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12x15 Coda: Heaven Doesn’t Come With Keys

After meeting with the angels, Cas thinks about his wings.  Dean decides he wants to see.  12x15 coda, destiel, 1.2k

They can all see.

Castiel tucks his tattered wings more closely to his back.  One flutters uneasily as someone brushes by; he hasn’t had so many people close to them in a long time.  He doesn’t miss how Kelvin’s eyes rove over them.  How no one quite looks him in the eyes because they’re more focused on the shredded feathers sticking out every which way.

Later, that’s all he can think about.

Cas lets himself into the bunker, some of the hollow feeling in his chest easing at the glide of the key in the lock.  Heaven doesn’t come with keys.  Doesn’t come with something to confirm that he belongs there.

“You’re home early,” Dean says as he walks into the war room, carrying a stack of books.

When he sets them down on the map table, a small puff of dust rises up.  He glares at them, as if they’ve personally set out to offend him with dirt in his bunker.  Cas swallows the lump in his throat at the word home.  

“I lost Kelly’s trail.”

Dean doesn’t look disappointed. “We’ll find her eventually.” Then, “Want a burger?  I’m about to start dinner.”

Heaven doesn’t have burgers, either.   Cas follows him obediently into the kitchen.  When he begins to roll up his sleeves to help, Dean pushes him gently on to one of the benches at the table.

“You’re quiet,” Dean notes.  He shoots Cas a smirk. “I mean, not your normal sort of quiet.”

Cas looks down at his hands, clasped on top of the table, before he speaks. “I was approached by an angel.  Joshua wants me back in Heaven.”

Dean stops right in the middle of shaping his second patty.  “Joshua.  As in the gardener guy?”


Haltingly, he begins to shape the patty again, using a little more force than strictly necessary, not quite looking at Cas.  A long few moments go by as he sets the patties down one beside the other.  Then he moves to chop up some onions and tomatoes. (“Sammy always wants something green,” he’d told Cas once.)

“Are you going to? Go back, I mean?”

Dean says it casually, but Cas can tell by the fact that he’s stalled right in the middle of putting the onions on his burger that he’s more affected than he’s letting on.

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Sometimes the wire must tense for the note
Caught in the fire, say oh
We’re about to explode

Carry your world, I’ll carry your world  (x)

March 30th, Happy Birthday Eren!

Okay but imagine: JLA group chat

-Bruce had originally made it for emergency use only, in case comms were down or whatever would warrant using civilian methods of communication
Naturally, it didn’t work out like that

-Barry uses it to send the team really bad puns and memes, as well as occasional science facts

-Clark sends pictures of animals he sees on the street (“look at this cute puppy I saw at lunch today” “Clark, this is for emergencies only” “Aw but look at its face”). He also will send advice and stuff, like once Barry stained his shirt and Clark gave him a quick stain remover recipe he learned from his mom

-In response to Clark’s animal photos Arthur will send pictures of various fish that he sees and will give extensive details about said fish (“this is an Acantholiparis opercularis, very nice fish”)

-Hal, who was originally excluded by Bruce but allowed in by literally everyone else, communicates almost solely through emojis

-Diana has threatened Bruce several times in the group chat while the others just sit back and watch the show

-Victor, who is also in a Teen Titans chat, is the one person who just doesn’t really say anything but will sometimes message at like 4 am with some random thing

-Since they’re all in different time zones, it can get really confusing as to when people are awake or working (but Bruce is always likely to respond since he’s all “no sleep, only justice.”)

-Sometimes they (mainly Barry and Hal) send selfies (“Just beat Captain Cold! #winning” “Barry, you are in costume, be professional” “Chill out B, it’s no biggie” “Did you just unironically say #winning?” “Okay Victor, nobody’s perfect”)

-Someone totally would have named it “Super Friends” out of nostalgia or like “The Super Seven”. Something really lame and cringey but amusing nonetheless


and how everything revolves around our soft boys, Andrew and Neil

before this begins: neil is not a josten, but a hatford. this is set in a remote town in california, and andrew has pink hair because he wanted renee to test it on him

(part two)

  • andrew joseph minyard, for all intents and purposes, does not want to associate himself with Anyone, if he could help it. 
    • he does his group projects so efficiently, his classmates deem him the lifeguard to all group projects
    • he avoids having to sit in lunch with anyone save for renee and aaron, if he can
    • he’s always on the rush to get home because he can’t take just using pain meds to get rid of the horrible, horrible feeling of disorientation 
    • he also has this long-standing dislike of jocks bolstered by either of 3 things: a) he’s a natural genius, b) he’s gay, and c) aaron had to assault one for getting andrew roofied at the freshman mixer.
  • ENTER: neil abram hatford
    • neil and kevin are new to The States. being friends since neil was eight (when kayleigh finally settled down from bumming around in ireland), kevin and neil were basically stuck to the hip. 
    • they transferred to the US when kevin finally landed himself an exchange program in california, neil because he could, kevin because of his dad, and both because they were tired of the ravens at their old boarding school
    • as soon as the school year starts, both of our lovable idiots join the soccer team (sorry, no exy :( ). they take the same spanish class, the same history class, and even have the same lunch blocks. so basically, they do everything they did back in the UK
  • so technically second year debate team genius Andrew Minyard shouldn’t actually care about first year exchange student and jock Neil Hatford
  • here’s the kicker

