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He’s a bit of a worried boyfriend, but they’ll be alright

Based on something I did earlier

ya know, the scene from the blade of marmora where keith’s suit made a hologram of shiro because that was the person keith wanted to see so badly in that moment? that was a good scene and considering the episode was all about keith wanting information about his family and background, him wanting to see shiro, the only person he has ever considered family, was really sweet and honestly did pull at my heart, but of course she/ith shippers have to ruin everything, 

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It's funny how ppl say that Kylo Ren is everything Anakin should be...

it’s funny in the sense that they missed the point of anakin’s story.

like - he didn’t have to come from nothing. or, you know what, less than nothing; he didn’t have to come from slavery. he didn’t have to get screwed over by big government and theocratic institutions, he didn’t have to be strung along by palpatine, he didn’t have to be insecure and feel powerless.

but it makes the story better. 

people want to pretend the prequels are all about anakin turning into vader, but that’s just the face value of it; the prequels are really about vader earning his redemption, so it’s more than a guy who did wrong and was magnanimously evil his entire life suddenly making one good, whole, pure choice. that’s a beautiful story, sure - but it’s not as good as the one the prequels offer. 

the beauty of retroactively writing anakin the way they did was the deconstruction of the darth vader power complex people built in their heads. back during the OT, people thought he was rich, a lord of a system, that he was powerful - the PT destroyed that. suddenly, darth vader was a former slave, suddenly, darth vader was a desolate, pathetic human being. 

they showed you, blatantly, where evil would get you. they made one of the most popular, captivating, and mesmerizing villains in history powerless.

but, sure. anakin came from relative privilege, turned to the dark to acquire power, and spent twenty years terrorizing the galaxy before he magically decided, “oh, i’m going to the light now!” sure. 

keep your shitty narrative, vader dudebro fanboys. keep whining.

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What is your favorite tattoo if you don't have one what kind would you get and where?

You know, I actually been thinking about getting a tattoo recently, but I get nervous thinking about getting one;;; I get so soooo indecisive….

But for sure I do want to get a lil star one with my bff @fishiegoblub! The meaning behind the tattoo is really really cute ;w; But I don’t know where maybe like the back of shoulder neck area;; (jojo….) or maybe my wrist?;;

Pff I think if I wasn’t so afraid of committing to a permanent thing on my skin or needles I’d be covered in them lol

Jimmy Darling x Wolf!Reader: Mythical Beasts

A/N: You’re the new freak that catches Jimmy Darling’s eyes but he’s too stubborn to admit it and refuses to admit that you’re really a werewolf until you transform.  Watching the rest of Freak Show when I really should be doing homework. 

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Elsa hired you because they needed a new show. She didn’t care that she didn’t believe that you were a wolf, she just needed a new show to receive more money for the freaks. You met Jimmy when you were putting your stuff in your new tent. “Then what are you? I don’t see anything that can consider you a…”

He stopped mid sentence when you looked at him. “I…I just didn’t want to end up in an asylum or…jail.” You tell him and he had a confused yet stern look in his eyes. “I’m…I’m a werewolf.” You told him. He’s the only person you told and Elsa. You didn’t tell anyone else. “Bullshit.” “What?”

