like she was seriously the coolest character

Okay, but seriously. You guys should all go read the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. It features:

  • a non-white main female character, Kate Daniels
  • multi-racial side characters
  • magic users
  • sharp shooters
  • magical beings who are also sharp shooters and sword wielders
  • tides where only magic works or only technology works
  • werebeings/shapeshifters
  • gods and goddesses
  • vampires
  • necromancers that use the vampires like avatars
  • awesome characters
  • lots of playful and witty banter
  • tons and tons of recurring characters

Not to mention cool side characters like:

  • Andrea - a were-hyena woman who just so happens to be the human military’s best sharpshooter
  • Raphael - an intensely handsome Hispanic were-hyena with a love for knives and a veeeeery active sex life
  • Dali - an Indonesian-American woman who turns into a white tiger and just so happens to be a vegetarian, so meat makes her sick. She also has a habit of driving at top speeds despite the fact that she’s legally blind.
  • Barabas - a gay were-mongoose lawyer who is the coolest guy ever
  • Dr. Doolittle - an old African-American medmage were-badger from Georgia who will give you hell for not taking care of yourself
  • Naeemah - a were-crocodile assassin lady
  • They’re all so cool. This list could contain just about all of the characters and I would still feel like I haven’t gushed enough.

Seriously. Go read it. If you are disappointed in it, I will be tremendously sad.

anonymous asked:

Do I have to read the American gods before watching the show? I tried the first episode and I am confused

yes, i really do recommend reading the book first. there are so many times when i am just like “oooo i see what they are doing there” and my sister is like “wait what is happening”. i think just for a better understanding and appreciation, read the book. it’s a great book anyways

but.. to help you a little about the characters that we’ve met in these first 6 episodes.

shadow is a wee little lamb who just wants to have a nice tea, read a book and be loved. crazy shit happens to him all the time and i swear he is just a baby. i won’t explain how he comes into all of this but just now that he is precious. (also so is laura and i don’t want to see any hate for her)


mr. wednesday; i feel like if you are paying close enough attention to the show, you should be able to figure out who he is by episode 2. he is the leader of the old gods (hint: he is a nordic god)

mad sweeney; obviously, he’s a leprechaun from ireland haha. he wasn’t in the book much, but i’m glad the show is making him more of a main. he’s crazy- but that crazy is how he got his powers. 

czernobog; he is a slavic god. he is a representation of “black god” who is to blame for everything bad that happens (based off the beliefs of an old slavic diety) 

zorya sisters; also slavic gods. they represent the different times of the day, as stars. so the old lady (vechernyaya) is the evening star, the one that was asleep is polunochnaya and she is the midnight star, the one cooking (utrennyaya) is the morning star. 

mr. nancy; a west african god. he is kinda hard to understand/explain but pretty much he “owns” all the stories that have been told and will be told. that’s why he knows all. he’s a trickster god

mr. ibis; egyptian god… the god of widsom and magic

mr. jacquel; also an egyptian god. the god of the afterlife. i personally think he’s one of the coolest old gods

bilquis; the fucking weirdest but amazing god ever. she is the queen of sheba aka half human, half demon man eater

there will be other gods coming in like easter that are pretty cool as well.


mr. world; the leader of the new gods. he has a secret identity that will be revealed. i was shook so don’t go looking him up unless you want to be majorly spoilt.. but he’s seriously just the god of everything?? even i don’t know

media; she is the personification of television. that’s why she can change into all these different characters and manipulate the television. she is pretty cool and honestly gillian can end me she’s so good

technical boy; this little fucker is the personification of the internet.

we’ll probably meet mr. town and mr. road soon who work for mr. world as spooks (the people that hung shadow) and they are kinda just there to hunt him down.

Why I am excited about Korgot:
  • She was already the coolest Protector. However, until yesterday, we knew nothing about any of the Protectors, so it was hard to get excited about a nameless, traitless entity.
  • She breaks the mold of all women coming from one village, setting a precedent for this new generation of Bionicle to be able to have a greater variety of women and a more equal gender distribution. And for people who say gender doesn’t matter, then why care? If it doesn’t matter to you, what’s wrong with having a few more women?
  • Now, pretty much any character can be female in theory, rather than just one per wave.
  • Earth characters have typically been characterized by, among other things, their physical strength. That’s not a trait usually associated with women, so it’s great to break away from stereotypes. And if she turns out anything like Brienne of Tarth, I will be overjoyed.
  • Bionicle, despite always lacking in equal gender distribution, has had a good track record in terms of having awesome female characters. Lariska, Hahli, Krahka… some of the most memorable characters in the overall franchise have been some truly awesome women. I hope Korgot continues that legacy.
  • Did I mention she’s the coolest protector? Seriously, that color scheme is gorgeous.