like skype and a video game

Wanting a little :]

I’m Ash!
Age: 15
Role: Dom
Ahe range: 14-19
Preferred gender: female
Up for showing my face
Up for kik, skype, videochatting anything
Transgender boy o:
Personality: Fun, artistic, creative, musical, nerdy, dorky, funny, loving, caring, protective
Gender: Transboy
What am I looking for? Someone whose adorable and punky or edgy like me cx hippie even, i really dont have much of a preference ♡
What am i into? Just bout anything! (Serioisly lmao)
Up to show my face? ofcourseee
Video chatting? Anytime c:
Kik: wolfrennightmare
Ig: Wolfiekota
Favrite thing to do with my littles? Just love them and care for them etc.
Country: US
State: Kansas

Interests: Video gaming, anime, cosplaying, art Some extra info: I’m hella emo xD o3o I love being a dom, and I love blasting music all day :3 im half aussie toooo, i have snakebites x3x

honestly i know some people are salty about the snapchat thing but I love it and it’s perfect for homestuck because

homestuck was always a story about kids on the internet. about breaking barriers of distance to connect with people through social media. homestuck started with chat clients. Rose started keeping a blog for her journal entries on the game. by the time we hit the Alpha kids, there was video chat and text, like skype. and now they’re here. utilizing a technology that didn’t EXIST when homestuck started

the story literally took the technological progression of the internet to bring kids together across time, space, and universes

and if you don’t think that’s the most wicked shit you can fight me right here

Ameripan Youtuber AU
  • America (Alfred) is a large youtuber he does gaming videos and commentaries and has like 20 million subscribers making him quite a big deal, Kiku is a very small animating channel with around 2,000 subscribers most of which are Japanese.
  • Alfred finds out about Kiku and asks to make an animation for his channel, Kiku's always been an active fan and starts flipping out. They start chatting on skype about the animation until Alfred starts casually talking about stuff and asks if he can get into a Skype call. Kiku doesn't want to show his face so he just uses his mic. Alfred starts to get really attached more and more over months with someone he doesn't even know what he looks like. Alfred starts doing collabs with Kiku playing online games over Skype. Kiku's grown to like 500,000 subscribers by now thanks to Alfred. One day in a Skype conversation Alfred asks to Kiku if he'll ever show his face. Kiku types I would to close friends and Alfred then asks if he is a close friend. Kiku types hold on a sec, and then asks for a video call. They enter and Kiku starts rambling that he's really uncomfortable with showing his face, and he'll probably not do a video chat again. Alfred respects that but starts to compliment his appearance over and over.

someone just added my steam randomly and so i look at their profile and scroll down to see the comments people made on their profile and two just screamed at me:

“ hey, sorry I saw your profile and I just thought you looked cute in your picture, I really wanted to tell you that)) It’s really rare to see girls playing video games haha! I don’t know why its a guy thing honestly im like really against misogyny and like ill be the one in the kitchen making sandwiches. We should really play l4d2 sometime its a really cool zombie game with a lot of scary moments, but don’t worry ill be there to protect you  sorry that wasnt flirting I swear Im just trying to be friendly I really like your profile picture sorry was that too far? Really sorry i’m really shy I don’t go out much haha add me on skype we should talk more you look really nice and fun xxx “


the best one:

“ are there people who actually thinking sucking dick is gay?

 1. you’re sharing protein 

2. you’re admiring masculine physique 

3. being in the vacinity of other high testosterone males increases your own testosterone 

 eating pussy is gay because you’re litterally slurping down estrogen. and long term relationships have been proven to lower testosterone. spartans had gay orgies all the time and they were the height of masculinity. you bet they were at least fondling eachothers test producers. all these summer DYEL’s piss me off. their twink bodies don’t understand, but in time i’m sure they’ll get it. “

then i added them  

the best analogy for living with ADHD is like your brain is a computer, and people without ADHD they’re brains have like a maximum of 3 tabs open on the internet at once. They’re focused, they’re able to find stuff easily.
But for a person with ADHD it’s like there’s 100 tabs open and like 5 of those are in Internet Explorer of all things. Five of those tabs are playing music or a commercial and all the sound is clashing but you can’t figure out which ones they are because the lil tab things are so small you don’t know what each tab is. Some of them are just websites that don’t use a lot of energy and stuff, some of them are things like tumblr that with like 100 other things open can’t function well, you have a video game opened and also an unfinished drawing in Photoshop, somebody is trying to Skype you, and you’re trying to do all these things at once even though as good of a multitasker as you are, you can’t do this much! And there’s like tons of tabs you don’t need any more and you should’ve closed, but you didn’t because you forgot and now they’re just using more power and after you get to a certain point your computer is going to just crash.

