like sisters with really different hair

Curtis Boys Headcanons

Request: Could you write some Curtis boys having a sister just a year or so younger than Pony, please?

- boys are scared to even talk to you because they know the Curtis boys are your brothers

- you have all three of them wrapped around your finger

- you’re their little princess honestly

- Soda takes you to work with him all the time

- Darry makes Pony include you in his plans sometimes

- You and Pony argue about silly things like who gets the remote or the last slice of cake

- I feel like Dallas and Steve would absolutely love you like their own kid sister

- Two-Bit babysits you a lot (bc you’d be only like 12 or so)

- Darry and Soda attempted to give you the talk and it became the most awkward conversation you’d ever have in your entire life

- You are not allowed to be anywhere near greaser boys unless it’s the gang

- Soda brings you home little necklaces or flowers he thinks you’d like

- Darry absolutely spoils you

- They each have a different nickname for you

- Pony always always offers to help you with your homework

- Soda got really good at doing your hair and helping you keep up with the latest fashion

- Johnny always finds himself watching your girly shows with you bc they’re pretty good

The Fallen and the Guardian

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Pairings: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader - Steve Rogers x female!Reader (Fallen Angel AU)

Summary: Your life has been pretty normal up until a mysterious, unfamiliar face comes into your life. From that point on, everything tumbles into a downward spiral of love, heartbreak, and destruction.

Warnings: Language - Angst

Word Count: 2.3K

A/N: I really like this idea for a fic, so, I’m just gonna see where it takes me. But this will hopefully be a multi-part series, so if you’d like to be tagged, just let me know! Also feel free to leave me some feedback since I haven’t really done an AU fic quite like this one yet. 

Sundays were always one of the busiest days of the week, especially during football season. As a bartender in a small town, most of the folks who filter in through the doors typically stick with their different kinds of beer, which makes your job a lot easier. Tonight’s crowd is a bit more wild than usual since the preferred team had just won the game by a close margin - if the other team had made their field goal, tonight would be a very different story.

Your best friend, Steve, is sitting at the bar and smiles as you slide another cold beer his way. You’ve known Steve since middle school. You were both pretty geeky and didn’t really fit in with anyone else, but when puberty hit, Steve bulked up a lot and you filled out in all the right places, gaining a lot of unwanted attention from various people at school. Steve protected you like you were his sister, and you two were always together. It’s like he was your golden-haired guardian angel.

Helloooo, Earth to Y/N,” Steve’s voice cuts through your thoughts.

“What?” You snap your head up and blink a few times.

“You’ve cleaned that same glass about six times now,” he laughs, motioning with his beer to the cup in your hands. “Pretty sure it’s nice and dry by now.”

“Oh, uh, yeah,” you mumble, reaching up to put the glass back on the shelf above you. The door to your right opened and a small gust of cold, autumn air tumbled in through the door. You look over your shoulder as you start to clean another glass with the rag in your hands. A devilishly handsome man walks up to the bar and takes a seat right next to Steve - the only one left at the bar. He has nearly-shoulder length, brown, wavy hair, a scruffy face, and is wearing dark wash jeans, a black leather jacket, and a black t-shirt.

“A beer, please,” he smiles, taking his time to draw out his words. Even his smile is charming.

“What kind?” You set down the glass and rag, putting your hands on the counter in front of you.

“Bud Light would be fine,” he beams back, obviously chewing gum. You grab his beer and pop it open, then hand it over to him. “Thanks, doll.” He winks at you, prompting you to roll your eyes. You look up to tell Steve something, but he visibly looks uncomfortable, like this guy’s presence offset him.

“I’ll be right back,” he mutters, then pushes away from the bar and walks off somewhere into the crowd.

“What’s your name, darlin’?” The man brings your attention back to him.

“Who wants to know?” You attempt to brush him off, but his icy-blue eyes felt like they were glued to you. Instead of making you uncomfortable, his attention was oddly alluring and captivating.

“Just me,” he shrugs, taking a swig from his bottle without breaking his eye contact.

“And who might you be?” You shelf the glass, grabbing another one from the sink in front of you. “I don’t think I’ve seen you come in before.”

“Just moved here,” he grins again. “Name’s Bucky - Bucky Barnes.”

“Well, welcome to the middle of nowhere, Bucky,” you chuckle lightly. “My name’s Y/N.”

“That’s a pretty name.” Another swig. “It suits you,” his mouth curls into another smooth grin.

“Hey,” Steve finds his way back to the bar just as you feel a light heat start to creep up your face. “I gotta head out, see ya tomorrow?”

“Yeah, see ya. I’ll text you when I’m done.” Steve takes his leave, and Bucky is quiet for a few moments.

“Is he your boyfriend?” His look is serious, almost dark.

“God, no,” you snort. “Just good friends, that’s all.”

“Just good friends,” he repeats, dropping his gaze to the counter and chuckling.

“What’s so funny?” You raise an eyebrow at him.

“Nothing. You’re just cute.” He finishes off his beer.

“How about another?” A voice that sounded like his echoes in your mind, but you can’t tell if you’re just imagining it, or if you actually heard it.

“What did you say?”

“Just askin’ for another drink, doll,” he flashes a quick smile. You clear your throat and grab him another bottle.

“Thanks, darlin’.” There’s that voice again. You glare at him and he just winks in response.

“Are you…Did you…,” you can’t form the right words to ask. If you just straight-out ask him if he just spoke to your mind, you’d sound insane, but…you had heard it, hadn’t you?

“What’s wrong, doll? You’re lookin’ a little flustered.” He turns the bottle between his fingers.

“N-Nothing, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Stop that,” you whisper. You didn’t mean to say that out-loud, and the embarrassment sends a new wave of flickering heat up your face.

“Stop what?” He slowly brings the bottle to his lips and tips it back.

“Y/N, you can head home if you’d like,” your coworker, Jared, tells you as he reaches for a glass above you. “I can hold down the fort.”

“Are you sure? I don’t mind staying longer,” you wipe off your now-sweaty palms on your apron.

“Yeah, I can handle ‘em,” Jared confidently nods.

“Okay,” you shrug. “If you say so.” You untie the apron and grab your purse and jacket from below the counter. “See ya tomorrow.” You walk around the counter and directly out the door. Your car is only a few spots down from the entrance, and when you try to open the door, it doesn’t move. Even though you should, you usually don’t lock your car. You dig through your purse in search of the keys but come up empty-handed a few minutes later. A deep huff of air shoots from your nose. You look inside the window of your car and see your keys sitting right in the middle of the driver’s seat.

“Great,” you groan, lightly hitting your head on the window.

“Somethin’ wrong, doll?” Bucky’s voice startles you away from your car.

“God dammit, dude, give a girl a warning,” you shriek.

“Car troubles?” He nods towards your currently-useless vehicle.

“I locked my keys in, but I can call my friend for a ride.” You slide your phone out of your pocket and unlock it, then go to Steve’s contact.

“I can give you a ride if you’d like,” Bucky offers quietly.

“Thanks, but I think I’ll be fine.” You call Steve. The line rings a few times and then gets cut off by his voicemail. That’s weird, you think. Steve always answers his phone.

“You sure you don’t need that ride home?” Bucky offers again, nodding back towards a shiny, black Suzuki motorcycle. At this point, you had two options. One: (for some ungodly reason) trusting Bucky, and taking his offer. Two: making the attempt to walk the nearly-a-mile walk home during the late hours of the night in the cold. Dammit.

“Fine, I’ll take the ride. But you have to bring me to my place, nowhere else. It may not look like it, but I promise I could bust your jaw open.” You brush past him, heading towards the bike.

“There’s the attitude I’ve been waitin’ for,” Bucky’s laugh resonates through the parking lot.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He hands you a helmet then ties his hair back into a low bun.

“I knew there was a little kick in you.” He swings a leg over his bike. “Hop on.”

“Are you sure you’re okay to drive? You did have a few beers.” You hesitate for a moment, really starting to regret trusting him with driving you home.

“I had two, and I don’t get drunk, doll.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Just trust me.”

You sigh and swing your leg over, grabbing onto his shoulders to balance yourself.

“I live down the street to the left. 3847.”

“Got it,” he starts the bike and it quietly roars to life. As he starts to drive out of the lot, you unknowingly scoot closer to him, wrapping your arms around his waist. A delightful warmth radiated from him, and even under his layers of clothes, you could still feel just how toned his muscles were.

You got home just fine and headed in for the night after thanking Bucky and giving him back his helmet. He even convinced you to let him add his number to your contacts, ‘just in case’. You even gave him your number, too.  

When you got inside your apartment, you went straight to your room, ready to collapse in your bed and sleep. You tossed your purse onto your pillow and plopped chest-down on the bed, gently bouncing a few times. Your phone chimes in your purse, and you dig it out in hopes that it was Steve with an explanation as to why he hadn’t answered you in your dire time of need.

Instead, it was just an e-mail notification.

You sigh and roll off the bed to slip into something more comfortable. You opt for a large t-shirt and some boy shorts, then climb into bed, letting yourself drift away into a deep sleep.  

A sharp knock jolts you from your slumber. Rubbing away the hazy sleep from your eyes, you look at your phone for the time. 3:17 a.m. Whatever this is, it better be fucking good.

You groan loudly and throw back your blankets, the cool air of the room delicately kissing your warm skin. More knocking sounds throughout the apartment.

“Coming!” You holler as you walk down the hallway and to your living room. You open the door and find Steve standing with his hands in his pockets. “Steve? It’s like, three in the morning. What are you doing here?”

“Just checkin’ up on you,” he mutters. “Can I come in?”

“Uh, yeah, totally,” you move aside, letting him walk through the doorway. He stands a few feet away from you, watching as you gently close and relock the door. “What’s up?” You cross your arms over your chest.

“Are you okay?” His face is laced with pure worry. “I saw your car was still in the lot. How’d you get home?”

“O-Oh, uh, my dumbass locked my keys in the car,” you chuckle, trying to lighten his mood. “So, I got a ride home from a friend, after someone didn’t answer his phone.”

“What do you mean? I didn’t get any calls,” his brows knit together in confusion.

