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I like the Idea of an AU where No one takes Quirkless seriously, and A Quirkless hacker becomes a Nightmare for both Heroes and Villains aka Izuku is tired of people thinking he’s mentally and/or physically handicap because of his lack of quirk and proceeds to do his best to ruin the lives of any horrible person he can while the world freaks out and doesn’t suspect a Quirkless nobody is causing the chaos.

Hmm, not quite what you asked for. 

Also cookies if you catch the stealth crossover reference. 


Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia

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Izuku’s fingers flew across the board, strings of code flashing across his screen and he poked and probed firewalls and sensitive information.

These days numbers and bits of code were his only friends. He ventured into online forums, making friends with other faceless icons, but never staying for long, always moving. The cold internet was now his haven. It wasn’t much, it wasn’t nice, but if it meant not seeing people to face to face, he would gladly throw himself into the world of data and codes.

He paused, stumbling across a chatroom where someone (a guy if the picture icon was anything to go by) making inappropriate remarks to another person. Pulling on his lip, Izuku’s curiosity got the better of him as he peered closer.

Hotdudebowdown3249: Why don’t you give me your number?

blu3skyluvR: no

Hotdudebowdown3249: don’t be like that! We’ll have fun!

blu3skyluvR: leave me alone!

Hotdudebowdown3249: c’mon! I’ve already seen your picture! You’re so hot!

Hotdudebowdown3249: Or just send me a pic of your chest. :D

Disgust filled his stomach as what his hacking revealed. Hotdudebowdown3249 was indeed a guy, middle age and single. Office worker. blu3skyluvR was a young girl, middle school and probably didn’t know how to fend off the pervert. Disgusting. This was what humanity was like.

Izuku scowled, fingers flew across his board. He cut off the connection between the two of them, destroying the chatroom. Then he dived deep into Hotdudebowdown3249 computer. He pulled out a name Takara Souta, pulling up all the dirt he could find.

Ugh. Terrible. This wasn’t even the first girl Takara had done this to. Right there in his internet history, sending pictures of his dick to other women he could find on the internet, harassing them and the ones he could stalking them, even after they blocked him and moved to other websites. Completely disgusting. Izuku wasn’t even sure if this man was human.

The first thing he did, he emailed all of the information he found to Takara’s boss. With any luck, he’ll be out of a job in the morning. It was almost an a guarantee, actually. One of the young girls he was harassing was his boss’ daughter.

Then the more damaging things. Izuku didn’t care how he ruined this guy’s life, just that he did. The information was also sent to the police and Takara’s neighbors. Timed with a delay to make sure he did get fired first. Then Izuku hacked into his bank account, transferring out the money. He would probably find some nice charity to dump it into.

Ruin this bastard life the way he was doing to others. Karma in its finest.

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Inko stared forlornly at her son’s bedroom door. The slight tremble in her hand rattled the dishes of tonight’s dinner on the tray she was holding.

Hikikomori. She missed the days where Izuku would leave his room, when he had been a bright child with a smile on his face. She missed the days when he would proudly tell her how he would be a Pro-Hero, Quirk or no Quirk. She missed the moments they would have, quiet mornings, happy evenings, memories.

She could count the number of times she had seen Izuku this month on one hand.

People were cruel. Children were cruel. And this all started because Katsuki-kun couldn’t stop bullying Izuku. Because the teachers turned a blind eye. Because everyone looked at her son and thought ‘worthless’.

They beatdown her son, burying his smile and optimism. They wore him down, telling him he was useless. Izuku drew into himself little by little under the weight of their words. Until he locked himself in his room and refused to come out.

Inko wanted to rage against society. Wanted to demand justice for her son who hadn’t done anything wrong.

But mostly, she was so tired. She didn’t want much in life. Izuku happy for starters. Izuku to look her in the eye and smile again.

Inko set down the tray in front of Izuku’s bedroom. Knocking, she said, “Dinner, Izuku.”

“Thanks,” was Izuku’s soft reply.

Inko stared at the door and quietly retreated. She would be back to collect his dishes later.

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Alibaba: Hey… do you ever think about going outside?

Izuku blinked at the question. Alibaba was one of the few people he could count as a friend online. She had been the one to teach him the finer tips of hacking when they had met on an online forum. They kept regular contact even has their interest expanded into other fields. He pulled on his lip and replied.

Allmightfanboy: No.

Allmightfanboy: Why?

Alibaba: Long story, but I got a new big brother. And he’s always asking. Not pushy or anything. But, like patient.

Izuku felt a brief pang of guilt, thinking of his mother who he knew stood outside of his door, patiently waiting.

They don’t speak much about their personal life, but Izuku knew that Alibaba was a hikikomori like he was. Something had happened to her parents and she landed with her adopted dad and hadn’t been outside since.

Alibaba: He doesn’t even want me to leave the house. Just wants me to join them for dinner.

Alibaba: He’s kinda a dork. Just sits outside of my room, talking to me. Even though I don’t answer.

Alibaba: I think he’s lonely.

‘Like us,’ Izuku thought. He felt a brief flash of jealousy. There was a part of him that wanted tell Alibaba not to do it. But… he hesitated, pulling on his lip. That wouldn’t be a good friend would it?

Allmightfanboy: Try it then.

Alibaba: Right! I’ll let you know.

Izuku smiled to himself, biding Alibaba goodnight. He pushed away from his desk, turning to look at the heavy curtains that covered his bedroom window. Izuku hesitated, reaching out for the curtain. He pushed them open, watching as the sun slowly rose over the horizon.

Outside, huh?

