated Savitar in 3x22 and go off to the SF to pay his dues at the start of 3x23, but it turns out that Savitar isn't dead and shows up to kill Iris anyway, leading Barry to have to come back at the last minute to save her. only thing i don't get is how/why Wally is in so little of the finale.

Yeah, someone told me this theory. Apparently in the comics, Jessie Quick is involved, and she gets hurt early on and can’t participate. The theory there is that Wally is the “Jessie” in this story, which is why he’s not around as much. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t appear near the end of the ep (as they film out of order) just that he’s out of commission for the actual saving .


Me: *sees a bunch of cool edits of Pidge with long hair* 
Me: Nice
Also Me: *starts to think a lot of reasons about how is not a good idea to have long hair in the space* 

alex: the stars are beautiful tonight, aren’t they?

eliza: yeah

alex: you know what else is beautiful?

eliza: *blushing* what?

alex: john lau- i mean no angelica schuy- no no no i’m sorry i meant *looks at smudged writing in hand* elizardbert smiler

aight time for some fanart-

still kinda obsessed over @setheverman but ey ill get over it

love your work, man! ;v; <333




But that’s just it, isn’t it? The build-up. He’s waited for this for years. He watched her have her first crush in elementary school (and, no surprise, it was not on him.) He watched her flirting with boys at middle school dances. He watched her making out with Jackson in the hallways in high school. He watched her grow up, grow into herself, grow through all the pain of being alive. And all that time, all he had wanted was exactly what he has now. And he feels frozen. He feels stuck in his own incompetence. 

Based on Be My Last by @rongasm.


The Cast of Hamilton for Time 

Hamilton is a story about America. And the most beautiful thing about it is because it’s told by such a diverse cast with such diverse styles of music, we have the opportunity to reclaim history that some of us don’t necessarily think is our own.