like shit im sorry levi i didnt mean to confuse you more

Ard long story short because you and I both have shit to do and probably have the attention span of a goldfish.

first. Ft arrangement ^^^^^^^up dere. So from 2014-2016, I had a blog with the same url, animoozies. Wasn’t feeling it anymore. So, I impulsively deactivated. Was it the smart decision? Nah. lost all my followers and posts. Is it the decision I’m glad with, yes because I met a lot of wonderful people post re-activation when I came back in July. I love this blog way more than my old one. I needed a new clean slate. Everything in my life is changing and so is the blog. So my goals for this piece of mierda is to continue my horrible and stupid chat posts along with creating gifs and edits. I also would like this blog to be a shout out blog because we have many talented people in the fandom but they aren’t recognized. Every human being wants recognition no matter what, in my opinion, so little notes or no comments saying that they’re good, is kinda a confidence blow. 

So with that said

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