Outside was cruel. Alibaba wasn’t Quirkless, but Izuku was and everyone had made it clear that he had no role, no place in society. There was no point to going back outside.

Izuku closed his curtains and collapsed on his bed. He didn’t need to go outside at all.

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Oh Sehun x Spy!Reader

Summary: You have been working as a spy your whole life but you never expected to be the one spied on.

Genre: Mafia AU

Word Count: 2,781

Originally posted by lawlliets

You looked around for the last time before crossing the street. It was getting late and you didn’t have much time as it is. It took you the rest of the day to get back to the city but what’s more you’re freezing cold! You could feel your cheeks burning, not the most ideal time of the year to go for a swim. You finally reached the house Yixing was stationed at. Not wanting to draw any attention, in case they knew about this place you decided to go through the back door. You jumped over the fence and moved away the plant under which he kept the spare key.

“Yixing?” you shouted as you walked in. The house was completely empty and there was no trace of anyone ever being here. “Where the fuck is he?” you thought strolling around. The house was actually almost empty, all of the extra things you left were still here. Except for another suit, or a change of clothes in general. The one thing you need right now. You slammed the closet door in frustration. Yixing could have at least left you a shirt or something. It seems the universe started working against you ever since Sehun noticed you on that roof. Well there is not much you can do now, except wait for tomorrow morning. You have no equipment, no gun and you still didn’t get back that damn phone. You will have to contact HQ as soon as you wake up, which actually scared you the most.

You slowly took off your still drenched suit and threw it on the chair. Somehow you felt so tired and exhausted, maybe it’s just the after effects of all the things that happened in the span of 48 hours but the coldness of the room was not helping. You hoped Yixing won’t mind you sleeping in his bed naked when he comes back. If he comes back that is. It’s highly unlikely he went looking for you as that is not his area of expertise and he also knew where you were going, but he could have at least waited for a while before going back to HQ. At least you assumed he went back there, since this place was kind of compromised, or you wished he did but deep in your mind, you didn’t rule out the possibility that it was actually him who walked into the room while you were still bound to that chair. Why else would that man want to take you with him?

“You’re so stupid, of course it’s not him,” you said out loud and rolled to the other side. Might as well get some sleep before you clean up your own mess.


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[Miraculous Ladybug]: The Perks of Being a Rich Kid

short commission i did for @leoqueen082​ :) 

fun fact: people really forget that these two kids are filthy rich and probably run in the same circles all the time. which makes for some interesting convos :P

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: The Perks of Being a Rich Kid
Pairings/Characters: Gen fic, Chloe & Alix
Summary: Chloe and Alix bond after getting sent to the principal’s office

The Perks of Being a Rich Kid

Useful bit of information that Chloé learned today: there was a limit to how much trouble her last name was capable of getting her out of.

Which, seriously, how ridiculous was that? What was the sense of being the daughter of the most powerful man in Paris if she wasn’t going to be totally immune to punishment? She tried to explain that to her teacher but he didn’t seem to appreciate it very much because here Chloé was, getting sent to the principal’s office with a bag full of extra credit homework that was going to take her hours to do.

Sabrina really picked a horrible day to be home sick with the flu. Chloé had been doing her nails during history class this entire quarter and now she had to write a whole paper by Thursday.

To be fair, Chloé kinda toed the line a little close today. Not that she’d ever admit that to anyone other than her father who was going to love an explanation for the mess she’d gotten herself into. That was going to be a fun conversation. She wasn’t sure if her justifiable hatred for Marinette Dupain-Cheng was going to be enough to let her off the hook, and that was the real travesty of the day. Because seriously, this was all Marinette’s fault.

But whatever. At least Chloé got her revenge. Definitely worth potentially losing her credit card privileges over.

M. Damocles was busy scolding a student in his office while another three sat right outside the door awaiting their own lectures. Chloé snorted when she realized that one of them was Alix who was crouched over her handheld and growling at the video game she was playing while she waited. Well, that explained why she wasn’t in class last period.

It was funny that people complained so much about Chloé (almost) never getting in trouble because of who her father was. Alix got sent to the principal’s office at least four times a week and only ever left with a slap on the wrist because of who her father was.

Figures. M. Kubdel gave a monster of a donation to the school last year.

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AAAAAuuuuuaaahjdkdksl I’m in a headcanon mood so take my shitty ghostblossom… shit…

  • When they were first pining after each other, it was preeeeety obvious they were in love
  • Cagney was always so flustered and nervous, and he’d be incredibly defensive if anyone ever accused him of having a crush
  • Specter tried to get closer with Cagney, with methods ranging from small talk to full-on flirting
  • Cagney would always freeze up whenever Spector flirted with him and think “shit, he knows, he’s making fun of me, he kNOWS”
  • Cagney was the one that confessed, which kind of confused Spector cuz he was convinced Cagney hated him
  • like-
  • Cagney always avoided him? Which ranged from eye contact to one-on-one time?
  • “hey, Cagney, wanna hang out” “uh, actually, I have to…. go… water myself….”
  • “….”
  • “Anyway, gotta go!”
  • and he was always so nervous around Spector? And acted so differently around him than from Hilda or The Root Pack And was always blushing and- oh
  • Naturally, Spector feels like an idiot, but Cagney is just relieved this is all over
  • (I mentally wrote a fic about that, too bad I’ll never actually write it lmao :,)
  • For some reason, dating turns them into best friends
  • Before they were kind of just awkward aquaintances that met bc their friends were dating so they introduced them to each other
  • (who are the friends? I’ll never tell)
  • Now they fight over food together, watch bad movies together, beat the shit out of the Devil together, all around do stuff together
  • They’d probably die if separated for more than an hour
  • Their idea of romantic is beating the shit out of people hugging constantly
  • Spector is a really affectionate soul (get it?) so he gives Cagney hugs and kisses
  • Cagney is terrible with compliments (Hes better with insults and comebacks and stuff) so sometimes he seems kind of rude
  • Like sometimes he’s like “you look significantly better than you usually do” instead of “you look beautiful”
  • but it’s ok cause spec knows what he means
  • Spector once did that “I’ll love you till the last rose dies” thing and gave Cagney 12 roses and Cagney freaks bc dude did you seriously kill 12 flowers for me???
  • Of course Spector tells him that all twelve are plastic, to save their relationship
  • (it was actually just supposed to be one but Spector is ‘romantic’ like that)
  • They’re a weird couple tbh
  • A flower (life) and a ghost (death)
  • but they’re happy

