like seriously what else should you call him

@ultrachaoticsymmetry said:  “ A prompt:  Balloon squad witnesses Noora joking again, how Sana is so lucky. “Sana can just marry a nice muslim boy and avoid all the hard stuff like crushing on someone, falling in love and having her heart broken”. How do the boys react? I’m specially interested what Elias and Yousef will say/do, naturally :). “


Well here it is. I really hope you like it.

Like I told you, I’ve set it at the time of the last clip, like if I was rewriting what happened. So the fight never happened and the kiss (the hideous kiss) never happened either. I started after Noora tells Sana about William. Also I’ve focused on Yousef and Elias because it was what made sense to me. I hope you don’t mind. 

I really realy hope you like it and that you don’t hate me for changing it a little bit

Thank you for trusting me with your idea


“William has a new girlfriend”

Sana stayed quiet for a moment. How was she supposed to tell Noora that she already knew that? Maybe if she didn’t say anything…

“You knew that?” Noora asked noticing Sana’s silence.

Again, Sana didn’t know what to say.

“You knew that?” Noora repeated

“I’m sorry, I wanted to tell you but…”

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me” The blonde girl said

“I’m sorry, we all wanted to tell you but we didn’t want to hurt you…we thought he was the one that needed to tell you…”

Noora thought for a moment. As angry as she was in that moment at her friends for not telling her, she could understand it. She had been in that same situation last year when she found out that Jonas was dating someone and she hadn’t told Eva because she felt like Jonas was the one that needed to tell her.

“It’s okay…” she sighed “I get it…It just…hurts”

“I know, come here” Sana said hugging her friend

“I feel so stupid right now, you know?” Noora said almost crying.

“You’re not stupid Noora, he is. You’re better than him and if he can’t see that then it’s his loss, okay?” Sana said pulling away from the hug and making her friend look at her.

“Thank you” Noora said

“Now, you can stand there and talk shit about him all you want, I’ll be here to listen” Sana said

“I’d really love that” Noora laughed.

Start then” she said nodding.

“Well…I…” Noora started but was interrupted by two intruders.

“Hey, girls!” Elias said approaching them with a smile

Next to him there was Yousef adjusting his snapback self-consciously. Sana looked at him and he smiled instantly making her heart jump.

“Elias, we are talking” Sana told her brother

“It’s okay Sana, they can stay” Noora said smiling at the boys.

“See, sis? The girl wants us here” Elias teased his sister

“Whatever” Sana said rolling her eyes

“We can leave if you want to talk” Yousef offered

“It’s fine. I was complaining about my ex-boyfriend” Noora said.

“Interesting, continue” Elias said nodding

“I just found out he has a new girlfriend and well, Sana was comforting me like the great friend she is”

“Good, old, Sana” Elias said putting an arm around his sister but she pulled away from his embrace quickly rolling her eyes

“You’re always there for everyone, aren’t you?” Yousef asked with a smile

Sana just shrugged and blushed.

“Anyway, let’s talk about something else. I don’t want to keep digging in my heartbreak.” Noora said, then she added looking at Sana “Maybe I should start to consider the Islam idea again”

Sana’s answer was only a forced smile, she didn’t like that topic and especially not in front of her brother.

“What idea?” Yousef asked confused

“Oh, I was telling Sana the other day how lucky she is because she doesn’t have to worry about heartbreak and that maybe I should become muslim too to avoid it” Noora said chuckling.

“Wow, ignorant, much?” Elias asked raising his eyebrows

“Elias…” Sana warned him, she didn’t want to start a fight.

“You seriously are not going to say anything about that comment?” he asked her confused, his sister would always call out everyone on their bullshit.

“I’m sorry, have I said something wrong?” Noora asked confused

“You really think that because she’s muslim she doesn’t suffer?” Yousef asked bitterly

“Yeah, like what do you think she is? A robot? She has feelings just like everybody else” Elias added

“Oh, that wasn’t what I meant. I was just saying that you know since she’s not really into the dating thing she doesn’t have to go through crushes and heartbreaks. I was only joking, like maybe I could be muslim too and find a good muslim boy for me and avoid all the suffering.” Noora tried to explain herself.

Yousef closed his eyes in disbelief and shook his head lightly.

