like seriously ohmygod

Dog Trainer Problems

When we first brought Rudy home we did a lot of quick runs to Petsmart in order to get supplies. On one such visit we bumped into the head trainer there.

Trainer: “Oh! Look at your little puppy! He’s so cute!”

Me: “Please don’t pet him. We’re trying to teach him not to get excited around people, since he’s going to be a Service Dog In Training.”

Trainer: *reaches out and starts petting Rudy* “Well, that’s okay. We can work on that later, can’t we? You’re just a little puppy!”

Me: *dislocates wrist trying to hold onto Rudy as he attempts to squirm out of my arms to meet the trainer* 

rant time

you know what makes me so mad?? that people do all they can do to hurt ashton. like if you hate 5sos you come for ashton ike you come for his “daddy issues” or his looks it makes me SO MAD cause daddy issues are NOTHING to joke about  and that he “cant sing” LOL u thought bitch have yall heard him in broken pieces just saying dont stop and wilay and many others. and he takes all this to heart yall know that thats why you stay coming at ashton. people who come at ashton disgust me all he wants is your happiness and to like to make good music for us and you guys STAY coming at him he has such a big heart oh yeah and you guys come at his old mental health issues too which ISNT FUNNY AT ALL. its such a serious thing. hes just such an important person and he needs to be appreciated SO MUCH MORE than he is. hes amazing and he loves every single one of us unconditionally and it honestly breaks my heart when i know hes sad cause of us so before any of you come for ashton think before you say anything cause he sees it too and if i see ashton hate on my dash ur gonna be blocked. keep your disgustin opinions to yaself buhbye