like seriously zico

I love it when you find a new group and you see the rapper for the first time and you think they are all hard and cool but when you get into the group, you find out that they’re really goofy and adorable and that feeling in your chest when they do something cute or find out that they sing real good as well.

Backstabbed by Brand New

Note for the beginning: BNM’s point was actually quite in place since semi-finals and finals happen in front of a really huge audience. It’s understandable San E and VJ eliminated Black Nut instead of Hanhae ‘cause even tho he made a lyrical mistake (due some problems with the beat/music delivery or smth) he’s still able perform perfectly since he’s used to it thanks to Phantom and BNM activities

However, the other stuff they did just makes me sick..

• they made Hanhae feel like a jerk, he was emotionally down for two days but then gathered himself up in order to not let his hyungs and team down again, he worked his ass off just to be eliminated before getting the chance to perform

• BNM bent all rules in their own benefit, suddenly deciding they wanna “revise” their decision due to bad/hazy judgement; such nefarious acting is quite familiar to San E (I actually strongly believe this was rather his idea, but that’s my opinion). Honestly I don’t think it was about favorizing BNM, they just chose what seemed ‘better’ to them, but after the ‘diss battle’ announcement they immediately realized they had thrown away their black horse, their joker (since Black Nut is notoriously known for his disses)

• in a nutshell they were just selfish, they didn’t even consider the other team, they didn’t care about Hanhae’s and Black Nut’s feelings at all

• SMTM is supposed to be fair but after this it really seems that Mnet is just trying to bring the biggest drama possible. They simply shouldn’t allow something like this

• they surprised literally everyone because they did it behind other teams and even their own team members backs… Seriously what they did… it’s just disrespecting towards Hanhae’s effort. He worked hard. He wrote better lyrics, prepared better stage and suddenly, it was all gone. Furthermore they screwed Mino - who was supposed to go against Hanhae - as well. They cut a branch under whole PalJi team and I totally understand why Palo and Zico act so pissed at the end of the episode. Not just them

• Black Nut must felt like an idiot so it was relieving to see how he shoved his lyrics down the BNM’s throat, tho VJ’s reaction made me even more sure it was San E’s idea, after all he’s selfish and arrogant prick (and don’t get me wrong here I love his music but you can clearly see his true character in such situations)

• it just broke my heart when I’d seen Hanhae being on the verge of tears. Honestly, who wouldn’t be? They made him feel like shit, they turned him into some favorized BN’s toy and when he finally got himself together and put everything into that upcoming show San E and Verbal Jint casually decided to “change” their decision… just wth

• the whole thing was hella backstabbing. To Hanhae because either they should have eliminated him right that day of Official song mission or let him finish this job. To Black Nut ‘cause he already accepted being the one who was eliminated, also for being inconsiderate to his phobia/fright. To Mino ‘cos he had to completely change his lyrics in a short period of time + Hanhae is his freakin’ friend. To PalJi team because if Mino screws the diss thanks to that move it also means that whole group will be affected by it. To Zico because Mino and Hanhae are both his friends (fav one mind you) and it definitely wasn’t easy for him

• in case of Verbal Jint I really think he was feeling regretful not about their decision but about Black Nut and Hanhae and the situation they’d put them into just because their mistake/bad decision… and seeing Hanhae in that state of mind (they are from one company and know each other quite well don’t forget that) just made him feel sad/bad and same goes for Black Nut who wasn’t comfortable as well (he said it himself), it was visible he was feeling bad and was regretting it

• on the other hand San E just seemed pissed on Black Nut and his “open” and “straight-forward” lyrics (which were speaking fuckin’ truth)

• Paloalto’s death glare clearly says how’s the team feeling

• furthermore, maybe to make it even better, they didn’t even fuckin’ apologize for causing troubles and shit… like seriously? where are some manners?

• in my opinion Mnet shouldn’t allow it and just let it go the first - official - way, but that wouldn’t be drama right… Just as Brand New even Mnet haven’t considered feelings of other contestants… I mean with this rule-bending we could just bring Seo Chulgu back, right? Since he didn’t follow the rules as well

• btw: remember the first episode and Tablo not letting Crucial Star pass? I know it was kinda different situation but he still COULD do it but he didn’t because Show Me The Money was supposed to be fair. Guess that all was just a small talk…

My highlights and comments from SMTM4 Ep.7

I didn’t have as much fun watching this episode to be all the way honest.

1) Black Nut’s diss to San E and Verbal Jint was better than Mino’s. Black Nut actually came at BOTH of them. Not just San E.

2)Zico said “If they were thinking of changing their decision they should have contacted us that day” (or something very closely along those lines) then everybody else on the ZiPal team reiterated that like 18,000 times. (This is kinda what I said on my ep.6 post and then someone unsuccessfully tried to “drag” me for it.)

3) Mino spent a LONG ass time on his Hanhae diss and I respect that. I also want to hear it now.

4) AndUp’s face doesn’t move when he talk. He kinda has no facial expression whatsoever. He just moves his lips. Haha. It’s kinda funny.

5) Mino said “If he mentions my family, I won’t be calm”. Good thing Black Nut didn’t mention his family. Or maybe that’s not a good thing since we actually wanted to see someone fight.

6) Black Nut is always throwing his phone on the ground. What are you thinking? What is this about? Is it a tradition in his family? Is he trying to get a replacement from his phone company? lol I don’t know.

7) Zico knows he needs to stop. This is not a war and not one of these boys are “war ready” calm down son. hahaha

8) I’m personally inducting Microdot into the “Gummy Bears Club”. He in there with Innovator. They are both big, adorable, gummy bears.

