like she just lost the doctor

If Peter has to die in Infinity War, even temporarily, I want to FEEL it. No boom, he’s dead, back to the battle.

I want to see Tony hugging his dead body, hear him screaming and crying like any dad who just lost his only child.

I want to see Groot realize that, though he’s just a teen, he’s not invulnerable.

I want to see Wanda cry because she can feel Peter’s death and Tony’s grief and she knows what it’s like to lose your whole world.

I want to see Strange run over and try to staunch the blood flow, do CPR, do anything to desperately try to save his new friend.

I want to see Rhodey pulling a struggling Tony away from Peter’s body, his own voice shaking as he tries futilely to calm his best friend down.

I want to see Clint and Scott pat whatever part of their uniforms holds the picture of their kids while Clint starts moving towards Wanda.

I want to see everyone look at the friends and loved ones they have on that battlefield with shock and grief and a new terror in their eyes because the teenager - the happy, sassy, brilliant teenager with a long life ahead of him who had more protection on that battlefield than anyone thanks to Stark tech and a hoard of protective adults - was just killed in front of them. And if he couldn’t survive… can any of them?

mercy would be more interesting if michael chu focused ONCE on how she literally lost both her parents at war which was, you know, the entire goddamn reason she decided to become a doctor and a revolutionary one at that too. like just put out ONE thing about how she lost her parents. there are 500 voice lines about how hanzo killed genji michael

Neil’s blood went cold. “What did you tell her about me?”
“Doctor-patient confidentiality, Neil! But I know she likes you. Bee has a thing for lost causes.”
“I am not a lost cause.”
Andrew put his hand over Neil’s mouth to shut him up and said, “Liar. But that’s what makes you interesting. It’s also what makes you dangerous. I should know better by now. Maybe I’m not as smart as I thought I was.”

( this moment. Just think, Andrew told Bee about Neil. Just think he wanted to touch him. Just think how it was hard for Andrew to have feelings for Neil… I just thought he wanted to do something like it)

Take care of my Babies or you’ll die - Wonder Woman x Reader

Summary : Diana has a deep distrust of Men’s World’s doctors, and have trouble letting them handle her pregnant girlfriend. 

I lost the original message but this story is for @freethecagedeggs. Also, Imma indulge @loverandomness2 because she’s been asking for this for a long time and I’m finally writing it :-). 

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You couldn’t wait for all of this to be over. 

For the baby to finally arrive. 

Not because pregnancy was displeasing, in fact, you were one of those lucky women that had a smooth one. 

You only had a few morning sickness, you weren’t too tired, it didn’t hurt much (yet)…The only thing you had was your weird cravings but, then again, pickles and ice cream was a thing you ate together even before being pregnant. 

Nope. You don’t want all of this to be over because it’s difficult and tiring…But because your damn girlfriend cannot give you or anyone approaching you of a few feet a single break ! 

“(Y/N), don’t do this it could hurt the baby !”, “(Y/N) eat this it’s good for the baby”, “(Y/N), please babe, do this exercice it’s good for our little one”…The worst was how annoying she became whenever you had a doctor appointment. 

Oh. My. God.


When you and Diana decided to become parents, you settled for a sperm donor instead of adoption, because it was just easier, it would take less time and trouble…You also decided that you should be the one bearing the child, kind of unsure how things would work with Diana (after all, she had been made out of clay and given life by Zeus…). 

At first, everything went smoothly. 

You were both just too damn excited. And all your friends were extremely supportive. Of course they were. 

Your older brother, Bruce, helped you through so many hard times in your life, he definitely wasn’t about to give up on you (no matter what some stuck up rich people thought about him for doing so…damn you guys lived in the XXIst century, what was the problem of a same sex couple adopting ?!), and he would never admit it because he wasn’t the cheesy type of man but…He already loved his future nephew/niece deeply. 

The day he brought you a teddy bear that looked astonishingly like the one you had when you were a kid, that exact teddy bear your dad gave you to “help you through any difficult times” (and it really did…whenever you were sad, for example missing your parents dearly, you’d hug the hell out of that bear and it would make you feel so much better), and when Bruce told you it was difficult to find the same one you had as a kid and it took him a lot of time and effort to do so, but you and your future child were definitely worth it…You teared up. You lied by saying your hormones were messing around with your emotions, and acted like it was not a big deal but…It meant the world that your beloved older brother would go through all that trouble just for a teddy bear for your baby.  

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Headcanon that Peter was very, very worried about Yondu’s appearance at first.

Not because the man was blue, or scary sometimes, or threatened to let the others eat him, mind you. Little Peter quickly understands that it’s actually the man’s influence who keeps him alive – as long as Yondu is there, nobody wants or can eat him. Or kidnap him. Or just… hurt him.

No, Peter is worried about Yondu’s bald head and the scar adorning it.

It reminds Peter of his Mum – how she lost her hair after the cancer took hold, and how the doctors left a scar on her head when they tried to take the tumor out but failed.

Not so sure if cancer is really a problem here in space and if blue people (aliens???) like Yondu could get the illness, too, Peter becomes very, very worried. What if Yondu dies like his Mum and he is all alone out here? In space, with no family, no home, and no one to protect him from the mean guys who want to eat him anymore?

He doesn’t want Yondu to die. But he’s also not sure if he’s allowed to just walk up to the Ravager and ask him about stuff like this.

It becomes something Peter is constantly thinking about. He watches – from a good distance – if Yondu shows any signs of illness like his Mum did. He lingers when others already left the room, just to see if Yondu is alright (until the Captain barks at him to get lost, what’s the business with all that staring anyway?). He basically stays glued to Yondu’s side even more so than before.

It’s not lost on Yondu, either, and it starts to annoy him. He can’t stand the worried, almost fearful look Peter directs at him constantly, especially since he had estimated that the boy was no longer afraid of him. 

So when they are alone on the bridge one day, Peter once again lingering behind when everyone is already out to get to work, Yondu snaps and barks, “What’cha staring at the whole time, boy?! Something wrong with ma face?!”

Peter blinks (doesn’t flinch or go pale, so he is not afraid, the Ravager notes). He seems to hesitate, frowning, before he points to Yondu’s head and the pale crisscross of scars there. “Is that… are you… how did you get that?”

Now it’s Yondu who hesitates, taken aback. “…’S an old thing. None of your business.”

“So you’re not… sick?”

“Ain’t been sick for a long time, boy, why would I be now?”

And to Yondu’s utter disbelieve, Peter smiles, wide and happy. “That’s good!”

(And who the heck had been the last one to really truly think that it was good that Yondu was okay, that he was healthy and there and…)

“If that’s it, ya can scamper of now, Quill.”


And still beaming and all but skipping with every step, Peter – for the first time since being “picked up” – actually does as he has been told and rans off, all but radiating joy.

Yondu is left to ponder over the little boy that was supposed to be cargo, and who is now slowly but surely starting to become much more than that.

And if Peter still stays very much glued to Yondu’s side and if Yondu doesn’t shoo him away but lets him, the Ravager seemingly ignoring the boy who once in a while smiles up to him full of relief, then nobody dares to say anything.

And if Yondu hears about how Peter’s Mum died for the first time, the pieces click together, and he proceeds to slap Peter over the head for thinking that he would die on him and Peter only protests a bit before laughing – then that’s also only their business.

9 Stones

There is a time, a time to love
A time to sing, a time to shine
A time to leave, a time to stay
There is a time, a time to cry
A time to love, a time to live
There is a time, a time to sing
A time to love

~Mumford & Sons

It was bound to happen. Especially to me.  I verbally process everything and take things personally. Too personally.  

I was bound to end up in counseling.  

It was good.  The lady sitting opposite of me didn’t know me at all. She didn’t know my work.  Had no idea what kind of nurse I am.  She didn’t know what happened every single day at work. She didn’t know I was a senior nurse with more experience than 70% of the nurses I work with.

She asked me how long I had been an ICU nurse and she jerked back to look at me in surprise when I said quietly “Almost 7 years.”  

I knew she was expecting me to have been a nurse barely a year or maybe just at a year.  Surely someone who was 7 years into this sort of career knew what to do and how to survive.  

I always thought I did. I used to bury myself in soccer and sports.  Then I got married and buried myself in that.  Turns out my husband doesn’t want to hear about my day every day.  So I stopped talking about it.  I stopped finding a way to get rid of the mountain of stress that I acquired every time I worked.  It built up.  Until one day when the doctors didn’t listen to me and the patient died- the guilt of thinking I should have done more overwhelmed me.  I stopped sleeping well before shifts.  I would toss and turn half the night.  I turned to sleeping aids.  I would wake up before my alarm and lay there with my eyes wide, dreading the shift.  I would walk into a room with 6.5 years of experience on my shoulders and feel a desperate terror that I had no idea what I was doing.  I would be filled with anxiety and be unsettled.  They gave me an orientee and I panicked.  I couldn’t do it.  I felt overwhelmed and terrified. I took the nurse educator aside and begged to have the orientee switched.  I told her I couldn’t do it and was burnt out.  I told her I was in counseling and needed to get myself straightened out. I was brutally honest and felt a measure of shame that I was so broken.

