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((Ahhhh this took longer than I intended to finish but here we go! Seriously, it always surprises me that people like what I do here like whyyy. Thank you all so so so much from the bottom of my heart for all the support, the follows, the likes, the reblogs, the comments and messages, everything. It all means so much to me. We’ve come a long way, through ups and downs, and it’s all thanks to you. Thank you once again and look forward to more updates to come soon! ^^))

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Headcannons for how everyone flirts?


Black Hat:
-He’s either suave as all hell or a complete dork. No in between.
-Seriously, Black Hat is probably this super skilled manipulator who can woo anyone he wants.
-But at the same time if he actually liked someone he would be confused as to what he should do. Kindness and compliments aren’t really his forte.
-It would take him a minute to find the approach he wants. Typically leaning back into the suave “I get what I want and you happen to be what I want.” attitude.

Dr. Flug:
-Oh, this adorable science-goofball…
-The passing compliment that leaves both parties blushing.
-Lame. Science. Pickup lines.
-“Are you made of copper and tellurium?”
-“Because you’re CuTe…”
-Lame. Airplane. Pickup lines.
-((I didn’t find any I especially wanted to use…be creative!))

-The girl literally made a statue of her muscular boss holding her (implying a whole lot), then proceeded to turn to him and say “Rawr”….That is all.
-Okay but seriously, she’s super over the top and typically doesn’t have a whole lot of boundaries. If she finds someone attractive they will know.

-Do you want to be his friend?
-Can he cook for you?
-5.0.5 made you a cake, because you are his favorite person.
-He doesn’t really flirt. He just makes new friends.

Pregnancy Tests (Imagine)

Word Count: 1076

Warnings: Swearing

It was the third morning where you were oddly nauseous; the smell of food making you stumble to the toilet clutching your mouth. Shawn would follow, sitting on the side of the bathtub next to you, rubbing your shoulder.

“Baby, this isn’t food poising” he would whisper, tucking your hair behind your ear. You’d look up at him with tired eyes and nod, placing a shaky hand on your forehead.

“My periods late” you say, closing your eyes.

“Seriously?” He would ask, his voice sounding different; almost hopeful.

“Yeah, I should have started last week” you say, searching for an expression on his face.

“So are you like…?” He says, a small smile tugging on his lips.

“I don’t know” You say, relived he seemed happy.

“What do we do? Like take a test or something?” You stare at his face, noticing how he seemed like he was trying to hide his excitement. His eyes wildly flickering between yours, searching for anything to tell him how you feel.

“Yeah, but we need to go and get one” you say, trying to lift yourself up.

“Hey, let me help you, you’ve just emptied your guts” he grins, making you laugh weakly. He helps you up and you stand in front of him, feeling rough. He leans down and places a kiss on your nose, smiling slightly. “I love you.”

“I love you too” you say, leaning up to kiss his lips.

You both head to his jeep, him opening the door being the usual gentleman that he is. The journey to the store consisted of small talk and nervous silence. Shawn’s hand was resting on your thigh the whole way, squeezing it every once in a while. The whole time his mind was full of the idea that he might be a dad. He found himself grinning at the idea, but tried his best to not get his hopes up. 

When you get there, you both head in, hoping that no one notices you. He takes your hand in his as you enter, guiding you to the right isle.

“I don’t even know which one to get” you say, overwhelmed by the amount of pregnancy tests one shop could sell. You look up at him, his face mirroring yours.

“Fuck, they’re expensive” he laughs, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “We could just get one of each” he says seriously, waiting your response.

“No Shawn! That’s going to cost too much.”

"I don’t care” he says, throwing them into the basket. You shake your head and cling onto his arm. He was wearing the denim jacket that never failed to make him look handsome. His hair was floppy due to the fact that he hadn’t done it, but you preferred it like that anyway.

You head to the tills and you groan when the self service section was closed. 

“We need to go to someone that won’t know you” you say, trying to find anyone who wouldn’t see that the Shawn Mendes was buying about 15 pregnancy tests.

“There’s an old lady over there, she won’t know me” he laughs, taking your hand and leading you in her direction.

He empties out the basket and you try your best to avoid eye contact as the lady starts to scan the boxes.

“Rough start to the morning huh?” She smiles warmly. 

