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Eunji talking about the group conversation (and friendship group) Bada introduced her to. The group is called “Fairy Princess Group” and consists of other idols like Sandara Park, Secret’s Jeon Hyoseong, Rainbow’s Ji Sook, Sol Bi, Cha Ye Byun, Eugene etc. Bada said the purpose of the group was for girls to have fun and have others to rely on. #girlssupportingothergirls


kairos (n.) โ€” the perfect, delicate, crucial moment: the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement; also, weather // but it seems as if jihoon canโ€™t seem to grasp the right timing for anything involving you

genre: fluff + angst

word count: 2.5K

pairing: reader x park jihoon

a/n: can you tell that iโ€™m absolute trash for wanna one oops ! i also take requests so just slip into my ask if you want to see anything in particular :โ€œ)

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I had 20+ posts done for Gen. 3 and decided to scrap them all because I wasn’t liking the way Reese’s story line was going, rip having a long queue :/