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[SPOILERS] Fairy Tail Chapter 537 Reactions

So, turns out I was right with the whole Romeo and Juliet thing.

Wow, I don’t really know what to say? I’d like to tell Mashima that this is so cheesy and cliché but then again, isn’t he always? This is what makes me prefer Rave Master over Fairy Tail (sometimes). Even though Sieghart died. 

Despite my disappointment with Mashima’s cliché-ness and etc, I was still sad when this part came. I don’t know, I guess it’s just my inner romantic self at work or whatever.

Isn’t it sad that you have to die by the hand of the person you loved the most? Yeah, I get the drama that Mashima tried to bring. The tragedy of their love story that they can never be together. It’s nice.

Now THIS PART fucked me up.

Are you meaning to tell me that at that time, Mavis made love to Zeref but she wasn’t sure of love? That’s really messed up and even more harrowing. It kind of made it seem like Zeref’s love was only one-sided, which is really, really sad and so like him as well.

I just realized as well that without Zeref, there would be no Fairy Tail. Because how would Mavis learn enough magic to be that powerful and etc. Wow, so Zeref is basically the root of many things, despite people thinking they all are bad.

That’s… idk anymore.

I love how Mavis is so torn between loving or hating him though. I really like that angst, but let’s be honest here, the angst in their love story is pretty weak compared to some stuff I’ve read. STILL, I liked it. Good job, Mashima, for making me like this chapter despite me being heavily disappointed in it.

Ahh, I don’t know if I should love or hate this chapter, too!

OKAY, not gonna lie!!!! This part made me feel pain! It must be a tsunami of relief for Zeref that finally he’s going to die for real.

It’s okay, I will try not to insult you anymore because I want you to rest in peace.

Who would have thought that he would actually die though?! I thought he would still live but repent or something idk. I guess the story wouldn’t really end that way anyway but BAH! I don’t care anymore!

The next scene made me curse out loud, I swear.


I thought, “Finally! Someone is actually dead! It’s been a few chapters and Makarov is still dead! This is turning out good!”

I was oh so wrong. I mean seriously, Mashima? The character development just kind of sucks when you make it out like this :( I’m so disappointed. SO UGHHHHH I JUST WANT TO SCREAM!

DAMN IT, I can’t deny though that it made my heart flutter in happiness when Laxus cried. But still, STILL, IT SHOULDN’T BE THIS WAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

*Sighs* I have no words anymore for this chapter.

However, about my Zeref and Lucy story, I just realized that if I want to make it realistic as possible, then Zeref has to die since Lucy loves him :/ But I’m going to change that now and really separate it from the FTverse so I can make them work.

That’s all! Let’s all tune in to the last 9 chapters it has left :) 

Blindspot 2x21 recap

(Aka the one where Sandstorm takes the NYO)

So it’s been like five days and I’m still screaming internally over how FREAKIN AMAZEBALLS this episode was. Tbh if I didn’t have to make sure I survive to see the finale, I probably would have died already. Like seriously, this show is 100% back to its old self, and with a VENGEANCE. Thank god for a guaranteed season three…

Anyhow, more screaming below the cut. 

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If you hadn't said any things I probably wouldn't know about the derekstiles URL like someone needs to like hack them or something ughhhhh

Sorry!!!! I know it would be best to not know a thing about that one. It used to make me so angry when i found out. Now i’m mostly just meh about it, but it’s still shitty and petty and seriously that person must have a really boring and lonely life

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