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Can I request a little comedy scenario with protective Bakugou & his like 5 yr old daughter talking about crushing on boys and having a bf?? And have it be Deku's son? XD Maybe even expanding to go into their teenage years with them officially dating?? lol

I really need more of this in my life because this was so much fun to write?! I hope you like it, bb and thank you for requesting! I suck at names though.

“Absolutely fucking not,” Bakugou argued and his eyes are narrowed, eyebrows knitted together as a sign that he wasn’t going to back down from this.  You let out a heavy sigh, knowing exactly where this conversation was going. “My fucking kid is going nowhere near that little shit’s goddamn brat! Over my dead body!”

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OH MY GOSH GUYS CAN YOU BELIEVE??? Senpai noticed me??? I’m screaming so hard I just shit myself and I’m like actually sobbing while typing this, how could @jilliancares, an actual god, notice me???? AM I DREAMING WHAT IS HAPPENING WHY WOULD YOU FOLLOW MY TRASH BLOG AHHHH!?!?!?!

No, but seriously Jillz what the fuck, why does it say you just followed me? I know for a fact you followed me months ago??

I’m autistic and I’ve had some awful therapists who just do not understand, one who I told I felt bad about my weight but would rather learn to accept my body than lose weight, which she just completely ignored and asked “why dont you keep a food diary so I can see what you can eat and make some changes?” and she was getting annoyed with me for saying I dont want to eat the healthier foods she was suggesting because I dont like them and I’ll just feel sick if I eat them. The other one I had asked me able what hobbies I have and I said video games and she was like “dont you have any real hobbies?” I hate when therapists do this shit I can’t trust them to take me seriously if they just dismiss my worries and special interests like that


is this serious? are you serious? for $40 I could buy an eighth of weed and you think I’d spend that same sum of money for THIS? this was probably made with a shitty piece of craft store wood and yarn. do white people know how dreamcatchers work? I’m white as fuck and it’s clear as day to me that not only are dreamcatchers an important part of indingenous North American people’s culture but these aren’t supposed to be all for fucking decoration.

and with the obvious offensive shit aside, can we get back to the topic of quality and price here? no seriously I would not buy these for over one dollar. what the fuck is this. the string isn’t wrapped in a webbing pattern, the feathers are clearly glued on or something, like … just.. OOH. I’m so fucking annoyed by this

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And you know what gets me even more? Earlier I saw a post about Melissa posting about transgender rights bc of what happened with trump and fans commented on it staying she still had to apologize to the lgbt community for her behavior at sdcc. Sounds fair Right?Apparently it's not, apparently ppl think that bc of those fans commenting on her twitter is why we're being seen and treated as a joke and I'm just here being like seriously? She treats us like shit and WE'RE the ones looked down upon?

its called homophobia and double standards! a karamel fan can stalk melissa and chris and nothing is said but the second an lgbt fan comes forward w real concerns its crossing a line

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Hey. I know it says you don't promote eating disorder, but anyone with eyes and a brain can clearly see that ur content speaks other wise. And I'm not here to shit on you in any way. But what if someone like you find this blog, reads all of this and takes it too far until they die. How could one live with the guilt knowing that blogs like yours can draw a person so deep into this dark hole which is an ED until their body gives in. This is seriously so sad. Please stay safe. Please. x

As you may know, blogs exist to give a safe space to the people that own them. Therefore, this is a safe space for me, and I use it to gather things that inspire me personally.
I highly doubt you went far enough through my blog to be able to see that I never recommend anyone to fast, go under 1200 calories, and I always advise going for a weight in a healthy range.
I completely understand your concerns, but what others take from my blog and make of it, is ultimately their problem and I cannot be held accountable for other people’s actions, and I will not accept any kind of responsibility regarding that. Just like I blame no one for my own eating disorder, I don’t expect anyone blaming me for theirs.
You wouldn’t tell an overweight person to shut their blog down because they’re promoting obesity, would you? Of course not - that would be very ethically wrong. So why do it to someone that is at the opposite side of the spectrum? Both of those are deadly illnesses, and I will never deny that.
If you’re offended by my blog in any way, block me. It is very simple. But if you choose to report me, remember that you’re not doing anyone any good: you’re ridding me of my safe space, you’re dividing me from my friends whom I have no other contact with except for this tumblr, and you’re helping no one, as the person that would’ve been influenced by my blog will not have any trouble moving onto the next one.
Thank you for expressing your concerns, but there is nothing that can be done. If a blog gets deleted, the person behind it will make a new one, they won’t magically recover. If someone seeking thinspo wants thinspo, they’ll find it with or without my blog. It’s just tilting at windmills, and hurting the person behind a blog in the process.

For the person who wanted to know how to tell people about your phobia and make them take it seriously: Sometimes it helps to ask “What’s your biggest fear?” (or you know that already, that’s even better) because no one is completely fearless and people are more likely to understand you if they know the feeling. 