Chooch is looking for new writers again!

Hi folks, John here. The year is winding down, Game of the Year is almost here, and we rotated through quite a few writers this year. Once again, we’re looking for new faces to fill in the slots. This time we’d like to fill one or two positions, and are ready to accept a variety of people.

I’d like to see examples of your work, writing or video wise, sent to my email ( It doesn’t have to be a specific length, topic, or anything of that sort, just give me a good idea what kind of writer/creator you are. In the email, introduce yourself a bit. Also, be prepared to talk on Skype, be on podcasts, and do videos/let’s plays. Ability to travel to E3/other game events is a huge plus but it’s not mandatory.

Be advised: THIS IS NOT A PAID VENTURE. We don’t make any money still, but if/when we do, you would absolutely be compensated. 

I’ll be setting the cutoff for applications on January 15th, 2017. If you applied previously, do apply again! I want to see improvement! Thank you.

•Internet Best Friend•

Hey loves. I’ve been thinking about something for a while and the more I think about it, the more I really want it.

I really want an Internet best friend. Someone I can text, kik, Skype, snapchat, iMessage, etc. all the time. Someone I can just rant to and share stories. Someone I can geek out with over video games and movies. Eventually, it would be pretty cool to send each other cool packages of stuff. (I like to do photography so I could send Polaroids of the countryside around me and cool pictures. Maybe bracelets and cool drawings idk. Whatever you want bb.) I want something that could potentially build up to us meeting and having that really cute moment of meeting for the first time.

I know it’s a lot to ask, which is why I’m kinda hesitant to say anything, but fuck it.

So, whadda ya say?😁 Message me! •Edit: My tumblr messaging has been kinda weird lately, so if I don’t reply there, feel free to kik me! It’s darkarticles .•

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Heey!😄 How would the Nordics react if their s/o called them at 3 am, saying that they are having a panic attack and they are scared, and the Nordics are the only one who could make them feel calm again? I am so sorry for my english, it is not my first language ><

Hello!! Your English is perfectly fine fine, dear!

Denmark (Matthias Køhler): Honestly, this dude is up at 3AM often doing who knows what. Video games or skype chatting most likely. When he gets the phone call, he’ll actually groan softly. However when he sees who it’s from, he’ll actually become quite worried. His S/O wasn’t usually up this late to his knowledge… he’d pick it up, “Y/N?! Are you okay?!” When he hears what’s going on, he’ll nod, “Unlock the door, Mattie’ll be there in a few minutes!” With that, he’ll speed off, getting warm blankets and a hoodie of his to comfort his S/O with.

Norway (Lukas Bondevik): He’s usually asleep at this time of night. If he’s not, he’s just… pondering the meaning of like. Philosophical things. He usually has some sort of device he always has on, as he shuts his phone down at night to give it a break. The phone call will annoy him, but when he hears what’s going on he won’t hesitate. He’ll get his S/O’s favourite sweets, a warm drink, and make his way over.

Sweden (Berwald Oxenstierna): Like Lukas, he’s usually asleep at this time of night. Thankfully he has a house phone with a loud alarm. When it comes down to situations like this, he doesn’t have any patience. No patience to start his car up. He’ll gather some things, then he’ll RUN to his S/O’s place. He has long legs and a surprisingly good stamina, so he’ll get there quickly to calm them down. He’ll give them his signature bear hug, humming softly in Swedish.

Iceland (Emil Steilsson): This boy doesn’t like to wake up. It’d take somebody to physically be in the same room as him and shake him awake, telling him it’s his S/O that’s deathly afraid. He’ll pop right up, get a bag, throw some relaxing stuff in there, get on his bike and off he goes. He can’t stand to see or hear his S/O in pain like this. He has horrible anxiety, too, so he completely understands.

Finland (Tino Väinämöinen): He, like Sweden, has a house phone that he requests people call if there’s an emergency in the middle of the night. He wakes up easily, however like him, his phone needs a break. He’s a total mom. He’ll calm them down a bit while he’s gathering things, and he’ll drive safely to his S/O, relieved to see them safe. He’ll bring them over to the couch and drape the soft throw over them and make some hot chocolate/tea.

