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Not My Girl

Disclaimer: I do not own Holby City or its characters. In fact this story was prompted by the lovely @captainepoppins

Warning: There is some violence in this, and some swearing as well.

A/N: Fair warning guys, I have a very (very) basic knowledge of Holby. This fic is for @captainepoppins and I hope she enjoys it. I apologise if the characters are completely out of character. I tried to get Serena and Bernie, as close to in character as I could with my knowledge of them. I hope anyone who happens to read this, is entertained.

Not My Girl

Things hadn’t quite been the same for Bernie and Serena since Kiev. Bernie knew that she’d screwed things up with Serena, but she was determined to fix it. It just wasn’t easy when Serena was stubbornly keeping herself distant from Bernie.

It had been weeks since Bernie had come back from Kiev, and she’d consistently been sending Serena gifts, sweet messages, and of course a coffee (made the way Serena liked it) with a red rose every morning. Of course, she always made sure to leave a bottle of shiraz on Serena’s desk by the end of the day on Friday.

This week however was different. There was a charity ball on, on the Friday night. Bernie knew that Serena would wear a classy red dress. It would flatter Serena’s figure, and make Bernie’s heart flutter. She knew it would seem like she was a hormonal teenager, but Bernie had her heart set on getting her girl a corsage.

Bernie of course, couldn’t tell what colour would complement the dress, or what flowers would go best together. She’d had to get the florist to help her. The woman had been snobby and looked down her nose at Bernie. For some reason (beyond Bernie’s comprehension) every woman was supposed to know how to make a wrist corsage…apparently.

Nevertheless, at the end of the week Bernie left the corsage on Serena’s desk. She hoped a red rose surrounded by white rose buds, and small snowbells would do the trick.

She was coming back from the locker room to head toward the exit, when she saw Serena in her office. Bernie’s heart skipped a beat, as she looked at the sight before her. Serena was always beautiful to her, but seeing her holding the corsage to her nose and smiling, was just beyond words. Bernie was happy that she’d caused that smile. Perhaps tonight things would be bearable.


Bernie entered the ballroom, automatically searching for Serena. As the heads of the AAU, she and Serena had to attend. The charity ball was to gain money for the AAU. All the people here were politicians, and influential people. Most could be classed as businessmen, but there were a few small-time TV stars there as well. Personally, Bernie thought their egos had swelled their heads too much.

She snagged a flute of champagne, hoping the liquid courage would calm her nerves. Taking a sip, she wrinkled her nose. Champagne had never been her thing; wine she could handle, but Bernie preferred a neat scotch for her poison of choice.

It was moments later that Serena arrived, and Bernie’s stomach dropped. Her heart raced, and later she would realise that she had the most love-sick expression on her face. As Bernie, had predicted, Serena was dressed in red. The dress showed a little cleavage but kept a sense of class.

The way that the dress hugged Serena’s curves left Bernie feeling hot and bothered. But most importantly, Serena was wearing the corsage.

Serena took one look at Bernie, and knew what she needed to do. She smiled at the blonde, who still had her hair in a tousled mess. But it complimented the female tuxedo she wore. The minimal makeup rounded it off, to bring out Bernie’s naturally lovely features. Serena knew that this was formal wear that Berenice could wear comfortably. A comfortable Berenice was a sexy Berenice, in Serena’s humble opinion.

She quickly went to the bar and ordered a scotch, neat. Serena had always stuck to simple wine and champagne at these events of course. Alcohol was an area where Bernie was more sophisticated than she’d ever be. A bottle of shiraz would do Serena just fine, thank you very much.

Serena sidled up next to Bernie, and raised a flirtatious eyebrow.

“I believe, this is more your speed. Trade?” said Serena, offering the scotch to Bernie.

Bernie laughed, and traded drinks with Serena.

“Thank you, you look…stunning…by the way,” said Bernie.

 Serena smiled, all this romance that Bernie had showered her with over the last few weeks, and yet Bernie still floundered with her words. She wanted to say more to Bernie, perhaps try to start mending broken fences. Unfortunately, she was pulled away by one of the businessman, as Bernie’s attention was taken by a piggish looking politician.

They went about their professional responsibility of chatting up the guests, and garnering money for the ward. But it just felt wrong. Before Kiev, they had always been by each other’s side.

If this had been before Kiev, they never would have been pulled away from each other in the first place. They would have brought the separate conversations into a group conversation.

The distance between them in the room felt like an awkward lull in a conversation. Bernie was constantly looking across the room at Serena, and was relieved that she was manoeuvring closer to her.

She watched the people dancing and drinking happily. It was a lovely scene really, something out of a film.

As Bernie continued her sweep of the room she noticed a waiter drop a tray of champagne flutes onto a businessman. Bernie knew immediately that it was a distraction as he reached into his coat.

Without a second thought Bernie dashed to Serena, pulling her down as multiple gunshots rang out across the room.

Serena was shocked as she was pulled down to the ground and a gun was fired. The first thing she noticed when all had quietened down, was that Bernie was using her own body to shield her. The next, was that a man had been shot. He seemed to be a businessman and quite young, which hopefully meant he was healthy enough to survive the wound.

“All this pomp and circumstance for a hospital that already has enough money,” said the gunman “Now, you money bags are going to stay right where you are. Anyone who tries anything clever, gets shot.”

Bernie noticed Serena’s line of sight and saw the wounded man. The amount of blood that was already congealing around his shoulder was not a good sign.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake! Do we have any doctors in the house?” asked the gunman.