“Yeah I guess” Shawn responds, blushing as you hold his hand tighter. She finishes scanning the items and asks for the money. Before you leave she hands over the change and smiles again. 

“Good luck, whatever answer you’re hoping for.” You thank her and leave, blushing at the situation you just encountered.

 When you arrive back home you rush to the bathroom and try to open the box with shaky hands.

“Here, let me do it” Shawn says, taking the small box in his large hands. He hands it over to you and you examine the stick, checking it looked like it would work.

“I guess I just pee on it right?” You say, earning a laugh from Shawn.

“Hunny, I don’t know. Why your asking me?” he laughs, walking towards the door. “Call me when you’re done.”

He leaves the room and you do as the instructions say. Afterwards you head out and see Shawn waiting outside the door. 

“I’ve done it. We have to wait 5 minutes” you say quietly, feeling overly nervous. Shawn smiles down at you and pulls you in his arms. After a few moment silence, you ask the one question that had been on you’re mind all day; “What do you want it to say?”

Shawn stays silent for a moment and then hugs you tighter, kissing your hair in the process. 

"I will love you regardless to what the test says, I promise that.” He says, but then pulls away so you’re looking into his eyes. “But the idea of a mini us honestly sounds amazing, it really does.” You smile, grateful that he would like a child. It relaxes you, knowing that he will still love you no matter what the result is.

After the 5 minutes is up, you open the bathroom door and walk up to the sink. 

“I love you” Shawn says taking your hand.

“I love you too” you stutter, terrified to look at the numerous tests lay along the edge of the sink. This moment was literally life changing.

You take a deep breath and look. Your eyes scan the tests and at first it doesn’t sink in. Shawn’s hand squeezes yours, trying to earn a response. After you say nothing for what felt like 10 hours to Shawn, he speaks up.

“Baby, what does it say?” He asks nervously, pulling you to face him. You turn to him and you immediately start crying.

“I’m pregnant!“ you say, falling into his arms. "We’re having a baby!”

The look on Shawn’s face was priceless. He instantly began to weep too, holding you close to him.

“Oh my god” he says in disbelief, holding you tightly. “Congratulations baby!” The excitement you both felt was of the scale, but you were too happy and in shock to show it. You pull away, connecting your lips to his. He smiles against you, moving his hands to your belly. “I love you so much” he would say with a small laugh, as his hands touch your tummy. “I love you so fucking much.”

“I love you too Shawn.”

I hope this is okay! Let me know what you guys think xx

Kibble. Seriously… I am a goddess, an actual GODDESS, and they give me kibble.

I’m Athena, and don’t get me wrong. These humans at Providence Animal Center in Media, Pennsylvania, mean well. But I ask you: Do goddesses eat kibble? Let me answer: No, we do not.

You know what we DO like? We like being worshiped. That’s something goddesses expect, in fact. But that doesn’t mean we are mean or stuck-up. I, for instance, enjoy showering my human worshipers with purrs, and also like other animals, cats AND dogs.

I am a very democratic goddess! (But I still don’t think they should force me to eat kibble.)

Do you know what else I’d like? A home. I ended up here because someone – no doubt an evil god! – cursed me. But now I am free of that curse, so anyone who adopts me will find their life is one long spring day of joy and flowers and stardust and… I don’t know… birds singing? Whatever it is, I’ll make it happen for you!

I am around 6 years old in goddess years, and as you might expect, I have a special minion here at the shelter who has sponsored my adoption fee, so if you are the great home I’ve been waiting for, you can save that money and spend it buying me delicacies. Deal?

Then email Marissa, my “cat"vocate,” at She’ll arrange for the proper supplications and offerings.

One more thing: I may hate kibble, but I love reblogs. You know what to do.

Divinely yours,


wow……. like you’re still looking for a fight. @dinobcnes . you seriously repeat the same fucking cycle and blame popular blogs over it.  where is your fucking self-awareness?  its probably hiding behind your white privilege like when you were making racist remarks before. i do not even want to start going off again.  if you think this community is so toxic why would you stir the fucking pot! why do you get off on causing trouble?  “ i didnt know what finalpetal did ( again i can’t throw shade @ finalpetal it’s not my place )  “  AGAIN! TOTAL! BS! look @ the tags. plenty of people see what happened.  i am so sick of people like you making us all ( white people ) look bad! dw we will see a new blog in a week! seriously back off. 