“It’s okay, Noora, I get it” Sana said hoping that her brother would just drop the topic

“It’s not okay” but of course, he didn’t “Do you really think it’s that easy? Just go find a good muslim boy and she doesn’t have to suffer at all. Seriously? What if she falls in love with a bad guy, even if he’s muslim? What if she doesn’t fall in love at all? Or, what if she falls in love with a non-muslim guy?” Unconsciously, Elias pointed at Yousef with his hands in the last question. The conversation he had had the previous day about his sister liking his best friend was still in the back of his head.

“Elias!!” Sana yelled at him noticing what he had done.

Yousef, who had also seen Elias’ hands pointing at him, looked from Sana to his friend and back to Sana trying to find an explanation.

The scream made Elias look at his sister and then at his hands, realizing that he was in fact, still pointing at Yousef. He quickly dropped his arms by his sides and widened his eyes.

I’m sorry, Sana I…” Elias started but was interrupted by Noora, who was oblivious to the whole thing

“Sana, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you with my comment. Of course I know you have feelings and that you can also suffer. I was just joking but it was definitely a bad and ignorant joke. I’m sorry” Noora said

“It’s okay…I just…I need some air” Sana said leaving the club without looking at anyone.

“Sana…” Noora called her and was about to follow her but Elias stopped her.

“I think she wants to be alone now” Elias told her

“I’m sorry, Elias. I really am, it wasn’t my intention to hurt anybody”

“I know, and I’m sorry too for getting that angry. It just pisses me off when people assume things about us” he apologized

“It’s okay, I totally understand it, I just…” she stopped when she noticed that someone else was missing “Where’s Yousef?”

Elias looked around and saw him going outside the club.

“Hopefully, where I want him to be”

Noora looked at him confused not knowing what he meant with that

“It’s okay. Why don’t we start over? Let’s sit and talk about love. It seems like you need some lessons” he said

“And you’re going to teach me?” she asked raising her eyebrows

“I’m an expert in love” he said winking at her “come on”

She laughed and followed him to the back of the club where the couches were.

She was sitting on a bench outside the club. She was trying to calm herself but so far it wasn’t working. How stupid could Elias be? He basically told Yousef that she liked him. Well, maybe he hadn’t told him but he pointed at him suggesting that she was in love with a non-muslim. She rolled her eyes and shook her head remembering it.

Maybe Yousef hadn’t realized it though, maybe he hadn’t noticed how Elias was pointing at him, maybe he wouldn’t think anything of it, maybe…


She looked up and there he was, standing in front of her, hands in his pockets and his permanent smile on his lips.

“Hi” she said

“Are you okay?” he asked

“Yeah, just wanted to take some fresh air”

“Can I sit?” he asked

She just nodded without looking at him. Sana felt him sitting next to her, leaving enough space between them so they wouldn’t touch each other.

“Are you sure you’re okay? That comment was so out of order”

“It’s okay, I’m used to it by now” she said shrugging like it wasn’t a big deal

“Do you have to deal with comments like that often?”


“And you don’t say anything about it? I mean, you have a right to fight back”

“You know, I used to fight back. Last year every time someone would say something ignorant I would call them out but lately…I’m just tired, you know? Like it reaches a point when you are just tired of fighting back…”

“It shouldn’t be like that” he whispered

“But it is…”

They both stayed quiet for a moment until Yousef broke the silence

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure…” she said afraid of where the conversation could go

“What Elias said back there, about you falling in love with a non-muslim…do you think that could work?” he looked at her biting his lip nervously.

Sana looked back at him and thought about her answer for a moment. She smiled and stood up.

“I don’t know…I’ll tell you if that ever happens to me” she said shrugging and turning around to leave.

She started to walk away but then stopped, considering whether she should ask the question she had in mind or not. She turned around and looked at him. The look in his eyes was all she needed to take the plunge and ask him

“What about you? Do you think you could ever fall in love with a muslim girl?”

A smiles spread on his face as he stood up and walked towards her stopping far enough to respect her personal space but close enough to make sure she would pay attention to his next words

“Maybe I already have”

A smile as wide as his appeared on Sana’s face, showing her dimples. They both stood there, looking at each other and smiling, knowing that no more words were needed in that moment to understand what was going on between them.


So this is it, as you can see I’ve added some yousana because well, I can’t help myself. 

I really hope you’ve liked it

Please know that I’m not trying to demonize Noora, just following the prompt and also I hope you don’t think this fic is disrespectful in any way

Thank you so much for reading!!


Requested: Can you make a fight imagine?