Both Bernie and Serena raised their hands. They were the only medics in the room

“Over here then, before he bloody well bleeds out,” said the gunman.

They got up and slowly made their way to the wounded man. They side eyed each other, trying to hold some sort of non-verbal conversation.

“Hurry the fuck up! And no funny business; try anything and you both get shot, and he bleeds the fuck out!” shouted the gunman.

They hurried over to the patient and began to work. Bernie took off her belt and handed it to Serena for the leg wound, and took off her jacket for the shoulder wound. Both tried to make make-shift tourniquets. Serena, luckily succeeded first.

“You should both be working on his fuckin’ shoulder, that’s closest to the heart,” said the gunman.

“The bullet has hit his femoral artery, if we don’t stop the bleeding there that will kill him first,” Bernie explained.

“Don’t talk down to me you arrogant bitch,” said the gunman, pistol whipping Bernie across the face.

Serena’s head snapped up at the sound of the gun hitting Bernie’s skin.

“Leave her be! Damn you!” shouted Serena “That’s enough!”

Bernie looked over at Serena and shook her head, but Serena ignored her.

“Oh what, worried about your little girlfriend are you? You disgusting lesbo, you didn’t think I didn’t notice, did you?” the gunman said to Bernie.

“All those looks the two of you kept sending each other. Fucking disgusting!”

The gunman turned the gun on Bernie and Serena’s expression turned stormy. It was an expression that Bernie had never seen before. She’d seen Serena angry, but not like this.

“You don’t get to talk to her like that, especially when I’m in the room,” said Serena, standing up.

“And why’s that?” asked the gunman.

“Because she’s the woman I love, and I wouldn’t let anyone treat her that way,” Serena replied.

“You love me?” Bernie murmured.

“Not the time,” said Serena.

“Says the woman who just declared her love for me.”

“Shut it!”

 “Oh, my god! Shut the fuck up!” yelled the gunman, turning the gun on Serena.

Bernie knew that she had to move now, or she’d lose Serena. Just as the gunman pulled the hammer back, Bernie pushed his arm upward, sending the gun flying out of his hand.

Moving quickly, Bernie managed to sidestep the gunman and catch the gun. She quickly turned back around, to aim the weapon at him.

Serena could only stare in awe as Berenice went from, her Bernie to her Big Macho Army Medic.

“Get on the ground, face down and hands behind your head,” Bernie ordered.

The quick change in attitude, made the gunman do as she ordered. Serena finished looking after the patient, and someone in the room finally had the presence of mind to call the police.

It was hours before the two women could go home. They had had to go to the station for official statements, but Bernie had gotten off scot free. It had only taken witness accounts and a background search into her military history, to convince the police that she hadn’t been the gunman.

There would be a trial, and they would have to testify. The motives of the gunman were unclear at this point, but neither woman could find it in themselves to care.

Later, Bernie drove a rather shaken Serena home. It was only when they pulled up outside Serena’s house that the silence was broken.

“I love you,” said Serena.

“I-I love you too,” Bernie stuttered.

Serena chuckled.

“You just took down a gunman, but now you stutter when you tell me you love me,” teased Serena “What was going on in your head back there?”

“Honestly? All I could think was; not my girl, you bastard,” said Bernie.

“Your girl?” asked Serena, cocking an eyebrow.

“My girl,” said Bernie, blushing.

Serena smiled as Bernie leaned over and kissed her. It was just as she remembered. Bernie’s lips were soft and warm. She could feel the callouses from her military training. They pulled apart gently, keeping their foreheads touching.

“Sorry,” said Bernie.

“Are you kidding? I’ve been wanting to do that for weeks,” Serena whispered.

Bernie smiled at Serena. She knew then, that she had Serena back. Now she would never let her go, ever again.

“Come inside?” asked Serena.

As if Bernie, had ever needed any further invitation.

That Ship? ☠ Red & Jaden


“Captain? What’s ya plan?”

“Working on it.”

“Are we waiting for something, Captain?”

“Boys, how about you uh……just uh……sit over there and I’ll give you an update shortly. Eh?”

The small crowd of men nodded as they mumbled things in confusion among themselves before agreeing to go over to the other end of the lagoon where they mingled and just talked among themselves as well as trying to entertain the young boy as naturally he was quite curious. As they all were. Their captain had been acting quite strange ever since their ship sank. Then again, they couldn’t blame her. That was her ship. The ship she had loved and nurtured like a child. In a way, they were all her children too despite some being far older than herself.

Now that her crew were officially distracted and off her tail, she sighed heavily with relief and started to creep over to one of the corners of the lagoon and felt the excitement build up inside. This was gonna happen. This was really happening. Peeking over her shoulder one last time to make absolutely certain she wasn’t being watched, she then scurried over to around one of the large rocks hiding part of the shoreline and smiled brightly at you.

“Hello, Jaden!”

Granted she had whispered when she greeted you but she couldn’t help but be just as excited. It had been a total of 3 days since she last saw you. They had agreed it was best you return home for at least a little bit so that your father wouldn’t get suspicious. Not even thinking of her still raggedy clothing and the fact that they had really only known each other for one day, she gladly and shamelessly dove into the water so she could give you a proper hug.

“I see your father didn’t tear into you. That’s good. I was quite worried.”

But….why was she so worried? That was probably one of the real questions.