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Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

@milkteamiku‘s Seven Days fic forever changed my life. Literally one of the best writers ever so check out their stuff. 

i don’t usually make things about ships on this blog, despite the fact gryles is the blood in my veins, but i decided since this blog isn’t actually a daily news blog, or an update blog for nick, it’s just a blog that is only all about nick so i can post what i want. so here’s forty-two (42) gryles fics you should read.

picked undone, and again by biggerthanthesun
words: 37,389 / side: daisy/harry

“I need you to know that I… I want you all the time. Me wanting you and us doing this,” Nick says. “We’ve been weirdly steady for two people who aren’t even dating and I still want you more than ever, you know? I’m not even tired of it, I’m not even tired of you. You’re like a constant thing for me, I’m afraid I’m a bit mad about you.”

The one where they’re not boyfriends. Where Nick’s mad for Harry. And Harry was mad for Nick. Until he wasn’t anymore. (Canon-compliant).

at the gates by ymorton
words: 33,707 / side: omc/omc

“I feel I already know you,” he says, laughing.

Harry looks at him, surprised. Nick feels it too?

(gryles, reincarnated)

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Coming Out stories...

I’ve always felt like Victor was probably pansexual. I can just envision him dating anyone he’s attracted to without gender being something he really thought about. As for his coming out story, I don’t think there was ever any big reveal or announcement. It was more like something that just developed. I can see his seven year-old self getting all blushy and giggly as he excitedly recounts how he got to play with both Lena and Ivan at school that day and how Lena’s hair is so pretty and how he feels nervous around Ivan even though Ivan is such a nice kid. Victor’s always felt comfortable enough to be open about his feelings, so everyone just sort of knows. However, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any sort of “initiation”. On his 18th birthday, his big sister took him to his first gay club and even though he had friends who were also LGBT before then, that night was what he considered to be his “initiation” into the club. lol

Yuuri, I think, is bisexual and maybe a gray ace? And I think that his coming out story hasn’t exactly ended. I can’t see him as having had many crushes, but he did have a few in his childhood. He had a crush on Yuuko growing up, but he didn’t have any sexual feelings toward her, just this intense admiration. Then Yuuko introduced him to Victor (and the Victor fandom lol) and for some reason, it just never occurred to Yuuri at the time that a boy could like another boy (I mean, YOI seems to take place in this wonderful world where homophobia doesn’t exist, but I don’t think that younger Yuuri had too much exposure to LGBT people anyway just because most people around him just happen to be straight), so he thought at first that his infatuation was just fanboy admiration. But it was very obvious to everyone else that Yuuri had a huge crush on the guy. Not only that, but as Victor himself grew older, his social media had began to sometimes dip into some…. risque territory that stirred up all kinds of feelings in Yuuri that he’d never really felt for anyone before. I think Yuuri remained questioning for a number of years. He did some very brief experimentation in college that didn’t really go anywhere. Even after meeting Victor and cultivating a friendship with him, he wasn’t entirely sure about himself or his feelings. I think that near the end of YOI he begins to realize that not only is he falling in love with another man, but that he’s finally finding some answers about himself. There are still more questions, but now that Victor is by his side, the unknown doesn’t seem so scary and instead, it’s like a new adventure. After he started living in St. Petersburg, Yuuri realizes that he’s excited now to find out more about himself.

Seven's Valentine's Day DLC

Originally posted by ffsimsohigh


Ok, so first of all, for those who haven’t played other Cheritz games (Dandelion and Nameless) - my post would be probably too complicated, because Seven’s Endings in Valentine’s DLC are strongly connected with these other games (well, not only this DLC is connected with them, EVERYTHING is). Secondly, you do not want spoilers - do not read ;)

From what I heard it might be the last DLC, because Cheritz are planning to focus on another game. So… It’s the end of MysMe and…

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anonymous asked:

jas i wanna die dan has been watching phil's videos since he was 15 what the actual fuck

interesting how it’s been ten years of watching and over seven years of being together it’s like they are soulmates or something :)

capsiclerogers1998  asked:

707 doing something that irritates MC and she threatens to do something that'll make her regret it, but Seven thinks she's joking/implying something sexual and he keeps doing it until MC gets fed up, so she goes to the fridge and just FUCKING CHUGS all of the Doctor Pepper in the fridge.


I can see it…

Seven keeps doing something stupid like tugging on her hair when he walks past her and she just,,,


“Oh, you don’t like it when I pull your hair?? You can pull mine to get back at me~”

“Oh no, I have something much more foul in mind.”

He does it again and she just walks to the fridge and opens every single bottle or Dr. Pepper super calm

Then pours them all into her mouth

When he walks into the kitchen and sees it, he tries to stop her, but then she throws them all to the floor. He tackles her and they’re bathing in Dr. Pepper on the kitchen floor. 

How romantic.