“I tried calling you, but it just rung a few times and then went to voicemail, so I figured you were just busy. I mean, you left the bar in a hurry, anyway. Are you sure that you’re okay, Stevie? You started acting weird when Bucky -”

I’m acting weird? You’re the one that just disappeared with a stranger!” His voice raises a level as it takes on a slightly accusatory tone.

“Yeah, after you didn’t answer!” You huff. “I’m a big girl, Stevie. If I didn’t feel safe with getting a ride from Bucky, then I wouldn’t have gone.”

“I’ve been looking for you for hours, and you didn’t think to try and call back again? When Jared said you drove off with some guy he had never seen before, I nearly had a heart attack! You can’t just do that to me.”

“Dammit Steve, stop acting like you’re my mother!” You storm passed him and into the kitchen.

“I just worry about you, Y/N, and I really don’t trust that guy. He seems really sketchy,” he adds as he trails you into your kitchen.

“Well I’m obviously alive, aren’t I?” You yank open the fridge, pulling out a bottle of chilled water. “Besides, if you were so worried and spent hours looking for me, why didn’t you think to check here first?”

“Because you drove off with that asshole and -”

“His name is Bucky, and to be honest, he’s been nicer to me than you’ve been for the past eight hours, and I really don’t appreciate you waking me up at three in the morning just to fucking yell at me!”

Steve doesn’t respond for a few moments. He just leans back against the counter, his arms crossed over his chest, staring at the ceiling.

“I just need to protect you, Y/N,” he whispers, dropping his gaze to the floor.

“I don’t need your protection, Stevie. I can handle myself.” You tightly grab the bottle, waiting for his next response. “I’m going back to bed. Goodnight, Steve.” You storm off past him and down the hallway to your room, kicking the door shut behind you. You wait until you hear him open and close your front door to climb back under the covers of your bed, setting the still-unopened bottle of water on your nightstand. You roll over and lay on your back, staring up at the ceiling as sleep now feels impossible since your thoughts were now riled up. You release a deep groan and throw an arm over your eyes.

“Goodnight, doll.”

You bolt up in bed, heart beginning to race as you look around the room for the source of the voice. It sounds like Bucky’s again, but more distant. There’s no way he could be in your apartment, so you settle on it being a combination of your raging thoughts and wild imagination. What the hell is happening to me.


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can we get an ace!magggie and alex dealing with that? my girlfriend is ace and i'm handling it the best i can but sometimes it's hard when in my mind she's the experienced gay you know?

She assumes a lot of things.

She assumes that Maggie can handle her coming out after watching men die on her watch, under her protection, out of seemingly nowhere.

She assumes that Maggie doesn’t like her. Like that.

And – after that kiss, god, that kiss, that kiss where she froze because Maggie Sawyer was kissing her, Maggie Sawyer was kissing her, a girl was kissing her and good god was it always supposed to feel like this? – she assumes that Maggie has done All The Lesbian Things.

In life and in bed.

And when she realizes that Maggie doesn’t want to go any further in bed than they already have, she assumes it’s her fault. She assumes she’s doing something wrong.

She assumes she’s only worth it until she takes her clothes off. Which is a switch from what she’s used to, but still. It stings.

She assumes Maggie will leave, because she assumes she’s not enough.

“Alex, that’s not…” Maggie sighs when Alex starts to derail, when Alex starts to cry.

“Danvers, listen, we should have had this conversation sooner, and I’m sorry we didn’t. It’s… it’s not you. I promise it’s not you. Did you um… did you come across the term asexual? In your queer study party last Sisters’ Night with Kara?” 

She can’t help but grin when she asks it, despite her trembling. Alex nods, the beginning of comprehension starting to form behind her eyes. But comprehension rapidly turns to panic.

“Did I make you feel like you had to do the…” She splutters and blushes and gestures to the hickeys Maggie had painted across her chest. “… did I make you feel pressured, with the… and the… Maggie, I’m sorry, I – “

“No, no, hey, Danvers, it’s okay, you’re okay. The things we’ve done, I’ve done because I wanted to.” Her eyes graze down Alex’s still naked chest, and she can’t help but lick her lips. “Trust me. I just… for me, it’s not… we could… we could masturbate together. If you want, I can… I can help you, if I don’t feel like it. And I don’t mind if you think… about me. When you touch yourself. The idea’s kinda sexy, actually, truth be told.”

“But you don’t want to have sex. With me.”

“With anyone. And not really? Sometimes I’ll be in the mood, for certain things, like right now, I… are you disappointed?” 

Her question comes out nearly a whimper, her eyes brimming with fear and pain and preemptive rejection and inadequacy.

Alex is quick to answer and Alex is quick to pull Maggie close to her, quick to press soft kisses to her face and tell her she wants to be with her, she wants to be with her, she wants to be with her.

And yes, god, she does.

But she also needs to talk to Kara. Badly.

“Kara. I asked Maggie if I can share something with you. About her. And I didn’t tell her about you, because I didn’t know if you’d be okay with it, but – “

“Alex, she already knows I’m Supergirl, what – “

“No, about the other thing. The… the ace thing.”

Kara’s eyes fly wide and she sucks in a deep breath and she nods slowly.

“Maggie’s ace, too?” 

She controls her voice carefully, contains her excitement carefully, contains the way she wants to flap her hands ecstatically because yes, finally, someone to talk to, someone who will understand.

Because right now is about Alex. And Alex has a ton of questions in her eyes as she nods and starts to pace.

“I just… I don’t know, I… I like her. A lot. I think… I think I love her, or I will love her, I don’t know, I just… I just assumed – and I guess I shouldn’t have – that she was all experienced. That she would have all the answers, show me… teach me… all the things. About… things.”

She stops pacing and she wrings her hands and she stares at her sister for answers.

Kara sighs and flops onto the couch, pulling her pillow into her lap and and patting the couch next to her.

“Come sit with me.”

So Alex sits. And Kara talks.

“Being ace feels different for everyone, Alex, and you’ll have to ask her more about what it feels like for her. But I can tell you this: you said she’s been in relationships before, right? And she’s been out since she was a kid? She has experiences to offer you, Alex. She has new things to show you. Teach you. Some might be sexual and some might not be. But honestly, Alex? She probably is more intimately familiar with different ways of being intimate – “ 

She pauses and chuckles at her own repetition. “– than someone who’s had lots of sex. And that kind of intimacy is irreplaceable. And, more? She likes you, Alex. She really, really likes you. She’s probably going to love you, if she doesn’t already. And that’s something only Maggie Sawyer can give you. Maggie Sawyer-style love. And isn’t that what you wanted to begin with?”

Alex doesn’t say anything. She just tugs her sister into her arms and kisses her hair and thanks her, thanks her, thanks her, for being exactly who she is.

And, hours later, when they’re done talking and crying and laughing and throwing pillows at faces, she texts Maggie to set up their next date.


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Artist: Jay Park

Word count: ~~2.4K

Ever since you started dating Jay everything seemed to be going perfectly for you guys. You’re both super busy with work but you both found a way around it to make it work, you had a date every now and then, and always tried to make time for each other.

But little did you know his crew has been bugging him and being on top on his head about the whole relationship. They’ve seen him get really hurt in the past from relationships and most of them were girls using him for his money or to get the fame and it always crushed him down. So the guys always tried to keep an eye and make sure he’s found someone good and someone who isn’t using him. So when they knew you weren’t super wealthy and up there, they assumed you were using Jay even though you never did anything to prove them right.

Jay told them multiple times how you were different then any girl he was with in the past, but they still judged you without really getting to know you. There were times when they really got to Jay’s head and also misjudged you.

Jay had invited you to go with him to a party that one of his friends with throwing and you were thrilled, you got to see a different part of his life and his friends. You were always super hard so you never really got to experience anything like that because you were always paying for your sisters university.

You had went shopping a week before the party and you were very happy with what you came out with. After you got ready yo took a look at yourself and you were satisfied with what you’ve done to your makeup and hair.

Jay had texted you that he was down waiting for you so you texted him back telling his you will be down.

When you went down Jay was leaning against his car and he didn’t know you were there yet.

“Hey handsome” you said chuckling, and he raised his head when he heard your voice smiling at you. But then he realized what you were wearing and he thought you were stunning.

You were wearing a fitted jump suit that showed off your curves. You were happy that after all those workouts it was paying off.

“Hey beautiful” Jay said smiling at you, he got closer to you and kissed you.

“Ready to go” he asked and you nodded.

When you guys got to the party, Jay seemed to be a little distant but you didn’t want to overthink it, so you went to get something to drink and maybe talk with the people there and get to know them. 

Jay kept his distant from you and just ignored you the whole party which kind of hurt since you guys together you didn’t think he would just ignore you to talk to his friends the whole party, and you had a feeling that he didn’t want you to come to the party.

When you guys left the party, the drive was super quiet but you really wanted to ask Jay if something was wrong. 

“Jay is something wrong?” you asked him

“No” he said

“Really Jay, whats wrong” you asked again.

“Nothing is really wrong” he said and tried smiling at you but you could see through his smile. 

“Jay you legit ignored me the whole party, did you not want me to go with you to the party, because if so you really didn’t have to invite me, its not like I would have been mad” you told him but he started shaking his head and telling you that it wasn’t anything like that.

“Is it because I was talking to your friends” you asked him, when he stayed quiet you knew it was about that.

Truth was Jay’s crew had told him how you were just playing him and how you will use this party to get closer to his friends, so when he seen you interacting with them, he started thinking about what his crew said and it got him thinking. 

“Jay if you didn’t want me talking to any of your friends you should have told me, I mean their your friends thats a part of your life that you don’t have to share with me if you don’t want to. I was just talking to them because you were ignoring me and I didn’t know who to talk to other than them, but if that is what really made you upset than you don’t have to worry because I won’t talk to them again” you told him, Jay felt shitty for the way he acted and treated you when you didn’t mean any harm in anything you did. 

“I’m sorry I acted that way” he said. 

“It’s fine, just please talk to me next time okay” you told him smiling at him

“Okay” he said and returned your smile 

“Thank you for tonight it was nice doing something different than my usual days and routine, good night babe” you told him and gave him a kiss when you guys got to your apartment. 

“Good night” he said and retuned your kiss. 

You had went to the AOMG office because you wanted to go and see Jay for a while since you were in the area. Jay had told you his day was going slow so you thought why not go and see him for a while. 

