like seriously i love their designs

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Funny how we can't see m in any of the pics inside of the event, did u get lost inside? Did u even get in or did u just show up for this pic? On DEH she made sure we all knew she was with him "all night", before, during and after but here we have just one pic!? And the the way he's touching her waist? That's not lovely is like "behave". Seriously how can people not see how uncomfortable and painful he looks!? That's not relaxed is tired of this bs!

I too have noticed her post red carpet absence.

Was she not invited backstage? Maybe? Perhaps she meet up with the real bf who I am quickly loosing all respect for?

Darren was in full daisy mood hanging out with openly gay men and fashion designers. That much is obvious. “Casually copping a feel from the handsomest man on the planet.”

It’s baffling people don’t see the contrast between Darren with her and Darren with practically any other human on the planet. It’s night and day.

The whole thing is a joke. Don’t think Darren isn’t aware. For whatever reason. He agreed to take her. I’m guessing under duress. I don’t think he was given a choice. But once again. He did not play nicely. He made his feeling well known. And as always. It’s up to us to pay attention. Because he’s still talking loudly.

Meanwhile his idiot manager is doing an excellent job of making an already disastrous situation a million times worse by creating a new fake PR couple that is utterly transparent and that we called weeks ago. And in the process. Humiliating everyone involved. How he gets paid to do this is beyond comprehension.

No one will walk away from this with their dignity in tack. Thankfully Darren has his talent. So he will win. But he needs to run soon before this gets worse.

I haven’t finished the game yet but since Alisha’s a princess, I really wanted to see her dressed as one so tadah!

Also it’s been a while since I designed anything so I really wanted to do something fancy!


Gonna be honest though, without the new season coming soon, I would have probably never heard of this show ever. BUT BOI IS IT GOOD !! 

It’s honestly one of the most clever shows I’ve ever seen, there are a LOT of silent moments when the animators completely understood this “show don’t tell” motto and I LOVE THAT !! (also, I’m in love with Aku’s design, like it’s so good ???!!)

I’m currently halfway into season one and the only thing I wanna say is: seriously Jack, you’re in the future and everyone wants to kill you, stop trusting everyone.  

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Hiiii! I'm writing a story where Earth orbit has gone FULL KESSLER and is now pretty much a space blender. I want to know 1) would the night sky look different, besides falling debris? Would it look like static across the moon? 2) Could a magnetic "scrubber" satellite designed to be shot up there, attract a bunch of junk, and drop into the ocean possibly work? 3) How long (years) would it take for us to go full kessler, with no efforts to prevent it? Thank you! I love this blog :)

FULL KESSLER and space blender huh? 

So the thing about stuff in orbit around the Earth- even low Earth orbit- is that it’s going to be incredibly hard to spot, especially if it’s not emitting light. There’s a lot of junk already up there (seriously- take a look), and it isn’t super visible unless it’s reflecting light from the sun and you’re in a pretty dark place. If it became incredibly dense- and I mean incredibly, incredibly dense- it might make the moon “twinkle” or seem to get dimmer/brighter, but it would still be hard to see the individual satellites.

But, if the stuff is falling and burning up in the atmosphere, they’ll be visible and look an awful lot like a meteor shower. 

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As we are now, I don’t think we have enough junk up there for going full kessler to be a problem right now. There’s a lot up there sure, but space is a big place. A lot of damage to satellites isn’t from large collisions, but very small ones, too small to track- something as small as a paint chip from a different satellite. That said, if we keep sending stuff up there (and a LOT of it), it might present a problem- I’m not sure about how many years it would take. It also wouldn’t present much of a problem to us on Earth- most objects will burn up entirely in the atmosphere if they fall out of orbit. The concern is mostly for the satellites we’re still using and any future spaceships we want to launch.

As for magnetic satellites, sure! Japan had a similar idea a few years back- they were planning to launch a satellite carrying a thin magnetic net to attract the smaller debris, and then let it burn up in the atmosphere. That was in 2014; I’m not sure how their tests went.