Being Michael’s best friend would include:

- late night talks 

- michael opening up to you a lot

- being his rock someone he trusts with his life

- getting sick gifts from him, just things that remind him of you

- playing video games together late at night

- playing video games and skyping together while he’s away on tour

- him taking you on tour

- wearing his clothes, sharing each others t shirts

- sleepovers filled with junk food, pizza and gaming videos

- laying in the same bed and just talking about random things

- always laughing at your jokes

- both of you practically being inseparable

- always standing up for each other

- posting weird photos of one another with captions like “my loser of a best friend” or similar to it


- a highly secretive handshake


hi friends!! my name is chan and im currently 14, 15 in a few months. im looking for someone i can skype or facetime or imessage with and basically just talk to a lot. (and maybe send some weird vlogs to) im open to everyone, but i do love me some like minded people. im christian, but sexuality, gender or religion doesnt matter to me at all. i welcome people relatively close to age with me so say around 14-20 (sorry it’s just more comfortable). i have crappy mental illnesses so chat at your own risk (not that i bite).

some crap about me: 

shitty memes are my thing. crappy puns too, so come one come all.

i like video games. like a hella lot. i play games like league of legends (wouldnt mind playing with some new friends) and other stuff on steam. im a big fan of mmos and mmorpgs so if you like them too then definitely hit me up. i am also a huge fan of otome games like mystic messenger and similar romance anime like akagami no shirayuki-hime, amnesia or dialovers. [if you are a fan of such things then ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)] yandere (male)s are my children and i read and talk about them alot so :“)

i like a variety of music, from kpop to bands like fall out boy. but my favourite bands (at the moment) are definitely pierce the veil, panic at the disco and all time low.

i enjoy writing (alot), playing the piano, reading, coding etc etc. i have many different hobbies and i’d like to meet people who are similar. (fun fact: i cant dance at all)

you can contact me at my tumblr (limplamp) and maybe we can progress to other stuff later on?

Hello Fellow Artists/Cool Beans!

Hello my name is Mochi and I’m fairly new to the artist community! So I thought I could get to know and chat with some other artists or some neat peoples! So if you would like to chat you can slide right on into my pms and if you would like we could even skype! So don’t be afraid to message me!
(Please no weird peoples who what nudes y'all are nasty)


-Kuroo constantly trying to get them to agree to a threesome.
-Lev being their no 1 supporter
-lowkey sexting
-kenma actually improving at videogames cuz he’s mastered the art of holding hinata’s hand with one hand and fighting boss battles with the other
-their dynamic being a lot of hinata talking non-stop and kenma smiling and nodding and thinking he’s the best thing ever
-hinata beginning to recognize the “new video game face”
-hinata getting really genuinely pissed when kenma goes easy on him in practice matches
-skype calls til 1 am with both of them curl up in their blankets and hinata talks about whatever happened at volleyball practice that day and kenma tries hella hard to stay up cuz his bedtime is like 5 pm
-kenma promising to take hinata to the real tokyo tower one day
-hinata sneaking to the nekoma dorm every night cuz long distance was too sucky to not take every opportunity to see kenma
-being that couple that texts each other when they’re cuddling
-arguing over who gets to be the little spoon because they both need to protection
-kageyama crying in the corner
-hinata wanting kenma to dye his hair a really weird color (or orange, so they can match)
-hella spooning. HELLA SPOONING
-stealing each other’s hoodies to wear under their school uniforms
-making plans to go to the same college and get a cat together
-natsu thinking kenma looks like a pudding and kenma thinking natsu is some hell spawn clone of his boyfriend
-playing with each other’s hair tho
-also eskimo kisses
-and neck nuzzles
-they’re just rlly cute m8

Connie’s Computer

Did anyone else pause Video Chat as soon as they saw desktop icons, or was that just me? The short had some great Peridot moments, and a glimpse into some of Lapis’s still-unresolved issues (does she even have any resolved issues? Not really.)

But all I want to talk about is Connie’s video game preferences. Because there’s some real stuff there:

Let’s run down the left side first, since it’s quick. This looks like a classic Windows UI, with all the basic stuff you’d expect: a link to the file system, a custom folder (for homework), what looks like a game controller (labeled “grid”?), web browser (looks like Chrome), text editor (looks like Word), video chat (looks like Skype), and the recycle bin. The only real surprise here is that there isn’t a separate folder for her Unfamiliar Familiar and Under the Knife fanfics.

