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Seventeen As Text Messages From Carats 2.0

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Imagine: Draco’s Animagus Form

“Come on, Draco, you can do it,” you urge. He claimed he’d done it before, so you’d been practicing for weeks to see if he could do it again.

“I’m trying as hard as I can,” he said, his face contorted into pure concentration. Any moment could be the moment.

Any second now…

Suddenly, something started to happen. He shifted from his human form into his animal body. It was glorious… It was fascinating…

He was…

A duck.


This is what I do when my fukcgin compterur does'nt wanna WORK. I take dum selfies in the mirror rather than DrAW.

Fukck my PC

I kept trying to look in the camera but instead it looks like I’m looking up epic fail lol?

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THE ENDING OF THE VIDEO THO LMAO 新年快乐 万事如意 tbh i think learning 成语 isnt the most important thing in the world, but it's still an amazing skill to have. you can use it when the situation calls for it and it adds to your writing. that being said, i (1)

know like 3 成语 in total, so im no better than any of you. the stats where it said english being spoken in homes increased from 38% to 60% really shocked me tho! i didnt expect that and it honestly makes me a bit sad that we’re losing the language (2)

AHAHAHAH YEAH THAT WAS THE ONLY SAYING MY FRIEND KNEW AND SHE JUST BLEW IT OUT THERE it was the perfect ending. it’s true that we’re becoming a very English oriented society here but Chinese is the language that connects me with my grandparents, as well as is a whole nother unexplainable way for me to express certain emotions. it won’t ever be “useless” to us such as the people in the comments claim that we are implying??
Story Time!

Disclaimer! Everything in bold is what the cute barista said!

Today I met the most gorgeous barista at this cafe on my campus. I walked in with my friend ( @tyzenmaster8 ) and I normally order the same thing wherever I go. Large iced vanilla latte, I know, super boring. Anyways, we’re the only ones there, and I see this guy. And boy. Let me tell you. I fuckin swooned. So. Hard. He’s adorable.

I go up to order my drink and I can’t even talk.

“Do you guys do iced latte’s here?”

“Yeah! We do.”

“Great! I’ll have one of those” (And one of you…ok I didn’t say that but I wanted to.)

“Would you like any sort of flavoring in that?”

“Oh! Yeah um, if you have vanilla that’d be great!”

“Alright sounds good, and uh, what size would you like? Small-”

“Yeah, yes, small is great!”

Keep in mind by now I’m sure I’m bright red. He goes to make my drink, and I turn back to my friend right as pretender by foo fighters comes on. AKA one of my favorite bands. I start telling him how I love the song and everything, and cutie patootie comes back.

“Here’s your drink, and you’re right, this really is a great song.”

“Thanks! Yeah it totally is.”

And as I’m walking away I hear;

“Have a great day you beautiful person!”





So of course I go back and tell the entire story to my roommates, we all collectively swoon, and I come of with the fan-fucking-tastic idea to write in a little note “To the guy with the triangle tattoo, call me sometime and we can talk about the foo fighters (___)-___-____” and put it inside a couple of dollar bills. adorable, movie like shit, right???

One of my roommates and I go back, and of course by now it’s packed. He’s ringing people up, being his nice happy self, and we get to the front of the line.

“Oh! You’re back! And with a new companion this time!”

“Yeah! She’s never been, so I figured I’d show her where it is.”

(Cue my amazing roommate slipping the dollar bills/note in the tip jar)

“Well, welcome to the Hot Box.”

“Hot Box? Does it get pretty hot and sweaty back there?” (Yeah, I know, I make a total idiot of myself.)

“All the time. It’s the worst.”

“Awe, well, I’m sorry about that. Hope you have a good rest of your day though!”

“Yeah, you too! Can’t wait to see you next time!”

So, now we wait. I doubt he will, but I’m hoping he’ll see the note and text me or something.

TL;DR: Saw a cute barista who swept me off my feet, have no idea who he is or what his name is, but I slipped my number in the tip jar. Now I’m waiting for Prince Charming to text me or something.


PokerStars Duel: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Miss World

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omg imagine fushimi just suddenly hugs Munakata tightly one night because he's now realizing how much he missed his stupid king boyfriend during the jungle defection and he's nearly tearing up and Munakata still hasn't processed any of this cuteness

Imagine some time shortly after the jungle mission Scepter 4 has a big ‘yay we won and nobody died’ party (possibly doubling as a welcome back party for a recently-released-from-hospital Fushimi) and of course there’s a nice open bar. Fushimi doesn’t intend to drink anything alcoholic but he ends up inadvertently getting dragged into it because Munakata comes to talk with him and notes that he would quite like to share a drink with Fushimi, after everything that’s happened. Fushimi ends up drinking a little more than intended and he gets pretty tipsy, his face is all red and he’s starting to ramble a little. Munakata notes that perhaps Fushimi has had a little too much for one night and decides to escort Fushimi back to his room. Except then Fushimi leans against him and refuses to go back to his own room, he wants to go back to Munakata’s instead. Munakata tries to gently push him off, noting that Fushimi’s still recovering and needs his sleep but Fushimi’s adamant because he doesn’t want to let Munakata go, he wants to stay with Munakata a little longer. Munakata can’t possibly stay strong in the face of such adorable drunken honesty and finally he’s like ‘as you wish.’ He takes Fushimi back to his room and tries to lay him down on the bed, intending to sleep on the floor himself but then Fushimi unexpectedly hugs him from behind and drags him into the bed. Munakata’s all surprised and then Fushimi just starts burying his face in the back of Munakata’s neck, muttering how much he missed Munakata. Munakata tries to gently shake him off but Fushimi just holds him tighter and Munakata can feel something wet where Fushimi’s nuzzling into his skin as Fushimi just desperately repeats how much he missed Munakata and how worried he was, how certain he was that Munakata would die and he’d never see Munakata again, even if Fushimi himself survived Munakata wouldn’t and then they both made it out alive. Munakata manages to pry him off just enough so that they’re face to face and Munakata can wrap his arms around Fushimi and pull him close while Fushimi sniffles into his chest. They fall asleep all tangled together like that and the next morning Fushimi is both hungover and totally appalled by his own emotions, naturally Munakata’s just smiling and super pleased because he didn’t know Fushimi loved him so much. Fushimi’s like 'I don’t, I hate you,’ throwing a pillow at him and burying his face in the pillows to hide how much he is totally blushing.