The counselor listened to me and asked questions here and there.  I cried for a half an hour the first session.  She gave me some tips for coping with the amount of death and suffering I see every shift. She told me to put stones in a jar to memorialize each life that I lost or that was lost when I was there.  So far I have 9 stones.  I actually thought there would be more.  And then I realized that 9 stones is absolutely insane.  Normal people don’t encounter 9 deaths in their lifetime- let alone in a month and a half.  Healthcare personnel deal with death so regularly that 9 sounds like a small number.  But that is 9 families that have lost a loved one.  9 people whose lives have ended.  9 people who I either held their hand or broke their ribs during their final moments.  And, I know the number will climb.  That jar will be filled.  

The counselor talked to me about PTSD and told me that people in healthcare get overlooked.  She said that firemen, rescue workers, nurses, doctors are just as susceptible to PTSD as soldiers.  It’s a different horror- but it is horror just the same.  As she spoke and validated the devastation my soul had been feeling… I felt a small part of me heal.  I wasn’t crazy.  I wasn’t weak.  I was a 31year old nurse whose eyes had seen too much.   I don’t know how many counseling sessions I will go to.  Whether the ones I have had so far will be enough to really help me cope.

I just know that I can’t save lives if I don’t first save my own.

Pity (Support: A Harry Styles Imagine Part 2)

Warning: accidents, swearing

Here’s the much awaited Part 2! I’m gonna say sorry in advance for how this one ended because I already planned out the ending yet I couldn’t put it into words. The result was a little confusion with the writing in the end but hopefully you guys will get the scenario.

Message me or ask me HERE if things get a bit confusing. I’ll take the blame. Sorry again. And to make up for it, I’ll make a Part 3! It’s time to send in your suggestions again!

Enjoy! Hope I didn’t disappoint.  

If you haven’t read part 1, click HERE


It has been a few months since Harry and I broke up. To say that Harry was broken was an understatement. He made sure to call me everyday. Of course, what could he expect? I never answered. I even contemplated on changing my number but I had too much respect to do it.

The entire universe unfortunately found out about the break up but to my surprise, the fans wanted us to get back together. It wasn’t unknown to me that I was on the Directioners’ good side. They saw how much I love and took care of Harry and his fans appreciated that. Even though Harry ruined our relationship, it was still the best four years of my life.


“Y/N please at least answer his call. Just a call, singular. Please.” Louis called me a few days after the break up.

“Louis, I can make my own decisions.” I said.

“But you haven’t seen him. He has neither eaten nor bathed. His eyes are bloodshot and bags are seen under his eyes. He’s not the same without you Y/N.” I heard Louis say something when his phone was taken away.

“Harry, no.” Louis said but Harry didn’t listen.

“Y/N? Love? I’m so sorry. I’m so fucking sorry. Please hear me out. I-” Harry was about to continue when I hung up 

Hearing his voice made the butterflies in my stomach come to life. I missed him. I really did. But if his fame and fortune was more important than me, then to heck with him.

I deserved better. 


As the fashion show gets closer, nerves start kicking in. It was a good thing though. It made me work extra hard and made myself busy to avoid thinking about him. Gemma calls me every once in awhile to check up on me and so did Anne. It made me feel guilty though. I left their son/brother broken, yet they still cared for me. Gemma even made sure that I include their names for the VIP section in the fashion show.

One day, I was in a coffee meeting with my fellow designers and the organizers of the fashion show. They were talking about lighting, stage decor, and color scheme when I got a phone call from Gemma. Because of the meeting, I couldn’t answer her call. I shrugged it off thinking it may just be her weekly “just checking up on you” calls. I’ll just call her back later. 

But no, her calls kept on coming.

“Excuse me for just one moment.” I told everyone. They just smiled and said to go ahead. I immediately called Gemma and I got an answer in one ring.

“Gem? What’s wrong?” I asked. I waited for an answer but all I got was a sob.

“Hello?” I asked once more. “Gem? You ok? Where are you?”

 “It’s… It’s mum. Out of nowhere she just… she just collapsed and… and we had to call an ambulance and bring her to the hospital. She… she was bleeding, Y/N.”

I couldn’t process what she was saying. Anne was like a second mother to me, and knowing that her state was critical, I couldn’t just sit around.

“She was looking for you.” Gemma answered. “She was conscious for a few seconds in the ambulance and called everyone’s name, including yours. That’s why I had to call you up and tell you.”

“Where is she now?” I asked, making my way back to our table to collect my things.

“We’re here at the Wythenshawe Hospital back home. But you don’t have to drive all the way here, she’ll understand that you’re in London and-”

“I’ll be there in a few. Just… update me ok?” I said and hung up. My colleague saw me collect my things and stopped me for a minute. She gave me a look that said ‘what are you doing?’

“I’m so so sorry everyone, but my mum was brought to the hospital so I have to go. I’m really sorry.” Good thing that everyone was considerate enough and let me go without a grudge. Even the highest positioning person there told me good luck and to be careful.

Please let Anne be ok.


The drive to Holmes Chapel was somewhat short considering it was in the middle of the day where people were at work, which means no traffic, and I may have over sped a little. I quickly got my things and ran in.

“Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find Anne Styles or Anne Twist right now?” I asked the nurse. She looked at me as if I’m a crazy person.

“I’m sorry but the family told us that we were not allowed to tell anyone about her condition considering the entire family is here.” The nurse said.

“But I am family. I’m-”

“I’m so sorry but we won’t allow media or fans to enter.” She said in a “shoo” tone. 

I was about to explode when I heard a voice that I know too well.

“Y/N?” Robin said.

“Robin…” I said and my eyes softened.

“It’s ok, she’s my daughter-in-law.” He joked to the nurse. I laughed a little and immediately hugged him. He accepted the comfort and rubbed my back to soothe my worries.

The entire course of Harry and I’s relationship, Robin was always there like a Dad. He throws “funny” puns just like a regular dad would. He’d invite us to weekend barbeques when Harry was not busy. He’d sometimes invite us over to watch football on TV, considering I was a massive fan myself. When my parents were in town, Robin was the one who came up with the idea of a family dinner. He and my dad bonded like long lost friends, which made Harry and I happy that our parents were getting along.

“Robin, how’s Anne? Is she ok?” I asked, sniffling a little considering I was crying the entire trip here.

“She’s still in surgery, dear. The doctors are yet to talk to us about her condition.” He continued, “Thank you so much for coming in a flash, dear. Anne would be so happy to see you here.”

“Y/N!” I heard someone say. I turned around and saw Gemma and her boyfriend. She ran towards me and engulfed me in a bone crushing hug. I didn’t care though, she needed the comfort as much as I did.

“Gem! You ok?” I asked.

“Yeah. Thank you so much for coming, you know… even after the break-up… Mum would be so happy to know that you’re here.” She said. 

“Don’t mention it. I know you guys need a little comfort at this time.”

“Actually, there’s one person that needs comforting more than Gemma and I right now.” Robin said pointing to the benches by the emergency room. Seated with his face on his hands was none other than Harry himself. One can immediately know that he was crying, seeing that his breathing was fast. I sighed and smiled a little. Gemma smiled back and I made my way towards the love of my life.

I went over and knelt in front of him. “Harry?” I called. He immediately looked up and his eyes opened wide. He rubbed his eyes to check if I was really there.

“Y/N” was all he said before engulfing me in a tight hug. He cried harder as soon as his face hit my neck. 

He needs me right now, and I’m not courageous enough to push him away, so I let him hug me. He hugged me like never before. This hug has a mix of “I miss you.” and “I need you.”

Everyone knows how Harry was a mummy’s boy. He’d drop everything for his mum. He respected how Anne raised them on her own before she met Robin. The way she raised both Gemma and Harry into these beautiful human beings is beyond anyone’s power, and Harry knew that. She taught them how to respect women and people in general. She showered her children with love and made sure that they got only the best.

“Shhhh… “ I said as I rubbed his back. “Your mum is a fighter remember? She’ll get through this.”

“Thank you… so much.” Harry said in between sobs. I was about to say something when I heard the doctor call for Anne’s family members. Harry was the first one to stand up as if it was his name that was called.

“How is she?” Harry asked. Robin and Gemma was beside us in a matter of seconds 

“She’s fine now. There was just a lack of oxygen in her brain which caused her to faint. Was she exposed to stress recently?” The doctor asked. 

“Not that we know of, doctor.” Robin said.

“It may also be caused by excess work, but she’s now ok. The only problem was that she hit her head a little too hard. There was an excessive bleeding but we were able to stop it.” The doctor said. Everyone sighed in relief.

“She has passed the critical stage now and she’s in the recovery room. We’ll bring her to her private room as soon as her vital say she’s ok. But she’ll still have to stay for a few days just so that we can keep an eye on her and check for no further damage.” The doctor continued. Everyone thanked him and sat down with a sigh of relief.

I then continued rubbing Harry’s back for comfort. He didn’t say anything. All he did was hold my hand as a sign of gratefulness. I smiled at his kind gesture and for a few months, I saw him smile, a genuine smile.