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ID #68613

Name: Jared
Age: 18 in June
Country: United States

Ever since I was little I loved talking about myself, and I can talk about myself for hours and what I like and what I dislike and my views and standings on certain issues. I have a really open mind and I try to be a positive force in as many people’s lives as possible. Even though I like talking about myself, I’ve been told I can be a good listener, and I’m usually quiet in class unless I have something meaningful to say.
I really like sports, so like football, basketball, and baseball, and my favorite sport is baseball. I play some computer games when I can, but I also enjoy reading books and time to myself. I like most types of music besides any of this new age rap junk. I listen to classic rock, chill beats, jazz, classical, rap, power ballads, and I’m open to new types of course. I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t detest or look down at people that eat meat (as some would guess).
I’m a bi-romantic asexual, basically meaning that sex is on the lowest priority for me as far as relationships go. Quality time is my main love language so I would take a good hang out over a quick sex session. I lean towards non-binary people, not as like “Oh man they’re soooo hot, I just can’t get enough” but more as like “Wow that’s so cool that they have the courage and the confidence to be who they wanna be, and they look good as their true self” I pretty much hate my gender tbh, like why are most of the guys I see on the internet horny, sweaty, hairy, unemployed men? It just sucks that most people have to take extra precautions when interacting with people on the internet because of men like that. Just speaking from experience.
As a male, it’s harder for me to express my interests in things like writing, flowers, floral fabrics and designs, animals, feelings, and art with other males ore even people in my friend group. Consequently my best friends are girls, which is perfectly fine with me. I think having a pen pal is a great way to form a really cool friendship with someone in a way that is more interactive and meaningful than just texting a random person on the platonic page of craigslist.
If you haven’t already noticed by now, I enjoy writing in all forms. And when they said I could type as much as I wanted, I took them seriously. Thanks for reading all of this if you did. I really appreciate it.

Preferences: Someone around my age so 17-19 of any gender

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if a fire-breathing snake was the best gift magnus ever gave how will he top it when he gives alec something. "here's a flying unicorn i got for you to ride into battle, and by got, i mean created from scratch. i hope you like it!"

ok i know i’m prob supposed to give a cute answer here but tbh the fact that magnus gave camille so many of those extravagant gifts says a lot about their relationship – the way he just kept trying to please her because he loved her so much and she just couldn’t give two fucks about him, and also because of what happened he feels like he owes her his life, something she’s clearly used against him. and i get the sense that when he made these beautiful wild gifts for her, he did it because she would look at him and smile, and he would think for a moment, maybe she does love me, too.

i don’t think magnus will be doing the same thing with alec. i think magnus knows alec is different – he’s clearly not a man with extravagant taste – and if magnus gives alec any gifts, it’ll be something really personal and meaningful. like i bet alec has all these old childhood scribble drawings from izzy and max and jace, and i can see magnus gathering them and charming them so they’ll never fade or be ruined and just putting them in a little box for alec to keep.

but the important part is that it wouldn’t matter what he gave. it’s not about the gift; for alec, it’s about the fact that a man he likes – the man he’s falling in love with – took some time out to get something for him. that magnus remembered him and thought about him. i get the feeling if magnus just swung by with a bagel on his way to meet a client – or even if magnus came by empty handed to say just to say hi – alec would light up like a christmas tree.

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Just a thought; i know Sonja was doing what she thought was best for Even but like, with the fake leg Even said something really meaningful, that if he broke up woth her she would think it's one of his episodes. Honestly i can understand her worry but she wasn't giving him enough space to be himself and that gotta be a really difficult place to be in, she only saw his illness and not him

Halla angel anon <3 

When it comes to Sonja and her relationship with Even, I try to perceive it with an open mind and not make too many negative assumptions.  

Basically because everything we saw of their relationship and how Sonja treated Even and made him feel was in Isak’s pov and second handedly from Even’s. 

We only got snippets of how Even felt in that relationship, which was that she was very controlling and made him feel like he wasn’t allowed to feel whatever he felt. Which I think is definitely true and valid. 

But when trying to consider how Sonja must have felt, I mean I can’t believe that she meant to make him feel that way, and try to stop him from being who he is. I think she just really loved him and saw a million times how much pain he suffers, and she wanted so desperately to try and make sure that he never ever feels that way again, that yeah it ended up becoming controlling and over protective. But not any one of us can blame her for that. 

She nearly lost him. We all nearly lost him, and from experience, when something like that happens it is natural for your loved ones to turn on helicopter pilot and try to do everything in their power to make sure you don’t feel that way again. 

So I can imagine why she would constantly monitor his emotions and tell him what they mean and talk him through every one. 

She didn’t do it because she loved controlling him, she did it because she loved him. 

Unfortunately I feel like their relationship began to become less about love and more about protecting and being protected for both of them. and when Even began to finally find who he is again and what he truly wants from life, that’s when he outgrew Sonja’s protection and it truly felt like she was stopping him from feeling and being who he was. 