Or you can explain it completely to them, that a phobia isn’t really a (normal) fear, it’s an anxiety disorder mostly based on bad experiences in the early childhood, sometimes later and that you really wish you hadn’t it because, yeah, who wants to have that shit, it’s totally restrictive, so if they like you, they should understand it and help you instead of making fun. Don’t let it sound like they have made something wrong, let it sound like they can help you if they at least try to understand it.

And, last but not least: Please tell them confrontation can make it worse if you’re not ready. My “friends” really liked to not tell me about v* scenes in a movie because they thought confrontation helps with fears and I mean, yeah, it helps, but just if you’re ready! I wasn’t ready when they did that, I couldn’t even hear the word v*, so they made it worse and they destroyed my trust in them. We’re still friends and I’m still not trusting them 100% even though they understand it now.

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Do u ever take anyone flying with you? Like as part of a date? Or are you too responsible for that

Ive taken a few ppl flying with me!! The ones that don’t cry or throw up get a second date (not bc I’m mean, bc I don’t wanna make them do shit they’re scared of and I love flying.) the ones that try to feel me up ( @fckboybucky ) and nearly make me crash into a forest…

…well shit i guess they get to stick around?

what is wrong with me

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I was reading 'Like An Endless Summer' and felt so personally attacked because like I just realized I'm kind of seriously in love with my best friend and everything that was said in that fic, whenever Louis was thinking about Harry or thought about what he truly wanted to say to him. All of that ATTACKED ME. Actually I swear to god anytime I read larry, and something cute is said I'm just like "yeah that's how I feel about her so fuckinf much" ((this totally didn't make sense I'm sorry))

Wait, hold up. How have I never heard of this fic??? ANYWAYS. Shit, babe, that’s rough. I have 100% been in the same position where I was in love with my best friend and it was pretty shit because we had actually dated two years prior. Fics really hit home with the whole best friends to lovers trope. Hopefully you two end up working out, I’m rooting for you!

Like an Endless Summer : Louis is a riding instructor at a summer camp, and Harry is a fellow counselor who he’s been successfully managing his crush on for the last two summers. That is, until Harry shows up this year leveled up and lethal, and all Louis’s formerly perfected veneer of nonchalance melts like a popsicle in the sun.

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Tbh I've started shipping Bert with Annie more because of that "godhistoria" blog. I mean wtf? They legit said that shipping Annie with a man was erasing her character, and that she wouldn't find happiness dating a man. Pppffttt I'm crying tbh. Can people legit just fucking chill???

Is one of the biggest assholes I’ve seen on the shipper side of the snk fandom. I also ship beruani harder every time I see idiots like her. I can´t believe she has had the guts of publish this:

If she receives insults it’s because she deserves it for posting posts like that.
She has superpowers and can know what really likes a FICTIONAL character?   That if we ship Annie with Bertholdt we don´t understand her character? LOL So if I use her way of thinking she doesn´t understand Bertholdt´s character because she ship him with Reiner, ignoring her romantic feelings for Annie.

Seriously, I promised not to talk more about shipping shit, but there are so many assholes on the internet that sometimes it’s hard for me to be quiet. My advice: block and ignore her and other people who do the same

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Hey Cap!! I hope you are having a lovely day! I'm currently trying to make a Alex Danvers edit. This will be my second one. This is the most I have ever participated in fandom before. Anyway just wanted to say hey and hope your day is great. 😘😘

Omg yes yes that’s amazing: I am always in awe of people who make edits, like… I just… I am floored and humbled by yall talents and incredibleness. I can’t reblog your shit enough. Like seriously.

Thank you for doing what you’re starting to do: amazing! Have a great time!!! :D <3 <3 <3 

so i’m riding the elevator up to my apartment when the emergency phone in the elevator starts ringing 

and i just stand there for a second because this thing is like thirty years old and has never rung or even been used from what i know

but eventually i answer it thinking maybe something’s wrong with the elevator?? it’s an emergency phone it’s probably an emergency??? i dunno

except i shit you not it’s a telemarketer 

a telemarketer that’s as confused as i am when i finally interrupt him mid-spiel to inform him he has the wrong number and then interrupt him again to explain further that “uh, no, seriously, this is an elevator phone. i’m standing in an elevator. talking to you. on the emergency phone. i really think you got the wrong number”

“oh,” says telemarketer guy.

“yeah,” i say.

there’s some mutually-confused silence.

“so, this is my stop,” i say. “i gotta go.”

“oh,” says telemarketer guy.

“good luck,” i add, because telemarketer guy seems like he’s having an existential crisis. and then i hang up on him, because he’s having an existential crisis and won’t actually end the call, and because again i’m talking on an elevator emergency phone and, you know, this is my stop, i gotta go.