I’m really sorry this one isn’t so good. I know I haven’t been posting alot lately but I’ve been so distracted. I have like 4 exams in the next week and have been studying like crazy. I’m just really distracted so bare with me, the imagines will eventually get better again.

Originally posted by xkidrauhlswaggy

“I’m not bashing on you, Justin.” You rolled your eyes.

He sighed loudly, running a hand through his buzz cut. Justin and yourself have been best friends since you both where 8 and are even shipped by his beliebers. Ever since your parents died and you went to go live with your grandmother in Canada - which is where you met Justin - you’ve been by each others side ever since. You’re so close to Justin that you classify him as a blood related brother and in the amount of fights you’ve ever had, this one was probably the worst by far.

“Your just like everyone else.” He growled. “All my beliebers are bashing me for dating Sophia and now you are too. Your supposed to be my best friend, not against me.”

“I’m not against you Justin. I just think Sophia has really changed you and I don’t like it!” I stated.

“She isn’t changing me.”

“Justin, you threatened to delete your Instagram just for this girl. It’s not fair to your beliebers that there trying to be protective and your pushing them away. So what if this girls getting hated on? She should of saw this coming and dealt with it instead of letting you do it for her so you can get more hate. You would never do that for any other girl, not even me!”

“You sound exactly like everyone else!” He whined. I sighed and watched as he stomped through the living room, towards the kitchen.

“Don’t walk away from me Justin.” I growled, running after him. He was sitting on the kitchen stool, phone in hand. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Calling Sophia.” He shrugged rudely.

I scoffed. “Seriously?”

He nodded.

“Your picking your girlfriend of which you met 2 months ago over your Bestfriend who’s been there through everything since you were 8.” I laughed sarcastically. Was he serious?

But he didn’t seem to have cared about my mini speech since he ignored everything I had just said to reply to Sophia. “Hey….yeah.”

I rolled my eyes, crossed my arms over my chest and shifted my weight onto the opposite foot as I watched him.

“I don’t know? Are you?….. Nah I’m not doing anything important.”

I scoffed loudly but he didn’t even bother to spare me a glance.

“Nah, nah come over… Yeah Im sure. It’s fine. Ok bye baby.”

He hung up, but didn’t put down his phone, just began typing away on the screen.

“Y-You done?” I rudely asked. “Are you done being rude or…?”

He shrugged. “Don’t know. depends if your going to be down here when Sophia’s here.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’ll take that as a no. I’m going to my room.”

I began walking out the kitchen and towards the stairs until a thought popped in my head. I stopped and looked behind me at Justin who was still typing away on his phone. “Now I understand why so many supported Selena on the Instagram fight. Your beliebers don’t deserve the shit there getting from you right now. Without them you wouldn’t even know Sophia. Without them you wouldn’t be here. But there’s one thing that you don’t realise. Even if you had the beliebers or not. Even if you were famous or not, I would still be here. I’ve always been here but right now, in really considering not being here for you.”

That’s when I left, and began stomping my way up the stairs.

Im sorry its really short and crappy. I had writers block for this imagine. :/

160517 SEVENTEEN Twitter Q&A (DINO, DK & VERNON)

FAN: What was the most recent movie you watched? Should we go to the movies together? *laughs* <3

DINO: *Iron Man sound effects* Avengers!
DK: Civil War!
DINO: Civil war~ I really liked watching it~
DK: I watched a movie called ‘The Wailing (곡성)’… it was seriously scary.
DINO: I heard you really held onto Vernon’s hand
DK: I held onto Vernon’s hands for 30 mins *LOL*
VERNON: I thought we were on a date or something
DK: It was good~
DK: Byeee! Everyone else too… watch a movie~ a nice movie~ (T/N: not 100% sure about that last part.. couldn’t hear him that well near the end)
BONUS: *IN THE BG* Vernon & Joshua teaching Woozi how to properly pronounce “civil war” (ಥ益ಥ) ♡♡♡

TRANS © v-hansolchoi | Take out with full credits please!

twelve-thousand-ants  asked:

hello, this Q has been on my find for cca two weeks and I hope you'll help me answer it. So the Q is, hOW AND WHY people ship graves/credence. I'm really curious. thanks!

So before I go and list a bunch of reasons for why I ship this particular ship, it should be said that it doesn’t matter why I or why anyone else ships [insert any ship here].

I don’t need any reason to ship something. I just like what I like and that’s that.