You know, as an environment artist, i really really such at painting backgrounds… like seriously? Its embaressing. lmfao
^^ matte paint over^^

Anyway, may or may not have gone overboard, but seriously Im like on a painting roll this weekend. Like what. The. Hell.

Kadara the Ruk. Im thinking I should draw Sartaq… but, how TF do I draw him? im so lost. lol

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hey! dude i love your nsfw headcanons for the bowers' gang, seriously, they give me life. but can i ask for a boring one about their school routines?? like what are their general feelings towards school, how do they take notes, are they loud in classes, what are their fav and least fav subjects, how do they react to failing a test, stuff like that? for some reason i imagine that vic actually enjoys some subjects but would never admit it or appear even ~slightly~ interested in front of the others

Thank you, and of course!!


  • Favorite subject is art
  • He would spend the whole day in art if he could
  • Not only is he good at it, but he can be as dark as he wants in it
  • Least favorite would probably be English, mostly because he actually has to focus during class
  • He doesn’t take many notes, but he often aces tests
  • He’s does well in school, but also gets himself in trouble because he’s handsy
  • He’s the kid who gets sent to the library when the teacher’s done dealing with his shit
  • Patrick is one of those kids who could be an A+ student if he actually applied himself, but nope, not gonna do that


  • Henry doesn’t do very well at all
  • He struggles to pay attention to the teacher
  • Spends more time harassing people around him than listening - not a class clown, just a dick
  • He doesn’t  do well on tests either - good luck on getting homework in from him
  • He gets angry when he fails, as if he actually worked on the source material
  • His least favorite class would probably be math - way too confusing for him
  • He’s not a note taker - he’d probably use the paper to write nasty notes to people
  • Only class he really likes is woodshop
  • He gets to use his hands and making stuff relaxes him
  • It’s probably the only class he’s really passing


  • Vic is good in all his classes
  • He takes really good notes, though he does other stuff too so it’s not obvious
  • He’s reasonably quiet in class unless it’s a class with one of the guys - then he has to act up
  • He’s a great test taker and always has his homework in on time
  • If he gets any less than an A, he is not happy and will secretly ask the teacher about it
  • His favorite class is history, he likes to learn about the past, he finds it interesting
  • Least favorite class is art - it’s harder on him and it’s not something he can easily study to get just right. 


  • Belch is a basic student
  • He doesn’t so amazing in class, but he’s not an F student either
  • If he spent less time messing with people, he’d probably have better grades
  • He tries to hold up the Bowers Gang “way” when in class
  • He takes notes when he pays attention
  • He does well on tests that notes can be used - not so well when not
  • He gets disappointed when he fails anything, but he moves on quickly
  • His least favorite class would probably be English, he just struggles more
  • Favorite class would probably be auto - he loves cars and it’s easy for him to learn
  • Auto is likely the only class he fully listens in as well

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I know you've been getting this a lot, but I really love your comic- best part of my crappy sick week was finding it! :D I love how dynamic your panels are, and -in the most recent one specifically- how you present such interesting points I haven't really seen in a reveal story... And I read a lot of them xD It's so good it's the only one I can't help but read in the voices of the original cast without even thinking about it! Keep up the amazing work <3

Wow thank you, that seriously means a lot! I tried to write these characters like they are in the show (and I think Adrien’s gone a liiiiiiittle bit out of character, but only because we’ve never truly seen him get super pissed).

And I’m glad you mentioned the interesting points, that’s what I was going for - meaningful conversations that fans may or may not have thought about. I do hope the show gets deeper, I still feel like we’re only seeing the surface of a lot of these characters.

Sam stans be like: Even when Sam did exactly the same bad thing as Dean, it’s okay because it’s Sam.

Dean stans be like: Even when Dean did exactly the same bad thing as Sam, it’s okay because it’s Dean.

Sorry but literally every discussion on here that I see when they’re siding with one character they HAVE TO ignore canon in order to back it up. If you see EITHER of them as the abusive narcissistic assholes you make out they are on Tumblr then honestly I don’t know what you even get out of watching the show- because how can you like watching your favourite character being stuck in a 13 year abusive relationship? Seriously how?

If I see one more instance of Dean or Sam being interchanged with a woman for the sake of people trying to highlight how abusive x brother is I don’t know what I’ll do honestly because that is moronic.

They are both grown men who can defend themselves from eachother. Neither of them are damsels in distress that are too sensitive to handle their aggressor’s abuse. They have grown up together, they love eachother, they know eachother. They might not always know how to help eachother but the intent is there- don’t act like that doesn’t count.