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"Men want objects. Women want PEOPLE." You REALLY need to stop hanging out within your confirmation bias bubble man. It's starting to like seriously fuck with your objectivity. If you can't see how sexist generalizing all men as being assholes while saying all women are decent and morally superior, you've seriously lost yourself. You need to take some time to think (I'm legitimately worried here, this is not trolling, I'm seriously concerned for your mental well being).

You do realize that I’m a cis man, right? And that I reblogged that post from another cis man?
Why is it that we can read something like that and fully comprehend that this wasn’t about us and you can’t?

That being said: my mental well-being is not at stake, fear not.

Duder, if you honestly believe that I’m of the mindset that ANY particular brand of person is better than another you probably have not actually held a conversation with me.
We can change that, though! My askbox is open if you’d like to something other than put me on blast!
Feel free to hit me up! or if you really feel threatened the “Unfollow” button is but a point-and-click away!

Pity Party ahead

If you saw the title and just cringed or rolled your eyes, please feel free to skip over this and move on with your day!! Even if you didn’t do either of those things, you should probably just not read this lmao seriously I don’t blame you I encourage it!!!

Anyway so I’m sitting here scrolling through my timeline and I’m seeing all of these incredible stories that people have been writing and these beautiful and funny edits and these just magnificent reviews of fics and I’m just like…. what am I contributing to the fandom?

I haven’t been able to write shit, I haven’t felt much inspiration to make edits, and I haven’t put out a reading list in weeks. I’ve barely been reading anything as I need to catch up with like 500 stories. Basically all I do is post about my personal life lmao

I guess I’m just feeling useless right now. Everyone is making beautiful art and I’m sitting here just watching it all happen.

Also there are a whole bunch of writers who I haven’t had the pleasure or really interacting with yet that kind of intimidates me because they are so good at writing so I’m just feeling like what’s the point of trying to write this when I’m sure someone out there has already written it/is in the process of writing it?

I need to go back and look at the inspirational writing posts I’ve reblogged in the past.

I’m not necessarily feeling sad. I’m just having a weird realization of my uselessness and I don’t know how to react to it lol

If you’ve made it this far in reading my post, I’m sorry that you’ve sat through this all lol. I’m fine, just having a little existential crisis hahaha. This post was mainly just for me to get my thoughts out.

I hope y'all have a good day!!

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keith could be bi, you know.

oh yeah, i know!!!!! i’d be more than okay with bi keith, like that’d be Nice. i’m just going off what we’ve been shown in the show. he hasn’t expressed interest in any of the female characters, there’s been plenty of opportunities for him to.

lance, upon his literal first meeting with allura: *FLIRTS*
keith, after knowing allura for quite a bit of time now, plenty of time to develop a crush, literally holding her in his arms: *deadpans*


keith, holding lance’s hand even tho they are “”rivals””: *tender smile*
keith, at lance on numerous occasions: *tender smile*
keith, at lance after getting his lion back for him: *teases and flirts*
keith, at lance after hitting him with a spore ball: “heh, like that? ;)”
keith, faced with two Babe aliens, nyma and rolo: *checks out rolo*
keith, the resident “emo”: has laughed his loudest with hunk
keith, in general: seems more open and comfortable with male characters
keith, holding a gorgeous alien space princess in his arms: -_-

trust me, if keith was confirmed bi, i’d be like hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but, at this point in time, from what i’ve been shown in canon, i can’t get behind him liking girls romantically. 

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frank castle sex headcanons? 👀💖

+ Good God I love this man. +

• He’s such a tease. Seriously, it’s all fun and games and then BOOM! You’re bent over your bathroom sink, watching him do the lord’s work in the mirror.

• But, back to being a tease, he loved making little offhand comments to get you riled up.
“Frank what’s your full name?”
“Francis, or Mr. Castle if you’re nasty.”

• He likes to do this thing, where he’ll catch you off guard and just start kissing you. I mean sloppy, It’s About To Go Down kissing! And then he’ll just stop, and go back to whatever it was he was doing before. He says it “sets the mood foor later.”

• His favorite position is….well he’s got s few.

