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i haven’t really been following the whole adam goodes story so like i don’t have much info on everything but i’ve seen so many comments on social media being like ‘i don’t care about his race/colour/ethnicity i just wanna see him play!!!!!1’ or 'i don’t see colour why can’t we just all get on with the game!!!’ and i don’t think white people understand how fucking frustrating comments like those are?

for me and so many other native peoples, our culture is who we are. my culture is a huge part of my identity. i am māori. i am a māori wahine. by having someone say that they don’t care about our race/colour/ethnicity it’s pretty much them saying that they don’t care about us, and with goodes being an indigenous person in the spotlight i can see how that would suck. it would fucking suck to see and feel that although you put so much hard work into your job and people enjoy seeing you do what you do that they still don’t care about you. that they don’t give a shit about one of the most important things to you because your pride and your intolerance for racism makes them feel uncomfortable.

as for the not seeing colour comments, holy fucking shit how racist do you have to be to feel like you can only be comfortable with someone by erasing their whakapapa?! is some stupid game more important than a persons identity?! here you have an indigenous man making use of the fact that he can reach a wide range of people easily to make aboriginal issues and struggles more widely known and spoken about but nah, white people will just stick their heads in the sand when it comes to being confronted by anything which makes them realise that they are a huge reason why so many native people around the world face all these struggles.

i just can’t deal with australians at the moment, they’re being big fukn cry babies because this man refuses to remove his culture from his identity and won’t tolerate racist behaviours.

okay but i’m so angry because when they say “derek talks about you” they just end it there…. like no you need to tell me everything derek says about reid when he isn’t at work, every little detail please like does he call him pretty boy to his family?? does he go to his mother for comfort after reid gets hurt cause it makes him feel sick and like he isn’t good enough to be his in his life if he can’t even protect him?? does he mention him casually so often that his family don’t even ask who he’s talking about when they say ‘him’ or ‘this guy at work’ because it’s always reid?? PLEASE GIVE ME THE DETAILS I NEED TO KNOW

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Hello ^u^ I love your blog!! Also I was wondering if you had any fic recommendations for iwaoi?

I think iwaoi/oiiwa fandom has amazing fics! 

I Choose You by TripsH
Soulmate AU, and one of the best fics I’ve ever read. It’s so good I start getting angry that Ao3 doesn’t let you leave kudos more than once *flips table*

a book of firsts by pyrality
Iwaoi’s first date at a coffee shop.

lips like sugar by ohhotlamb
Pining Oikawa from oblivious Iwaizumi’s point of view.

water flows and so do we by asofthaven
CUTE. So cute. One of my favorite fluff fics. Iwaois in love!

all I need by masi
Another cute fic, the ending never fails to make me smile. I love masi’s fics because her characterizations stick to the character well (?) if that makes sense. 

kiss by buu
A fic about the kisses the two share together, starting from when they were still kids. 

(Also please check out the fanfic tag on this blog, and these fic recs as well! )

I really like fluffy fics for iwaoi/oiiwa haha. It has been a while since I’ve actually had the chance to sit down and read fics all day, but these are some of my favorites!


All dressed up with nowhere to go.

I am argumentative, I am passionate, I am loud, and I am provocative. You don’t have to like it. But you know what I don’t like?

I don’t like the fact that it’s 2015 and women are still considered inferior in so many ways. I don’t like the fact that it’s 2015 and over 400 unarmed black Americans have been unjustly murdered by police this year alone, with no consequence. I don’t like the fact that it’s 2015 and religious discrimination is present not only in our society, but in our government, too. I don’t like the fact that people are rude, disrespectful, and offensive purely because they don’t agree with my opinions.

I’m sick of the fact that I’m heckled in the corridors because you don’t like the fact that I’m vocal. I’m sick of the fact that there are people with a thinner skin than mine who are heckled for the same reasons as i am, but don’t know how to stand up for themselves.

I am strong, I am proud, and I am fed up.

I’m fed up with misogyny, I’m fed up with racism, I’m fed up with injustice, and I’m fed up with people who don’t know how to show respect and basic human decency to those around them.

You can try and silence me, you can try and tear me down. but before you do, you must remember something: I’m too argumentative for that. I’m too passionate for that. I’m too loud for that, and lord knows I’m too provocative for that.

I am argumentative because so many people don’t see a problem with the current situation. I am passionate because I’m sick of being “weaker" purely because of the gender I was assigned at birth. I am loud because I want to be heard over the screams of determined ignorance. I am provocative because the fact that so many people are oppressed SHOULD make you as uncomfortable and angry as it makes me. I am unapologetic because I am confident in the things I believe in, and I believe that I can contribute to making a positive change.

You may not like it, but if that’s the case, then it’s a damn good thing I don’t live to please you, isn’t it?

i really don’t like it when i find some not so popular here on tumblr flickr photographer, make some nice edits of their works and then half of my fellow pastel photography editors start editing the same pics even though they never noticed that artist before

idk i’m sorry but that’s just so frustrating

the only good thing about it is that it may work as a promo for those wonderful artists here (or at least i hope so)


everyone: I mean how about making it more accessible? You can extend the runs and make the tickets more affordable. You can bring in a wider range of audience members and sure it will take longer to make money, but it will extend the life of shows and theatre in general


“Don’t be fucking selfish,” Namjoon mutters, angrily playing with his phone, “Don’t lead Jimin on. He’s enamored with you,” he shoots the angry bird at the castle, and Yoongi frowns at how Namjoon can act so serious when he plays shitty iPhone games, “If you’re not in love with him back, then don’t lead him on. He’s younger than you. Right now, you look like an asshole. You’ll look like a complete dickhead if you dump him when you realize how much you suck.”

Yoongi laughs and pats Namjoon on the back.

seeing girls posting stuff like “WOW she’s so pretty i think i’m a lesbian” or “I’m so gay for her” makes me so angry. I’ve struggeled with my sexuality ever since i started “liking” people. Suddenly its okay to go around saying that stuff. But when someone actually is either gay, bi etc makes people uncomfortable. This trend needs to stop because it’s disrespectful to people who actually like the same gender. Just please stop…it makes me highly uncomfortable.

I’m tired, I’m angry, I’m stressed, I’m afraid I won’t sleep well tonight (just as last night when I fell asleep at 5am, 3 hours after I went to bed). I just had to get it off my chest.

The characters in The Maze Runner are super one dimensional. They are the perfect example of “flat characters”. The women in the story are even worse. One dies and the other’s sole goal in life seems to be to bed the male protagonist. 

I do not for the life of me understand why the books are such a success. Did I enjoy aspects of the book, yes, but I cannot for the life of me understand why people are so in love with the series. This is the first YA series I have read and really disliked. Why am I the only one who is annoyed with how poorly written the female characters are? 

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oh my god the parallels between bucky's fake-relationship with steve and his 'relationship' with brock are killing me this is so good like how steve grabs his legs during the christmas present scene? it's so cute im so fucking jealous can i have your writing skills holy shit please stop ugh this is really cute and im angry


Thank you so much omg :D