You have a favourite and that’s cool but get the fuck over it. They’re not perfect and there’s ALWAYS another side to it. If you can’t see that then I actually doubt your own level of emotional intelligence because most people who are capable of it love both of them even if they identify more with one.

quick Salt Thoughts, sponsored by Diamond™

  • Tumgler has literally never been a good primary space for creators and while shit is currently fucked up extramuch no one should be surprised
  • as with any content aggregator, gaining attention has been and still is a matter of gaming the system and flinging yourself at the wall at frequent, regular intervals, hoping that something sticks
  • seriously if you’re at all serious about what you do, Tumblr should not be your main port of call. it’s built to be a mostly-passive-consumption memeporium and ad/porn repository. don’t expect the exploit you’re working to not get patched
  • if you’re a fan-creator and wish to receive recognition beyond your immediate circle (just hop on Discord together, Tumblr is not a good place to maintain relationships), you can’t just like
  • expect things to happen because you’re owed
  • you’re not owed. put the work in if it’s that important. find additional places to flog yr shit, understand how to use them. you’re trying to sell a product now. you wanna be big-league? act like it. do the work. the regular usual work that non-fan creators do. that’s the gig, that’s how that cookie crumbles. literally every hobby has a line separating ‘just doing it for fun’ and ‘doing it for money and/or acclaim’ and the line is ‘shitloads of boring-ass networking PRing Instagramming Whatevering work’
  • like. old-school fan shit? buncha nerds talking to each other on IRC and making zines together. the LJ/geocities/AIM heyday? all about who you knew, word of mouth, comments appreciated. now we’re all on this hellsite which is shit for communicating and networking and we’re Eternally Mad at fans-of-fans for not reblogging or whatever. do whatever makes you happy in relative obscurity or do the work. pick one. no one owes you dick.
  • again the Best Things First thing is jank but 1) whyyy. if this is important 2 u. why put so many eggs in the tumblr basket B) there’s a way to game it! do that! figure it out! put the work in, like every non-fannish writer/artist/editor ever. this shit does not come easy. it’s a job. do the job. do the fuckin work, or just like. chill out, talking 2 ur bros, writing and drawing and etc for the sake of it. PICK ONE.
  • straight up do not ever want to see another ‘if readers don’t reblog fics then the authors will DIE and it is YOUR FAULT’ or ‘tumblr is being tumblr and OH NO MY NOTES HOW DARE’ post ever, ever again. either you’re goofing off or you act like a pro. tumblr aint owe you dick. if it sucks beyond repair? move on. complaints aren’t worthless, but like, don’t just stand still while crying.
  • this was too long to be Quick Salt that was like a whole box of Diamond™ sorry


I just can’t contain my excitement watching the post credit of Justice League. Right from the boat scene showing his silhouette figure, right up to the opening of his mask revealing his face. 

Joe Magliano’s is seriously like the older version of Manu Bennet’s on Arrow, his looks and right down to his mannerism of “what the fuck do you want ?”
So in the words of Aquaman, “I DIG IT.”

Can’t wait to see what’s next for Deathstroke! 

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Imagine bratty y/n telling Harry that Kiwi isn't "that hot" (as a joke) and he takes it super seriously.

“Just think you could have done more… onstage, you know?” you shrug, acting nonchalant. 

“Like what?”

You purse your lips as you think, and shrug again, “Dunno, it just seemed a little dry is all.”

Harry crosses his arms, a look of complete seriousness painted on his face, “Dry, hm?”

“Yeah, dry.” 

“I appreciate the criticism, y/n,” he took a step closer, forcing you to look up at him, “But it seems a little out of place for you to be so blunt to me, don’t you think?”

You swallow before retorting, “I can be blunt if I want,” you cross your arms too, “What are you going to do to stop me?”

“Do you really want to play that game, y/n?”

“Wouldn’t it be fun to find out?”

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It's grilled cheesey. My boyfriend dumped me today and I've eaten 3 grilled cheese while reading your fluff to make me smile. All 3 grilled cheese had mozzarella cheese and pepperoni and I dipped them in tomato soup. Also I would like you to know that I don't live off grilled cheese lol. I do eat other things. But grilled cheese are my go to food. So I eat like 5 a week lol. Xoxo grilled cheesey

Whoa whoa whoa!! Slow down, rewind!! I’M SORRY?!?! WHAT?!? 

This is probably a stupid question but I’m asking it anyways. Are you okay? Do I need to send TFW after him? Ugh boys suck!

My poor grilled cheese friend! 

But dude seriously! Where do you come up with these ideas? I mean I would never in a million years think to put pepperoni on grilled cheese. That sounds sooooo good!! Seriously!! So damn good! Mmh especially with tomato soup! you can’t go wrong there! A classic!! 

I am very glad to hear that you don’t live off grilled cheese. Although I think with the way you make them, you probably could! I actually can’t remember the last time I had a grilled cheese. Too long! It’s always good to have a go to food! 

I’m always here for ya Grilled Cheesey! I got your back! xoxox

[Dbd is one of the most frustrating games I have ever played! And it’s not even the game that is that bad but the people playing it!! Like, seriously, could you not DC if a killer gets you? Or can’t you just not insult me for playing a Killer and doing what I’m supposed to do? 3 fucking games and I had my fill for another week. I rather stay here and play rp, the people here are at least nice. Hmph!]

a birthday gift

A/N: FOR @jesugaismyname HAPPY HOPE DAY. ENJOY!

(this is gonna be poorly edited and probably horrible, please forgive me in advance it’s also like half satirical don’t take it too seriously please)

(gifs not mine credit to owners, except for the few I edited)

You were up until midnight, not noticing that your birthday drew near. Soon your phone was flooded with birthday wishes. Yet another typical birthday, or so you thought. Little did you know your friend (your greatest friend AKA me) had something planned.