That same day, Anne woke up to all of us fast asleep around her bed. Robin was beside her holding her hand. Gemma and Michal were leaning on the wall with their heads on each other’s shoulders. Harry and I were both on the couch the room came with with our hands intertwined. The sight made her heart melt. Everyone she loved was in one room. Robin felt Anne’s hand move which caused him to wake up fully. He then woke everyone up and everyone was happy to see her awake and well.


For the past few days I have been staying with Harry and his family at his childhood home. I wanted to stay and help the rest take care of Anne. Fortunately my work allowed me to take a few days off considering I told them that it was my mom who was brought to the hospital. They understood my case and let me have the days off.

Following the recent events, Harry has been quite distant with me the past few days. All I did was take care of him because I knew that he’d be too busy taking care and worrying about his mum that he’d forget to take care of himself. It was like a reflex.

“Harry, what do you think should we bring for lunch today? Gemma texted me saying that we should bring lunch for everyone. Your mum’s looking for Nando’s for some weird reason.” I told him as we made sure to pack everything Anne needed for the next few days. As I was about to talk again, Harry called me to the kitchen.

“What’s up?” I asked as I entered.

“We need to talk.” He said.

“Sure, what’s up?” I said.

“I need you to leave me alone until mum gets better.” He said straightforward. I was taken aback. A few days ago he was begging me to take him back. Now, it’s the opposite.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“I know what this is.” He said pointing his finger back and forth between us.

“What do you mean?” I asked not knowing what the heck he’s talking about.

“Pity.” was the only thing he said.

“I’m sorry… I’m not getting what you want me to get here.” I said, shaking my head with a curious looking eyes.

“You’re taking care of me as if you still care about me… like I’m still your boyfriend!” he shouted. “And do you know how much it fucking hurts me to know that you’re just pitying me for what happened to mum?” I was about to cut him off but he did it first.

“I love you Y/N, I really do. But seeing how much better you did without me, it made me believe that I was the shittiest boyfriend in the universe. I prioritized my career when I should’ve put you first. I don’t deserve you.” He started crying as soon as he ended his heartfelt speech.

“You don’t care about me like before. You’re making me feel like you still love me.” I only noticed that I was crying when a tear streamed down my cheek.

“You’re right… You never deserved me. But don’t you dare imply that don’t care about you anymore, because I still do. I still love you, I really do but I don’t want to fix things just yet. But you need me right now, and I don’t have heart to see you broken over me and over your mom. The least I could do is take care of you.” I said. 

“If me taking care of you is giving out some kind of signal that I shouldn’t, then I’m sorry. I don’t want to get back together, not right now anyway. But I do feel obligated to take care of you.”

“But you’re not obligated to take care of me. Please… just help me by staying away from me. It’s for your own good.” he said. 

“Let’s at least be civil about this… for your mum.” I said, holding my hand out for him to shake. “I’ll stop with whatever I’m doing and just be here for your mom. I’m sorry for what I have done.”

And with that, he shook my hand. 

I should no longer care about Harry Styles.


Requested Anonymously

Written for @eurusholmmes [Okay, y'know what, every Twelve fic is for you now.]

Accidentally made this into a Magical Realism/Soulmate AU even theough that’s not what the Anon asked for at all but I just wanted to give Twelve some love I’m sorry! Also went with a different style, showing most of the story from a companion’s point of view. Bonus: I have discovered that I can’t say “Clara clarified.”

The moment you stepped into the TARDIS was not how Clara expected it to be. And she did expect it, was the thing. She knew, the moment you met, that you would become a passenger aboard the TARDIS, because there was no way you couldn’t be. Not when the Doctor looked at you like that.

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Because I Love You (Part III)

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky made up his mind to treat Adley right, but what does it mean for him now to treat someone right. How should Adley react when it actually happens?

Warnings: Angst, Cheating, Mentions of Sex, Mordern!AU, Swearing
1.74k Words. 

Again, sorry to those who are named Adley!

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

A/N: Part III is here! And Part IV is officially on it’s way. Again, pardon if i have grammatical errors.

To say Adley was surprised, was the least of it. When Bucky showed up on her doorstep the day after, holding a bouquet of violets just for her, happiness soon took over Adley. She can’t believe that Bucky was back, and to her! Reliving yesterday, she remembered how torn he was seeing (Y/n) leave and she was sure that between her and the (y/h/c), Bucky was bound to choose the (y/h/c). He brought her out for lunch, to a lovely French café downtown that served amazing Escargots de Bourgogne. Adley swore to herself that she would take in (Y/n)’s words, devoting herself to Bucky entirely and making sure she was enough for him. And she thought everything would’ve been fine after this.

She was wrong. Lunch happened few hours back and it was already late at night, Adley still couldn’t shake off the tight feeling constraining her chest. 

“Thank you for the flowers James, I love them,” Adley said.

Bucky smiled at her, though she couldn’t quite picture what was wrong with it. The waitress came and took their order, and they were left in silence shortly after.

“So uh… are we officially together?” she asked, staring at Bucky. Bucky tensed up, and she wondered if she touched the topic too soon.

“Yea…” he shot her a smile, eyes down casted and fingers toying with each other. It was then Adley made sure to pay attention to every single bit of detail of Bucky.

Adley blinked twice before tucking herself in bed. Bucky was different today. His smiles were tight and never reached his eyes. His eyes were focused on her but his mind was elsewhere. His hands kept fumbling with each other and his legs seemed restless, constantly shaking about wherever he sat. He was also cautious when they were about to make skin contact. Adley sighed, she knew she had to give Bucky time.

And that she did, days turned into weeks turned into months. Bucky was always around. He often drop by and brought her out for meals, usually favouring whatever she felt like having. He would leave her messages every day, a short ‘Good morning.’ or ‘Hope your day went fantastic!’. He brought her a colourful array of flowers, to the extend where there would be a fresh bouquet every few days. He would provide her the best pleasure in bed where she would see sparks and feel jolts of pure bliss pulsing between her legs 

But Adley wasn’t stupid, she wasn’t blind nor was she oblivious. Bucky would take her out to high-end restaurants, but he never brought her back to his house for a nice home-cooked dinner. He would leave her messages that contained smileys and winkies, but none of them ever had a red heart. The flowers were wonderful, and they made a great addition to her rather dull workspace, but Chrysanthemums, Daisies, Sunflowers… Roses always fall out of the equation. She could feel sore and numb the next day after a night of intimate workout, but as intimate as it could be, it was not in any way love-making, and he would leave straight after.

It has been 3 months since Adley could call Bucky hers, but was he really? Adley had been thinking a lot lately, regarding her relationship with Bucky, regarding the emptiness she still felt in her heart and regarding the underlying distance she had with the man. She sat on her couch, her cup of Chamomile already cold but still full in her hands. Her breathing was even, and her expression showed serenity; eyes closed, lips parted ever the slightest, jaw relaxed. When the doorbell rang, that effect immediately broke. She went over and opened the door, revealing Bucky. Adley bit her lips, no doubt Bucky looked incredibly attractive in the body-fitted black suit he wore, with his hair slicked back and another bouquet of flowers (Camellias) in his hands.

“Adley, hey! These are for you,” Bucky grinned, handing her the delicate bunch of pink. He noticed that she wasn’t dressed up like he asked her to, and looked puzzled. “Why aren’t you dressed up yet?”

Adley bit her lip, she had to do this, or it’ll just tear her apart from inside.


“I can’t do this anymore James,” Adley started, “I can’t lie to myself thinking all this,” she gestured around to the flowers and to him, “is okay!”

“What do you mean?” James asked, eyebrows furrowed.

“James! Can’t you see? You’re forcing yourself in this!” she grabbed his hands, “You don’t actually want to be with me, I know that, and it’s okay. You don’t have to force yourself anymore. 

Adley saw Bucky froze, his eyes were opened wide and his mouth was agape. He snapped out of it after a few seconds and took her hands into his own.

“No no no… no Adley! I’m not forcing myself, Sweetie. I want to be with you-”

“You don’t, James!” Adley cut him off, voice booming across the room, “You never did! Your heart, mind and soul still belongs to (Y/n)! They don’t belong to me, and they never did!”


“No James, you think I haven’t noticed? How you shy away whenever I asked you to move in with me? How you never buy me Rosses, never stayed the night and never brought me to your place?” Adley shouted, “How about the fact that within these months, you’ve never once told me you love me?”

She heaved out a sigh, heart clenching when she saw the crestfallen and perplex look on Bucky’s face. She could see the calculating gaze he had on her, trying so hard to interpret her words and the meaning behind them. She dragged him to her couch, and sat beside him, hands still intertwined together.

“James,” and he looked at her, “I love you. I really do, and you love her. I know what she said to you, I was there that day, remember? But you don’t have to force yourself to oblige. You may not be able to tell, but I can. The only reason why she told you to stay with me, was because she thought you loved me, and not her. When in reality, it’s the complete opposite.”

None of them spoke for a while, but the silence brought comfort, realisation and appreciation.

“(Y/n) told me a lot of things before you arrived that day, you know?” Adley said, smiling.

“Oh yeah?” Bucky replied, afraid to ask for the content, but Adley understood.

“Yeah, she told me how to care for you. She told me you often have nightmares, and that you liked your coffee with fresh milk- Wait, I’ve been curious, is that why you don’t drink coffee here? Because I hate fresh milk?” Adley asked with a smile.