But I want to emphasise that yes it was so incredibly hard for Even, but it was also hard for Sonja. She wasn’t doing the wrong thing. When you’re in that situation it’s difficult to know what exactly is the right thing.  

I personally don’t think their relationship ending had so much to do with how Sonja treated his illness, as it did on how they outgrew each other and fell out of love. 

From what i’ve seen I think Sonja just wanted to protect him which was great until Even didn’t need her protection anymore and instead it became more harmful for him then good. 

But that wasn’t Sonja’s fault. She loved him and was there for him when all of his friends weren’t. 

I want to give Sonja a hug. <3

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How do you do the naming thing? You know, where you name all of the places interesting and thematically appropriate things. Do names just pop into your head or do you ask google for suggestions? My novels generally look like "so and so went to ______ high school in ________, Texas and then so and so went to ________ laundromat..." etc. Which is to say, I am very curious as to how you name things.

Please notice that I am answering this ask in an educational way! I am a reputable author.

Although many things pop into my head on any given day, names are very rarely one of them. I give a lot of thought to all names in my books — not just protagonist names. Place names, last names, street names, pet names. Everything that gets a capital letter represents more than a passing level of thought on my part.

What sort of thought? I know a lot of authors name thematically, a la Charles Dickens or J. K. Rowling. A thief gets named Bradley Grabgobble or a werewolf gets named something really cunningly meaningful like, oh, Lupin. That’s not really how I pick my names. I’d rather they developed out of the world itself — take the Lynch family, for instance. I knew they were going to be an Irish-American family, and so I fetched them an Irish last name that I felt had a nice, hard sound to it. Irish American families don’t always name their kids Irish names, but my Lynches were the sort that taught their kids how to play traditional music and dreamed up herds of Irish cattle for themselves. So Irish names for the brood, too, then. Ronan … looked like I wanted Ronan to look. It seemed like a name that could embody both aggression and kindness. Declan is a name that is hard to say in a nice way. Matthew is a nod to the Catholic side. Plus not named quite the same as Declan and Ronan for Spoiler Reasons.

I pick place names the same way. They must follow world-building conventions first and then also look the way I want them to look. A good name will take the burden of description off you, sometimes, or add a dimension that would be clumsy in other places. A lot of old Southern towns are named after women’s names: Henrietta sounded pretty, old, and quaint to me; naming the town that did part of the work for me in describing it. 300 Fox Way — another opportunity to characterize the psychics that lived there. Foxes are clever. The psychics are clever.

And finally, some of my names are chosen to amuse myself. Malory and Monmouth are nods to the the Raven Cycle’s Arthurian roots. They fit the world-building rules I’ve set, but they also sound right and entertain me.

The biggest thing to ask yourself when you’re about to put your characters at the McDonald’s on Maple Street in Appleton, State, is if you can possibly put some more specific names in there to better paint the characters or place for your readers. Is it absolutely necessary? No, you can get away without it. But just like a great painting has much attention given to the edges and shadows, putting well-placed specifics in your novel whenever you can will give your reader a firmer belief that your world does, in fact, exist somewhere.


ETA: Please place air quotes around “cunningly” up above for proper emphasis.

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What would Exo get you for Christmas? If you were opening it in front of the rest of Exo, would he be embarrassed? c': thank you!! Merry Christmas!! 💕

Aww that sounds interesting .. thank you for your little question anonymo ~~ and thank you I hope you have a wonderful christmas time ♥ 

a note: you guys sent in about 9 requests about christmas (i was like: *doesnt go online cuz is scared of the reactions of you for my latest post* *finally goes online and has about 9 requests* O W O god damn.. ) I cant make all of them because I need about atleast 1-2h for one reaction (i’m a slow snail) but I hope you are ok with this and maybe a little scenario ? we’ll see what santa will bring to you ~~ Ok lets finally start .. xD 

Kyungsoo: He would probably just buy something you really wanted + get you something to eat cuz he loves to see you enjoying your meal ~ and no one would dare to make fun of kyungsoo cuz he would kill ‘em all

Tao: I can also imagine that tao would buy something you really wanted so bad or do something reeeal romantic like buying flowers/roses or just surprise you with a dinner for two ? 