Your phone suddenly started glitching. Displaying weird messages with gifs of Yoongi as their background. (See gifs below)

You were surprised to say the least. “A Yoongi for the day…” ? What kind of virus did my phone catch you thought. But it stopped after a few minutes so you just brushed it off and headed off to sleep because SLEEP IS IMPORTANT (so please do get enough sleep son). You set your alarm, did your skincare routine and soon drifted off to sleep.


(I have no idea when you get up son so forgive if it’s too early or too late)

You woke up to the blaring of your alarm and instinctively tried to reach for your phone to turn it off while still half asleep, with your eyes closed. In the process, you dropped your phone on the ground the alarm still whaling with its horrid sound.

“Turn that off already I’m trying to sleep,” a familiar sleepy voice said. You shot up in surprise, now in an upright position. You were greeted by the suddenly cold temperature in your room and… Yoongi?  

He looked even more beautiful in person, so absolutely stunning you couldn’t put it into words.

“Quit staring at me and turn the alarm off already.”

“Oh, right the alarm…” you said wearily. Still in disbelief.

Yoongi is in my room, sleeping, or he was sleeping on the floor beside my bed. Nope, I’m either dreaming or hallucinating you thought.

Regardless you got up to get your phone and turn off the incessant noise it was making. At least you were feeling alert.

“If you’ll excuse me I’m going to go the washroom,” why am I talking to a hallucination?
Yoongi didn’t say anything, he just looked at you and tried to get a few more minutes of sleep.

Before you realized it you and Yoongi were having an hour long conversation about what was happening. Sitting by your bed not noticing how much time was going by.

You locked the door and sat on top of the toilet lid. That’s when you remembered the messages on your phone last night. “A Yoongi for the day…” what’s that supposed to mean? You peed, pooped, showered, got dressed, did your morning skincare routine and whatever else you usually do plus some more to try and waste some time. Until you finally, hesitantly stood behind the door before deciding to finally open it.

“You’re finally done.”  

“So what exactly is going on, Yoongi?” you questioned bluntly. It felt weird calling him by his name but you finally gathered the courage to say something and needed his confirmation.

“Your friend, being the amazing, great, most wonderful friend they are (ahem ahem) decided to gift you a Yoongi for the day, duh,” he said matter of factly.

“Okaayyyyyy,” you said still unsure of what was happening.

“Didn’t you get the message yesterday?”

“Yeah, I thought it was some sort of virus or something. In what world would someone take that kind of message seriously. Also, I don’t appreciate the fact that it took over my phone for a good five minutes.” Unsure of where the sudden courage came from you decided to roll with the conversation no matter how much you thought you were still dreaming.

“Ahaha oh my, well you’re amusing.”

“Amusing? Wait, wait, wait, are you really Yoongi?”


“The actual real Min Yoongi?”

“You know I actually don’t know how this works.” (when you can’t think of a good explanation, sorry for the plot holes son)


“What’s so funny?”

“This. This is so unreal that it’s funny.”

Despite the fact that you still didn’t believe that this was actually reality you continued on your day feeling hopeful (heh) and happy. Enjoying it while it lasted. It’s not everyday you get to meet the Min Yoongi after all. 

“Oh, I almost forgot to say happy birthday. Happy birthday Hope. I hope you don’t mind me being sudden but we only have the day so there’s no time to spend it worried about being blunt. Would you like to spend the day with me? let’s go on a date if you will.”

Speechless. That’s what you were. Who wouldn’t be in this situation? “Uhhhhhhh… yes…” I mean ignoring the fact that you just met and the whole situation still didn’t seem logically true, you have nothing to lose, probably…  

“Alright then get ready there’s no time to waste.”

“Okay, don’t you also need to get ready?”

“Yup, but you don’t need to worry about me.”



After you get ready it’s already well past 10am. You exit the washroom and Yoongi is already waiting for you.

“Oh you're… you look cute.” He looks at you and tries to hide his smile behind his hand. He’s so adorable. You smile back at him.

“Wait, when did you get ready?”

“That’s not important, let’s go before we’re late.”

You try not to question what’s happening as you’ve already done 171818199 times today.

“Oh wait, Hope, don’t forget to grab your jacket. You know so you won’t complain about it later.”

You suddenly remember that your parents exist and they’ll probably question where you’re going and with who. I mean, Yoongi will probably just look like some strange man that broke into your house. Wait… that’s exactly what he seems like right now. What am I doing? You question yourself, yet again.

“Oh don’t worry about your parents I already introduced myself while you were sleeping.”

“Wait, what?”

He ignores you and keeps walking. “Alright we’re heading out now” he yells to your parents.

“Alright, darling have fun!” Your parents yell back to your surprise.

(Because who has time to logically think about how you would handle this situation)

What the heck is going on?

With that, you both head out. Yoongi pulling you by the hand as you’re still stuck there having not fully comprehended what just happened.


“So where are we walking to? We’ve been walking for a good 20 minutes now. When will we get there?” you question.

“Ahh, we’ll get there soon be patient.”

“Ughhhhh but whereeeeeeeee?”

“A place”

“Wow so descriptive.”


The wind suddenly picks up and you shiver, reminding yourself how cold it is outside again.

“You cold?”

“Yeah but it’s okay.”

“If you say so.” Yoongi deadpans. Well then.

After walking in silence for a bit Yoongi speaks again “okay let’s pick up the pace, the street ahead is getting crowded”

(nevermind the fact that he knows the streets despite probably having never been there. Plotttt holes everywhere I look are plot holeeeesssss)

Yoongi was right the street was crowded and you found yourself losing Yoongi. You looked around growing more and more frustrated and worried by the second.