And Bucky replied with a chuckle of his own, “Uh… sort of, yeah.”

“She told me you get pretty grumpy in the mornings, and how you get into fights with uh… Steve, was it?” Adley looked at Bucky, who returned a nod, “She told me you’re always worrying about her leaving you one day.”

Adley saw Bucky’s baby blue orbs glisten with tears, and she was afraid of breaking this comforting atmosphere (one of the most pleasing ones she had with Bucky), but she had to ask the one question that had been lingering in her thoughts for the longest time.

“Why, James?”

She didn’t need to go into context, she knew Bucky understood her question perfectly.

“I was scared, she seemed so perfect…” he trailed off.

“She accepted my past, told me it doesn’t define who I am.”

“Bucky? Bucky, cut it out! What happened back in the days were not your fault, okay? You’re human! Humans make mistakes, humans aren’t perfect, and I understand that. I will always love you no matter what your past was, because you are you in this present and I will always stay with you even to your future.” (Y/n) said, hands grabbing his face as she stared into his eyes.

“She claimed to love all my flaws.”

“I’m so, so sorry (Y/n). It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have been so stubborn. You told me the boat ride was dangerous and I-” Bucky fumbled with his words, trying his best to improve the situation.

“Shh, Bucky it’s okay! We’re just wet, it’s not like I got bitten by a crocodile,” (Y/n) said, leaning up to his face and pecking his cheek, “It was pretty romantic either way.”

“She became my backbone, the person I could count on the most.”

“Bucky, calm down-”

“Shit, shit, shit!” Bucky panicked, rushing into the white halls. He arrived at the room and his heart dropped down to his stomach.

“Bucky,” (Y/n) said and grabbed his arm, finally catching up to him, “Stop. You heard the doctor, Steve’s been stabilized. He needs his rest.”

“But I almost lost him, (Y/n)! I almost lost him and you’re asking me to fucking calm down?” he yelled at her. The nurses around them were too intimidated by the man to ask him to keep it down.

(Y/n) slapped Bucky, and he felt the stinging pain on his left cheek.

“James Buchanan Barnes, listen to me. I know what it’s like to lose a friend. I know it’s not easy, especially to someone that close to you. But Steve is fine,” the (y/h/c) gritted out, “And you have a fucking final coming at you in 2 hours where if you fail, you won’t be able to graduate. Man up Buck! Steve wouldn’t want this for you, especially after knowing that he’s okay.”

Bucky evened out his breathing and pulled (Y/n) into a hug, wondering what he would do without her. She pushed him slightly and whispered.

“Go Bucky, I’ll take care of Steve. Just make sure you do your best in your final, so Steve and I have a reason to celebrate.”

“I love her, very much. She means the world to me, and I believed that she was, still is, too good for me. So I turned into a coward. I mean, it wouldn’t hurt as much when someone leaves you if you have another one to go to, right?” Bucky said, turning to Aldey. “That was what I thought before, and I realised how wrong it turned out. Because everything would hurt, as long as that someone still has a hold in your heart, everything would still hurt.”


For the Lapidot Week 4 ! 

Day 3 (June 20th): Disney Day/Ghibli Day

I didn’t had time to do all the days, so I only made fan arts for the Disney Day and the Past/Present/Future day :c 

I have choosen to do a crossover with The Treasure Planet because, it’s one of my favorite Disney movie and it’s so underrated contrary to all the others. Plus, Lapis and Peridot relationship is like “cat and dog” (momocon 2017 ref) ;) And just, I love Delbert and Amelia ! (And just, imagine Steven as Jim and Jasper as John Silver, it’s so perfect !)


Lapis : “Doctor, you have…wonderful eyes…” 
Peridot : “SHE LOST HER MIND !” 
Steven : “How can we help her ?!”
Peridot : “Dang it Steven ! I’m an astronomer, not a doctor ! I mean I’m a doctor, but I’m not that kind of doctor. I have a doctorat that’s not the same thing, you can’t help people with a doctorat, you just… SIT HERE AND YOU’RE A USELESS CLOD !” 

Soulmates - (5/5)

Summary: You asked Jeff, a senior you barely knew, for a ride home while he was going on the beer run.

Warnings: Read part 1, 2, 3 and 4 on my page! Swearing. Angst. It’s kind of sad. Also it’s a little different from the show.


As soon as you walked into Monet’s, you saw Jeff. He looked exhausted. He was half sitting and half laying on a chair, in a position that couldn’t possibly be comfortable. His cap was pulled down just enough to cover his eyes.

You reached his table and sat down in front of him. He got up as soon as he heard the sound of you dragging the chair.

“Hi” he greeted, with a sad and tired voice. You noticed how he seemed to get worse day after day. His skin grew paler, the bags under his eyes turned a darker shade of purple, his lips got dryer and dryer.

“Hi” you said it back. The whistle you heard on the accident night, the same one you’ve been hearing every since then, started to echo on your ear again. You ignored it, as usual.

“How’s your family?”

“Devastated. Yours?”

He breathed in heavily.


You remained in silence. The whistle kept getting louder, something that also happened often.

“I owe you an explanation” Jeff began.

“No, you don’t” you immediately cut him off. “I misunderstood everything, I made things awkward, but I get it now. Let’s just forget about it”

“(Y/N), you misunderstood something, but not what you think you misunderstood”

You frowned.

“What are you talking ab-” you stopped talking. The whistle got louder than ever, turning into a deafening buzz. It grew louder and louder by the second, becoming unbearable. You shut your eyes and grabbed the edge of the table.

“What’s happening?” you barely heard Jeff’s voice, but felt his hand on your shoulder. You didn’t answer. Your head hurt. “Baby what’s the matter?”

Your grip on the table got tighter, to the point it broke beneath your fingers. The costumers, unable to see you, got scared out of their minds. In their view, that table simply broke itself.

“Let’s get out of here” Jeff said, and led you outside. You stopped at a park and sat down on the grass. “(Y/N), please, you’re scaring me”

Still frowning, you looked at him. Your vision was red and blurry, your head felt like it was being crushed. The noise wouldn’t stop.

“Remember how I told you…” you tried to speak, but it made the pain worse. “Whistle…”

“The whistle you’ve been hearing since that first night? Is that what’s bothering you?” he desperately tried to help, not knowing how.

“Too loud” you cried. “I-”

The buzz had a frequency and intonation, something you hadn’t realized until then. It was like… morse code? It came, lasted for a few seconds and stopped for a brief moment, then started again and went on like this.

“It’s like- it’s like words” you mumbled. “Jeff, I think someone’s talking to me”

As soon as you said it, the buzz stoped. It was replaced by a soft voice, not nearly as loud. It sounded like someone talking right beside you.

“And then there was Marcus. You remember the Dollar Valentine thing, right? Well, I showed up on Marcus’ list and he gave me a call” the voice said, as if it was telling a story. You remembered that voice.

“It’s Hannah. Hannah Baker. She’s talking to me” you told Jeff.

“It must be a good sign that you can hear them now” he smiled, sadly. “You must be close to waking up”

You shook your head.

“I don’t think that’s it”

“What do you think it is, then?” Jeff frowned.

“Hang on. Whatever Hannah’s saying, it sounds important” you asked. Jeff went silent and both of you sat there, in the grass, for about an hour. She talked and talked and everything she said sounded awful. She was being abused at school and she had no one to talk to. That’s why she was there, standing beside my bed, talking to my unconscious body.

“Well, that was number six. I have to leave now. I’ll come back tomorrow for number seven” Hannah said, after she finished the whole Marcus story. “I hope you get better soon. You seem like a nice girl. I’d like it if we became friends”

And then she left. You decided that, when and if you woke up, you’d become Hannah’s best friend and stand up for her.

“Jeff?” you called. He was distant, lost in thoughts, but looked at you immediately when you called his name. “She just left. We can talk now”

He held my hand.

“I have to tell you something. Explain myself”

“Jeff, it doesn’t matter. Soon you’ll wake up and I’ll be gone” you said. Before he could say anything, you kept going. “This morning, my mom told my grandparents that the doctors said I’ll probably never wake up. I hurt my head badly, and I haven’t been responding to the medication. They’re going to turn off my life support in three days. I’m dying”

Jeff’s mouth hung open.

“Baby I’m so sorry…” he held you on his arms and it felt like the safest place on earth. You gently pulled away, tears escaping your eyes.

“If I’m not the one for you, if you don’t feel the same way I do, you’ve gotta stop holding me the way you do”

“(Y/N), you are the one for me” he cupped your face with his hands. “I didn’t say so before because I didn’t want to be a weight on your life”

You gave him a light push.

“You’re an idiot! It wasn’t your choice to make… besides, you couldn’t possibly be a weight for me” you sighed. Jeff smiled again, that lazy smile of his, and kissed you passionately.

After a while, you decided to take it somewhere else. Even though no one could see you, it was definitely weird having a makeout session on the middle of a town square.


Jeff took you to a greenhouse on the next day. You would watch the sunset there. He looked ill and worn out, but made his best effort to look fine. You both climbed up to the roof, sitting there and waiting. The sun slowly faded in the horizon while you held hands.

