like some kind of badass cosplaying

everytime i see fanart or cosplay of hunk or lance being cool on their own my heart warms and i’m happy. something about seeing those good boys portrayed as awesome and cool even when they’re not in a team lineup or shipping art kinda gives me hope for some reason!

i guess it’s because i rarely see cool lance-just-being-lance art when it’s not in klance pictures (or other ships…) and most hunk content i see is just him being the butt of the joke as usual (which quite honestly feels unfair to me. c’mon guys, he’s stronger than shiro and a great bro and amazing at cooking! he’s great!) 

but then again, i don’t often actively seek out voltron content because of the nature of the fandom…maybe when i find the time i can draw my own cool pics of them.


So I can finally say that my Silver Age Hawkwoman cosplay is finally complete. After much hard work, those wings weren’t easy!, it’s done and absolutely perfect. I never feel more powerful than when I am in this costume. :)

I think the biggest thing with this cosplay, and with any of my cosplays, is I hope I can inspire some other women of color to feel confident and comfortable about cosplaying in general but especially as characters outside their ethnicity, no matter anyone’s opinion on the matter. By being seen, I hope I can challenge some thought processes in the nerd community and show that diversity does exist in the fandom. Things are changing and we have to change with it.

I also really love bringing attention to a character that otherwise has been kind of left out on the sidelines in the comic world who is a badass, strong woman. We need more female characters like her and every time I see a young person, like the girl above, who gush and want a photo when they see me, I’m glad they know that someone else out there loves her too. :)