Hope that answers all of your questions- feel free to stop by again!

- Kate

favourite moments of voltron s2 (in no particular order)

-all of the backstory. all of it.

-like basically every fan theory being right (especially one in particular, started from a crack theory now we’re here)

-lance buying a cow and then it just, never shows up again? (what happened to the cow??)

-voltron’s giant ass sword ft. four bayards (seriously how fucking big is that thing)

-allura and the mice


-speaking of pidge, the whole episode about the forest and technology and everything being connected (and that one moment with the glowing tree design that turns into circuitry i love)

-lance and keith’s stupid immature rivalry still going strong

-so much more keith and shiro. i love them

-hunk being a chef at vrepit sal’s

-more lance angst

-more keith angst

-pidge and gender troubles (i’m pretty sure that’s a confirmed nonbinary pidge? if the fact that no pronouns have been used for them since episode 5 of s1 wasn’t enough of a clue)

-all the coran and allura scenes

-shiro vs zarkon via mindscape

-every single time red comes to rescue keith (all four of them, like kid i know you’re supposed to rely on instinct and all that but im pretty sure you’re supposed to be flying the lion not the other way around. it is really cute though)

-slav. just, slav.

-hunk being a more important character and people appreciating him more


-younger coran

-that one splitscreen with all seven of them

-the galra prison named beta traz

-this screenshot:


I made a human!Stick-Cat just for fun :‘3 I really like how both came out!! X3
Stick-Cat belongs to @nekophy
I made the human design :3


This looks like the pencils for the cover of Batman #17 “I Am Bane, Part 2″, but what I’m really excited about is that Scarecrow there! He’s got his hat back! Seriously look at this amazing cover! Even if your not a fan of David Finch, you have to admit this is epic looking.


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what's your favourite thing about shirabu? just wondering, since there's a lot of him on your blog ^_^


(I could rant for 3 hours probably, but you asked for The Favourite Thing so I gave that some thought..)

I think the reason why he stood out to me when I first read the manga: his design combined with his tough and salty attitude.

But what really really gets me is that he is sorta… scary.

He is one of those people who are driven by a spark, have a clear aim in their head, and do everything they can to achieve it. (Just look at those eyes they give me chills all over) He has this obsessive personality that speaks to me, without being corrupt or sly.

He has a pure, real fascination with Ushijima and Volleyball. He doesn’t pride himself as being the most important, he doesn’t strive for attention or praise (he’s seems confident and practical like that; knowing when his plays are good, knowing when he fucked up Big Time) - He plays to see that sort of power happening in front of him, because of him.

And he has a mental strength and discipline that my past self can relate to (that’s a story for Another Time) which leaves a very bittersweet feeling.


Another thing that just won’t let me go: his inner conflict and doubt which was never clearly answered.

“Faced with such amazing raw potential, wouldn’t the setter’s will be superfluous and wholly unnecessary?”

It is a way of showing that he gave up part of himself to get what he wanted. It is a conflict, it is hard, he seems like he is suffering and out of place or nothing special- amongst The Big Guys, the Miracle Boys- where his actual flashy skill is not required.

But he tries to keep up and pushes himself harder, and he is not less important than the others on the team. It is something he wanted, he decided that for himself and did it, and I think there are people who don’t think it is worth it or a good idea. But the reasons for why he chose this could be so multifarious! It makes me want to explore his personality, past and future. This right here is something that fascinates me!

tl;dr Shirabu is complex! And completely underrated~

Hi so I’m super in love with @pengychan‘s Flat Dreams fanfic (seriously, go read it) and @doodledrawsthings designs for all the characters and have been meaning to upload art for awhile because I’ve been shamefully drawing in secret. Because. I’m sorry I really really really really like drawing your designs! Although I gave Liam swooshy hair…because it seemed fitting.

I’m gonna go back into hiding now.

You know I still got it. You could have call out.

I’m fine Korra. I simply tripped over the tool box.