• Cowgirl, for starters. He likes to watch you ride him, and watch your face. You’re so pretty y’know? But, then again he’s also pretty dominant, so he’s gonna just grab your hips and take it from there if he feels up to it.

• Speaking of being dominant his other favorite position is…anything where he’s ontop. Missionary, doggystyle, he’s up for it.

• Verbally, he’s gotta get into it before he really lets lose. In the beginning it’s maybe a few comments about how good you are but, when he’s in it, he. Is. In. It. Jeez that man has a foul mouth, and he’s loud!

• I don’t know what else to say except I love him so much.

+ Hope you enjoyed it! +

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i think i am non binary, though i do still go by she/her pronouns. i'm not sure if i can call some stuff i experience as dysphoria because sometimes those same things don't bother me at all. i also have a hard time referring to myself as trans because my boyfriend is ftm and i honestly just don't feel like what i'm dealing with is enough to consider me a trans person, although i do identify as someone who isn't cis? i think i want to be part of that community but i won't be taken seriously

If you feel that you are trans, then you are trans. The amount you e gone through, the amount of dysphoria you might experience, and really anything else change if you’re trans or not. You’re always valid!!

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What do you think about Nevra ?

he was the guy i was planning to romance at first when i created my account, because *~Aesthetic~*. but his flirty side kinda made me uncomfortable. since he starts to flirt with Gardy as soon as the game begin, i was like “????? do i know u” so i didn’t really like him. then Ez insulted me and i fell in love

i think i got used to his flirty side with time so now it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. i like him as a friend. the mom friend >:) he’s a good guy at heart and is probably the one who is the most honest about his feelings out of the three guys

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I understand what happened between you and minty was ugly but could you just like talk to her so she doesn't kill her self, she's having a breakdown. Is it really worth all this? I know you're a good person so can't you just like idk do something???

but why am i the one who has to do something i literally havent said anything to her 

but like. can u freaks stop baiting her thats seriously fucked up????

Okay wow. Excuse me while I sob grossly over this amazing reception I got tonight??? I had no idea people actually missed me and I am just like a puddle over here from all of your being so nice ‘n whatnot. I really missed being around and I promise I’m going to be more active again. Because writing makes me feel better and I’ve been awfully stressed and depressed as of late. <3

ALSO! If we had a thread going and you’d like to continue it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I know it’s been like, two months or longer since I last replied, so I would be okay starting something new if you want! But if you’d like a thread continued, just poke me and I’ll reply. I have most all of them in my drafts.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! But now I must sleep. I shall return in the morning!

Based on this ask, I decided to write a (shortish) fanfic! Thank u @purpleboyhowonee and the anon who sent it in <3

It’s Been (Eighty) Seven Years

“Can’t we just get mangoes?” Everyone’s head in the room turns to Sungyeol.

“Mangoes? What are you talking about?” Sunggyu says, looking at him incredulously. Dongwoo immediately starts laughing, and whether it’s out of nervousness or just because Sungyeol blurted out something random, he doesn’t know. It’s been tense the past few days, and Sunggyu’s normally the first to snap. Sungyeol just wants everyone in the room to calm down for a while until the contract issue clears up and each of the members come to a settlement.

“I mean,” Sungyeol starts, shifting a bit in his seat, “if we get a win on a music show or something, we can get a crate of mangoes or something. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Woohyun starts humming the tune of the song by the Beach Boys, but when Sunggyu’s lazer eyes land on him, he stops abruptly, clearing his throat and looking somewhere else.

Howon and Myungsoo aren’t present, but that’s because Sungyeol knows they’ve got different schedules. They’re just as down as the others since they can’t do their anniversary celebration. It’s been seven years. Everyone’s been waiting for news of the contract renewal. But it’s not easy. It’s taking the members a lot longer to get exactly what they want and how they want it.

Sungjong lets out a sigh. “Hyung, instead of getting mangoes for every win, how about we just name each floor in the building after ourselves? I want mine to be exactly in the middle. The Sungjong Floor.”

“Wait, are you gonna name everything on that floor after yourself? ‘Take a left at the Sungjong Hallway, go around the Sungjong Corner and the Sungjong Bathroom is on your right’? Is that what you want?” Woohyun scoffs lightly. He seems interested though, leaning forward to hear the maknae’s response,

“If the Sungjong Bathroom is made of pure gold, then yeah, why not?”

