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That was a great time

Even more than the solid jokes, the moving content, and the interactivity, I enjoyed meeting new people.

There sure were a lot of us making a shitload of noise in that place (which is beautiful and I wish I could have photographed it properly).

I felt so much great energy. I feel like as a community we need to keep that energy alive and keep supporting each other so that we can make it through this thing called life.

Thanks @therealjacksepticeye for bringing some of us together. I think we all had a blast.

Congrats on three successful shows! Here’s to many more.

Your strengths!

Aries: you bring the good vibes

Taurus: You are so fuckin loyal! We luhhhh you!

Gemini: You can talk, and be friends with everyone!

Cancer: You care even for people you barely know! And that’s so damn important

Leo: You have the ability to bring the party anywhere even in negative situations.

Virgo: You are always taking care of everyone. You are just that person.

Libra: The fact that you always stay neutral for them most part, and always are weighing your options makes you friendly. We gotta keep you around!

Scorpio: You are the person that stays in people’s lives for many moons. Which makes you like a ride or die type! You da bomb!

Sagittarius: you show your love, and don’t just say it. Your actions are everything.

Capricorn: You are the father of the zodiac so you are always taking care of the world.

Aquarius: You have that get along with the world thing going on, and you can always make everyone laugh somehow!

Pisces: Hello person who believes in everyone, and stay the same! We luhhh you so much!

the signs as reputation by taylor swift
  • aries: ...ready for it?
  • taurus: don't blame me
  • gemini: this is why we can't have nice things
  • cancer: new year's day
  • leo: i did something bad
  • virgo: call it what you want
  • libra: king of my heart
  • scorpio: so it goes...
  • sagittarius: end game
  • capricorn: look what you made me do
  • aquarius: getaway car
  • pisces: delicate
Signs a Girl Likes You: Online Edition

someone asked me for this a long time ago and i think i accidentally deleted the message so here it is! sorry for the delay!

  • this one’s obvious but she spends a lot of time talking to you! she messages you the moment she gets online and you talk until you go to sleep. maybe you do more than text, like video chatting or phone calls or online gaming
  • she introduces you to her friends! she wants you all to get along so maybe she adds you to their group chat or invites you to join a game they’re playing together 
  • she trusts you with personal information that you generally don’t tell people you’ve met online like her last name, where she lives, etc
  • she talks to you even during other social engagements! she texts you even while she’s at a party or sends you snaps when she’s busy just to show she’s thinking of you
  • OR she actually cancels plans to hang out with you! maybe she ditches her friends to video chat or play games with you
  • she gives you a cute nickname or a cute emoji next to your name. this is a big one i’m not kidding
  • she apologizes for being away/not being able to talk even if it rarely happens
The signs when drunk
  • Aries: more relaxed and open than usual... like they'll actually tell you anything
  • Taurus: "You're drunk" "FUCK YOU"
  • Gemini: won't stop laughing and tells bad jokes that don't make sense, plus no train of thought whatsoever
  • Cancer: runs off often and needs to be constantly supervised by a friend
  • Leo: Busy vomiting somewhere
  • Virgo: "You guys are such lightweights honestly, keep up"
  • Libra: I'm not drinking tonight *an hour later* FUCK ME UP
  • Scorpio: their inner desires become hard to hide from those they love and can be read like a book
  • Sagittarius: buddies with everyone but suffers a hardcore hangover the next day
  • Capricorn: *clearly drunk* I'M NOT DRUNK YET!
  • Aquarius: just - keeps - going
  • Pisces: either roasting everyone hardcore or explaining how much they love them - no in between

✨the signs as i’ve known them ✨

♈️aries- shy at first n has to warm up to ya then they ignite me with their flame like holy shit. they’re rly warm like have them hug u in the winter and you’ll be good to go

♉️taurus- kinda possessive but they bring me back down to earth. always wanna go explorin n eat the good food

♊️gemini- lil firecrackers I tell u what, first they wanna do this then they wanna do that. smart af too and always need to put their word in

♋️cancer- they give the greatest love tbh n will take care of u. I always feel safe around them

♌️leo- soOoO dramatic, like Lana del Rey status. Always down 4 some fun and really bring u outta ur comfort zone

♍️virgo- so stubborn yet crack me tf up. wanna be the best of the best, kinda annoy me with how good they are at things

♎️libra- chill af. they just have a freakin way of charming me and really tell it like it is. vibes r harmonious when they’re around

♏️scorpio- have a lot more to them then meets the eye, every one I can think of has this crazy back story to their life. honestly don’t know a lot of them, prolly cuz they’re so mystical n like hidden treasures

♐️sagittarius- whiny babiez when life isn’t going too well for them but they’re fkn wild otherwise like hoowee let’s get into some shenanigans

♑️capricorn- they just wanna do their diddly darn doodliest n get love for it. Maybe too serious sometimes. I get way too many crushes on them tbh

♒️aquarius- they’re so much fun to talk to?! and have something random that they’re rly talented at doing like mad trix on a fkn scooter or physics??!! amazing

♓️pisces- always a bit absent minded, probably down to do some drugz. soft lil flowers, u gotta be careful with them


Selfie adventures feat. The Bergara Brothers and Shane Madej

(Also, look at Ryan’s face! Ryan Bergara = actual cinnamon roll #confirmed)


my favourite boy w his favourite snoopy 😍💘