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About the ship wars on this fandom (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Seriously guys, why don’t you just use your energy and love to create content to your OWN ship(s) and characters you like instead of using it to HATE and talk shit about the others??!!! Please??!! Thank you!!!??

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Words cannot describe how much I adore Heidi Turner right now

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Call me crazy, but I think I ship Hiroki with Yumi. Just Hiroki is energetic, while Yumi is positive and determined like her father. I just think they'll be cute together. Ship name: Dragon Slayer, cause Hiroki has his dragons, and Yumi helps pilot a MEKA. Your thoughts please!

I kind of do too??? Like they’re just very complementary to each other. Hiroki is very easy going and knows how to relax while Yumi is very driven and motivated. They would balance each other out and known when to tell the other to cut it out and whatnot. Not to mention, both have mad crushes on each other for a while but for different reasons.

Hiroki is a little worried about a real relationship, especially with Yumi. He’s afraid of it falling apart or of them just not working it out. Yumi on the other hand believes Hiroki doesn’t even like her at all, so she stays quiet about it. Not to mention she’s insecure about her robotic sounding voice. 

They’ve both really close though, the best of friends. Everyone else sees their longing for each other, but can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls that the other one likes them just as much.

It would be a very fun and comfortable realtionship, but also a very needed one as well as they would both save each other.

As for ship name, I was actually thinking of Pilot Mechanic. Pilot for Yumi of course piloting her MEKA and mechanic for Hiroki’s skills with building and repairing things.