“I thought you’d go for a jewel encrusted one? You don’t seem like the type to go for gold,” Woohyun smirks, folding his arms across his chest. Sungjong just glares at him. Before he can say a word, though, Dongwoo pipes up.

“How about every month, we tell the company to send something to our families? Or the stylists? Like flowers, or stuffed toy bears.”

“Or puppies,” Sungyeol joins in. “Or, hyung! HYUNG! What if we get a company pet? We could have a mascot sort of thing. A pet that comes in to the company every day for stress relief. Hmm?”

Sunggyu’s staring at them with knotted brows, but then soon smooth out and he bites back a smile.

“I can’t believe you guys,” he says, chuckling softly. “Puppies seem like a good idea.”

Dongwoo gasps. “What if we bring the whole zoo?”

“How about whenever someone gets in a musical, the others all get a month off for vacation?” Woohyun suggests.

“Even better, what if we all just got a month off every year and got to do whatever we wanted?” Sungjong’s eyes sparkle when Sungyeol mentions vacay time.

“Like what?”

“Go bike riding with ferrets, obviously.” It’s been one of Sungyeol’s dreams, and if it could actually happen, he’d be set for life.

“How about we change the Woollim logo to something like… a restaurant logo. We could pretend Woollim is a eatery,” Woohyun says.

“Let’s make a garden and name it after our first born,” Dongwoo says.

“Why don’t we just buy a ton of fireworks and set them off on our birthdays?” Sungjong says.

“What if-”

The door on the left opens and one of the managers pokes their head inside the room, glancing at everyone.

“Has anyone decided they want to speak with the CEO? He’s here now,” he says.

The members look at each other, knowing they got carried away with their ideas, but they stifle their laughs instead. Sunggyu shakes his head and looks back at the manager.

“I think we still need to discuss a few things,” he smiles.

The door closes and the others stare at each other for a few seconds before they burst out laughing.

After their giggling subsides, Sunggyu says, “So… who’s gonna tell Myungsoo and Howon about this?”



“Huh. Yeah?” Sungyeol looks up from the game he’s playing on his phone and looks at Myungsoo. He has a frown on his face and it doesn’t look good on him. Sungyeol thinks Myungsoo might have aged a few years because of the drama he’s been in, but he doesn’t say anything.

“You know I don’t like ferrets,” he says in a choked up voice. He sniffs. “Not after that incident.”

Sungyeol makes a face. “What incident? It was just a dream.”

“It was a NIGHTMARE, okay?” Myungsoo says, his voice cracking a bit. “I still remember it so vividly, I-” He places a hand across his face and Sungyeol doesn’t know what to do.

“I’m- I’m sorry, I was just joking about it.”

Myungsoo sighs, blinking away whatever tears were forming in his eyes. “Thank goodness. I don’t ever want to look at a ferret ever again.”

“Are you okay now?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. Thank you,” Myungsoo replies. He flops next to Sungyeol and lays his head on Sungyeol’s shoulder. The older of the two pouts.

“Was it a rough day?” Sungyeol asks. Myungsoo hums in response.

A few minutes later, Myungsoo’s breathing slows down and he starts snoring softly. Sungyeol makes a mental note to tell the CEO that he should lighten up on Myungsoo’s schedule. Maybe he should say in the contracts that there should be an equal amount of work for everyone. Losing sleep from intense schedules was just as bad as lying awake in bed with no schedules.


Howon holds his phone in front of Dongwoo’s face and asks, “What is this.”

Dongwoo blinks, craning his head away from the screen. “Lower the brightness, it’s hurting my eyes,” he says softly. It’s really dark out and Howon always insists to keep his brightness on the highest level it can be. This time though, he brings the brightness to the lowest level and shows Dongwoo his phone again.

All Dongwoo sees is the group chat they’re both in with the other members, something Woohyun made because he wanted to roast everyone (but Sunggyu ends up roasting him instead).

“It’s the group chat,” Dongwoo says, confused.

“Yeah, I know. But why does the title keep changing from ‘Gold Plated’ to ‘Jewel Encrusted’?” Howon says, frowning at Dongwoo. The older of the two lets out a short laugh.