Now, that said, let me give you a bunch of reasons:

  • Colin Farrell
  • Ezra Miller
  • Colin Farrell AND Ezra Miller
  • Together
  • Doing things
  • To each other
  • Amazing chemistry
  • Interesting narrative
  • Graves petting Credence near constantly 
  • Credence being really into said petting
  • Credence is so thirsty for Graves
  • Like goddamn
  • Endless potential narrative possibilities 
  • The canon homoerotic text 
  • Seriously, the homoerotic text
  • Canon relationship 
  • Graves calling Credence ‘special’
  • Credence literally worships Graves
  • Credence repressing his magic/homosexuality parallels 
  • Graves wanting to help him embrace his magic/homosexuality parallels
  • Redemption potentials
  • The hurt/comfort aspects
  • Graves being kind to Credence = Ultimate Kink
  • The dom/sub undertones
  • The gentle dom/sub undertones
  • Age Gap
  • Daddy kink
  • Daddy. Kink.
  • 1920s gay wizard culture
  • Strict older Graves coming undone from sweet, sassy young Credence
  • Graves teaching Credence magic
  • Wandless magic in the boudoir
  • Graves needs a cute boyfriend
  • Credence needs a hot sugar daddy boyfriend 
  • The AUs
  • Oh the AU possibilities
  • Mmmmm
  •  H U R T / C O M F O R T 

annaofaza  asked:

“Your mom is coming over for Christmas and I’m trying my best to impress her but now the Christmas cookies are on fire and you’re tipsy from the eggnog I made for later” AU! (if you're taking prompts, that is!)

(I am always taking Hartwin prompts, m’dear. Always. *grins* Especially from one of my fave fandom writers *hugs you*)

I will put this up on AO3 when I can think of a bloody title for it. Suggestions welcome!

“Your mum is coming over for Christmas and I’m trying my best to impress her but now the Christmas cookies are on fire and you’re tipsy from the eggnog I made for later,” Harry said as he dumped the smoking cookie sheet in the sink and turned on the water.

Eggsy giggled and waved away the plumes of smoke as he opened the kitchen window in a vain attempt to air out the kitchen. “’M not just tipsy, my pretty pretty fiance. I am super super tipsy Superhero tipsy.” Eggsy laughed. “I’m Tipsy Man!” He started humming what, in his addled state, Eggsy probably thought was a very cool theme tune. In reality, it sounded like someone blowing raspberries and purring at the same time.

Harry slapped the oven mitts down on the counter and sighed. “I’ll make you some coffee.” He opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. “Drink this, love. I’ll try to salvage what I can of dinner so your mum doesn’t take one look at me and march you out the door.”

Eggsy frowned and tried to pat Harry placatingly on the head but missed, ending up with him awkwardly patting Harry’s cheek and nose and forcing Harry to close one eye so he doesn’t get a middle finger to it. “Shhh, don’t worry, luv. She’ll love you. Daisy already loves you. I love you. We all love you. But not in the same way. Like I’m pretty sure I’m the only one wants to fuck you. And be fucked by you. Ohhhh,” Eggsy sucked in a breath. “That sounds a great idea. Let’s go do that now.” He took Harry’s hand and tried to pull the other man towards the stairs.

“Darling,” Harry said, immovable against Eggsy’s less than forceful nudging, “I would love nothing better than to retire to our bedroom and forget how this entire night is meant to happen, but your mother and sister are already on their way. Let’s not traumatize little Daisy, shall we?”

“Nope,” Eggsy said, dropping Harry’s hand and nodding so much his fiance was vaguely worried that the young man might nod his head clear off. “No trauma for Dais. None. She’s gonna grow up trauma free. And drama free. And… other things that rhyme with trauma free as well. Except Mama free,” he said as if realizing what he’d almost wished, “she’ll have her Mama.”

“Who is on her way right now,” Harry said again, hoping repetition might help jog Eggsy’s soberity. “Now, let me make you some coffee and drink that water.”

Eggsy saluted. “Sir, yes sir.” He picked up the bottle and drained it, succeeding in only spilling a quarter down his shirt. He smiled up at Harry, chin still dripping and water marks all over his nice light blue shirt as if he were a puppy looking for a pat on the head for a job well done.

Harry looked up at the ceiling. “Give me strength,” he whispered. “Darling, go change into your black shirt. Don’t bother with the buttons, you’ll only do them wrong.”