Five minutes passed and you still couldn’t find him. You ran through the crowd but five minutes of running proved too much for you and your lungs started to burn. (Lol me too, what’s cardio I don’t know her). You looked around once more turning left and right through, what seemed like, an endless amount of streets. You were now hopelessly lost (heh I’m funny).

You felt your eyes begin to burn. Imagining the worst of the worst possible scenarios that could happen. That was until you felt a hand grab yours and pull you away from the crowd.

“Where’d you go? Gosh, I was worried.”

You just stared at him shaking your head slightly.

“Nevermind, let’s not waste the day by talking about unimportant things.” He continues walking his hand now in yours showing no signs of letting go.


It was now noon and you were finally at the restaurant Yoongi wanted to take you to. How cliche, a restaurant. Regardless it was a nice restaurant (I’m too lazy to write descriptions yo) cozy and welcoming. (Choose whatever restaurant you like lol). You got seated, the restaurant was empty, save for a few people on the other side of it.

“You can order whatever you want and don’t worry about the price. I’ll pay.”

“I don’t know how I feel about that…”

“Nah, really don’t worry it’s part of this whole thing okay”


You both ordered and were told that the food would be ready in 20 minutes.


The food had finally arrived and you were quite hungry. Come to think of it you hadn’t even had breakfast yet.

Yoongi’s food had come before yours but despite telling him he should start eating he insisted that he wait until your food arrived too.

“I have a magic trick,” he said.

“Well then please do show me.”

“Prepare to be amazed,” he said as he slid chopsticks out of his sleeve (potential plot holes depending on the type of restaurant you chose lol)

Yoongi just stared at you for the other end of the table for a while. You both okay in a comfortable silence until Yoongi spoke up again continuing the conversation.

“Yeah, you know ladybugs look all gentle and harmless but so do ants. Why aren’t people scared of them like they are most bugs?” Yoongi asked. How in the world did our conversation lead us here? (I don’t know man)

“I don’t know Yoongi. I don’t know.” you shook your head as the disbelief hit you again “you know Yoongi I still can’t believe that this is actually happening.”

“That’s understandable, but why try to explain it. Even if it is a dream why not let yourself enjoy it while it lasts. There’s no point in trying to over analyze and explain everything.” With that, he shoves more food in his mouth. “Why not, you know?” he says with his mouth full.

You chuckle a little “ewww, don’t talk with your mouthful,” even though you look adorable. You keep the last part to yourself.

-1:30 pm-

Yoongi pays and you both leave the restaurant.

“Since it’s your birthday, you can decide what to do next.”

“I thought you had everything planned out.”

“Ah, this was last minute and I can’t think of everything you know. I barely know my way around here” he says that but he seemed to know where to go pretty well you think skeptically.

“Hmmm okay, I think that we should go to the arcade then.” you say on a whim.

“Arcade? Okay, I won’t question you then, let’s go.”

He holds your hand again and you both start walking. “So that you won’t get lost again.”

“Yoongi do you even know where to go?”

“Nope” with that he pushes you ahead of him and tells you to lead the way. “Now, so that I won’t get lost.”


The arcade was fun. You both were a mess of laughter by the end of it. Yoongi seemed happy actually being the one running around from game to game so engaged in each and everyone. Watching him, you felt almost like a mother looking at their child fondly.

“Come on, come on,” Yoongi would urge you every time he wanted to go to a different game.

He was like a little kid sometimes you thought. He was so absolutely precious and adorable.

“Why are you staring at me?” Yoongi said and broke you out of your daze.

“You’re just very adorable Yoongi. So very precious and adorable.”

He just looked at you for a bit. “You are too you know.”

“Ahahaha” you laughed nervously not knowing how to respond, blushing slightly.

“So adorable…” he said to himself.

You turned around so that Yoongi wouldn’t see the fact that your cheeks were now the color of a tomato.

Upon composing yourself you turned around and said “let’s go get a cake. It is my birthday after all”

“But we should go redeem our tickets firstttttt” he whined.

Yoongi wanted to surprise you so you waited outside while he got something.

“Hey!” He handed over what he had gotten… a purple inflatable alien?

“Ah Yoongi, what’s that?”

“A huge inflatable purple alien.”

“Wow, how wonderful.”

“Ehhh don’t be sarcastic. Mr. Alien will get offended.”

“Mr. Alien?”

“Yes, Mr. Alien. Okay. Now let’s go.”


“Ah no, I don’t like that icing!”

“Ugh you’re so picky just chose a cake.”

“But I don’t like any of theseeeee.”

“That’s what you said at the last shop too, just pick one pleaseeee”

“Fine fine, why don’t you just pick one”

“No, you pick one I’ll be fine with whatever you pick”

You picked a cake after what seemed like hours of searching, Yoongi paid and you both left the store. Starting the long walk back home.

Since you’d gone to so many stores you didn’t notice the time go by. It was already starting to get dark.


“Wow, the stars are out already. It’s already so dark.” Yoongi says as he points to the stars.

“Yeah it’s so pretty, the street lights too. They’re kind of like the stars on earth.” (ehehe)  

“That’s a nice way of looking at it. People usually just scoff at them thinking that they’re the reason why we can’t see stars anymore too much light down here we no longer have the stars to be our light. But you’re right. Streetlights have become our own personal little stars” (lol what am I writing)

You smile at him fondly. Wondering just when you became so comfortable in his company. Just when you stopped questioning what was going on and just enjoyed your time with him.

He pokes your shoulder then does something very out of character and says “hey we’re almost there why don’t we have a race?” He starts running and you just stand there for a moment confused until you join him too.


Once you got home your parents were waiting for you. You set the cake on the table and put the candles on it.