“Hey there” Hannah’s voice interrupted the moment. It scared you enough to make you jump a little. Jeff glanced at you.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Not wrong, just weird. I mean, Hannah’s back. People have been talking to me all the time since yesterday, but I still didn’t got used to it. It’s like they’re right next to us, but I can’t see them”

Jeff nodded.

“So, number seven. Zach Dempsey” Hannah kept going with her story. You didn’t really understood why she was telling it like it was a list, labeling people with numbers and stuff like that.

“Can’t you hear anything?” you asked him, when Hannah took a break from her and Zach’s story.

“Not really” he shrugged.

“Why?” you insisted.

“Jesus, I don’t know” he laughed uncomfortably. “Maybe you’re more spiritually developed than me”

You rolled your eyes. Then something hit you.

“What’s your current state?” you asked.

Jeff looked at you like you were an alien. Then, he pinched himself in the arm.

“Solid” he answered.

“That’s not- you’re such an idiot” you laughed. “I mean, you never told me why you’re here. Are you in a coma? It’s probably an induced coma. You would be in a lot of pain if you woke up now. Your body needs time to heal. That’s why they put you in an induced coma”

Jef laughed.

“How come every time you ask me a question you answer it yourself?” he asked, and held you on his arms.

“Not every time” you denied, smiling. “I mean, only occasionally”

“I have to tell you something” Jeff kissed your forehead. You sat straight in a heartbeat, but not because of his words, but because something was wrong.

“Well anyway, I decided to try him” Hannah’s voice came back.

“Are you okay?” Jeff asked.

You grabbed his hand so firmly you were pretty sure your nails hurt him.

“My heart” you said. “Something is wrong”

You pressed your free hand against your chest and waited. Nothing happened.

“My heart is not beating” you whispered.

“I wrote a letter-” Hannah’s voice was interrupted by a loud noise. A machine was beeping like crazy.

“(Y/N)?!” Both Hannah and Jeff screamed your name.

“Somebody help her!” Hannah yelled. You heard more voices. Someone telling her to back away. Someone shouting “Page cardio!”. Jeff talking to you.

“I can’t hear you” you cried to him. “So many… voices!”

He picked you up and got down the roof. Carrying you in his arms, he ran away from the greenhouse. You read his lips. He was saying “stay alive, stay alive”.

You couldn’t see where he was heading. Your body kept going into shock. It was the defibrillator. They yelled “Charge to 200!” and “Clear!”, then it hit your chest and it hurt like hell. It felt like you were being electrocuted.

You looked up to the stars. They were just a blur on the sky, since Jeff was running with you on his arms.

The noise from the hospital started to fade away slowly. You could now hear clearly while Jeff still whispered like a mantra: “Stay alive, (Y/N), stay alive”.

“Jeff?” you called.

“Hey baby. We’re almost there, okay? I’m taking you to the hospital” he cried.

“It won’t help” you told him, but he kept running. “Jeff. Jeff. Jeff, please, stop!”

He did as you said. He looked at you, desperate, and you smiled weakly at him.

“Let’s sit down for a moment, okay?” you asked. He nodded, crying his eyes out. You sat in front of a place you recognized as the small farm where you learned to ride a bike. Yeah, it really was near the hospital. Only a few blocks away. You didn’t realize it until now.

“Baby I’m sorry. I don’t know how to help you” he whispered.

“It’s okay… it doesn’t hurt” you said.

“You don’t have to lie” he ran his fingers through your hair. “They’re defibrillating you. It must hurt like a bitch”

You managed to laugh a little.

“I know that we just met and maybe this is too much” he started, but struggled to say the words he wanted because he was crying so, so hard.

“Charge to 360!”


Your body jumped and Jeff held you tighter.

“The thing is, even in that short amount of time, we got to know each other. We shared a story, an intense story, we’ve been through a lot together” he said. You tried to respond, but it was too hard. “You were… you are” he corrected himself “an important part of my life. And I love you, (Y/N). I really really do”

Your fingers gently caressed his face. Your mouth opened up to say it back. It was a huge struggle, but he needed to know. You had to say it back.

“Charge to 360! Again, people, again!”



Your body jumped again and, with a desperate grasp for air, you lifted yourself enough to sit down. You looked around and the sudden brightness blinded you for a second. The hospital. You were at the hospital. They brought you back before you could say it.

“No, no, no!” you screamed.

“Miss (Y/L/N), calm down” somebody said. “Tell Rose to call her parents”

“Let me go, I need to tell him! Where is he?” you cried, and grabbed one of the doctors by the arm. “Sir, I need to see him. Take me to his room, he can hear me, I know he can. I heard you all!”

You looked around frantically and saw Hannah’s pale and scared face.

“Hannah! Hannah, I heard you! If I can hear you, he can hear me!” you tried to make them listen, but they kept trying to push you down. “Please don’t sedate me, please, I just need to tell him. I need to tell him!”

“Make way. Make way” a male voice said. The older doctor who claimed to be friends with my parents showed up in my sight. “(Y/N), sweetheart, do you remember me?”

“Richard Webber” you finally recognized him. “Richard, please, I need to see him. I have to tell him!”

“Calm down, okay? Who do you need to see?” he asked, although something in his eyes told you he already knew.

“Jeff! Jeff Atkins!”

“Do you mean the boy who was in the car with you?” Richard asked.

“Yes, yes, that’s the one!”

Everybody looked away. The doctors started to leave the room, and the only ones who remained were Richard, Hannah and you. Neither of them seemed to be able to look you in the eyes.

“Richard, please, it’s very important. I have something to tell him, he needs to know” your voice didn’t sound as loud as before. Your screaming turned into a sorrowful whine.

“(Y/N)… Jeff flew out the window. The car landed right above him-”

“I already know that” you sighed. “Just tell me where he is right now”

“What I’m trying to tell you is… the car crushed his skull, spinal cord and ribs. That means he didn’t make it. He passed away instantly”

That couldn’t be happening.

“That’s not true. He told me…” you started.

What? What did he tell you? He never said he was alive. He never mentioned he was in a coma. You just assumed it all.

As you thought about it, you realized just how many clues he gave you. He didn’t let you look while they took his body from under the car. He mentioned several times that he didn’t have a life anymore, that he would never play baseball again and he would never go to college. He never said it was because of his injuries or amputations. Once again, you just assumed.

“Oh my god” you fell apart, and the warm tears ran across your face. Jeff was dead. He knew it all along. That’s what he meant when he said he didn’t want to be a weight on your life. He knew just how painful it would be for you, this very moment, when you woke up and realized he was gone. “I didn’t got the chance to tell him”

Hannah walked towards you and hugged you.

“Hannah, he told me he loved me and I didn’t get a chance to say it back. I was about to… then I woke up here” you sobbed.

“I’m sure he knows. Wherever he is, he knows” she said.

————- Bonus —————-

“Auntie (Y/N)” you heart a childish voice calling you. You looked away from the book you were reading and saw your best friend’s six year old toddler. His bright blue eyes were wide open and staring at you.

“Yes, honey”

“Have I and you paint that together?” he pointed at a big painting hanging on your living room’s wall. “Because I know to read and it says on the corner ‘Jeff and (Y/N), 2017’. But I are confused because I are born in long after 2017”

You laughed softly.

“Well, that was another Jeff. He was a friend of mine, and also of your mommy and daddy” you explained. “He was such a good friend that your mommy and daddy named you after him”

“So the name of his was Jeffrey Baker Jensen?”

“No, baby” you picked him up. “Just Jeff”

“Are your babies named after people too?” Jeff asked. “Is sister of mine Heather named after people?”

“No. We only name our babies after people when they’re really really special” you said, smiling. “Would you like to see a picture of Jeff? I have one near the fireplace”

“I dooooo” he yelled, and giggled.

“You two actually look alike, did you know that? He had blue eyes and brown hair just like yours”

“We’re twins!” baby Jeff yelled again, then he frowned. “Where are Uncle Jeff right now?”

“He’s on the sky. He’s a star now”

“Does that mean he lives with the moon and asteroids and comets and astronauts and spaceships and aliens?”

“Well, it definitely sounds like him” you giggled.

Wherever he was, you knew it was a better place. You could almost see him living new adventures, watching lobsters fight and playing baseball, forever young, dreamy and beautiful. You still loved him and would love him forever. And even though you never got the chance to tell him that, deep in your heart you were sure he knew.

anonymous asked:

The reader has lost almost all hope and are on the very edge. (Pharah, Mercy, Symmetra, Widowmaker, or Sombra/McCree, Genji, Lucio, or Reinhardt) try their best to save them


She’s scared, holding you close as she rocks you back and forth. She’ll suggest going to a therapist, keeping a closer eye on you so she doesn’t loose you.


She has to shove down that doctor part of her brain, focussing on convincing you to go seek help yourself. She reassures you that she’s there with you the entire time, never leaving you.


She’s a little lost on what to do, not really liking that. She will spend any amount of money to help, getting you the best therapy. She goes with you as long as you want, just wanting you to be happy.


She’s scared, the first time in a long period of her life. She doesn’t want to loose you. She wants you to see a therapist - insisting it a little harshly in her fear - being with you the entire time.


