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in which takenaka gets shot bc this whole thing is such bullshit

Are you guys interested to see how I do sketches??

I’m a lil curious if ya’ll would watch me stream the sketching process cuz I usually stream the color process with the sketch already done. Anyway, just tell me your thoughts abt it!!

god i never thought the day would come that i would resort to pettily blocking someone who doesn’t even follow me/know who i am but alas i surprised myself just now and it feels Healing

I honestly want to redo my comic with Gene’s canon death. I know it’s my long comic with the most notes, but I honestly want to redo it.

Most likely won’t be any time soon or whatever, but I’m thinking about it. It’s one of the earliest comics I posted, so there’s not too much detail. It was taken when my old phone was crapping on me and I was stuck using my mom’s old iPad, so the quality isn’t great either. Not to mention there’s some canon lore for Gene I can fix/add since I’ve done a lot since then. Plus I know my art has improved so I want to fix that lol(cause to me it’s Bad)

Think. Think. Think

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-Me watching the FNAF fandom die-  

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Smile Precure’s real cons:

  • unclear Märchenland vs Bad End Kingdom Battle backstory
  • unsolved mystery of 2 remaining orange and purple buttons in Smile Pact
  • lack of Joker’s screentime and personality (I mean, I heard somewhere that he is the embodiment of the dark side of people’s souls, and I want to know MORE about this, geez >_> Guess it will never be answered unless they decide to make another SmiPre novel, but I doubt this)
  • Pierrot’s useless existence

Smile Precure’s arguable cons:

  • (?) Season Final Battle = DX3 Final Battle
  • (?) Bad End Precure (+ their lack of screentime) = Dark Precure 5

(For me, these points are arguable, because they might have worked if I hadn’t watched previous PC works before? Don’t judge me lol, I just don’t have friends who hadn’t watched a single Precure thing and Smile was their first season to compare feelings. It’s my guess)

Smile Precure’s false cons:

  • Main heroines = copies of Yes!
  • Stupid episodes for little kids
  • Poorly written characters
  • No drama like in previous seasons? Meh, trash
  • SM rip-off

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What do you think about Clary and Alec's dynamic now? Before s2, he didn't want anything to do with her and she just caused too much trouble. Now that he feels responsible for what happened to Jocelyn, he's more protective of her. I like the change and I don't they will ever be besties, but Alec definitely has a different attitude towards her

One thing I really like about their dynamic in s2 (so far) is that there’s more focus on Alec’s leadership, and the responsibilities that come with it. I don’t think he likes her any more than he did in s1, but it seems like he’s more capable or willing to put that aside and take charge when it’s necessary. When they’ve gone on missions together, when they’ve interacted in the Institute for any formal reason, and in the more recent ep where he stayed with her after she was attacked and Simon was imprisoned, he’s seemed to ignore any other baggage he has to deal with her like a responsible leader. Even if he’s still not particularly warm or chummy with her, he still makes sure that she’s safe, and he’s doing what needs to be done to help her. That’s an attitude that a good leader absolutely needs to have, and I really love that they’re showing Alec as being capable of putting his feelings aside to be a responsible authority figure.

That being said, I still hope that they’re still allowed to be somewhat distant with each other. They’ve never been close, Alec doesn’t really like her, and there’s really no reason for them to suddenly become besties. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You don’t need to be friends with everyone you know, and I love that Alec and Clary can be professional and tolerate each other when they need to, but they still don’t have to be friendly with each other. You don’t have to be friends with your coworkers, or your brother’s girlfriend, or your sister’s friend, or however else Clary can be categorized in relation to him. They don’t need to be friends. As long as they can respect each other and not be total dicks, it is 100% fine for them to never consider each other a friend. And that attitude almost never shows up in this genre (power of friendship, bonds forged through hardship, even the most antagonistic members of the team end up being Best Friends Forever, it happens all too often). At this point in the story, I don’t think there’s any reason for them to realistically become friends, and that’s great, and I hope they don’t try to force any sort of love between them.