When you got there, everyone was chilling in lounge area laughing and smiles all on their faces but when they noticed you there all the the laugher died down, and their smiles were quickly replaced with cold looks from Gray and Simon. Every time you hung around them they were like that towards you, you never knew why they didn’t like you but you also never asked Jay not wanting to make it awkward for him. 

“Hi guys” you said nicely even though you could feel how awkward they were acting around you. 

“Hi” they said even though you knew it was a cold dry one but you took it anyways. 

“Is Jay around here” You asked them

“He’s in his office on a business call” Simon said. 

“Oh okay, i’ll just wait for him here” you said and sat far from them since you felt like you might be a bother if you sat next to them. They went back to talking totally dismissing you and that you were there. You just sent Jay a text telling him your outside his office waiting for him but not to rush himself. You tried to talk to them about anything but you would get the shortest answers of Yes or No, so you thought to yourself that you should just shut up and just wait for Jay because they definitely don’t like you and don’t want you there sitting with them. 

After a while Jay had come out and you guys ended up going to a close cafe and hung out there for a while and talked about your days, but then you had to leave after a while. When Jay had gotten back to the office Gray and Simon went to him saying they needed to talk to him about something very important. 

They had told Jay that Gray had lost his diamond bracelet after you guys left, so Jay asked if they had tried looking for it but to no vail they couldn’t find it. Gray was going crazy because of how expensive it was. However they told Jay that they think you took it. 

“Why would you guys think it was her” Jay said confused and shocked that they are accusing you. 

“Because she was the only one who noticed it and she even complimented it” He said

“But that is not a reason to accuse her you guys” 

“Jay I promise you it was her, she was even acting really strange when she was wanting for you and when you guys left” he said, but Jay didn’t know what to think. He didn’t believe it was true but he also believed his crew that he knew for years over you that you have been dating for months. 

You were disappointed when Jay had canceled your guy’s date because you were really looking forward to seeing him and relaxing after a long week of work. You also noticed how Jay started texting you less and calling you less, he would only text you if you texted him first, he didn’t want to FaceTime. He also kept saying that he was too busy with work to meet up with you. At first you didn’t really think of it but then you noticed he was avoiding you so much. So you took it upon yourself to go to his studio and see why he was acting that way. 

When you got there you were told Jay is in his office so you headed there, knocked on the door and waited for him to call you in. 

When you stepped inside Jay was so surprised to see you there. 

“Heyy” he said so awkwardly. 

“Hi” you said back. 

“What are you doing here” he asked you.

“I’m here because I feel like you have been so distant with me and also avoiding me” you said straight up not beating around the bush. 

“Ive been busy” he said coldly.

“Jay you’ve always been busy, but you always found time to text and call me, and even meet up with me. Is there a reason why you’ve been ignoring me, did I do anything to get you mad” you asked.

“Since were being honest here, you did do something that pissed me off and got me mad, so why are you acting like you don’t know” he said and now you were really confused.

“What, Jay if I knew what I did wrong I wouldn’t be here asking you”

“Don’t act like that, don’t act all innocent, I thought you were different than that” he said raising his voice at you, and now you were really really confused. 

“Jay I honestly don’t know what your talking about, just tell me” you said

“I know you stole Gray’s bracelet” he said

“Wait, WHAT” you said raising your voice. 

“You heard me” Jay said

“Are you serious Jay” you said not believing what you were hearing. Then you heard a knock on the door and it was Gray, you didn’t look back because you didn’t want to look at them. 

Gray had a very guilty and apologetic face on, and he pointed to his wrist, and there sat his bracelet that they thought you stole, turned out it fell between the couch and they didn’t think to look there, Jay was shocked and regretting everything now. 

“Jay do you think that low of me” you said in a really hurt tone and Jay felt really guilty for everything, but Jay didn’t know what to say now.

You ended up leaving the building, you were angry, sad, and disappointed. Jay tried to contact you so many times but you ignored every phone call or text that he sent you. You just wanted to be alone so you decided you drown yourself in work. 

You were coming out of work when you saw a too familiar car parked just outside of the building but you thought you were just overthinking it, but when Jay come out of it your thoughts were confirmed. 

“Hi” Jay said not knowing what else to say. 

“Hey” you said, you weren’t someone that shouts, screams or is rude even when your hurt. 

“Umm,” Jay said not knowing what to say after he saw you, he had a whole think planned but forgot everything. 

“What are you doing here Jay” You asked

“I came because I wanted to say how sorry I am, what ever I did and how I treated you was not right in any way, I am sorry for thinking like that of you when you did nothing but prove you really liked me for me. But I was stupid for believing something like that.” He said 

“Jay you really hurt me, when you thought that low of me it really hurt me, I thought we were past that stage and you truly knew how I felt about you and that I am not with you for your money or fame, I like you because of your personality and how humble you are.” You said 

“I do, I really do, and I really don’t know what gotten into me to believe what I was told, I should have just talked it out with you instead of doubting you and shutting you out. I just really want to say I am truly sorry, and I really want to make it up to you” he said 

“I don’t know Jay” You said.

“Please give a second chance to make this up to, and I promise nothing like what will happen again” he said, and you could see the sincerity in his eyes and words. 

“Okay, I will give you a second chance, but you better not hurt me like that again” you said trying to keep a straight face but broke in smiles when you saw how happy Jay was. 

He got closer to you and held you in his embrace missing having you in his arms. He kissed the top of your head, you really missed him so much even when you were mad at him.

Jay took a look at you and saw how tired you looked and he wanted to do everything to help you relax and have a nice time.

“Did you eat anything” he asked and you shook your head, he tsk’ed shaking his head at you.

“Okay, well order some take out and have a movie night” he said which made you smile at the idea.

“I’ll choose the movie” you said quickly which made Jay chuckle at you.

Jay tried his best to do everything to make it up to you and how he hurt you.

I hope you guys enjoyed it, I know I have been gone for a while now, but I will really try and get my motivation back for you guys.


Like A Wildflower

Originally posted by lackeyson

Summary/Requested by: @bacylle“ Can you do one Imagine where the reader is a Hobbit and has a younger twin sister(and they’re just as close as Fili and Kili and do everything together)? They would meet the Company (you can choose how :)) and would join them and the reader would slowly fall in love with Fili but she wouldn’t admit it because she’s so stubborn. But I would like if they come together at the end. And maybe a little fluff? ”

Chapter Summary: You meet the Company for the first time and immidiately become friends with Kili. Fili gets jealous.

Pairing: Fili x Reader

Word Count: 1,423

A/n: This imagine/story wasn’t supposed to have multiple chapters at first but it kinda turned out that way, hehe. Also, this chapter kind of has a slow start, if you now what I mean (a lot of context). Sorry about that, I got a little carried away while writing I guess ;) The next chapters will probably contain more action, so stay tuned :)

“Thorin,” Gandalf said, a slight sense of concern in his voice.

The Company was currently on their way to Rivendell. Everyone seemed to be pretty exhausted and tired. They were in the need of rest and some good food. Even Thorin could have needed a bit of sleep, but he would have never admited that, of course.

“What is it that is troubling you?” Thorin asked with a raised eyebrow. He wasn’t in his best already. He knew that they were on their way to Rivendell, to seek help from the Elves, his so called “enemies”.

“Do you remember what I told you a few days ago? About the two extra members of the company?”

“They are not members of the company yet!” Thorin growled, “I don’t know if I can trust them. I’ve never met them and I know nothing about them, not even their names!”

Gandalf has told Thorin about you and your sister and that you’d wait for them in Rivendell to join the Company. But he didn’t tell Thorin about the fact that you were girls, let alone hobbits. The dwarf didn’t know what to expect, which made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

You and your twin sister Marigold (or Mari for short) have lived in Rivendell, far away from Bree, your home, for about 7 years now. One day, a few months ago, Gandalf showed up out of nowhere and asked you to join the Company of Thorin Oakenshield. The wizard has been to Rivendell before, so you already knew him a little bit. Your sister and you have heard the stories about the Kingdom of Erebor and its fall.

You didn’t hesitate and agreed immidiately.

“It will take a while, but be ready when we come here.” Gandalf has told you that day.


“If you trust me you can also trust them! You will find out their names and everything else you need to know soon enough.” Gandalf stated in a louder tone now, annoyed by Thorin’s attitude.

Thorin muttered something under his breath in response and stepped away from the wizard, knowing that arguing with him wouldn’t be too wise now.

A few hours later the company was sitting on Lord Elronds terrace and had dinner. Meanwhile, you and your sister were out hunting. When you returned to your now-home you could hear voices you’ve never heard before. Voices that sounded like they would belong to some kind of warriors, or men at least. They were laughing and chattering.

You were confused for a moment. Suddenly it snapped in your head. You and your sister exchanged a few quick looks. You could feel yourself getting more excited by every passing second.

“They’re here!” you two exclaimed in unison and ran off towards where the noise was coming from.

You weren’t ususally the type of girl who was squealing around and got excited over a bunch of men, in this case dwarves. But you just couldn’t contain your excitement in that moment.

You loved living in Rivendell but you had to admit that it got pretty boring there sometimes. Finally you could take part in an adventure and do something thrilling and exciting!

Before you approached the company, you stopped yourself. You were just standing there, a bit of a distance between you and the dwarves, and scanned all the new faces. A small smile was beginning to spread across your face. They seemed to have a good time, but all of them shut their mouths suddenly.

That was when you realised that Mari wasn’t standing beside you anymore, but was standing in front of Gandalf instead and giving him a hug.

“My dear Marigold,” Gandalf exclaimed loudly, “I am very happy to see you. Allow me to introduce you to the leader of our company, Thorin Oakenshield.” he continued and gestured his hand towards a quite tall dwarf with black, wavy hair.

There was an uncomfortable tension spreading in the air.

“A girl? Gandalf, is this a joke?” Thorin asked trough gritted teeth. He was trying to stay calm but you could hear the anger in his voice.

The rest of the company was following the situation, tense. You noticed a few of them whispering to one another.

Gandalf didn’t answer the dwarf.

Thorin swallowed hard. “Didn’t you say there would be two?” he finally asked.

In that moment Mari turned around and pointed into your direction. Suddenly everyones face turned towards you. Some of the dwarves eyes widened when they saw you. They weren’t just simply looking at you, they were staring.

