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I realized

a. Crap I’m a lose my leading lady.
b. This is the best audition ever. She’s winning a Tony…

I was right. She left Heights the next week. We cried a lot. She won the Tony. But not before I made myself this T-Shirt [I Translated West Side Story, Lost My Leading Lady And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt]

Ok, a little piece of info that is to take with a grain of salt but

in Vere there’s this region called “Lys”, and Lys is the french for the flower “Lily”


What you need to know is that the “fleur de Lys” (basically, “the lily flower”) is a symbol of french royalty and it looks like this :

SO I’m not saying Pacat slid a symbol of french royalty in CP to underline the fact that Vere is strongly inspired from France, but I’m strongly suggesting that this choice of name for this area wasn’t random. 


if “Ladehors” is an existing name, it’s also the contracted version of “Là dehors” which kinda mean “outside” (funny for a region with an opening to the sea…)

That’s all for the trivia informations that probably every french person in the fandom already pointed out :’D

from a while back

this look was inspired by the one in this video by @meghaljanardan and @natashajanardan, minus a few steps! i just wore this to class so i didn’t add in the green/gold or black accents, but otherwise my technique was mostly the same.

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darknessstone  asked:

I'm not gonna ask you to revive anyone. This is your story and I respect that, forcing you to change something can mess with the plot you had in mind, so I'm just going to say well done on episode 3 and I can't wait to see more from you.

I planned this whole season out already guys. Since like… August, whether or not I revive someone it’ll be because it was already planned not because of presure or anything and I would never “revive” people, if you think they’re dead that’s your issue but I make it VERY clear when someone dies


The night was windless, the snow drifting straight down out of a cold black sky, yet the leaves of the heart tree were rustling his name. “Theon,” they seemed to whisper, “Theon.”

The old gods, he thought. They know me. They know my name. I was Theon of House Greyjoy. I was a ward of Eddard Stark, a friend and brother to his children. “Please.” He fell to his knees. “A sword, that’s all I ask. Let me die as Theon, not as Reek.” Tears trickled down his cheeks, impossibly warm. “I was ironborn. A son … a son of Pyke, of the islands.”

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Oh, oh, oh, sir, I cannot.
- What, my lord?
Make you a wholesome answer.

Well, I don’t want to call this my starting point because I’ve come a VERY long way since then.

I took so many steps forward in the last year.

But for the last couple of months it felt like I was taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.

Things weren’t making much sense to me but NOW I GET IT!!

I’ve gained so much clarity.

Those backward steps were necessary to get me to the place where I am now.

Even if it meant gaining weight or not being where I once was.

I haven’t even taken a progress picture like this since August.

I just wasn’t feeling it.

But many things have shifted for me and I’ve never been in such a great place.

I guess I can call this… me taking back MY power day 3 💪🏻😜

This was supposed to be a gif but tumblr is dumb and lowered the quality so I’m keeping it as a video.



I’ve only known about you since like. Last August during the IDOLiSH7 1st Anniversary Live Stream. I always knew you as that one tall glasses guy who kept messing around with the 1st Album Poster board, yet it was just incredibly ridiculous and adorable.

But you were like. My second seiyuu I knew about. The second one I really like now.

It’s always funny how you don’t like to eat vegetables. I remember how you would only eat carrots if they’re cooked.

I want to try Egu’s Curry sometime. I’m actually surprised he can cook too. 😂😆

But seriously. When will he ever learn to clean his room?????? Can I come over 3000 miles to go help him clean? 😂 I’m pretty good at cleaning.

I love a lot of Egu’s voices in the anime and games he does. Especially. Nagi from IDOLiSH7. He’s so perfect and beautiful and almost like Egu. Just that Nagi is an Otaku like Egu. But Nagi is better at English than Egu. 🤣


He’s 30 now. Is he going to start saving money? He once said he would buy a Mini Cooper if he learned how to drive. But in all seriousness… HOW IS HE GOING TO FIT IN IT? 😂😂😂😂