She is immediately handing you pamphlets on therapists nearby, you a little concerned that she had them. You go to therapy, Sombra holding your hand during the first meeting as you were nervous to go alone.


He understands more than you think, sighing as you finally confess to him. He doesn’t have a quick solution, he’s still fighting it. He promises to go to therapy if you do as well, the two of you getting better for the other.


He knows you know that he knows and that’s why you confided in him. He suggests that you speak to Zenyatta, the omnic pulled him out of horrible depression. He’s with you the entire time, never letting you alone while you heal.


HIs chest aches, gently holding your hand. He wants you to seek help, realising that he is entirely unprepared to help you. He reassures you that he’s here with you, knowing it’ll take you a lot of time to get better.


He knows that it seems when it’s an impossible task, to fight an enemy that convinces you that it isn’t there. He suggests a therapist or psychiatrist for help, knowing that you can’t fight it alone.

Chris Evans Imagine

Every single day till this moment right now had been the best for you and Chris and your first child that was slowly growing bigger by the day. Now Chris felt like his world was falling apart, like was going to lose everything in his life. And there was nothing he could do. Not a word he could say that would make it better. 

The day you went into labor was just like every other. Happy, full of laughter, even then your water broke it still wasn’t bad. Chris didn’t even freak out. He thought when the moment came he would lose his cool and be a mess, but no. He was on point. He had planed the faster rode to the hospital, he had already got a privet room so you could have the comfort and peace you wanted, he already had saved a massage on his phone he was going to send to his and your parents. Chris thought he had planed everything till the last moment, but he hadn’t planed what happened in reality. He hadn’t planed you being in this much pain, you both knew you would be in pain, but not this much. Chris already felt something wasn’t right, he felt in the anguish filled yell you let out. His heart started to beat faster, and not in the excited way of knowing you’ll be holding your baby in your hands. 

Then he saw something he never ever wanted to see and fell the feeling of unbelievable fear of losing two people at the same time. Chris was by your side, he held your hand, kissed your head and whispered to you: 

“Everything will be fine. Just hold in there. I love you” he would say it over and over again, every time a contraction came and made you yell, but the last yell you let out the one that made him lose control over the station, the one he knew he’ll never forget. As another contraction hit you leaned forward just as you let out one small yell, a big one followed right after and with your eyes rolled to the back of your skull and you fell back. Chris saw it all happen, to him it was like a slow motion horror scene. He saw as your head fell to the pillow and the line on the heart monitor went almost straight. There were no movements in you, it seemed like you weren’t breathing anymore. Suddenly he was being pushed out of the room by the many nurses and doters that came running in. They all were yelling some doctors terms and the looks on their faces weren’t saying anything good. 

“Sir you have to wait outside” the nurse said and before she could go back in to the room Chris just felt like he had lost everything, he grabbed her by the hand

“What’s going on with my wife and baby? Tell me” she apologized to him and went back, there was nothing she could say, no one at that point knew what was going on or was going to happen. Chris stood there looking at the door when his brother and rest of the family ran to him

“Chris, what’s going on?” Scott saw his brothers eyes and felt like his heart had also stopped “Chris?” to Scott you were just as important, he always looked after you while Chris was away working. Chris looked at everyone he didn’t know what to say, he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to fall to the ground and cry but then again he knew he had to be strong for you. When he thought he could finally speak and tell his family what had just happened the door to your room opened and all the nurses and doters were pushing you in your bed. They ran past Chris, he head a small second to see your face, it still looked so pail, so out of life. He stopped one of the doctors who was running by,

“What’s going on? No one is telling me anything” the doctor looked at Chris who was in a full on panic.

“You wife is having excessive bleeding” Chris’ arm dropped to his side, every one around him gasped in shock and fear.

“What does..what” Chris couldn’t finish a single sentence. He was scared to ask the most important question.

“If we don’t do something right now, we might” the doctor stopped him but knew he had to finish and run right after you ”we’ll do everything in your power to save your wife and the baby. But you have to know that there is a chance you might lose one or both of them” Chris stepped back and watched as the doctor talked and walked away, but at that moment Chris couldn’t hear a word, he didn’t hear anything around him, he lost all feelings. To him the room started to spin, his mom came to his side too comfort him, but there was nothing she could say that would make him feel better. Chris started to walk, he walked till he got in the car and started to drive, in the rear view mirror he saw Scott running after him. Chris drove without really knowing where he was going, until he found himself in his garage. He had no reason to be there, he should be by his wife’s side, but there was nothing he could do that would make it all better. He started to pace around just as anger filled him, he picked up the closest thing he had and throw it at the wall, shattering it into little pieces. His heart felt the same way the broken pieces looked, broken and just helpless. Looking at the blank wall his tears ran down his cheeks,

“Chris” he didn’t need to turn around to see who it was, but turned around to meet eyes with his brother. He looked as worried and broken as Chris.

“I’m about to lose the love of my life and my first child and I’m here breaking stuff, but I don’t know what to do.” Chris placed his hands on the table and looked at the ground “I can’t be there, I just can’t hear those words that will make my world dark for the rest of my life.” Scott moved closer to Chris but then jumped back as his brother yelled out. He was in so much pain ” This wasn’t planned. We were supposed to have kids and be together till we both grow old. I’m not ready to say goodbye, I won’t do it.” Chris looked back up with red eyes and wet cheeks.

“Chris”  Scott tried to talk, but he didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know how Chris felt and he wished he didn’t have to feel that way.

“If I don’t say goodbye she won’t be gone” Scott couldn’t take it anymore himself

“Stop, just stop. I don’t know how you feel but I also am broke about this and non of us are ready to say goodbye to her, but you know what we won’t have to. That won’t happen. I’m not going to even accept that and you shouldn’t too” Scott was sorry for his bother but also angry. Angry to see and hear him give up. “Now get yourself together and drive back to the damn hospital. Both your son and wife will be fine. Just” both brother looked at each other with tears in their eyes. “please” Chris took a deep breath and walked to his brother hugging him.

“I’m terrified” Chris whispered letting out more tears.

Scott drove Chris back to the hospital, because he wasn’t able to drive anymore. In that small drive Chris thought back to the day you two met, the day of your first date, the time he asked he asked you to marry him and the day you told him he’ll be a dad. All those happy memories, he wasn’t ready to stop there. He then did something he hadn’t done in many years he prayed to God. He pray to be able to hold you and his son in his hands. He prayed to once again see the same smile he fell in love so many years ago. When the hospital door opened and he walked down the halls, now it looked more dark there then before. They all sat in the waiting room for what felt like hours, in that time your family came and he had to explain what was going on, but he broke down in the middle and his mom had to finish, so now everyone sat in such painful silence. It was the first time in all the years that no one of your and his family spoke, it was the first time there had been a complete silence between all of them.

“Mr.Evans” a voice interrupted the silence, Chris looked up to find the same doctor he spoke with before.

“How is she? How’s my son?” Chris tried to see in the the doctors eyes some answer but couldn’t find anything, making Chris fear the worst. The doctor looked at everyone in the family, he looked in everyone sad eyes,

“We saved them.” three words that made everyone yell out in joy, three words that shined a light in a mans words that started to turn black. “Your wife needs a lot of rest, but she’ll be fine, the baby was born health.” he placed an arm on Chris’ shoulder “They both will be fine. Your wife is very strong just as you son” Chris felt tears of joy in his eyes. Everything will be fine.

“Can I see her?” he whispered. The doctor allowed people to see you, but just on at a time. Chris went first. He walked in to the sound of a beeping monitor, that let him know you really were alive. When he walked around the corner, he saw you sleeping in your bed, your cheeks had a slight pinkish color, he walked to your side and kissed your head. “I love you Y/N” he whispered as you were sleeping. Moments after he sat in a chair next to your bed and held your hand, a hand he was never going to let go, ever. A nurse walked in, carrying a sleeping baby, his baby. She placed him in Chris’ hands. He looked down at his new born son, with one finger he stroked his cheek making him move a bit in his hands, but not wake up. “hey there. I love you.” he said for the first time to his son. “I will always love.”

“Hey there” your voice, so low and weak filled his ears. He looked up and immediately smiled. “Can I see him?” Chris slowly stood up and turned to you, showing you your son. Then you moved to give Chris some space on the bed but stopped when pain went through you.

“Easy, please be careful” Chris said seeing your pain filled face. You looked up at him and slightly smiled, telling him you’ll be fine. There were so many things Chris wanted to say. He wanted to tell you how scared he was to lose you, how broken he was. How he thought he had lost you for ever, but decided not to. He knew you were terrified yourself and you already knew he felt horrible, you could see it in his eyes. So instead you both held your new son who you named Aaron, that meant “miraculous” and just enjoyed being with each other. This was a beginning or a new life. A life where you are thankful of every day you have.


A little bughead fanfiction I whipped up after seeing the deleted scene. I didn’t proofread it, and it’s 11 o’clock at night, so I don’t plan to. It’s kinda of a little spec fic for the beginning of season two, with a little dash of canon divergence thrown in. For @littlemermaidlove

Word Count: 2111

Rating: T

“Jughead, Mrs. Cooper and I would like to volunteer to be your guardian. You’d stay at Riverdale High and you’d come live at our house.”