You wouldn’t admit it very often, because you liked coming across confident, but you hated being the center of attention. You hated when people were staring at you, especially if you didn’t know them.

Thorin was now looking you up and down (just like every other dwarf, really).

You slowly took a few steps forward.

“And what is your name, if I may ask?” Thorin asked, sounding not as furious as before anymore.

You didn’t fear the Dwarven King, but you had a lot of respect for him. He was now standing right in front of you, only a small distance between you two. His arms were crossed over his chest. He looked quite intimidating like this, you had to admit.

You puffed your chest slightly and straightened your back to look as tough and confident as possible. But let’s be real, how tough could a hobbit possibly look, even if they tried?

“I am y/n, Marigold’s sister.” you answered and bowed.

Even though you and Marigold were twins, you didn’t really look alike. She had lighter, curlier hair than you, your taste in clothing was completely different from hers and, even though she was the younger twin, Mari was about an inch taller than you.

Thorin didn’t reply anything but glared at you in response. He then turned around to face Gandalf again.

“We need to talk. Now.” he simply said and left the terrace, followed by the wizard, leaving you and your sister standing there, surrounded by a bunch of dwarves and a fellow hobbit.

“Well, that didn’t go as planned.” your sister joked. You could hear a few of the dwarves chuckle at her statement.

“Don’t mind him, girls. Thorin is always like that.” an older dwarf with white hair spoke up suddenly. “I am Balin, by the way. At your service.” he continued and gave the two of you a reassuring smile.

“Dwalin, at your service.” said another one. This one didn’t smile though, and looked a bit more serious.

Then, two other dwarves got up from their seats and smiled at you.

“Fili,” said the blond one, “And Kili.” added the dark haired one. “At your service!” they both said and bowed in unison. You noticed that these two looked much younger than the rest of the group. They must’ve been brothers, or related at least.

Fili continued to look at you, even when he was sitting back down.

Kili noticed that and nudged him into his side. That was when Fili broke the eye contact with you and turned to his brother to whisper something in his ear. Kili nodded and grinned from one ear to the other.

You, once again, felt rather uncomfortable, considering the fact that these two were clearly talking about you and you were still standing there like an idiot.

The dwarves continued to introduce themselves one after the other. They all seemed to be pretty friendly.

“Hey, why don’t you two girls sit down with us and eat some food, hm?” the dwarf who introduced himself as Bofur suggested.

Your sister Mari nodded her head and sat down beside Bilbo. The two of them immidiately started talking.

“What about you?” Kili asked you all of a sudden. “You can sit here if you want.” he continued with a cheeky smile on his face and pointed to the spot between him ans his brother.

Because you wanted to be nice (and because you finally wanted to sit down, for God’s sake) you smiled at him and sat down between the two brothers.

You grabbed some food that was right in front of you on the table. From the corners of your eyes you noticed that Fili and Kili were following every single one of your moves.

You turned your head to the right to face Fili, who quickly looked away and rubbed his chin, pretending to think about something important.

You then turned towards Kili, expecting him to do the same. But, other than his brother, he was looking you straight in the eyes, the cheeky smile never leaving his face.

You thought he was going to say something but he remained silent. You knew this kind of behavior.

He was trying to tease you. But no, he wouldn’t succeed.

Kili and you were only sitting a few inches away from one another, now staring each other in the eyes, a teasing grin on both of your faces and neither of you dared to look away.

After a little while you both burst out laughing, almost at the same time.

“I think we’re going to be good friends.” Kili chuckled as he caught his breath again.

“Haha, we will see.” you responded with a smirk. Kili seemed like someone you could have a lot of fun with. You already liked him, but you’d never admit that. You were way too stubborn.

“Excuse me.” Fili suddenly said and stood up from his spot. You managed to catch a glimpse of his face before he walked away rather quickly. He looked annoyed and kind of angry.

You turned back to Kili with a confused look on your face. “Is he alright?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” Kili answered and got up from his spot.

“I’ll be right back.”

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fic for @latteweek

Rating: G
Pairing: LATTE, Matt x Lance
Prompt: Good Flirting/Bad Flirting
Length: 500 words
Summary: Matt is bad at flirting, so he resorts to other means to try and get his affection known.

Matt would be the first to admit: his flirting kind of sucked. He got nervous- rambling, babbly. His face turned all read, and he lost what little ability he had to form sentences. Naturally, he was only this bad around people he really liked. People that were tall, with brown hair and the most beautiful blue eyes Matt had ever seen in his life. People that worked with his sister and his best friend.

People named Lance.

So Matt tended to avoid flirting. In fact, Matt avoided directly speaking to Lance altogether. Instead, he went about interacting with Lance in an entirely different manner.

Like, when they’d touched down on that planet that was absolutely bursting with life and greenery, Matt had left a bouquet of flowers on Lance’s pillow. Or, when they’d stopped at that intergalactic marketplace and Matt had traded some scrap metal for a droplet shaped trinket that reminded him of Lance. A few days later, that pendant found it’s way to Lance’s doorknob- strung on a leather cord.

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I’m not sure if this has been done before, but Upperclassman!Neil, but not where he doesn’t side with Andrew’s lot, but where he was actually born a few years earlier and so is the same age as Matt.

This serious got very long.

❖ Since he was born a few years earlier, Nathaniel turns ten, an acceptable age for running and not giving them away – at least Mary thinks – and so they go on the run earlier than they did in cannon.
➢ As of yet Nathan didn’t take Nathaniel to Evermore so when they run it is only Nathan after them, not the Moriyamas – as far as they’re concerned the money that Mary stole from Nathan had nothing to do with them – it was Nathan’s debt to pay.
▪ The Moriyamas do catch up to the two of them when they’re in Sweden though (three identities away from their originals already), but only to ask if they’re planning on giving away any of the Moriyama secrets – they’re not so they leave it at that.

❖ From Switzerland they go to Norway and Mary and Nathaniel become Eva and Noah Larson. Then Orla and Stefan Henninger of Germany and then Rositsa and Ivaylo of Bulgaria. He picks up small pieces of each language but never enough to stick in the long haul.
➢ His mother thankfully avoids Poland – it had too much of a link to his father, Polish was a language he would be happy to never have to speak again, biting words in the language being spoken through a blood thirsty grin haunting his nightmares.

❖ They become Adalie and Louis Durand in France. They stay there the longest, Mary having an old friend there. Nathaniel becomes fluent in the language and actually manages to make some friends in school that he plays basketball with. (They invite him to play Exy once and his mother beats him just for asking).
➢ Some of Nathan’s men finally catch up with them. There’s four of them. His mother grabs some knives and begins to fight, yelling at Nathaniel to run.
▪ One of the people is Lola, though, it’s the first time he’s seen her since he was back in Baltimore and he freezes. He remember her terrifying smile, the way her eyes and touches would linger on him the way they shouldn’t on a boy his age.
➢ One of the men, Jackson, comes at him with a knife, in the struggle, he gets a large gash across his stomach and another across his arm, his mother has killed the man she was fighting with and the other is dazed. She pulls out a gun and shoots the man on top of Nathaniel. The spray of brains and blood and the weight of his dead body on top of Nathaniel makes him feel sick.
▪ He hadn’t forgotten what witnessing murder had felt like but he had managed to get unaccustomed to it in the past two years.
➢ Lola goes after Mary, who drops the gun, and takes pleasure in cutting up his mother. Nathaniel doesn’t stop to think and picks up the gun and shoots Lola right between the shoulder blade.
➢ The last man runs – no doubt to give a report back the Butcher.
➢ His mother his him for his hesitation, and drags him none to gently up to the bedroom. She makes him drink vodka straight from the bottle and keeps him at it even though, a twelve years old, it makes him gag. Even though he wounds are worse she stitches him up first. They wait for him to sober up enough to have steady hands before she talks him through stitching up her wounds – they’re rather messy, the first few even messier, and will no doubt leave terrible scars, but it’s the best he could do.
➢ Nathaniel is tired and sore and in pain, but Mary won’t allow them to sleep, they remove enough evidence as they can before setting fire to the house and then they’re on the move again, heading towards the airport.
➢ Despite wanting nothing more than to sleep for weeks so that he’ll be more-or-less healed by the time he wakes up, he finds himself unable to do so. He stares out of the car window, lost in his thoughts. It wasn’t the disposing of bodies that bothered him, he had disposed of much worse back in Baltimore, his father tending to leave them in pieces, it was the fact that he had killed someone. He had killed Lola. He had killed the woman who’s predatory smiles and lustful eyes and scared him all through his childhood, the woman who had carved a swirling pattern on his lower back while his mum was away when he was six.
▪ He kept waiting to feel sorry for it.
▪ But he never did.

❖ From the France fiasco his mother seemed to come to the conclusion that they weren’t being careful enough. He was punished more often for ‘mistakes’ that had been acceptable in the past and wasn’t allowed to make any friends, though he wasn’t allowed to flat out ignore people either because that was suspicious too.

❖ Back at Baltimore his father was in serious debt, from his own reckless spending to cover up his bloodthirsty massacres and the luxury way he likes to live, and because of the money Mary had taken from him when she left.
➢ The only way he can think to pay back the Moriyamas is to sell Nathanial to them as an athlete, many of his fellow mobsters have done so with their children, but before now he had never been desperate enough to do so.

❖ The search for Mary and Nathaniel picks up.
➢ They go to Greece, to Argentina, to Turkey, to Brazil, to Canada (Where Nathaniel gets beaten for kissing a French-Canadian girl), to India, to Thailand and to Australia.
➢ The Butchers men always seem only one step behind, but they only caught up to them three times and Nathaniel have five more scars to prove it (his mother had even more, but he had learned from his mistakes and ran when he was told to run).

❖ They go to Alaska for a while before hiding out in towns through the US
➢ they stayed the longest as Diane and Jude Foreman in New York
▪ it’s surprisingly easy to be inconspicuous in such a large city.
➢ Romero and several more of the Butchers men catch up to them while they’re in Portland. Mary shoots two of them dead before they can even reach them, then begins to brawl with the others.
▪ Mary may be fair game, but they’re supposed to keep Nathaniel alive so he can become Moriyama property. Despite this, Romero, enraged at Nathaniel killing his sister, shoots him.