It’s slightly telling that her computer is called “Connie’s Computer”–which suggests that her parents may have helped her buy it and set it up. At the very least, it shows a fairly practical, no-nonsense attitude. Steven, by contrast, would give his computer a real name, and he’d treat it like a person. Meanwhile, it wouldn’t occur to Peridot that she’d need to call her tablet anything at all, because she treats it as an extension of her self, not as a possession. 

But it’s the right side that’s really compelling here. On her desktop, for ready access, Connie has Conqueror Kings II (aka Crusader Kings II), Colonization V (aka Civilization V), and Empires & Eras II (not sure which this one is supposed to be). At any rate, all three are a very specific genre of computer gaming. They could have had her playing Skyrim, or the Sims, or League of Legends. But no, Connie plays full scale strategy games. That’s both very appropriate, and very interesting.

These are games that, first of all, demand an intense time commitment for a full playthrough–the kind of time you have if you don’t hang out with friends all the time (or at all). Even though Connie is busy with her highly scheduled activities (school, tennis practice, violin practice, etc etc), she clearly has a fair bit of free time, especially in the summer. She reads, she hangs out on the beach and looks at boats, and she plays incredibly absorbing and long lasting computer games.

Second, these games focus on long-term strategic choices, as the game stretches over the simulated centuries. You’re building an empire, so, while there are battles, and wars, you’re always looking beyond those. Your goal is not just to win a fight, or crush a nearby enemy, but to survive all possible dangers–to avoid wars that will sap resources you cannot afford to lose, to avoid provoking enemies too strong for you to fight, to grow and develop and make alliances, to endure. It’s not a frame that Steven is particularly familiar with–his games tend towards RPG and fighting types, with a focus on winning battles, defeating individual foes, using special techniques, and all kinds of stuff that actually plays into his day to day life with the gems. But Connie is not interested in that particular kind of challenge.

Instead, she’s interested in specific strategy games. And these games happen to be among the very best in those genres. Civ5 is perhaps the pinnacle of a great series (although Civ2 will always be my personal favorite). The gameplay focuses on sending out troops to explore and fight in new territory, building and holding a set of independent cities, and making use of your total resources to develop your civilization (researching new technology, making alliances, declaring war, etc). The cities are highly atomic, and relatively isolated; each is, in many ways, more like a colony planet than like a town.

Crusader Kings II is also a tremendous game, though it focuses on building and guiding a dynasty in medieval Europe. There’s a lot more focus on the individual people that rule and run your empire through the ages, and on things like alliances, arranged marriages, religious differences, vassal states, etc. It’s a game of politics as much as one of resource management, which is kind of wild for a single player game.

I haven’t figured out which game Empires and Eras II is supposed to be (any suggestions would be welcome), but presumably it also focuses on, well, empires, and on building yours to last through the years.

All of these games mean that Connie has a set of nascent skills that even the gems may not possess, and a way of thinking that they may sorely need, especially if they try to understand and negotiate with Homeworld.

To wrap this up, I want to post a Q&A from AJ Michalka at the recent NYCC SU panel, that, I think, relates to this:

Q: “Now I understand the fusion of Steven and Connie comes from both characters–what could you say, AJ, what parts of Stevonnie’s personality are unique? What do you think makes that character its own?”

A: “I think that there’s a leadership there that when Connie and Steven combine, they create this really powerful, um, she-man. And I think that there is something so specific about the courage Stevonnie has, especially when they go and save Amethyst. I love that episode so much. It just shows that both of them have such interesting characters, and together they can be this really powerful force.

The thing I love taking from both characters is probably the laughs. I love combining Connie’s laugh and Steven’s laugh and trying to make it its own thing. I think their giggles are so specific.

But I think there’s a leadership that Stevonnie has that the kids definitely possess, but when they fuse together, it becomes something that is otherworldly.”

It’s important to remember that some of that leadership comes from Connie. And I think it’s clear that, for all that Connie relates to Ruby’s focused anxiety in Mindful Education, Steven is the one who takes the short term view, focusing on immediate problems, while Connie balances that with thoughts of long term consequences, and what their decisions will mean for themselves and others.

davionstar  asked:

I kept forgetting to actually send you something but holy crap you and Berri are a thing now? :o Congrats! I'm super happy for you guys. Also, a couple of pieces of advice from someone else who's been in a long distance relationship. Call frequently. You have Skype and/or Discord these days so that's easy. (Lucky kids) Also, try to do things together frequently. Watch movies/TV together, play games, that sort of thing. I wish you two the best of luck~

Oh yes! Berri and I are very much so a thing and we are very very happy. I’m not sure if Berri is comfortable video chatting or calling so I don’t wanna do anything like that until I have her consent. But thank you for the advice Davi!

