like smoking is usually a turn off for me

They’ve been together for so long, long enough Chirrut forgets to count the days sometimes. Baze doesn’t forget.

Baze remembers all of it. He remembers when they first met, young, raw acolytes in the Jedha Temple. Even then Chirrut was irrepressible, a smile flirting at the corners of his mouth as he tilted his head to gauge Baze’s reactions to his jokes.

He drew people to him with his effortless light, and Baze was no exception, pulled in like a smoke moth determined to burn off its wings.

Baze followed when Chirrut threw himself headfirst into one death-defying adventure after another. When Baze complained, Chirrut would give him that smile, the one that always turned Baze’s knees to water. 

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