like she is getting over mamura

Why i feel so bad everytime I remember Shishio

It felt like he was kicked, punched, slapped, and stabbed a thousand times throughout the series.

  • Shishio was hated by Yamamori Mika’s family (from the extra collab chapters of Hirunaka no Ryusei and Heroine Shikkaku) because they favor mamura.
  • It seems that her editor doesn’t like Shishio too
  • Shishio got bashed so much by the fans
  • In the story, he hurt Suzume so that she could get over him quickly which hurt him the most
  • he saw that their relationship is unhealthy, he thinks that he is bad influence for Suzume so he ended things with them but he’s still the evil guy in the eyes of everyone. And it seems the story somewhat changed coz Shishio was painted as nothing but a jerk. Yes, he is coward, and a jerk and he made mistakes but his reasons are not completely selfish coz he was thinking about Suzume’s wellbeing but guess what Yamamori Mika dropped that and made Shishio as only thinking of himself, and deserved to be dumped.
  • Throughout the story he’s always been hurting, up to the last chapter, up to the last extra chapter of HNR. I never saw him truly happy aside from the happy moments with Suzume.
  • He was dumped by Tsubomi and then got rejected by Suzume. And god only knows what will happen between him and Samejima.
  • When chapter 77 and Shishio’s birthday came out, instead of bday greetings or something, Yamamori Mika got bashed so much because of Shishio, that she even made her account private for a mean time.
  • Shishio was stripped off the title as the main male lead in favor of Mamura
  • After 6 years he is still not over Suzume and unhappy. 6 FUCKING YEARS? And Shishio took only 2 years to get over Tsubomi but for Suzume, it has to be 6 year and he is not completely over her yet! Fuck. I can only imagine what kind of torture their last year of high school. Ugh
  • I could really tell Yamamori Mika loved Shishio, she gave him a lot of depth and quirks but because most of the fans didn’t see that. Shishio was the least liked so I think she stopped loving Shishio too, that what makes me so upset. Like Yamamori Mika you’re the last person who Shishio can depend on but you left him too.
  • Shishio deserve so much but he got nothing but a beer.

And my friends are always asking why I am always angry whenever they mention HNR and Shishio.

Hirunaka no Ryuusei vs Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet

Hirunaka no Ryuusei ravaged the shit out of my heart. I’ve always been a Shizume shipper since the beginning. Although Mamura has also been able to completely obliterate my heart with feels, my first love is Shishio-sensei and you don’t understand how both happy and hurt I was for the ending since I wanted everyone to be happy. As much as I know I’ll never get over HnR (ever, legit. Shizume forever.) This time on Tsubaki-chou, I am on #TeamSensei yet again. So far, I don’t think anyone else can rival Akatsuki right now. That seemingly second lead didn’t leave any impact to me as a reader unlike Mamura who was loveable from start to end.

So, when I say I don’t want Tsubaki-chou to end up like Hirunaka no Ryuusei, don’t be offended. I merely want Fumio chan to choose very properly who she needs right now and that person is obviously Akatsuki-sensei. As for HnR, I still believe that both Mamura and Shishio deserved her. They both did. It all just boiled down to one thing: timing. Consequently, Shishio was initially indecisive and Suzume was in need of a comfortable hand to guide her to new surroundings. That’s all there is to it.

Mamura was able to turn his what-if into a reality and Shishio turned his reality over and made it explode into a thousand tiny what-if’s. And, it’s all because of the timing. It’s the timing, I tell you!

I hate mindless fans who ship Mazume and bash on Shizume just because. I’m going to apologize for this but if you are unable to love both Mazume and Shizume at the same time, then I’ll be judging you for all eternity. Well, that’s it for me. #TEAMSENSEI!

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