Wanna be friends?

Hi! My name is Joslyn, I’m 14 and I live in New York

I like reading, listening to music(right now I’m really loving in love with a ghost, bo en and crywank), horror movies, playing video games, drawing, being outside, and watching my tv shows(star vs the forces of evil, dragons: race to the edge, the seven deadly sins, girl meets world and your lie in April are a few).

When we first start talking I’ll try to keep a conversation going but I’m gonna be pretty reserved and awkward at first.

I would love to have a snap streak, watch movies over FaceTime/skype/oovoo, have lots of inside jokes and be able to send each other random stuff at random hours of the night. Plus if you’re ever sad and want me to send you pictures of my dog I will.

I’d prefer someone between 14-16 and gender, sexuality and race don’t matter to me. If you’re interested in being my friend you can contact me on my sc or Tumblr, but I’m more active on snapchat
Sc: z0mberz
Tumblr: im-fluent-in-sleep

  • CleverCrumbish: Ok so
  • CleverCrumbish: One of LRR's very good new stream shows is called Talking Simulator, right
  • CleverCrumbish: The premise being "Alex and Cam play a video game and talk about it"
  • CleverCrumbish: Usually, they play good games and talk about what was done right
  • CleverCrumbish: Dark Souls, Layers of Fear, Life Is Strange, DOOM (2016) etc
  • CleverCrumbish: This time, they were like "Let's play a bad game and talk about why it's bad"
  • CleverCrumbish: So they played Aliens: Colonial Marines
  • CleverCrumbish: Now, halfway through A:CM
  • CleverCrumbish: (Which is so bad holy shit)
  • CleverCrumbish: You get a different enemy type
  • CleverCrumbish: Because mercenaries working for Weyland-Yutani turn up and start shooting u
  • CleverCrumbish: To silence you
  • CleverCrumbish: Cause that makes sense
  • CleverCrumbish: Not like WY is an all-powerful supercorp that could just silence the issue by throwing money at it or anything
  • CleverCrumbish: Nope just employ a bunch of civilians to fight the US military
  • CleverCrumbish: Anyway, much like "PIN Number" and "ATM machine", this part of the game apparently annoyed people in the chat by having the characters constantly refer to individual enemies in this scene as "PMCs"
  • CleverCrumbish: "THEY'RE NOT PMCS, THEY WORK /FOR/ A PMC" someone yelled
  • CleverCrumbish: "But what if" said I
  • CleverCrumbish: "What if they are"
  • CleverCrumbish: "What if each of these people is legally classified as a separate contractor?"
  • CleverCrumbish: "What if in the hell-future Alien/s is set in, there is gig economy mercenary work"
  • CleverCrumbish: "Uber for citizens with guns"
  • CleverCrumbish: "You have to fight the US military and you don't even get health insurance"
  • CleverCrumbish: "Weyland Yutani posts on twitter about how hardworking you are for hiding behind a crate being shot at by marines on your son's birthday for less than a living wage"
  • CleverCrumbish: Anyway that is the worst idea in the history of ideas
  • In-Strange-Aeons: i love it

Apply ☆ Network ☆ Rules 

Welcome to the Pokemon Fictionkin Network, where we welcome all users who are fictionkin with the characters of the Pokemon Universe, wether a villain, protagonist, gym leader, or an npc! 

To join

  • follow the group’s blog
  • fill out the app
  • read the rules
  • like or reblog this post
  • send the group a “” off anon so that we can get a good idea of who’s application to look out for and make sure you can join (we wont publish it to the blog don’t worry)
  • let the group know if you are 18 +
  • be active
  • read all of the links on the blog (mobile links here)


  • fun activities like giveaways and tournaments for members with multiplayer games for the 3ds (pkmn oras/xy, ssb4, acnl, ect.) 
  • skype calls (audio mainly but if you’re comfortable with video go ahead!)
  • we can play online games together like cah, bgo, and epic mafia
  • rabbit streams of pokemon movies
  • new friends
  • find ppl from your canon
  • a great time!

We can’t wait to find new pokekin friends and have such a great time together! Join/signal boost if you can and have a great day!

I stg. They are trying to kill us. Skyping like this is 2009. Dans insta story, the roast yourself video, then the undertale video. To many feels I can’t take this they are so cute I’m gonna die.