Chen: He would be a big cheesy ball and make/craft a card .. a giftcard for a kiss or a hug and he would just love to see your embarrassed reaction to it while ofc everyone makes a big fuss about it

Lay: I can imagine Lay giving you something really meaningful like a reeeal long letter about everything he loves about you and how he just appreciates everything of you and he would be all cute and chilled while the other exo members make a big fuss about it: “waah lay you cutie *kissu kissu noises*”

Kai: Details ! Kai would make a big big huge well .. a huge present with a lot of little details .. he would plan everything making a list of everything you like from your favourite candy to bathbombs to a playlist of songs and everything would be packed lovely and separately so you are excited for every little present he prepared. He would totally ignore everyone around him and just concentrate on you.

Suho: Sugar daddy Suho .. I dont have to  say anything else .. 

Kris: He would not have a present for you at the party you have .. you would be a little sad but still ok with it until you come back home and he makes a little christmas party for just the two of you with presents ofc ! 

Xiumin: Stuffed animals ! … big life size stuffed animals just for you.. calling them: “your protectors” everyone would love to have one for themselves xD

Luhan: He would be the one of a kind which buys an animal you desperately wanted to have one day (even a unicorn .. he would probably buy you Lay then wait wha-.. *cough*) he also would probably get jealous of you kissing the animal “Jagiya .. you kiss him/her even more than your own boyfriend .. I also need your attention *blows kisses*”

Baekhyun: I can imagine Baekhyun buying you (and himself) matching christmas outfits … so you can be the hilarious party couple ~ 

Chanyeol: He would compose a song for you and probably would perform in front of you with maybe some exo members as background singers ? 

Sehun: Sehun would buy something ridiculously weird/dumb. Something no one would like to have ( for example socks maybe ?) but he would explain it to you (when you drive home or so) why he bought it because the gift is linked with a cute/funny memory ~

I hope you liked my little imagination xD .. its already the second christmas day here (2am) so I hope you still have a wonderful christmas time ~~

- Eru



“Have her obey in any way necessary. Whatever it takes.”

Garon’s words were still ringing in Gunter’s ears, even after ages of not following those words. Back then, Corrin had been a young girl, hardly seven, and forcing a young, frightened girl to obey didn’t sit well with him.

Someone, probably that mage Iago, had handed Gunter a whip, saying something along the lines of “If you find yourself having trouble, use this.” The great knight had been hardened by battle after many years, and had then assumed that Corrin was an adult, a prisoner of war. He hadn’t seen her or heard much about her. Xander had mentioned in passing that she wasn’t Nohrian, which had only solidified Gunter’s notions.

When he arrived at the fortress and noticed that Corrin wasn’t an adult hostage but a child, he began seriously questioning Garon’s orders.

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AHH So I’ve been on a disney score kick and listening to all sorts of soundtracks the past few days. Consequentially, I doodled an au where Akaashi is a prince and Bokuto is also a prince who gets turned into an owl!! I’ve seen this concept floating around tumblr and I wanted to give it a shot…!!! WAYYY too much explanation and tons of headcanons under the cut if you’re interested :> tl;dr i love these idiots

(also be sure to view this in high res !!)

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I really wouldn’t care if Stiles and Derek had very few scenes in s4 so long as their last scene is the two of them waking up in bed together.

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Honestly, a lot of these questions are really creepy. Like why would you ask anyone to be your next kidnap victim? Really glad he answered them in a humorous manner.


I don’t think I’ve ever shared these stories on here. I know I’ve shared them with close friends in my life (over and over again to the point they’re probably sick of them) but I feel like explaining some of the reasons Cory Monteith was and will always remain one of my favorite human beings.

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I call my “love life” hilarious cause it’s like a constant tease…fr..

every time it feels like I’m really gonna have something meaningful with someone, it gets snatched back real quick

like “oop, not yet bihh”