❖ When Nathaniel wakes up he almost started crying from the pain. He had been shot in the chest, but his mother had patched him up, she had also patched up her own abdominal stab wound.

❖ Mary decides enough is enough and they go to England, back to the Hatfords.
➢ Stuart welcomes his little sister and nephew back with open arms. He’s enraged by what Nathan has done to them as he always hated the man, but Mary stops him from going after them – they didn’t need a battle with the Moriyamas.
➢ To become members of the Hatford mob you have to kill someone as an initiation – that way you’re guilty straight of the bat so you can’t turn people in without going down yourself.
▪ Mary completes this easily and Nathaniel manages as well.
• He has nightmares for months afterwards and he still keeps the man’s file in the bottom of his bedside drawer. He’s looks at it sometimes, as though feeling the need to torture himself further, but he’s never actually read what’s inside. He’s not sure what he’d do if it turns out that man was a good person.
➢ Nathaniel changes his name to Neil Abram Hatford (essentially taking all of his father out of his name) and goes to high school in England, but he doesn’t make any friends – at this point he’s probably forgotten how.
➢ He does make friends with Isak Schultz, who’s one of the younger members of the mob at only nineteen (five years older than Nathaniel). Isak is German and tall and handsome and shows that off with his tight, fashionable clothes. He has a kind face, which is surprising in this kind of business – Neil would have avoided him simply for that reason had he not latched on to Neil almost immediately.
▪ He’s a hacker and deals with that side of things and when it turns out Neil is good with numbers and puzzles, he is excited and teaches Neil everything he knows.
▪ He also teaches Neil everything he knows about fashion so he can stop wearing those god-awful too-big clothes.
▪ He also teaches him German at Neil’s request.
➢ Mary wants to keep Neil out of Mob business but she knows she can’t do it completely, not to mention he needs to know how to protect himself.
▪ Neil already knows how to shoot so he’s pretty much just given a gun and that’s that.
▪ Isak introduces him to Sarah Cartwright. She’s a twenty year old English woman with brown hair, freckles and hard green eyes. Her smiles consist of tiny twitches of the lips and she had a very fierce and brutal personality. She teaches Neil how to handle knives. Neil was wary around her at first, despite the fact that she was friends with Isak, which was strange given how different the two are. He expects her to remind him of Lola, but she really, really doesn’t. If anything she’s like that annoying older sister he never knew he wanted. He learns that knives can be used to protect.
➢ When he learns that Moriyamas were in charge of his father’s branch, he makes a point to learn everything he can about them, including learning Japanese.
▪ At this point he knows: Polish, French, German and Japanese, as well as various phrases from other countries he’s been in and a lot of accents.
➢ He doesn’t really do much with the family business, he doesn’t particularly want to anyway, but he does help out with a few hacking jobs and with communicating with the French branch of the Hatfords.

❖ Back in Baltimore his father’s debt finally outweighed his usefulness and the Moriyamas had him killed. The next leader of Baltimore tried to go after Mary and Neil and was swiftly killed by the Hatford, the next one clearly didn’t learn and met the same fate, finally the new leader, let call him Jason, decided it wasn’t worth the trouble – though that being said should the opportunity arise to kill them both, he wouldn’t say no.
➢ This leads to a shaky alliance between the Hatfords and the Moriyamas, though alliance may be too strong of a word, it was more of an agreement just to stay out of each other’s way.

❖ To further keep him out of Mob business, once he turns fifteen his mum ships him off to a boarding school in America.
➢ He stands out at the school because of his good looks and British accent – people try to get him to say different things but one glare and they leave. His eyes are still that violent blue that he hates and his hair is in an undercut (on Isak’s insistence) but it had been dyed a dark turquoise (he decides to experiment with bright colours now he’s not running, not to mention it stops him looking like Nathan)
➢ Neil takes up exy again, but becomes a striker since it was the only spot open instead of a backliner like he was in little leagues – the position suits him more anyway.
➢ Neil’s roommate at boarding school finds a gun with Neil’s things and freaks out – Neil threatens him with a knife not to tell anyone and to never go through his things again.
▪ The roommate ends up to scared of him to even talk to him, which suits Neil just fine, he isn’t there to make friends, as his teammates and classmates soon learn.
➢ He takes up Spanish and learns that to add to his languages. He excels in math and science but he is terrible at English and History, not being able to keep things straight on the run, so he really has to work his way up with them.
➢ People at school begin to get into relationship and since that disaster where he was beaten for kissing a girl (he still has the scar from where she pulled a chunk of his hair out) he hadn’t really thought about relationships himself. He kisses a few girls and guys, but ultimately feels nothing for any of them so decides he just must not swing.
➢ He also experiments with drinking for fun so slowly builds up his tolerance and he takes up smoking (Actually smoking not just letting them burn).

❖ He gets offers for exy scholarships from various colleges.
➢ Evermore even offers, Riko and Kevin visit themselves. Neil in no uncertain terms tells Riko where to shove it, which inevitable pisses him off.
➢ In retaliation Riko hurt Neil’s roommate and threatens him into saying it was Neil, who, seeing as he had knives and a gun in his possession, is arrested.
➢ His mother is extremely angry at him, Neil tells her it wasn’t him and she assures him that of course she knew that but he was the one stupid enough to insult Riko. She doesn’t bail him out of Juvie as a punishment.
➢ Once he gets out of Juvie he hacks into the Raven’s scoreboard (is it possible to do this? Idk) and gets it to say something very insulting about Riko.

❖ When he gets out of juvie, thanks to his criminal records the colleges withdraw their offers. His mother comes to visit and beats him black and blue for his mistake with Riko and then retaliating again (it’s not the first time that she’s beaten him since they stopped running, though they were few and far between now, but it was the worse).
➢ Seeing bruises sometimes when he comes back to school from the holidays, having seen the scars in the locker room and his general defensive, aggressive and callous personality, the Exy coach sends in an application to Palmetto State.

❖ He starts at the foxes
➢ At college he focuses on mathematical sciences with a minor in computers.
➢ Just like with any newcomer the foxes are curious and wary of him and take bets.
➢ Matt started at the same time as him and despite Neil being rather disdainful of his past drug abuse that if the twitching was anything to go by he wasn’t completely over it and being rather incredulous about how genuinely nice Matt is, Matt latches onto him and they become good friends. Matt reminds him of Isak really so Neil doesn’t mind it as much as he thought he would.
➢ By the time he joins the foxes his hair was died Manic Panic Fuschia Shock. The older guys give him stick for it, but it’s only Seth who calls him a fag. Neil reiterates that he doesn’t swing and pulls a knife on him when he won’t back down. Their relationship only goes downhill from there.
➢ Dan grows to respect him seeing as he thinks some of the strongest people he has known have been women and so far she’s had to deal with misogynistic assholes that don’t like having a woman as a captain.
➢ He and Allison become good friend, being somewhat similar with their personalities and being able to slay people with words. She compliments his style he mentions that it’s all to his friend Isak really.
▪ Despite being really close he and Allison are on the outs just as much as Allison and Seth. She disapproves with how Neil deals with Seth (either cutting him down with words or pulling out a knife) and Neil disapproves of Seth in general so generally when Allison and Seth are good that’s when she and Neil end up on the outs.
➢ Renee makes him uncomfortable at first because he can recognise what’s hiding behind the surface of her good-Christian exterior. But then they talk and realise their similar backgrounds and Neil tells her more about his background than he did the others (they only know the basics – a mum that hits him and a dad that had been a murderer) because she had been part of a gang so understand the don’t-ask-don’t-tell philosophy.
▪ When she reveals she was in a gang Neil asks her what the initiation was. When she reveals it Neil is horrified though doesn’t let it show – despite how guilty he still feels about killing that guy (he still has nightmares and lingers on that still-closed file sometimes) he knows what she went through was worse.
▪ She tells him that she keeps waiting to feel sorry for it and Neil reveals his past with Lola and how he understands the feeling perfectly.
▪ He and Renee aren’t especially close like he is with Matt and Allison (Most days), but they’re friends and they understand each other better than anyone else on the team.
▪ Neil is pretty sure he would be able to beat Renee in a spar since he was trained by professionals, but he would never ask her to forgo her religion to check.
➢ The team bets
▪ On his sexuality
• Allison bluntly asks him what he’s into and he says neither. She researches other sexualities and questions him whether that’s him, the answer is almost always no, but when she comes up with Demisexualty he says that if that’s it he hasn’t found the person yet (that’s where Allison places her bets anyway).
▪ On who he’ll date
• Some say Renee (since they talks quietly to each other about their pasts) and some say Allison (since they’re so close most day – Neil let Allison paint his nails and Seth called him a fag, they got in a fight because it’s just paint Seth ffs), even one said Matt (since they’re best buds), but Neil knows with utmost certainly that it will be none of those.
▪ On whether he’ll stab Seth.
▪ Neil only makes bet when he knows for certain, because he’s not really into betting, but he won’t turn away easy money.
➢ When given the tickets for games, he sends two off – one for Isak and one for Sarah. His mum isn’t really into Exy and neither is his uncle Stuart, who would be busy running an empire anyway.
▪ Matt and Isak of course get along and even exchange numbers.
▪ Dan exchanges numbers with Sarah too, despite Neil thinking Sarah would just quietly glare and judge everyone while she was there.
➢ When Neil is in a bad mood for one reason or another, he’s usually found glaring at nothing while smoking or turning a knife around in his hand – the others know not to bother him when he’s like this.
➢ He had gotten beaten the first time he returned home from college when his mother had asked him what he told the foxes – she could tell from his face that he’d said more than he should have, i.e. nothing.
➢ When Neil comes home from the holiday, the foxes always check him over for new bruises. Wymack also takes the gun he had no doubt acquired off of him.
➢ Neil doesn’t really like changing out in front of the team but he grows use to it – he doesn’t have nearly as many scars as he does in cannon but he still has quite a lot.
➢ When he has the reviews with Betsy he literally either sits there silently or talks about exy.

