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AU where Transformers are genderless but the Autobots all go by "she" on Earth because to their understanding, all vehicles and assorted machinery are referred to by female pronouns.

oh shit!!!! that would be so good. one of them looks up what pronouns to use for cars (expecting it/it’s) but finds a bunch of biz about referring to them as she/her so they’re like alright. That sounds fair.

They just do not understand why all these humans are so confused about Optimus when they met her, you know? Like what? She turns into a truck, that’s a her, right?? why is this “english” language so weird.


And episode 37 ends with the appearance of the League of Villains. 

We see Dabi and Toga again and this time hear them speak for the first time. I like Toga’s voice the best. She sounds hyper and a little crazy like she should.

I’m looking forward to next week even though I know what’s going to happen and it will be the last episode of season 2 (I think?). 

Hopefully we get a season 3. Ratings and sells have been good enough to.

I miss(ed) you - prt2

Word count: 1494

part 1, part 2

Story synopsis:  Y/N and Chanyeol were best friend in the past until he moved. He didn’t go far, but it was for enough for them to drift apart. They missed each other, but did they even remember?

I don’t know why kai is always co staring in my stories. He’s not even my bias. AeMin what have you done?!?

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hope this is okay :)

“I can see you trying to hide that smile.”

It takes Anthony all of 5 minutes to realize that Jasmine isn’t having a good day. She just seems off, and the things that he says that would normally have her laughing aren’t doing it today, and he doesn’t know what to do. She hates talking about things, but he also feels like he’s not being a good boyfriend if he doesn’t ask.

So he sits in the weird limbo of concern for wanting to make her feel better and ignoring the problem all together, having the faith that Jasmine makes the move first. He won’t be surprised if she doesn’t, but he still hopes that she knows he’s there if she ever wants to vent or talk about things that are going on in her life.

“Baby, how ridiculous would I look in this?” Anthony asks as they walk through a store, holding up the weirdest hat he could find.

Jasmine looks back at him, and while she doesn’t say anything she does bite back a smile, which feels like a victory in Anthony’s mind.

“I can see you trying to hide that smile,” He laughs, walking over to her after he’s put the hat back and wraps his arms around her shoulders.

He ushers her out of the store as they go to sit on a bench outside, Jasmine leaning against his shoulder. “Do you want to tell me why this day isn’t great and why you’re acting off? Or do you not want to talk about it?” He asks, hearing Jasmine hum some sort of response.

He gives her a few moments before she sits up and looks at him, finally shrugging. “You know those days where you just wake up and everything feels off but you don’t know why? That’s this kind of day for me. I had no reason to be mad or upset with anything, nothing has happened today. But I am, and it sucks.”

Anthony nods, reaching out to take her hand. “It’s fine to have those days. Sometimes we all have them, and they’re annoying, but they’re normal,” He says, watching her sigh as she shrugs. “But like, if you think I’m just going to stop trying to make you laugh on days like these, you’re wrong,” He quickly adds on, Jasmine rolling her eyes.

“I didn’t think you would,” She says quietly, reaching up to kiss him softly. “Thank you, seriously. You have no idea how much this helps me get through these days. You just always trying to make me laugh or smile is exactly what I need right now,” She says, Anthony nodding.

They end up going home without going anywhere else, and while Jasmine hates that she feels this way and she feels like she’s ruining their day, she’s grateful to have Anthony. He had always been so understanding of her and always knew exactly what she needed to make her feel better, and she couldn’t ask for anyone else to be with on days like this. As long as she had him she knew she’d be okay.

I totally get the sentiment going around that people don’t want Percy to be a god’s champion just because everybody’s doing it, particularly because he’s got such a rough relationship with gods.

