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do you have any favourite voltron au's? c:

yesssss! I love altean prince lance and blade of marmora keith!!! or any variation in which keith is a galra soldier and they meet by circumstances (peace negotiations, political visits exc) and fall in love 

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers!! ♥

ah ty for sending me this bean♥♥

1. um i like,,, my… handwriting i guess?? its pretty ugly but i dig it
2. i like this one freckle i have in the middle of my bottom lip
3. i like that i can get SUPER tan rlly easily like literally 3 shades darker from just a LIL bit of sun! so i dont rlly burn easily~
4. i like the fact that im puertorican! and that im bilingual
5. i like that i used to have a tooth gap tbh!!!!! it was my signature lewk

(The first post I saw from @occasional-pikachu was a GIF about Pikachu and a thunderstone. Since then I began to follow that blog because I fell in love with that animation. The style, the expressions and the colors are so cute, and to be honest I admire a lot people who can do animations as cute as those. -Also Pikachu with his ketchup-) *^*