Jughead thinks about The Coopers’ offer a lot as he sits in the waiting room in the hospital, Hal Cooper’s jacket just brushing his arm.

Archie sits across from him, hands, jacket and cast covered in vibrant red blood as he bounces his knee, eager for any sign of the doctors emerging from the operating room. Veronica sits at his side, looking somewhat lost; Jughead’s not sure she really knows what to do. Her mother sits at her side, but makes no move to comfort or help her daughter. Alice’s hand has found her husband’s, just as Betty’s has found Jughead’s.

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cat-warnick  asked:

Joseph absolutely hated when he couldn't hold his children when they were first born. He'd hold them as often as they could. When Chris was born, Joseph cried and when Mary slept that night, he'd whisper promises that he'd whisper to each of his kids the night they were born. He whispered promises of always loving them no matter who they grew up to be (I sent this to the wrong person first and want to d i e)

Oh man, that’s so cute, I love it. I have 0 experience with babies, but I do remember my dad telling me how much of a total bitch it was to cut the cords off of each of us shortly after we were born only to have us handed off to our mom directly after.

I can imagine him having a very “I JUST GOT TO TOUCH MY BABY AND NOW YOU’VE TAKEN HIM AWAY also brb gonna puke because that had no right to be so SINEWY-” reaction, and it really didn’t change each time they had kids. I also like to imagine that Christie and Christian were surprise twins?? Like maybe not because of the technology today, but like…

I can picture Joseph being the most doting husband besides Mary in the delivery room. She’s screaming, he’s freaking the fuck out, he’s lost feeling in his hand like thirty minutes ago but he’s too focused on trying to calm Mary down (and, no, it is NOT WORKING, Mary’s shouted so many expletives by this point Joseph’s considered giving up on the whole ‘swears are a sin’ thing)…An then Christie is born. A son first, and now a daughter?? He’s thrilled, but something’s different. Mary hasn’t calmed down, and the doctors rushed Christie away instead of handing it to Mary like last time.

Mary starts screaming again and Joseph just loses his shit, okay, like oh my God, is she dying?? Was Christie (or, ‘unnamed baby girl’) dying?? And then the doctor draws back with another baby in his arms. Mary’s crying but desperately asking to hold her babies at this point, just happy the ordeal is over, and Joseph’s just stunned, like, two babies?? Two more lovely children?? Chris was already his life and now he has TWO MORE BABIES?? HE SCREAMS??

And then Mary has to start telling her husband to calm down okay because now the drugs are kicking back in and the babies are fine and wow he really just needs to shut up okay, like, calm down, it’s okay, breath, just breath. She still makes fun of him to this day for freaking out, and Joseph completely agrees that he totally lost his cool and had no right to start sobbing like that. Especially since he wasn’t the one who just delivered two babies.

Every time new kids entered the house he basically spent every hour he could with them. It got to the point that Mary had to force him to leave because dammit her boobs are sore and her head hurts and he just needs to fucking?? Leave?? Oh my God. She was more than willing to let him put the babies to sleep every night, though, and go to bed early herself. She deserved the rest, and he loved getting to do it.

Well, most nights, at least. Some nights were full of equal crying from both father and children because they just…Wouldn’t…Go to sleep…And it’s two am and he has to work in the morning and he wishes he could say he regrets asking to do this…

But he doesn’t. Because he loves his kids too much, and he always will. He promised.

FNAF Theory: The Big Brother Theory

This Theory will draw on evidence from across the 4 FNAF games as well as Sister Location to argue that Purple Guy might be much closer to us as the player than we think. Warning this does contain Spoilers.

If you use my theory to develop any others please give me credit for the parts I contributed.

Perhaps one of the oldest conceived questions of the Franchise is ‘Who is Purple Guy’? Who is the man who killed the children in the establishment that went onto possess the killer animatronics? In the early games both Mike Schmit and Phone Guy came up as possible suspects, mostly because after the release of FNAF 1 they were two of the only characters we could put a name of some sort to. However, we may have been closer to the mark than we first thought. In fact I will argue that Purple Guy has held a key role and appearance in every single FNAF game as well as the confirmed appearance in Sister Location.

Thanks to Sister Location we now know Purple Guy’s true name to be Michael Afton, the son of William Afton the killer. From this people have begun to reanalyse minigames starring Purple Guy in the previous games and drawn the connection that Purple Guy himself is never seen killing children, only dismantling animatronics. The previously named ‘Pink Guy’ is the only one who appears to kill children or appear in minigames where children are killed.

I think it is far to conclude that Pink Guy is in fact William Afton, the true killer, while Michael Afton his son became Purple Guy and later Springtrap.

But there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Michael Afton has made other appearances in the games, namely as Mike Schmit, Fritz Smith, and most importantly, The older brother in FNAF 4.

Mike Schmit and Fritz Smith are the easiest to explain so I will begin with them.

At the end of Sister Location Michael Afton is scooped and is packed with Ennard who wears him as a human skin until the body itself starts to rot, at which point Ennard either ejects himself or is forcefully ejected by the rotting body. Michael Afton falls to the floor apparently dead, as we’d imagined he would be considering what had happened to him and his looks. But somehow Baby seems to bring him back to life, perhaps, as we know that Michael Afton is Baby’s brother she wanted to bring him back to life after everything she and the other animatronics had done to him, but the power ended up bringing him back forever - a little like Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who. He just can’t die.

Now think back as to why Mike Schmit and Fritz Smith lost their jobs.

Both are fired after tampering with the animatronics and due to odor. This almost seemed like a funny joke at the end of the first games, and tampering with the animatronics might have been a reference to the custom nights that proceeded the firing. But in reference to what we now know about Purple Guy it is very easy to draw a comparison that these two Night Guards, we play as, might very well be the same person, someone who is giving off a bad odor as if rotting and has a history of tampering with animatronics.

It seems almost obvious that looking back we in fact played as Purple Guy in FNAF 1 and on the final night of FNAF 2.

However, the main focus of this is to prove that the big brother in FNAF 4 is also another appearance of Michael Afton whose history becomes more tragic as we continue.

It was speculated after the release of FNAF 4 that the Crying Child was the son of the killer, after all his house was right next door to the restaurant, he seemed to have close affiliation with the franchise and in Sister Location we discover that the Crying Child’s house and neighbourhood are all shown on the map, as well as CCTV footage of their bedroom and the halls that surround it.
We also wondered if there was also a sister due to the pink and flowery room that also resided in the house.

A girl appears in the game with ginger pigtails and bright green eyes that almost perfectly seems to reflect baby’s appearance.

What we know is canon in FNAF 4 is that the guy in the Foxy Mask is the Crying Child’s older brother, and in Sister Location Michael Afton is Baby’s brother. There is plenty of evidence beginning to arise in the games that suggests that there is a blatant connection between these three.

Now as we remember the Crying Child, it is heavily implied, dies at the end of the game after battling in a comatose nightmare after being bitten by Fredbear, in what I believe to be the Bite of ‘83, but I won’t go too much into that for now. He is placed in Fredbear as a joke by his brother and friends, when the jaws snap shut on his head.

Pink Guy killed children, but we know that both Baby and the Crying Child were killed by the animatronics themselves. Just two children killed by animatronics, from there it would make sense that they could possibly be connected to the man that killed the children possessing the animatronics themselves.

We also know it is heavily implied that the Crying Child went on to possess Fredbear (Golden Freddy) which is where the biggest piece of evidence for the connection comes from.

There are two words we have never solved the mystery behind from the first game. The infamous ‘It’s me’ hallucination which appears in two locations.

It appears when looking at Pirate Cove where Foxy is and while looking at Golden Freddy, and there is one thing that connects these two animatronics. The Crying Child of FNAF 4 and his older brother who wears a Foxy mask.

If this theory is being followed then the only known person Michael Afton has actually been responsible for the death of was his own brother when he was still just a teenager. ‘It’s Me’ could be the hallucinogenic words that echo when Michael Afton himself is reminded that he is a killer even if he never meant to be. Golden Freddy is the most infamous character in the game that only Michael Afton has ever had to face.

Golden Freddy only appears in FNAF 1 and on Night 6 while Fritz Smith is on duty in FNAF 2. Golden Freddy is an animatronic that is very specifically tailored for this one character.

So what we can conclude is that Michael Afton is a man who is the son of a child killer, accidentally caused the death of his younger brother while he was a teenager, his sister also later was killed by an animatronic, he is then sent by his father into the death trap which is Sister Location to free his sister’s spirit only to be killed himself and used as a walking skin suit, brought back from the dead only to be left in a rotting state, forced to face off against the animatronics night after night as he continues to try and free the trapped souls by dismantling the animtronics, only to end up locked inside Springtrap, killed again, trapped behind a wall for 30 years before finally being placed as an attraction in Fazbear’s Fright.

I mean… if I was Michael I’d be looking for my father too, he’s got some serious explaining to do. 

That isn’t to say this theory is faultless or explains everything.

After all Purple Guy appears in FNAF 4 putting someone into a costume, whether this is the same Purple Guy or another place where we trip over and have to re-explain things I don’t know, but the rest of the theory seems to fit.