“Hey!” Eggsy pouted. “I am a grown arse man. I can do my own buttons, all proper like.” He jutted his chin out and Harry watched a couple stray water drops fall onto the tile.

“Then do your own buttons and splash some water on your face. Prior to putting the new shirt on,” he pointed at Eggsy. “Repeat what you’re going to do. In order.”

Eggsy pursed his lips as he worked it out. “Splash water on me face. Change to black shirt. Do up the buttons.” He paused. “LIKE A BOSS!”

Harry nearly scalded himself as he jumped back from Eggsy’s outburst. “Jesus Christ,” he placed a hand over his chest. “I am twice your age, my love. Let’s not bring a heart attack on any sooner than we must, all right?”

“No heart attacks,” Eggsy was pointing at him now. “No more hospital for you. Nope,” he crossed his arms. “Not allowed. You gotta live forever. Like a vampire. Oh, are you a vampire, Harry?” Eggsy grinned. “Can you make me a vamp too? We’ll be badass super spies forever like.”

“Loo,” Harry gently placed a half full mug (no sense risking danger) in Eggsy’s hands. “You will splash water on your face, change your shirt, drink this, and do up all your buttons by yourself. Right?”

Eggsy nodded. “Right, right, rightity right, Mr. Boss Man.” He saluted again and headed up the stairs.

“Give. Me. Strength,” Harry whispered, this time to the floor. Might as well hedge his bets with both sides, he thought. This was going to be a right shitshow.

Harry flipped through their collection of takeout menus, settling on pizza. It wouldn’t be impressive as homemade cookies and a roast, but the former was drenched to put out the fire and the latter was irreparably burned, if at least not smoking.

By the time Eggsy had returned, eyes slightly clearer and buttons miraculously correct, Harry had thrown out the inedibles and was cleaning the kitchen.

Harry refilled Eggsy’s now empty mug. “Drink up. They’ll be here soon.”

As if on cue, the doorbell went and Eggsy smiled at Harry. “They’re here.”

“God help me,” Harry muttered under his breath as he nodded for Eggsy to go open the door. Quickly tossing the cleaning rag under the sink, Harry patted down his hair and smoothed a hand over his clothes. With a polite smile fixed in place, he followed the sounds of the family into the living room. “Mrs. Unwin. Daisy. How lovely to see you, thanks for coming.”

“HAWWWWWWY!” Daisy yelled, launching herself at Harry’s legs.

Used to the assault, Harry bent and swept her up, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “How is your Christmas Eve going so far, little one?”

“I got hot chocolate and we looked at all the lights,” Daisy said, counting her adventures off on her fingers. “And then we went to Mummy’s old hospital to bring them cookies and everyone said how pretty my new dress is. Isn’t it pretty?”

“Very fetching,” Harry nodded, shooting a look to Michelle. The ‘hospital’ was the rehab facility she’d checked into once Eggsy could safely get her and Daisy away from Dean. Eggsy and he had taken care of the little girl for six months until the programme was completed.

“We are full up on cookies,” Michelle said, taking her daughter from Harry’s arms and putting the girl on the ground where JB wanted to play. “Eggsy said you made some and then you didn’t?” She raised an eyebrow.

Harry felt very small and nervous under her gaze. “They did not survive the baking attempt, I’m afraid. Nor did dinner. I’ve ordered pizza for a very fine place. Salad and bread as well. All the food groups,” he blathered, hating that he was blathering.

Michelle started to laugh, heartily. Eggsy joined in, still a bit drunk and Daisy did as well because it was what she did anytime someone laughed.

Harry paused, worrying for a moment, before the entire ridiculous situation hit him and then he was chuckling as well.

Wiping tears from her eyes, Michelle shook a finger at Eggsy. “And you, young man! Drinking too much eggnog, eh? Were you any help to your boyfriend at all?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” Eggsy said, ignoring Harry’s frantic hand waves and Michelle’s confused look. “I have a fiance.” He stuck his hand in his mother’s face. “Lookit. Innit it right posh? Platinum and all, cause it’ll last forever. Like us,” he smiled at Harry.

Michelle slowly turned to face Harry.