Yoongi, however, was nowhere to be seen. “Where’s Yoongi?” you questioned your parents.

“Oh, he’ll be here in a moment, just sit here and get ready to blow out your candles.”

Your parents started singing happy birthday and you suddenly started to hear piano playing.

(lol gotta add piano in there somehow)

You made a wish (what you wish for huh?) and blew out your candles. The piano stopped playing. You knew it was Yoongi, who else could it be, but you still never thought that you’d actually get to hear him playing the piano.

Yoongi came in with a present wrapped up nicely in adorable red candy cane wrapping paper.

“Happy birthday Hope.” He said as he just handed the present over to you.

Unsure of what to say you just looked at him, something you seemed to be doing a lot today but you couldn’t complain.

He sat on a seat in front of you and told you to open the present.

He watched you struggle as you couldn’t quite get it open. Getting frustrated he said “ugh here I’ll help you.” He took the present and began to open it himself.

He looked at it happily before handing it over to you.

You almost started tearing up. It was just what you wanted.  (What was it eh?)

You got up and hugged Yoongi he seemed surprised for a bit but then reciprocated.

After eating the cake you left to go get ready to sleep.


Once you were done you came back outside to find Yoongi asleep on the couch in the living room.

He’s so adorable you thought for the 50th time today. You couldn’t  believe the day you’d just had. The fact that it was almost over made you almost want to cry. You’d become so used to being around Yoongi in the little time you were together you couldn’t imagine what it would be like without his presence there. (You were forever grateful to your amazing friend of course) “a Yoongi for the day.” The day was almost over. You sighed

Yoongi got up seeming to sense what you were thinking “you know there’s no use thinking about it now. There’s nothing we can do. Even still we’ll always have this day. So, if you want to remember this day well then we should make only good memories of this day not sad ones okay.”

It had been a seemingly ordinary day. Ordinary things. But it was so special, because of the person you were with. You agreed with what he said so for the rest of the day you pushed those feelings aside.


You continued to do ordinary things. Ordinary things made special by the person that you were with.

You brushed your teeth together. (why not lol)

Did sheet masks together.

Sat by each other.

Ate snacks and just talked for the rest of the day.

You were beyond tired at this point and eventually fell asleep while Yoongi was beside you.

Yoongi smiled down at you fondly. Realizing that it was finally time. All he could hope for was that Hope’s wonderfully amazing friend would hire him again for her birthday next year. (lol)


When you woke up you knew that he was missing. You didn’t know if it was all a dream. Didn’t want to know. What you did know though was that being a fan of him would never be the same again. The amount of love you had for him had only grown and you could never go back. Despite not knowing if you’d ever see him again and what it would be like if you did, you held on to the memories. The ones where he was smiling and happy. The ones where, when you look back there will be nothing but a warm feeling in your heart.


A/N: ahhhh I hope you like it Hope. I’m gifting you my worst work, sorry hehe I hope you weren’t expecting much. It wasn’t meant to be like this but it’s how it turned out. Please do keep in kind it got deleted 2 times so I spent much time on it hehe. Happy late birthday. Love ya! 

(side note I used more than 40 gifs while making this wow)

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IVORY YOU SCARED ME HALF TO DEATH I THOUGHT LU DID SOMETHING TERRIBLE. i mean in ur defense this is, like, a miracle of all miracles. who ever thought tht tayegi would admit to loving tf outta jjk WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE

HAHA oh my god, I am so sorry. Seriously though, Lu doing something terrible? The same woman, who thought the little numbers next to KakaoTalk messages signified rankings, doing something terrible? (@heungtanbts​ please tell me you remember this screenshot from 2015, I still have that whole file from our chat sdfgh)

But I know right!? I feel like we have entered an exciting new era of mystery and wonderment. Soon, the sky will be green and the grass will be blue.

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Since you asked so perfectly for ideas.. Maybe a summer music festival au with lead rocker Klaus in the band THE ORIGINALS and lucky vip ticket winner Caroline who doesn't even like the band but Katherine is in love with the guitar player....just a thot. <<3

Jennnnnnn! I love you more than I think you’ll ever know. Congrats on the job too. Awesome prompt, seriously…Hope it turns out okay.

Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Splendour in the Grass, July 2017 

“Why am I here exactly?” Caroline complained. Yes, Byron Bay was as pretty as she’d seen in all the brochures she’d perused and deliciously warm as the weather bureau has promised but she was still extremely bored. 

“Why do I feel like if I answer it’s going to sound like a broken record,” Katherine growled. “What part of music festival in beautiful Australia don’t you understand?”

“I’m not complaining…”

“But yet that whining is all I’ve heard for the past week.”

“I’m not that bad.”

“Oh, yes you are. I’d just really appreciate it if you could listen to their set without complaint give my competition win and then we can just go back home.”

“Fine,” Caroline conceded, albeit reluctantly. She didn’t mean to be such a wet blanket but rock music was something she tolerated reluctantly. She was only here for Katherine and her ridiculous crush on some musician.

The opening strains sounded out, Caroline was bored until the band took the makeshift stage. Katherine’s eyes were immediately on the guitarist. There was no denying his brunette locks and deep, brown eyes weren’t sexy. But Caroline’s attention was focused elsewhere.

He had blonde curls, crimson lips and dimples that really needed some kind of warning they were that disarming. Caroline suddenly felt herself a little distracted. But she decided to give him a chance before making up her mind completely. 

He was extremely hot, especially the way he strummed that guitar as his gravely vocals found their way across the tent. There was no doubting he was sexy but Caroline had no intention of  admitting that to this arrogant ass. His blue eyes found hers unexpectedly and she was struggling to contain her composure. She’d rather die than admit that he had any effect on her whatsoever.