This theory also doesn’t answer the question: Who is Purple Guy? As there seem to be no clues to his identity in this.

Ouch (Connor McDavid)

Anonymous said:

hey I think #34 would be really funny with connor mcdavid but if the reader was the one who broke something??

#34: “You broke what?!?” - “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”

Word count: 983

Warnings: Mentions of being in a hospital

Originally posted by mttymrts

“You’re joking.” You say to the doctor standing in front of you. He shakes his head and points to the x-ray.

“I’m afraid not, Ms. (Y/L/N). You broke your ankle clean through.” You let out a groan.

“You’re not going to have to cast it or anything, are you?” The doctor gives you a stern look.

“What part of ‘you broke your ankle clean through’ leads you to believe we might just be able to put it in a boot?” You sigh and take out your phone.

“That means I’m gonna have to tell Connor.” You say seriously.

“Sorry?” The doctor asks.

“My boyfriend. He always tells me I’m going to break a bone doing something stupid, and guess what I did?”

“You broke your ankle by-”

“I tried to step around the cat and she tripped me.” You mutter. “You’re absolutely positive we have to cast it?” The doctor looks at you sympathetically.

“I’m afraid so. If it will make your boyfriend feel better, I’ve had people break bones doing things much more stupid than trying to step over a cat.” You smile slightly. “A technician will be in soon to cast your ankle, alright?”

“Thank you, Doctor.” The doctor nods before leaving the room, muttering something about ‘those damn kids on hoverboards.’ You glance at the time on your phone.


That meant that Connor and his teammates were just getting into the locker room after practice.

“Better now than later.” You say to yourself as you find Connor’s contact. Pressing the ‘call’ button, you bring the phone up to your ear and start nervously chewing on a nail.

“Don’t pick up, don’t pick up, don’t pick up.” You chant to yourself. Unfortunately, the gods don’t care about your pleas.

“(Y/N)? Hey, what’s up?” You let out a nervous laugh.

“Are you sitting down?” You ask.

“Uh, yeah? Is everything okay, babe?”

“Well, you know how you always joke that I’m going to break a bone doing something stupid?” Connor falls silent for some of the longest seconds of your week.

“You didn’t.” He says, deadly calm.

“To be fair though, it was the cat that broke my ankle. Blame her.”

You broke what?” Connor yells.

“My ankle.” You say quietly. “But don’t worry, I’m okay!” Connor lets out a dry laugh.

“You’re ‘okay?’ (Y/N), you’re sitting in the E.R. with a broken ankle! Does it hurt?” He asks.

“Not really. They gave me some pain meds, so I’m good now.” Connor groans.


“Please don’t be mad at me!” You plead.


“I didn’t mean to break my ankle!”

“Why would I be mad at you?”

“Because I’m sitting in the hospital with a broken ankle.” You say meekly.

“How could I ever be mad at you? It’s just a broken bone, sweetheart. The only thing that matters to me is that you’re okay. Which hospital are you at? I’m leaving right now.” You quickly give him the name of the hospital. You can hear Connor explaining the situation to his teammates who all wish you a faint ‘get well’ from over the phone. Connor stays on the line with you while he drives to the hospital.

“How was pract-ow!” You’re cut off by a sudden stab of pain coursing through your leg. The technician, lightly applying the plaster to your leg, smiles apologetically at you.

“Sorry darling. Are you going to need more meds?” You shake your head, your lips pressed into a thin line.

“I’m fine.” You grimace.

“(Y/N)? Hey, are you okay?” Connor’s asking you over the phone. You nod before realizing that he can’t see you.

“Oh, I’m just fine. This feels like rolling around with a bunch of kittens.” You say, sarcasm dripping from your words.

“I think that’s the wrong situation for you to be in right now.”

“Oh, ha ha.” You laugh. Connor lets you know that he’s walking into the hospital and you hang up the phone, knowing you’ll hear him soon enough.

You were absolutely right. No less than two minutes after hanging up you hear footsteps running down the hall.

“That’s my boyfriend.” You smile and whisper to the technician, who gives you an understanding nod.

“(Y/N)!” Connor throws open the heavy door, rushing to your side. He kisses your forehead and stares at your half-wrapped foot. “Oh, God, I was so worried about you.” He moans. You laugh and reach a hand up to his face.

“I’m fine, really! The doctor said it was a clean break. No surgery!” You say brightly. Connor, however, is already onto the next subject.

“I am seriously not letting you off of the couch for-how long does she have to be in this thing?” He asks the technician.

“Six weeks.” He replies, eyes never leaving the task at hand.

“Six weeks.” Connor finishes.

“Unfortunately, we both have jobs. It’s not like I lost a limb!” You contest.

“Please, (Y/N), let me be that overprotective boyfriend, just this once?” He looks at you pleadingly. You, always the stubborn one, think for a moment before sighing.

“Fine. But I don’t want you to-ow!” You cry out again as you can feel the bone being set into place. Connor grabs your hand and lets you squeeze his hand as hard as you need to.

After the cast is done being set, Connor elects to save the trip by picking up you and your crutches.

“Connor!” You protest as he swings you into his arms.

“Pretty sure you agreed to let me be overprotective, (Y/N).” Connor grins down at you as he walks towards the car. You huff and elect to just be silent instead of arguing. If there was one good thing that came out of breaking your ankle, you think, it’s that you broke it while dating the most loyal guy in the world.

@h-i-n-a-chan here you are, my dear.


  • He gets all excited
  • She can help him with his classes and then they can an ultimate doctor duo
  • MC is a people doctor and he will be an animal doctor
  • Not to mention his parents REALLY APPROVE
  • His highly academic parents love her because she’s an academic herself, in a way, because she has an MD
  • Of course, then she admits that’s actually in her final internship to officially become an MD
  • Yoosung actually really loves that they’re both still technically in school
  • He’s really proud of his girlfriend
  • He’s also really glad that she can help him study because, although human and animal biology is different, MC still has enough of an understanding of all biology to help him figure things out 


  •  She’s really proud of MC
  • Will come visit her at work when she has really long shifts, and bring her coffee
  • MC’s coworkers are low-key jealous because they tasted the coffee once and it was THE BEST EVER and now they’re all regulars at the cafe


  • That’s kinda hot
  • Honestly, MC wants to do research on him whenever he gets injured because of his scary healing ability
  • Also, he rarely has to go to the hospital if he does get injured now because MC understands his physiology just enough that she can treat him 75% of the time
  • If it wasn’t for a conflict of interest (which is something she has to explain to him) he would’ve made her his primary physician
  • When she got home from work the first time, he was honestly kind of disappointed by her scrubs, but MC rolls her eyes and tell him that her job is not sexy and he should be happy she wears this instead of a skimpy nurse uniform
  • He thinks about it and realizes, “yeah, I don’t want other guys looking at her like that, so never mind.”


  • He asks a ton of questions to make sure that MC is working in a good environment
  • The hospital she works at suddenly gets a large donation from an anonymous source (MC’s not dumb, so he tries to cover his tracks by donating to a few other hospitals as well, but she doesn’t fall for it)
  • Jumin also doesn’t like that she doesn’t wear her wedding ring on her finger at work (and for good reason), but he copes
  • He really does try to make sure that working conditions are the best they can be, because as much as he would love for her to quit and just be safe and at home 24/7, he knows he can’t do that
  • She’s always a little embarrassed when he comes to pick her up from work (especially because her coworkers tease her)
  • Truth be told, she’s so good at dealing with him because she just thinks of him like a difficult patient


  • Of course, when he saw that she was surgeon, he was impressed
  • When he found her picture from an office Christmas party, he couldn’t help but think, “She’s the cutest doctor I’ve ever seen.”
  • ***Major Spoilers Ahead***
  • But then, he got shot
  • Of course MC went into rescue mode, and did everything she could with her limited resources to help Saeyoung keep his arm
  • She was also able to easily tell that Saeran was under the influence of… something
  • When they got Saeyoung to a hospital, every doctor said that if MC hadn’t done what she did, he likely would have lost his ability to use his arm
  • MC was also able to help Saeran, if only because she was able to talk to him on multiple levels that nobody else could
  • Of course, she disapproved of Saeyoung sneaking Saeran out of the hospital, but once things were settled, she just did everything in her power to make sure he was safe and okay


  • Well, it turns out MC is an OBGYN, so she basically spends all day dealing with pregnancies and labors
  • He’s amazed by her
  • MC says her favorite thing is seeing the mothers faces when they see the first ultrasound or the babies once they’ve been cleaned up and calmed down
  • After getting the surgery, he picks her for lunch at least once a week and while he waits, he watches the babies
  • Honestly, V is just so happy that he has someone who is so gentle and kind as his partner


  • The first time she meets him, she can tell he’s under the influence of something
  • So MC helps him get off whatever he’s under (it takes time and patience) 
  • She helps him get his gastritis under control, and takes care of him as much as she can to rehabilitate him
  • Despite conflict of interest, she does handle most of his medical problems, and ends up convincing him to go on a medication so that he can live a more regular life
  • Saeran implicitly trusts her because he knows that she only has his best interests at heart