But I think that’s because he sought out the Raven Queen first, and the Raven Queen and Percy don’t understand each other. The Raven Queen is fatalistic. In her eyes, humans begin their lives imperfect, march toward their fates, and perhaps they achieve greatness, but they all end the same way: they go to meet her. Percy just doesn’t think in those dimensions. He altered the course of humanity with his invention, and blaming that on fate would be to shirk responsibility. He has seen people defy and defile death time and again. When he pleads with the Raven Queen for a way to fix what he’s done to the world, he is thinking of redemption but also that he lives as long as Whitestone lives, and that the impact of his weakness will matter, will change lives and end them, long after he is gone. The Raven Queen comforts him by saying humanity can achieve great things, but that is no comfort to Percy, whose greatest achievement is arguably the very weapon that killed him.

If there is a god who would understand him it would be Ioun. She’s a goddess of knowledge, an inventor, and like Percy she was betrayed and wounded in the course of invention. Ioun is blinded; Percy’s soul is in tatters thanks to Orthax. She lives in a place of uncomfortable paradox, where all knowledge should be shared for the sake of progress, and secrets are blasphemous, even if that knowledge can hurt or break or kill - but even then, even she has secrets she can’t afford to share. We haven’t seen much of Ioun, but I think she would think like Percy. Not along the threads of fate, like the Raven Queen and her champion, but in an impersonal chemical chain of combination and creation, knowing well the unforeseen impacts of discovery. She despises the aspiring god who took Percy’s family. Her domain is profoundly controversial and unsure. Percy asked his questions of the Raven Queen, and she answered the wrong questions. Ioun has probably asked Percy’s questions a hundred times about herself.

And of course there’s something delightful about the fact that Percy could earn the favour of the goddess that Pelor is protecting. 

It’s likely that any number of entities will be fighting over my soul when I die, he says. I know, says the Champion of Pelor, I’ll be one of them.


Ben & Sophie arrive at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016
(pt 1, pt 2, pt 3, pt 4)

Female Zodiac signs as girls I’ve met

(Not including myself)

Aries♈: independent & dependent at the same time, confident, popular, has the best hair I’ve ever seen, can be really moody at times, cares a lot about her friends, isn’t sporty, but still looks very athletic, a bit selfish but will defend anyone who she believes is worth defending and protecting

Taurus♉: mom of the group, somehow she always has snacks in her backpack, wears headphones everywhere, seeks a love relationship, stalker when in love, very good at cooking, marriage material, incredibly stubborn, strong af, loyal

Gemini♊: always in the center of attention, either very quiet or very loud, top class student, isn’t afraid of confrontation, obsessed with Harry Potter, writes poetry but is ashamed to show it (why??), gets bored easily, overthinks a lot, independent, not good at showing her emotions, but if she cares about you you’ll know, says she hates drama but somehow always gets involved in it

Cancer♋: poor little lamb, wants to help everyone but doesn’t know how to help herself, very sensitive™, kind to literally everyone, has been through a lot, thoughtful, very romantic, cries over every (even slightly) sad moment in the movies and TV shows, a bit paranoid, the best person to have on your side, loyal af, her laugh is the best laugh in the world (idek why, I just like it), creative

Leo♌: adores being in the center of attention, kinda annoying at times, either very bitchy or not at all bitchy, can be very jealous in relationship, confident, loves being loved and to love, selfie queen™, creative, dramatic, very emotional

Virgo♍: quiet™, overthinks, very knowledgeable, can surprise people like no one else, loves animals more than people, no one knows what she thinks, her mind is like a labirint, interesting in many ways

Libra♎: social butterfly, everybody loves her bc of her easygoing nature, creative, very kind except to people she doesn’t like - she tries to ignore them, hates confrontations, sensitive, she gives some weird vibes that makes me feel like I’ve known her for thousand years

Scorpio♏: secretive, can and will destroy you if you provoke her or anyone from her squad, perverted, likes to discuss things, tough love, it’s hard to know what she feels, intuition on point, basically protective mama bear

Sagittarius♐: very independent and outgoing, creative, hakuna matata, looking at her is like looking at the sun, honest about everything, good at physics, athletic, tolerates everyone