❖ During the Summer Neil spends time at Matt’s house in New York, his mum being fine with him not going home since she still wanted him far away from the mob business. He becomes close with Matt’s mum, who, along with Matt, agree to teach him how to box. Randy calls Neil up every so often to see how he is, knowing Neil’s mother isn’t exactly the most loving and only sends texts once every few months giving him a short update and asking if he’s still alive, and also asks him how Matt is honestly dealing, as he says he’s okay without the drugs but Neil can see he’s on a slippery slope.

❖ Wymack recruits Andrew, Nicky and Aaron.
➢ When Wymack puts it to a vote, Neil votes in his favour. Seth and some of the older guys point out that of course he’d say yes seeing as he was in juvie for knifing his roommate (he didn’t bother telling people he hadn’t actually done it) and Neil gets in a fight with them, that leaves him with a black eye and Seth and one other with cuts.
➢ Allison, who often takes Neil’s advice when it comes to bets since he’s good at judging people, tells him the cousins will say yes. They get a call from Dan say that they said no, but it wasn’t definite. Allison wins her money not long after.
➢ When the cousins first get here
▪ Nicky flirts with Matt and Neil. Dan gets defensive about Matt and Neil just levels him with a flat look.
▪ Andrew comments about Renee being indecisive Neil looks at him with a touch more interest than he had the others because he had clearly seen through Renee just as he had. Neil and Renee share a look wondering if Andrew is like them.
▪ When Seth and the boys start sprouting off insults and homophobic language the glances people shot to him told him they clearly expected him to lash out right back like he usually does, but he didn’t, he wanted to see how the new guys handled it. they didn’t disappoint.
➢ When Andrew does the drug thing with Matt and calls Randy, Randy calls Neil to ask if she can trust this Andrew person. Neil calls Wymack, who had already got a call from Andrew, so Neil went to pick up Matt and would meet Wymack at Abby’s.
▪ Andrew is curious about the fact that Neil doesn’t seem particularly angry like Dan and the others – Neil knew it was for Matt’s own good – he had been considering something similar but couldn’t bring himself to do it because of the honest trust Matt has in hi – something he’s never really had before.
➢ Neil is invited to Eden’s Twilight next
▪ The others warn him not to go, but he ignores them.
▪ He drinks a little but doesn’t touch the drugs.
▪ Nicky flirts with him, which Andrew puts a stop to, and compliments his hair. He then tries to bombard him with chatter and subtly steer the conversation to Neil, Neil steers it back and finds intense enjoyment at Nicky’s frustration.
▪ Andrew questions him and Neil gives him the bare minimum just as he had with everyone else, besides Renee.
➢ Renee goes to Eden’s Twilight Next
▪ She and Andrew begin to spar
➢ Neil looks at Andrew with new interest when he begins to use knives and Wymack sighs stating he’s ‘another Neil’, this gets Andrew to look at him with more interest because before now the older members of the team were so busy antagonising the cousins that they laid or Neil so he hadn’t actually drawn a knife since they’d been there.
▪ Andrew tries to get Neil to spar with him but he just scoffs and says if he can’t beat Renee he won’t be able to beat him.
▪ Eventually he does because he and Andrew as always do things for each other when they ask. He beats Renee and he beats Andrew.
➢ He and Andrew begin their questions game
▪ People bet that Andrew will get with Renee, others bet he’ll get with Neil.
▪ Neil becomes a bit of a go-between with the cousins and the upperclassmen as he asks for things.
➢ Kevin joins the team and makes a deal with Andrew.
➢ Neil begins to put together a case against Riko, focusing on Kevin’s busted hand and Jamie Smalls ‘attempted suicide’, he also hacks into hospital records of past Ravens to see how many had suspicious injuries and mental breakdowns. He plans to send it to his uncle so that he will go to the Moriyama main branch with it so that Riko will be dealt with.
➢ Riko ‘commits suicide’ a year a half later.
➢ Andrew eventually gets sober and he and Neil get together.

Living With You

read on and ao3

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

rating: t+ for sexual joking, swear words, and violence

pairings: nalu, gajevy, gruvia

characters: natsu, lucy, juvia, cana, mentions of gray

Annoyed by his own thoughts, Natsu scrubbed his hair extra hard in the shower to try to get the stray wonderings out of his head. It wasn’t a date. He paid, sure, but he didn’t ask her to go out on this date. He just asked if she wanted to go to the courtyard with him and sit. And he suggested the coffee shop they went to. But it wasn’t a date.

Was it?

Growling, he scratched at his head, hoping that it wouldn’t draw blood. He needed to go to sleep soon; it was three in the morning and he had just gotten off his shift at work. His roommates, including Lucy herself, were sound asleep by now. Natsu was the only one awake, and sometimes it annoyed him. He sometimes enjoyed having someone to talk to about the crazy and depressed thoughts inside his head.

He wrapped himself in a towel and walked to his room, dressing quickly when he got there. Happy came in with a soft meow and made himself comfortable on the bed, circling around a few times before resting in a place near the corner of the bed. The cat knew that his human liked to sleep in weird positions in the night, so the feline opted to stay as far away as possible from his kicking feet.

Natsu sighed as he got himself into bed and laid watching the small glow in the dark stars that were on the ceiling. They reminded him of Lucy for some reason, with their bright glow. They were yellow, not unlike her hair. And the woman seemed to be a star herself with how happy she was almost all the time. Her anxiety didn’t hinder her as much anymore, and he was proud of her for that. If only he could do the same with his own anxieties and depression…

A question hung in his mind as he fell asleep: Why couldn’t he get her out of his head?

Maybe, he thought as he fell into his slumber, maybe he liked her more than just being his roommate.

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tda modern high school au

i’ve seen this floating around so i wanted to take a stab at it (@blxthorns made me lolol)

i know its kinda written weird i was going for a mean girls kinda thing but also like a book synopsis? idk lmao if you want more/a sequel feel free to ask for more trash!

Malibu High is full of all sorts of different people. From the jocks to the nerds, you can find just about everyone here. But is there’s one family that really stands out, it’s the Blackthorns. They all share the same physical traits, curly brown hair and blue-green eyes and are all super active and hot. Seven kids and a whole lot of holy hell. 

They younget brother and the oldest sister, Tavvy and Helen, don’t go here. Helen’s MH alumni and Tavvy’s a future MH Dolphin, but that’s not the fun part.

The youngest is Dru, shes a freshmen and thirteen. She skipped sixth grade, so she got to MH a little early. She’s into horror and gothic stuff, but she’s freaking gorgeous and you can find ten guys a day staring.

Next are the twins, Livvy and Ty. They’re sophomores. They’re both ridiculously smart. Livvy’s into computers and Ty got moved into 12th grade bio. They’re inseparable.

Then, there’s the heart-throb of them all—Julain. He’s a junior and a painter and literally every girl in school has a crush on him. yet he’s had his eyes on the same girl since sixth grade.

Last but not least is Mark, and he’s a seinor. He spent a semester abroad last year and came back with lots of stories and a lamp.

Of course, next to the Blackthorn’s side, is their posse.

Mark has a girlfriend, Cristina, who moved to California from Mexico a few years back. They’re both also dating Kieran, the hot foreign exchange student. Everyone’s jealous of all three of them because its, like, against the law to have that many hot people in a threesome.

When Cristina came to Cali, So did Perfect Diego and his brother Jamie. “Perfect” isn’t just a nickname. Both boys have rock solid abs and amiles that’ll melt your heart. Cristina and Diego dated for a while back, but no one really talks about that. Diego’s a senior and Jamie’s a sophomore.

Jamie’s also kinda dating Dru, but she’s a freshman and a young one at that, but noo ne can tell and everyone ships them.

Then there’s Julian, and his best friend and girlfriend Emma. She’s got long blonde hair and a whole lot of sass. They’re perfect together and everyone knows it. Everyone shipped them even when Emma dated the red-head Ashdown kid. Emma’s also best friends with Cristina, which brings their dynamic even closer.

Last but not least is the trio everyone either loves, hates, or wishes they were apart of. The Blackthorn twins hardly let anyone in, but somehow Kite Herondale managed to get a spot at their table. he’s dating Ty and is Livvy’s best friend. Their dynamic is odd, but works so perfectly it’s not fair.

The whole school wants to be in the Blackthorn’s posse. Only few can. How is it possible for one family to be so perfect?

Forbidden [Kim Jongin] - Prologue

Summary: You are a princess of a fallen kingdom, hiding as a servant. You’ve been in the palace for some time, and you already feel yourself falling for prince Kim Jonign.

Genere: Fluff (?)

Warnings: None

AU: Royals

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader

Originally posted by illegalkai

I placed a small plate in front of a lady in a blue gown. She smiled to me and mouthed ‘thank you’. Only a few royals interacted with servants, so I didn’t know what to do. I awkwardly nodded and bowed quickly. I almost tripped when I took a step back. I caught my balance and went back to kitchen. I hated how clumsy I was. Maybe the reason of it, was that I wasn’t born a servant. I had to become one. There was no other way.

I let out a sigh as I went back to the huge dining room with a plate in each hand. Whole royal family and their guests were sitting at a long table. King Doyun was looking flawless as always. Black hair and black eyes. There was something in the way he looked that made you feel smaller. It doesn’t mean that he was cold. Just intimidating. I stepped closer to him and placed a dish on the table. The king didn’t even look at me. My friend, Yeun, smoothly put a plate in front of the queen and the second one in front of lady Lee. They both had long dark hair and gentle brown eyes. Queen Eunji and her twin sister were one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. I was really glad that they were here. Without queen’s presence I would feel strange.

And there was the prince. Prince Kim Jongin. He was sitting on the left side of king Doyun with a gorgeous smile on his face. Like his father – he was flawless. But his personality was a bit different. They both were generous and brave, but when I was near the prince I never felt irrelevant. I’ve been in the palace only for a two months, and I know that I already fell for him. He barely spoke to me, but when he did it made my heart flutter. The way he talked, the way he smiled it all made me feel safe.  As a servant, I had no chance to become someone important in his life.

When I placed a plate in front of him my hand gently brushed his. I gasped silently ready for a growl of disgust. He looked at me and his warm, chocolate brown eyes met mine. I couldn’t help, but stare at him. He was just perfect. Tanned skin, sharp jawline, full mouth and dark brown hair.

“Thank you” he said

It shouldn’t shock me, but it did. The only time he spoke to me was when no one was watching us. And here? His whole family was sitting at the table. Speaking with servants was inappropriate.