“Drinks start at 7pm,” Katherine shared a while later, perfecting her lips in the small mirror in their trailer. “Are you going to wear that?”   

“What’s wrong with this?”

“I suddenly feel like I’ve been transported back to the Sound of Music,” Katherine admitted. 

“Does this look like a habit?” She squeaked, perusing her outfit. 

“Might as well be,” Katherine murmured. “So, let’s just go.” Even though it was winter, the tropical air was stifling. 

Caroline didn’t care, in fact she hoped that Katherine’s ridiculous dreams would disappear and they’d return to the States soon. She ran away quickly leaving Caroline very alone. 

“Your disinterest is stifling,” he’d offered, his voice tickling the stray locks of her blonde hair.  

“Well, then I think you need to get a new hobby,” she shot back without thinking. 

“Fair enough, but I’m curious as to why you’re here, in the first place,” he smiled.

“Apparently you’re some kind of celebrity according to my best friend and I was doing my roommate duty.”

“So this is pretty much punishment for you.”

“You said it, not me,” Caroline admitted. “Just make her dreams come true then go away.”

“And you don’t have any dreams?” He responded, all too quickly. Caroline was trying to ignore just how gorgeous he looked at this close proximity. His sexy stubble was doing nothing to calm the tingling below. 

“Last time I checked they weren’t any of your business.” 

“Maybe so,” he murmured. “But if you want to tell me anytime let me know.” Caroline couldn’t help herself, rolling her eyes in the process.   

“You really are a cliche.”

“You don’t know anything about me,” he argued. “How about actually taking a chance?”

“On you?” she promised, albeit unconvincingly.  

“I don’t sing that badly.”

“But your arrogance is off the charts..”

“So, what exactly do you suggest?” 

Their sexual chemistry was enough to send them into the bedroom after much arguments. The rest, as they say, was history.  

TLJ Reylo Questions: Tagged by @obiwanisbae (Thanks lovely! ;D)

1. Kylo’s messier look: yay or nay?

I was a tad concerned at first, but I did like the change to a degree. I love it now, TBH. *whispers* I want Rey to fluff that hair until he looks like he’s just crawled out of bed.

2. What do you think Rey and Kylo’s first words to each other will be?

I seriously think Kylo will simply say, “Rey.” With Rey it’s a bit more complicated. It depends on what she actually knows about Kylo’s past and where Luke and her are in their interactions. She might run at him like a feral maniac, lightsaber raised and teeth bared sending our boy’s besotted heart into a flutter. 

Wasn’t there a toy of Kylo that had a line about Luke Skywalker, though? Something like, “You will bring Luke Skywalker to me.” *shrugs*

3. Will you still ship them if they turn out to be related?

No, but I’m 100% sure they are not. Rey is a fellow lead in a trilogy with an already dramatic-sad-puppy-redemption-primed Skywalker. He’s got enough drama for the whole Skywalker family. Making Rey a Skywalker would diminish her unique contribution to the story. She has her own path to forge and her own history to contend with. On a side note: same with Finn. 

4. Would you prefer if Rey called Kylo “Kylo” or “Ben”? 

Kylo in the beginning and then Ben if/when he’s ready to be called that again. (SAME

^^^ DITTO.

5. Would you rather Rey make a remark about Kylo’s scar to him or have a scene where Kylo tends to the scar?

The second option. If we had a scene where Kylo looks in a mirror and tracks the scar with his fingers (thinking of Rey), I’d die happy. (SAME!!! Lol I’m keeping your answers taylor cuz we think alike)

^^^ This answer is perfect as is. ;)

6. Rey’s hair buns coming down: yay or nay?

I’ll be totally honest – I’m shallow when it comes to this question. Definitely down. I like free, flowing hair. Though, I do understand the change from a symbolic stand-point and I agree with that angle, too. Rey is maturing and learning more about her place in the world.

7. If they fight physically, who will yield first: Kylo or Rey?

I think it could go either way, depends on he circumstance. (Tho, it’s prob kylo) 

^^^ No need to change this one, either! <3

Tagging: @knights-of-ben-solo @kylosreach @unashamedreylo @jackpotgirl @mab-hatter (No need to do this if you do not wish to.)

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D P R and W for the fluffy headcannons with Jack Kelly and Clyde Barrow please? Thank you so much!


D = dreams (what do they want to do in life?) answered this one earlier  

P = parent (what kind of parent would they be?) BEST DAD full out brags about his child and spoils them a little bit too much. Constantly playing with his child and WILL DRAW/PAINT WITH ME seriously Jack lets his child draw on their bedroom walls  

R = romantic (are they romantic during the relationship?) he has his moments, lots of kisses and cuddles. he goes all out for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries 

W = wedding (what was the wedding like?) Okay so Jack probably elopes with you in Sante Fe. He doesn’t want a big wedding because he doesn’t need to make a show of how much you two love each other


D = dreams (what do they want to do in life?) okay so I can see him as a mechanic and running his own shop and all that BUT picture this… He cleans up his act and becomes a cop because he wants to protect everyone unlike the officers he had around as a kid

P = parent (what kind of parent would they be?) Super protective, at first he’s super nervous that he won’t be a good father but the second he holds his child he goes into super dad mood. Also, Clyde has a HUGE family, like six kids easily 

R = romantic (are they romantic during the relationship?) Answered this one I believe 

W = wedding (what was the wedding like?) It’s probably a small backyard wedding with just friends and family and it isn’t very long. as in the second you two are legally married he is carrying to the car to drive off with you