“It’s just something we came up during our little meeting with each other,” he says, his face glowing. “Sungjong wanted his own floor with everything named after him, including the bathroom, but only if it was made of gold.”

“So what about ‘Jewel Encrusted’?”

“Woohyun thought Sungjong would be the type to have that instead of gold,” Dongwoo explains.

“That… actually makes a lot more sense.”  Howon lies down next to Dongwoo on the floor.

A beat of silence passes. Howon doesn’t realize Dongwoo’s staring at him until he looks up from his phone.


“You didn’t post anything for the anniversary.”

“I know,” Howon says softly. He’s been busy, Dongwoo knows that. He’s been stressed, Dongwoo knows that too. A lot of pressure is on the members, and there’s so much stress…

“Inspirits are worried,” Howon murmurs. “It’s hard on them too.”

“Everything will be okay, though,” Dongwoo says, closing his eyes. Howon hums in agreement.

“Whatever happens, we’ll be okay.”



Veneer of performative femininity over raging libidinal resentment


Loud, colorful, childish, extra, too vulnerable for this room


A vampire who can only mimic human behavior in joke space

Other 34

Baby woke, low standards


Essentially 37 except less architecture magazine and more Hermitage – as for your weakness, you will be undone by a greasy heterosexual who practices circus arts.  Do not move into his pirate house


Anthro major b/w underutilized bullshit detector


Weirdly straight for my audience, which is in itself weird, that that’s weird


You, on the other hand, are 100% my core demographic


Seriously I’m not sure what the utility of doing this is if we know each other because I have definitely already said the rudest things I have to say about you to your face


You are the kind of hyperfocusing atypical I tend to collect – like, we’d be friends already if you had started a conversation with me sometime over the last three years instead of just carefully following all of my blogs


I can’t even resent you, you’re that good – if you were me you’d discard my opinions about you because they’re too purely positive and must therefore be incorrect, but I think you’re also too good to fall into that trap, which would be infuriating, if I could resent you, which I can’t


What I think I’m seeing here between you and 37 and 90 is the emergence of an audience who are mostly here to see me talk shit about men

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Most of my friends are aphobes and idk what to do I like them but the invalidate me a lot so-

I’m so sorry, friend… I mean, I would just post the “delete friend” gif, but I know this is such a tricky situation. I would seriously consider distancing yourself from those people if it’s affecting you so negatively.

–Mod Mercy

If you don’t want the caption on the post on your blog, don’t reblog the fucking post. It’s that simple.

I’ll admit that there are times when I like an image but don’t really like the caption and don’t want it on my blog for whatever reason, and you know what I do when this happens?? I keep on scrolling! I move right along! There are other posts to reblog!

Seriously, if you have that much of a problem with a caption, just don’t reblog the post.

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i just get so scared when people surprise me??? there's this girl in year 7 i do friday sport with, she's lovely and all but she keeps coming up and surprising me because she thinks it's funny even when i've told her to stop... it pisses me off that she's not listening, because i really hate it when people do that; to me, it kinda feels like someon's gonna start yelling at me or i'm gonna get in trouble for some reason??? i dunno its stupid sorry to bother you, gopher

Wtf??? Okay so lemme get this straight, your friend isn’t listening to you when you tell her what she’s doing makes you feel unsafe? That’s something to take seriously I think??? I’m so sorry she keeps surprising you ; ^ ; I would maybe pull her aside and be straight up with her. Tell her what she’s doing is not respectful and she doesn’t make you feel comfortable when she does that shit for fun. That’s not fun for you at all and she needs to respect that or possibly lose you as a friend. I think if someone is comfortable making you feel bad they shouldn’t be given the opportunity to be close enough to do it anymore. I would give her an ultimatum so that she takes you seriously. It’s either she stops or you’re not gonna hang out with her anymore! Only people who are nice to you get the privilege of hanging out with ya, okay? I love you so much and you aren’t bothering me at all! Your boundaries deserve to be respected bb ♡

I’m making a fucking task list of how I want to look and it’s so fucking dumb. Your environment has so much to do with your ‘body goals’
Seriously like, ? Being skinny for aesthetics sake was off my fucken radar till I was around someone who made it their every day priority
Like its so impossible not to compare yourself to someone else when they’re what society wants and you aren’t