I bowed and turned around. I tried walking into the kitchen but I felt Yeun’s piercing gaze when she grabbed on my wrist.

“I know you fell for him” she whispered “But don’t interact with him. He’s the prince and you’re a servant.”

Sure, she was my friend, but sometimes I hated how strict she was. Yeun was born in a servant family, so she knew all the things that I had to learn. For her speaking with someone of the royals, or their relatives was forbidden.

“You don’t need to remind me” I hissed without even looking at her

If they all only the truth.                                                                                                                                  

Author’s note: I finally decided to public something. English’s not my first language, so I may’ve made some mistakes. The gif is not mine.

Little One - James Delaney

James names his youngest daughter; not requested

Little One - James Delaney

“Well what about Mary?” You asked.  

“No.” James called. He was in the living room, reading over some papers. You had been rattling off girl names that you thought were nice for the last week and everytime you suggested something his answer was no. He had given no suggestions of his own, proving rather unhelpful in naming the child that he had contributed to creating.  

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice on writing a POC character (just overall). I'm trying to diversify my writing, but want to make sure I'm doing it correctly (I'm white)!

hmmm i can’t really say for any other race? bc im black and only know black culture and stuff but like! an important thing to note is the characters dialect and mannerisms. like idk if it’s just a me thing as a writer, but im obsessed with characters mannerisms in order to portray them correctly. like, take aave. most black characters in (white) media don’t use aave, even though?? we so do irl. (it’s called african american vernacular english for a reason!) like, take sam wilson. he doesn’t use aave BUT he’s clearly apart of black culture by recommending the og black music to steve (troubleman by marvin gaye; note that black people grew up on this type of music: ie the stylistics, the delfonics, dianna ross, the supremes, smokey robinson & the miracles, the Jackson five, michael jackson, for DEF marvin gaye, earth wind and fire, just a ton of black artists from that time period). black people love this type of music and we’re basically all united in that genre. if you’re writing a young (around 13 or under) black character, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, have them enjoy og white music since their “childhood”. cos we don’t know that music. (ie Black Sabbath ?? uhhh Guns N’ Roses??? ihhh Rolling Stones ??? the beatles ??? idk u get my drift) my family and extended family had no clue who those ppl are, my parents still don’t know who they are, i didn’t know who they were until??? i got on tumblr. honestly i couldn’t name a single song by any of them other than hey Jude by the Beatles and that’s it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

style of dress is definitely important; it also depends on the era and place of where the character lives? like back in compton there was a specific type of style that the guys wore; Durags are still prevalent tbh, bandanas, white t shirts, sagging shorts/pants.

wounds and scars on black skin is so important. idk how tf they show up on white skin, but for black people, scars start as pink cuts, then they fade to a darker shade of brown. like i have so many scars on my skin that r just darker shades of brown lolol so never write that a black persons scar is pink after a long amount of time has passed (like two years)

HAIR! HAIR IS SO IMPORTANT!! white people can NEVER understand black hair, EVER. if you’re white and you think you understand black hair, you Don’t. you don’t and you won’t. there are different hair types and textures; when i was a kid before straightening my hair, i had 4c hair type, now i have 4b hair type. hair styles based on hair type is so important. like, twists are really easy to do for a general neat and curly look, but they differ based off of hair types, girls with 3b hair type have more wavy-ish curls when they do twists, girls with 4c are more tightly coiled. also! black girls always dedicate one day a week to our hair. it usually either sunday or Saturday, and it takes generally all day. also! learn diff hair styles! there are goddess locks, Bantu knots, sister locks, dread locks, afro’s, twist outs, etc etc. There’s a lot of things u can do!

now as for writing a black character, that’d be …a difficulty, definitely, but research !!! is important !

anonymous asked:

hey guera, your art is honestly one of my biggest inspirations and i was wondering how you draw translate irl people into a more cartoony style? like what aspects of a real persons face do you know to convert to a more cartoonish style? im really struggling with this and have found absolutely no advice on it... im worried ill never manage to get it right

Ahh!! Thank you so much anon ;o; you are so sweet and kind that i have decided to make a quick little tutorial for you! Its basically just how I personally  go about stylizing people when turning them into characters! Hopefully this can help you out a bit c: This tutorial can apply to more stylized work as well as more realistic styles! It all depends on how much or how little you exaggerate your shapes!

I’ll put it under the cut for you since it got kinda long lol 

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anonymous asked:

For the celebration of 3k followers (congrats by the way and I love ur fanfics) if you could (pretty please) write anything having to do with female mitjo? It's so adorable it's my favorite au(if you could even call it that<3

Thank you for your kind words!!! This is the first prompt I received and I was real excited to get into it!

*Jazz hands* LET’S GO!!!!!!!

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Alexander Hamilton X Reader - West Side Story (Part One)

Requested: Yes… Like two months ago by @superwholockbooknerd526

Warnings: Language

Summary: Alexander Hamilton is the leader of the Jets, and hates anything to do with the Sharks–particularly their leader, Thomas Jefferson. But what happens when he starts to fall for his sister, Y/N Jefferson?

Notes: This is part one of four or five.


Alexander Hamilton sat at the counter, drink in hand. The other members of the Jets surrounded him as they laughed at some joke that Mulligan had made. 

“So I told him,” Hercules continued through laughter. “That he should join the damn Sharks! He oughta fit in there!”

“And what’s wrong with the ‘damn Sharks’?” a voice questioned from behind them. 

Alexander turned. “Speak of the devil, and then he arrives,” he said as he stared up at the disapproving face of Thomas Jefferson. He glanced to the others behind him, eyes passing over Madison and giving Aaron Burr a sharp glare. “See you brought the traitor, too.”

Burr frowned, but didn’t otherwise react. 

“Would you call it betrayal if he joined the better gang?” Jefferson argued. 

“Wouldn’t have to,” Alexander said. “We’d be welcoming a new member.”

Jefferson scoffed. “I’m not here to argue, Hamilton. At least, not about this.”

“Then what are you here for?“ 

Jefferson brought up a hand, inspecting his nails. "Well, it so happens that we’re using this place Sunday night for a party of sorts. Just wanted to make you aware so we wouldn’t have to kick you out then.”

“You can’t kick us out,” Alexander said. 

“Oh, we can if we have reservations.” Jefferson smirked as Alexander frowned. “So make yourself busy Sunday night. Jump off a cliff or something, see if you Jets really fly.”

With that, Jefferson motioned to the rest of his gang and headed out the door. Alexander turned to his men. 

He grinned at them. “Sounds like we have a party to crash, don’t you think?”


Y/N Jefferson frowned at herself in the mirror, looking at her hair from different angles. “You really think it looks okay?” she asked Peggy beside her. 

“It looks perfect, Y/N. Don’t worry so much!” Peggy replied, fixing her own hair. 

“What if I meet someone?” Y/N asked. 

“Well, if they’re someone worth meeting, they’ll like your hair ugly or not,” she stated. “Which it isn’t, by the way.”

Y/N sighed. It was Sunday night, and at anytime, Peggy and herself were to head to the Sharks’ party. The other Schuyler sisters were already there, but Y/N decided it would be fine to be fashionably late. 

“Alright, fine,” Y/N said as she stood. “Let’s get going, then.”

Peggy grinned. “Perfect!”

In no time at all, Y/N found herself being dragged into the party by the hand. Peggy pulled her a distance before muttering something about finding her sisters. 

Y/N sighed as she stood in the corner of room, watching people dance. Her head turned toward her brother as he approached. 

“See anyone that looks like a Jet?” Thomas asked.

“I just got here. Besides, Jets don’t have a definitive look,” Y/N replied. 

“Oh,  yeah they do. Annoying and ugly as hell is enough to tell,” he argued. 

“Sure you aren’t a Jet?”

Thomas rolled his eyes. “Oh, shut up. Just, uh, dance or something. Have some fun.”

“I’ll try,” she said as he left her alone yet again. 

She considered looking for Peggy or Eliza, but the idea was shot down as a voice sounded behind her. 

“Care to dance?”

She turned to see who had asked, furrowing her brow as she say an unfamiliar face. The man had dark hair to his shoulders and brown eyes filled with trouble. “I… Sure.”

The man grinned as he took her hand and lead her to the floor in a slower dance. 

“Now what’s a lovely girl doing at a party like this?” he asked. 

“No idea,” she admitted. “My brother made me come.”

“Sounds like an asshole of a brother,”  he joked. 

She laughed. “Only sometimes.”

“This is one of those times, then.”

“Maybe not,” she said. “I was hoping to, you know, meet someone.”

He  grinned. “You’ve met me.”

“Then maybe he isn’t a complete asshole, huh?” Y/N said, smiling back. 

They danced for a while longer until the man pulled them aside. “This party isn’t going to be very fun much longer,” he said. 

Y/N tilted her head. “And why’s that?" 

He chuckled. "Let’s just say I wasn’t officially invited here, and neither were my friends.”

She smiled. “Then I might want to get out of here?”

“It might be best, yeah.”

She nodded. “Well, I’ll see you around then, Mr….”

“Hamilton,” he said. “Alexander Hamilton.”

Something sounded familiar about that name, but Y/N couldn’t place it. “See you around, Mr. Hamilton.” He turned to leave, walking toward the door. 

“Hey!” his voice called out. “What’s your name?”

She paused. Turning quickly, she smiled. “Y/N Jefferson!” she said before running out of the door. 

Alexander stood there, stunned. Y/N Jefferson, he thought. 

Well, shit. 

Christmas With The Hamiltons (Philip x Reader)

TW: Nothing???

Request: Hey I have a idea for a Christmas prompt. I was thinking that the reader is going over to the Hamilton’s for Christmas for the first time with her boyfriend. She’s extremely nervous until she meets them.


You tightly grip your boyfriend’s hand as he leads you up the steps to his front door. “Are you sure about this?”

Philip smiles at you. “Of course, baby. They’ll love you.”

“But what if-”

“They’ll love you. I’m certain of it.” He rings the doorbell. It’s not long before one of his younger siblings answers the door.

“Ma, Philip is here. And he brought a girl,” the little boy calls.

Mrs. Hamilton rushes down the stairs. “Thank you for getting the door, Will. Philip, it’s so great to see you again.” She gives him a quick hug before turning to you. “You’re Philip’s girlfriend, I presume?”