9) Jucy was in the crowd during the diss battle for all of you EVOL fans who are reading this.

10) David Kim was in the crowd too. *smirks*

11) AndUp has a little fighter in him. He bumped Microdot with his chest when he got too close. Basically saying “Back the fuck up”.

12) Tablo & Jinusean were singing along to Team ZiPal’s song when they started the intro. lol

13) AndUp & Microdot are so evenly matched. 

14) This boy Basick really dressed up like Ja Mezz. I’m dead XD

15) Mino didn’t even touch Verbal Jint? I know they’re probably cool. They worked on “Born Hater” together. But still you can’t really take all your frustrations out on San E. Well, you can. It’s your life but it doesn’t make that much sense.

16) Mino also barely said anything noteworthy to Black Nut. “The JK hyung is looking for you line” was like the only thing that was actually directed towards Black Nut that hit.

17) Overall like I said before, Black Nut threw rocks a Mino while Mino threw cotton balls back. Kinda disappointed with Black Nut vs Mino.

18) Who cares about manners? Some people are actually trying to win this competition. Stealing Mino’s spotlight was a good move. Plus was he stealing Mino’s spotlight as he was spitting a good verse or was Mino’s verse just not hitting with the crowd like Team ZiPal thought it would and so the crowd chose to pay attention to Black Nut instead?

19) LOL it’s not cheating. There’s no rules against making fun of the other team and trying to distract them during their rap. Other rappers did it (not as obviously as Black Nut) and Team Brand New even practiced with distractions because they anticipated that others would be doing things to throw each other off their A- game. 

20) I saw Ja Mezz elimination from a mile away.

21) Zico’s excuse for people voting based on the props and…visualness? was BS. AOMG’s performance was the best and most impactful visually. They were climbing fences and hyping the hell out of the crowd and yet STILL lost because the crowd felt they were the lesser of the two teams in terms of rapping during the diss battle.

22) I thought GeeGooin was going until Super B basically said “Nobody gives a fuck about Sik-K on this team” LOL (He said “Nobody regards him” but yeah…that’s saying nobody gives a fuck/nobody sees him as a threat etc.)

23) Nobody wants that fucking car dude like seriously.

24) Zico and tablo throw the most shade out of everyone on this show. They beat Super B AND AndUp in throwing shade. Like how?

25) If they pick Lil Boi over GeGooin, then GeeGooin might as well go home even if there WASN’T an elimination cause there’s no chance AOMG will give him a fair shot in regards to Lil Boi.

26) And then they picked Lil Boi over GeGooin which solidifies my above statement. Also there was an elimination so GeeGooin was going home anyway.

27) Lil Boi is DAMN good though. I see why he’s what Giriboy was to Tablo for Jay. LOL

28) Shut up ZiPal…Y’all are gonna pick Mino anyway. So I don’t even understand why they are showing us this ZiPal rehearsal part lmao.

29) At least AndUp gets an outfit styled by Zico…right before he sends him home. hahaha

30) Lil Boi’s performance was better. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mino still won.

31) Why do they keep doing that dramatic shit where they don’t just show the whole part of who got eliminated? The story lining of this show is kinda off since they have bits in pieces of the previous episode in the next episode, yet it doesn’t have much of an effect on what happens in the rest of that episode. But I digress (Just more behind the scenes speak don’t mind me).

“ Zico tells BBC he plans to stand as a candidate in the #FIFA Presidential election. “I believe that now the race is open to everybody.”

I read this on twitter and for a second I seriously was like WTF ZICO?! …     Then I realised, ah there is a soccer player Zico and BBC is actually a TV channel damn… Being a Block b fan is messing with my mind…

If I see one more comment about Zico and Touch Cookie I’m going to scream. Guys, come on. This is getting absolutely ridiculous and completely out of hand. 

It had so many hateful comments that I was afraid to even watch the damn mv because I thought it was going to be a complete disaster. But honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Granted, it had it’s moments that I didn’t care for, and it was a completely different direction I thought he would go with it considering the lyrics and message he was trying to say, but it wasn’t bad enough for people to hate on him to the extent they are (sending him death threats? Come on guys, grow up). 

Did I like that he used the word faggot? No. 

Did I enjoy the girls swinging their butts around behind him? No, not really. But let’s be honest (since I’ve seen multiply comments about it) Those girls were not twerking. Hell, I don’t think they even know how to twerk (side eyes off beat girl on Zico’s left). They were moving their booties around seductively, but there was no twerking involved in that mv.

Did I enjoy his grills and corn rolls? Not really, but then again, I didn’t like them when Taeyang, GD, Dara, T,O.P, C.A.P, Jongin, Yongguk, Joon, Dongho, CL(grills only), and so many others wore them proudly. 

Guys, I get that people got offended by this mv, it honestly was not my favorite, but he isn’t the first kpop idol to style his mv after American hip hop or wear bandanas and try to look like he’s from the hood. (I will gladly make a master post of all the mvs involving these things if someone would like me to).

Do I agree with it? Not really, but than again, I love kpop because it isn’t like North American music. It’s different. So this type of mv isn’t really my style. But be honest, is he the first person/group to do something like this? No. 

You guys need to calm down. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. There’s nothing wrong with that. And I understand why some of you would be upset. But you don’t need to shove your opinions down other people’s throats or turn your backs on him because of it. Disagree with what he did, but don’t be an ass about it - _ -