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heres a handy guide to the hot dads of hot dads: the game (the number of children are what ive managed to count up from reading sources)

(The people in the corners are there cuz I couldn’t find any record of them having children. Except for Guan Suo because he’s fictional.)

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D͚̪̼͖͈͕̙̤̝͈̺҉̸̶̶̀̀͢͞͝͏͜O̶̜̫͔̹̫̺̳̠̗ͅ҉̶̨́͏Ǹ̷̨̛͇͖̘̝̖͎͓̤̹̩͕̫͜͝'̙̹̣̦̥͎͚͇͙́͘T̸͓̘͔̲͙̻͉͖͎̰̀҉̵́ ̢̤̝͝͏̴̢̡̢̛́́F̴̶̵̴̨̛͉̕͟͞͠͞͝Ừ̵̶̴̙̤̱͉͙̫͘͢͞Ć̥͉͍͚̫̟͇̹͍̻͢͠҉̴́͟͢Ḵ̸͈͝͏̶͟I̴̷̧̪͙̹͚̻̹̭̜͏̸́͡Ǹ̻̜̞̖̗͈̞͜͏̀͘͜͜͜G̫͇̱̘̞̺͕̥͈̼͡ ̺̖̲̙̳͓̲͉̠̙̬͡T͈̖̦̳͓̹̗̱̝̜͟͞҉O͎̜̭͉͔̰̟͘͟͢U̘͇̮͡ͅ҉̷̶̢̕͜͡͡͡C̸̢̯̺̤͈̟̫͘͘͢҉̸̷̕͞͡͝͝H͚͙̘̫̤͓̼̹̺͖̞̯͜͏̷̢́͡͠ ̳̠̻̲ͅͅ͏M̗̟̫̝͖͕E̪̼̤̬̠͔̫̪̖͢ ͏͞҉̵̴̡̢̀͜

y-yeah, okay

to all my non-binary peeps

You rock. I am glad for every single one of you in my life. I am so unspeakably proud of you for everything you’ve done to discover your most authentic self. Your gender identity and gender expression are totally valid whether the people around you understand or not. The pronouns that feel right to you are the only ones that matter. The name you choose for yourself is the only one anybody should care about. You don’t have to fit into anyone’s boxes and you shouldn’t try. You deserve all the love and respect in the world just the way you are. 

Whether you get to present the way you want to or not, whether you feel comfortable coming out or not, your identity is real. Whatever look you’re going for today, I bet you’re killing it. To me you’re always at your most beautiful when you’re feeling like yourself – your happiness shines through and makes you radiant. Strut your stuff and show off your style! Your presence makes the world that much brighter.

Please keep listening to yourself, learning about yourself, and most of all loving yourself as much as you can. I LOVE YOU ALL and I will always respect and acknowledge your identity however you choose to express it.

Wirt: Greg got one of these…kiguri-kiguru-kigu things and wouldn’t let me out of the house without matching with him! so I got Jason Funderberker to put his on too so that I wasn’t alone. They’re actually really comfy and good for sleepovers…

Jason: He didn’t make me, I’ve been waiting for this since he ordered it C;

(It’s transparent! Also we’re going through the asks and 3 of you guys asked the same question haha so that one’s going to be sort of a mini comic thing! Look forward to it!)

Celebrimbor no

Once upon a time, in Eregion…

“Smithing like an elvensmith, shoop-dee-doo-dee-da…”

“Idk what’s hotter, my work or myself.”

“Yeah, it’s definitely myself.”

Yeah things were pretty good for him. He had a forge, he had a throne…

… he had these two. Pretty good life for an elf lord.

“Wait. Who is…”

“… that 100% not ominous person in the hall?”

Glowing eyes! How exotic! (I swear, I wasn’t even trying by this point)

“Shiny thing?”

“Yes pls!!”

Wait till you find what I’ll use it for, Tyelpe!

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The singular for sheep should be shoop,,,,,like imagine,,,,,,, i got a shoop,,, I'll take one shoop please,,,,,,, shoooooooooop

it sounds so much more threatening r u ok
Ye gimme two fuckin uhhhhhh shoops

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"nooo, gyaru is't racist!!" have you seen early gyaru, period? or how about i refresh your memory of banba, yamanba, rasuta, b-gal, ganguro, or gee, i don't know, any variation of gal involving excessive tanning?? like girl pls we all know what's going on, it's like one big black stereotype fashion show...i heard someone say that and it made me sick. as a black gyaru, i love this fashion, but someone has to realize that a lot of it is insanely racist.

I was going to post this as a gossip post, but I felt that I am required to answer this. 

To start off, I just want to be sure that you know your gyaru history. This was started as a style rebelling against the Japanese white-faced and pale is beautiful mentality as well as rebelling cultural standards. The white lips, often seen in western cultures (with dark skin) is used as blackface, but the trend started with Namie Amuro, a pop star in the 1990s.

With her tan skin, short skirts and boots, she essentially made the kogal go-to outfit. She wore white lips a few times, and the trend caught on.

Basically, the style just grew more and more shocking. The ganguros started to wear white on their eyes and lips regularly. Gonguros upped the tans, which was carried over to later styles. As manba and yamanba took over, they ended up adding more white to the look, looking scarier and more crazy. If they wanted to rebel against the standard of beauty in Japan, they had greatly succeeded. 

B-gal is not based off of black culture, although brands like Baby Shoop make it seem like that’s what it is. It’s based off of R&B artists (especially those at the time the style originated (think: Beyonce, Alicia Keys, etc.) There is a difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation. 

Gyaru history aside, if you find the style offensive, you don’t have to do it. 

It’s all a personal choice whether or not you follow the tanned styles or reject them altogether. Almost everywhere in the world there is a tanning culture, and there will always be people who take it to the extreme, gyaru or not.