Capricorn♑: classy, always says smart remarks, sarcastic, very funny when in good mood, worries too much, always says exactly what she means, hates drama, sick of people’s bullshit

Aquarius♒: the best taste in music, independent™, always wonders about life, world and other universal questions, very open minded, extraordinary, creative, social, belongs to thousand fandoms

Pisces♓: that girl that is always confused in class, so adorable™, gets very excited about things she likes, whatever she does it’s sooo cute, open minded, sensitive, playful little angel

Female Zodiac Signs As Girls I’ve Met

Aries♈: independent & dependent at the same time, confident, popular, has the best hair I’ve ever seen, can be really moody at times, cares a lot about her friends, isn’t sporty, but still looks very athletic, a bit selfish but will defend anyone who she believes is worth defending and protecting

Taurus♉: mom of the group, somehow she always has snacks in her backpack, wears headphones everywhere, seeks a love relationship, stalker when in love, very good at cooking, marriage material, incredibly stubborn, strong af, loyal

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because she allowed me to post (ノ≧ڡ≦) 
and i’m more than happy to share it 
she made fanart too for @im-toxicixy ‘s AU X3c
yes we both love it okay 
long time no see ART like real art man! 

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TO THE WONDERFUL @australet789. I hope you will like this

“I can explain.”

“I’m sure you do.” Marinette bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing.

“Princess, please. This isn’t funny. Have some pity on a poor stray.”

Marinette burst out laughing, making Chat Noir pout. Or well, pout as much as a cat could.

“You are being mean.” he muttered.

“I’m sorry.” Marinette whipped away an imaginary tear. “But I can’t fathom what in the world did you do to become an actual cat. Is it a new power or where you cursed?”

“Cursed,” he replied back. “Woe is me.”

Marinette rolled her eyes fondly. “Alright, Chat, ow that we established that you can come out. I am sure you aren’t a nightmare cat.”

With a sigh, he walked from behind the dress dressing screen. And then an unexpected thing happened. Marinette squished her cheeks with her palms and squealed. Chat didn’t even get the chance to react properly before he was swapped up in her arms and spun around.

“You are the most adorable thing I had ever seen!” Marinette said, holding him tight to her chest.

Chat wondered if cats could blush. They might not, but he sure was blushing right now. Marinette began petting him and, to his embarrassment, he began to purr. But it wasn’t his fault Marinette was so good at petting and she smelled like baked goods and God, this was paradise on earth. He should have annoyed Plagg into turning him into a cat long time ago.

“So, pretty kitty, for how long are you cursed to be in this adorable form?”

Chat was surprised he could speak while still purring. “I don’t know. Maybe until a kind, beautiful princess kisses me and turns me back?”

Marinette stopped petting him abruptly. Then she grabbed him from under his arms (front legs?), raised him to be face to face with her and gave him an unimpressed look.

“Once a tomcat, always a tomcat, aren’t you?”

Chat gave her a toothy grin. “I am no tomcat nor a stray. I got a princess who loves me dearly.”

Marinette kept looking at him skeptically, before sighing and smiling fondly. “Guess you are right. Oh well, here goes nothing.”

Marinette kissed him on the top of his snout. A green light wrapped around him and Marinette waited for Chat Noir to appear. But, instead, the next thing she knew was that she was holding Adrien Agreste in her arms.

“Hi, Princess.” he said, cluelessly.

Marinette screamed.


sessshomaru’s mother | requested by @bandz-amakeher-scream


stare through the mirror of the self, reflect the face of someone else (the bodyguard au) by bigchickcannibalistic

She’s leaning it. Red lips close – so tantalising close it’s fucking taunting her and it’s fucking unfair. So fucking unfair. Because her heart’s pounding, her hands are already on her hips and her throat is so dry it could be a fucking desert.

And it’s so fucking unfair because this is not how it’s supposed to go, and how can her body just betray her like that, just give in to temptation wrapped in a black dress and with positively thirsty eyes?