You blush. “Yes, ma’am.”

She smiles and leads you into the living room, where Mr. Hamilton is sitting, typing at a laptop. He stands up when he sees his son. “Philip! How’s college going?”

“Great! This is (Y/N),” he introduces.

Mr. Hamilton turns his attention to you. “Pleasure to meet the woman that Philip keeps talking about.”

“Pop,” Philip warns, causing you to giggle.

“He thinks very fondly of you.” He sits down again and tells Philip to show you to your room so you can set your stuff down. When you walk up the stairs, one of Philip’s sisters greets you. “Philip!” she screeches.

He chuckles and bends down to her level. “Lizzy!” He picks her up and listens to her talk about everything that has happened since he left. He sets her on the bed, while you watch from the doorway.

“Who’s that?” she asks, pointing to you.

“That’s (Y/N),” he answers.

“She’s pretty.”

He stares at you lovingly. “Yeah, she really is.”

You blush and look down.

Angelica, Philip’s other sister emerges from her room. “Big brother!” she exclaims, rushing over to hug him.

“I never thought you would be happy to see me,” he teases.

She punches his chest. “With you gone all the time, I have to watch the urchins.”

He laughs. “I’ll take what I can get.”

She turns to face you. “Ooh! Is this your girlfriend?”

You nod. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Philip won’t shut up about you! (Y/N) this. (Y/N) that. (Y/N) is so pretty. Her hair smells like strawberries. I wonder if (Y/N) likes… I feel like I’ve already met you.”

You laugh. “What else has he told you about me?”

“Well,” she says dramatically, but she’s cut off by Philip putting his hand over her mouth. “That’s quite enough, Angie. Don’t you have some band to obsess over?”

Once she leaves, he falls face first onto his bed. “I’m sorry. My family can be a bit… well, them.”

“I like them.”

He looks up at you. “Really?”

“Really. And I like that you talk about me.”

He blushes.

“Just one question. Does my hair really smell like strawberries?”

He laughs and walks over to you. “Well, if you really wanted to know. It-”

“Dinner’s ready!” Mrs. Hamilton calls.

Philip looks a bit defeated as he leads you down to the dining room. You’re surprised that everyone is able to fit around the table.You sit between Philip and Angie. The other six of his siblings file in around the table. Mr. Hamilton takes his seat at the head, his wife on his right and his sister-in-law, Angelica, on his left.

Conversation flows easily with the family. With as many different ages as there are at the table, someone is always talking. After dinner, Mrs. Hamilton calls everyone into the living room, where the Christmas tree is. She lets each of her children pick one of their gifts to open now. Lizzy gets a small, stuffed turtle that she names Alyssa. William gets a lego set as does John. James and Alex Jr. get sets of pajamas. Angie gets a new laptop cover. You and Philip are about to leave, but Mrs. Hamilton grabs you before you can get upstairs. She hands Philip a small box that contains a new pen set, something he’s been begging for forever. She hands you your own box. When you open it, you gasp. Inside is a beautiful ring, something that you could tell was old, but it hasn’t lost any of its charm. “It’s beautiful.”

Mrs. Hamilton smiles. “It was my mother’s. Since it’s obvious that you’ve stolen my son’s heart, you deserve it.”

“I-It’s” you stammer. “Thank you.”

When you reach Philip’s room, you change into one of his sweatshirts and a pair of leggings. You crawl into bed and snuggle into his arms. “Did you have a good time?” he asks.

You nod. “Your family is wonderful.”

“I’m glad you like them.”

“Merry Christmas, Philip.”

“Merry Christmas, (Y/N).”

everyone has really unique quirks and they’re so cute and individual and make them who they are

like I never write on the first line of a page and have a very particular way of holding a straw. my best friend always unpeels the labels off bottles. my sister always plaits her hair before putting it in a bun. another friend won’t watch tv unless he’s set the volume to an even number.

embrace your weird endearing quirks because they make you different and people love you for them!

Lance sniffled wetly for the thousandth time, blowing his abused nose into a tissue.

“I’m convinced I’m being targeted.” The blue paladin croaked, tossing the tissue in the general direction of the pile that had accumulated at the side of the bed.

Keith raised an eyebrow, though he didn’t take much time to look up from the tablet in his lap. He’d returned from training just half an hour prior, which Lance had been excused from when he woke up with a low grade fever and a nasty cough.

He’d never admit it out loud, but Lance had never been happier for his grumpy, quiet boyfriend’s company. The hour and a half of dead silence while the paladin’s were training had been hell. He got lonely when he felt bad—Shiro had suggested taking a nap, but the quiet in the room was deafening, and he couldn’t settle down- especially when his skin was crawling with an uncomfortable, sticky heat.

“Nobody else gets sick.” Lance continued, voice groggy as he blew his nose again, breaking off into a hacking cough. Keith made a face, reaching over to awkwardly pat his shoulder as the coughing subsided. “Nobody else has to spend so much time in the stupid healing pods. Does the universe hate me?”

“It’s probably all of the crappy jokes you make.” Keith said, sitting back into the chair he had positioned by Lance’s bed.

Huffing a tired sigh, Lance slumped into his pillows, hoping he’d cleared his sinuses enough to finally breathe easy for a few minutes of peace. Groaning softly, he turned on his side, kicking off the blankets in a flurry of movement which left him breathless and tired.

Keith gave a small sigh, setting the tablet aside and scooting his chair closer. “Okay, stop that.” He said, running a hand through his own hair. “You’re not dying, Lance, it’s just a cold.”

The blue paladin turned over slowly, his bloodshot eyes meeting Keith’s in a fleeting moment of contact before he closed them again.

“I don’t feel good.” Lance croaked.

“I know.” Keith muttered, hesitating for just a moment before reaching over and running his fingers through Lance’s sweat dampened hair. “You’re all sweaty and gross.”

“I’m aware.”

Keith didn’t stop, though, if only because some of the discomfort in Lance’s face faded at the contact. Truthfully, Keith didn’t particularly want to get all cuddly with his sick, feverish boyfriend, but Lance had just gotten progressively more pathetic throughout the day, and Keith felt a little bit guilty.

“I’m sorry.” Lance croaked, turning his head and coughing roughly into his pillows. Keith repositioned his hand to rub circles on Lance’s back while he rode the fit out.

“Don’t be.” Keith said, shaking his head a little. “I, uh. I’m sorry. I should probably be better at this.” The heat rolling off of Lance was beginning to get concerning, and Keith watched as he wrestled with his blankets. He was definitely warmer than he had been that morning. “On or off?” He asked, standing up and trying to help get Lance untangled.

“On.. M'cold, all'utha sudden.” Lance mumbled, closing his eyes. He let Keith do the work, fixing the blankets around his shoulders.

“Is there, uh. Anything I can do to help?” Keith paused, standing at the side of the bed, wringing his hands.

“I just want chicken noodle soup..” Lance croaked, voice wobbly from where his face was pressed into the pillow.

Keith chewed at his lip, sitting back down and continuing to stroke his hair. “Yeah, I don’t think we really.. Have anything like that, here. Coran said he’d make something to help your immune system-”

“No, I don’t.. I just wish my mom was here.” Lance’s voice wobbled precariously.

Keith’s heart dropped to his feet, suddenly feeling incredibly guilty.

Of course Lance missed his family. Keith remembered hearing about his brothers and sisters, his extended family, his parents—Now that Keith really thought about it, this must have been an entirely different experience.

“Lance, I’m…”

The wet sniffling that followed wasn’t just from the congestion. Before Keith could say anything else, Lance stuck a hand out of the blankets, keeping his face hidden. “Can I—I need a tissue.” His voice shook fiercely, barely audible from the position he stayed in.

Keith complied, handing off the entire box before awkwardly sitting at the edge of the bed. Bending over, he took off his shoes, shrugging off his jacket and setting it aside. “Scoot over.” He said curtly, nudging Lance’s leg.

Lance shifted, sniffling quietly. “W-what are you doing, Keith-…”

“I’m getting in bed, asshole. You’re crying, what do you expect me to do?”

“M'not crying..” Lance argued feebly, though he slowly made his way to one side of the bed. Keith didn’t get under the blankets, but he scooted closer and leaned back, opening an arm for the blue paladin next to him.

When Lance sat up a bit, he accepted another tissue gratefully, quickly wiping off his face. Fever flushed and tear-stained, Lance was kind of a mess, and Keith groaned softly and took a tissue to do it for him.

Lance looked embarrassed, his hair stuck to his face as he sniffled sadly, letting Keith thumb away his tears.

“I’m sorry..” He apologized weakly, closing his eyes and leaning his cheek into Keith’s hand.

“It’s okay. I’m only cutting you some slack because of the fever, though.” Keith warned, offering a tiny, ineffective smile.

When Lance didn’t smile back, Keith wasn’t sure he could handle this.

Still, the blue paladin shifted slowly, moving closer and leaning into Keith’s side. He exhaled slowly and shakily, closing his eyes, his breath warm against Keith’s skin.

“I miss home…” Lance croaked, wrapping his arms around Keith and clinging on. “I miss my family and I miss my mom and..” His voice was beginning to wobble again, and Keith quickly shushed him.

“I know.” Keith replied, draping an arm over Lance’s shoulders. “I know you do. It’s, um…” He paused. “Is-can I do anything to make you feel better?”

“I’ll be okay…” Muttered Lance, finally beginning to relax a bit. He was shivery again, but Keith’s body heat was immensely helpful. “This is good, though.. Comfy. I just wanna sleep..”

Keith nodded, giving his shoulder a gentle pat. “Yeah, sleep. You’ll feel better once you wake up.” Keith wasn’t sure he believed it himself, but any comfort he could bestow at the moment was helpful. The heaviness to Lance’s tone, the slump of his shoulders, that might stick a little longer.

Still, Lance just nodded, snuggling as close as he could get away with and closing his eyes. Keith was relieved when he dozed off, feeling his forehead and frowning at the heat.

Keith knew he must have been a pale substitute in comparison to his family, but at least Lance was able to sleep comfortably, now. Whatever tomorrow brought could be dealt with later, once Lance had gotten a proper amount of rest and Keith had time to brainstorm on how to help.