“The topic was intended to be broached more delicately,” Harry said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Well,” Michelle sucked her teeth. “If you’ve been with his drunk behind all evening and haven’t just tossed him in a cold shower to sober up, you’ve more patience than me.” She took her son’s hand from directly in front of her nose and looked upon it. “It’s a lovely ring, Eggsy. I’m sure you’ll be very happy together.” She hugged Eggsy and grinned like an assassin at Harry over her son’s shoulder. “Or else.”

Harry gulped. Audibly. “He will never want for anything, least of all love,” he vowed. “Eggsy is everything to me.”

Eggsy pulled from his mother’s embrace and curled himself around Harry. “You’re my everything too, Haz.”

“Although if he continues to call me Haz, you may take him home right this moment.”

Michelle laughed and so did everyone else, breaking the tension.

(except Daisy who had toddled off with JB to go search for hidden presents)

“Last October, I was going to meet a friend so we could walk to the theater together. I was walking alone down a street with other students on my college campus. I go to a fairly big campus so even though evening was coming there was still plenty of people out to feel safe. I was about a block and half away from my friend when I saw these two guys walking down the sidewalk to me. One of them licked his lips at me and nodded… It was creepy and unsettling and even though it felt like I was overreacting since he hadn’t said anything yet, I ignored it and decided to cross over to the other side of the street. There were too many cars to make it. I walked as far away from them as I could and when I tried to walk past him that’s when the man who licked his lips at me grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder and tried to run. His friend tried to grab my legs and I screamed and cursed until they threw me at a car and took off. I screamed and cursed and yelled as they walked away… And no one even saw it because they waited until a bus went by. My friend heard me screaming she was so close but she didn’t see it either. I reported it to the police on campus but I couldn’t give a great description… They wore aviators so I never even saw his face just the way he looked at me like I was a delicious treat and nodded like every other guy just trying to flirt.   Later that night they tried to snatch another girl too, but she got away. I finally broke down the next day when a man asked if he could "eat cake off my ass” and walked away laughing. Street harassment should be taken seriously. You never know when it’s just another guy hitting on you inappropriately or some guy waiting to snatch you when you don’t acknowledge him. I’m sorry to the girl I couldn’t save, I never wanted anyone else to feel the way I feel.”

Submission from lucy-intheskywithdiamonds

“But What Was She Wearing?” is a project documenting what street and sexual harassment actually looks like. Submit your own!

I never understood ASS...

They always talk about SS having negative moments and negative development but it’s Sasuke. Sasuke left, he is plagued by darkness and is a rogue nin. In addition, the story is about finding him, saving him and bringing him back so what do they expect? Should Sasuke have been insane and dark but lovey dovey with Sakura? That wouldn’t make sense.  SS is developed and has been developing fine in my opinion and it makes sense from a literary standpoint.

That’s why NS shippers irritate me and that’s why I don’t take them seriously. You can’t seriously think that Sasuke being dark was limited everyone else while he was supposed to be normal and happy around Sakura. It doesn’t work like that. This ‘negative development’ they speak of is called the plot progression. I don’t see how it’s negative development when Naruto and her are still chasing him. 'Negative development’ would have had Sakura stop and give up. Sasuke went through so much so it makes sense that he would not be a cheerful, friendly person like Naruto.

If you ask me, ASS and people in general like to take advantage and exploit the fact that SS involves Sasuke, who is in darkness and needs help. It’s so cheap and disgusting that instead of making sound, arguments they resort to throwing Sasuke’s deeds and his character into every argument. I am sorry if everyone isn’t a bright and squeaky clean as Naruto and Shikamaru but kishi isn’t that bad a writer to write all the males the same.

According to NS logic you can only ship couples if they’re both good and that’s why they mess up like they do, mistaking friendship for love, platonic moments for romantic ones and forcing Sakura to be with the good guy. However if it’s SK it’s okay to ship Sasuke with someone. Apparently an evil Sasuke would be great in a relationship once it’s Karin. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t know her well, doesn’t show romantic interest in her and it doesn’t matter that she is obsessed. It’s not evil love or dark love, it’s a dark ninja who doesn’t care with a comic relief character. Dark love my ass. This is a shounen for 12 year olds. 

Logically for a Sasuke ship to work he has to get redeemed first. Logically kishi would follow through with what has been emphasised, foreshadowed and been a main goal of the main characters since day one and logically Sasuke would be redeemed and good when he enters a relationship. Therefore this SK evil idea is ridiculous and Narusaku’s own good guy with good girl logic would apply to SS since, he would never be perfect but he would eventually be back to his normal, caring, good self.