You are no spring chicken now and could have really hurt yourself. 

Why don’t you just enjoy a genuine excuse to be hold like this?

korrasami week day 6 - safe again (I just love the idea that Asami getting into trouble in the workshop ever since I saw willoghby‘s Day 4 post)

People glorify all the works of past artists as if they were dignified and dedicated their lives to perfect their work when in reality it’s like:
Leonardo Da Vinci procrastinated sooo much on the Mona Lisa and didn’t really give a shit about it because he was more interested in designing inventions

Caravaggio loved to pick fights and was basically the epitome of “FIGHT ME” despite being one of the most revered Baroque artists

Michelangelo basically created the Sistine Chapel the way he did as a fuck you to the Pope. When the Pope would visit and be like why the fuck are they buff and naked Michelangelo would basically say, “I’m the artist, I’m the one getting paint in my eyes so shut the fuck up”

Brunelleschi was soo paranoid about people stealing his plans and threatened by Battista, who was creating the gold doors of the baptistry, the he regularly fired and rehired workers so much that now literally no one knows how the fuck he made such a big dome with so little support.

For a long time a calligraphy signature found in the Hagia Sophia was thought to have been some sort of important saying and when they finally translated it, it was a viking who basically wrote “Haldid was here”

Art was and will always be a shit show

hhhh finally done

B-day gift for @gatobob !!

Sorry Anthony and Chet aren’t there ^^; I have a seriously shitty cold rn and honestly the only thing I wanted to do today besides survive was finish this. Also I’m sorry if any of the designs aren’t accurate! I tried my best ahah…First time drawing Farz, Sid, and Lawrence too. (Also skinnier Strade but that’s besides the point ok)

anyways, happy birthday, Gato! You are honestly an inspiration to me, and the fact we least somewhat acquainted is like…-high pitched screaming-
you’re really sweet and your writing is also great! I loved TINR and I’m so excited to see the new webcomic when that begins!

I hope you had a good day, and that you got to spend it with the people you love!!

Also, if I upload this on my dA too and tag you, sorry! qvq I don’t want it to get repetitive seeing this or anything oml - Vince

It’s the fusion mermaid brigade!
based on @panthra mermaid design

We are not using her voice, do we still have to pay her? Yes? fair enough. I’ll never again speak of sugilite without quoting this

Jokes aside, the original credits goes to Panthra and you can check that POWERHOUSE here. BOI, I love the fact that she’s a shark?! It fits her so well! Like all that shark phobia shatters when you realize that sharks are kinda adorable? Also, her teeth scream SHARK? great call, and also an awesome design, seriously A++

Mini fangirl moment

Have you ever just been and watched a movie, then felt so empowered afterwards? Like I’m so ready to do stuff and be motivated and be amazing??

Doctor Strange just did that to me.

Originally posted by sirenja-and-the-stag

Me and my friends just spontaneously went and watched it. I said yes to the idea immediately because I’ve been looking forward to seeing it ever since I heard of it. I’m a big fan of Marvel movies.

Idk it was just everything I loved rolled into one? The designs were fantastic, with the special effects and cinematics. I’m also a sucker for anything involving space travel or futuristic travel and the such.

On top of that, Cumberbatch is one of my favourite actors and the thing I love about watching him is because he makes me remember why I used to love drama so much. Seriously I wish I could get back into acting, I love it.

And the music… oh don’t get me started. I’m studying screen music, and I wish I could have been a part of it. The music was so dynamic fitting along to all the fighting routines and the dramatic inception of locations.

Ugh I’m having fangirl moments right now, and all for the best reasons. It made me feel so g r e a t . Been a while since I saw a movie that made me feel that, I will definitely be purchasing it on dvd and waiting anxiously for his appearance in the next Thor.

honestly, I draw my main bill so small and i love it. He reminds me of like a very small angry cat.

Dippers face looks so weird here omf

art is mine. dont repost without credit, thanks! <3

(also im not forcing you to ship it. if you dont like it then ignore it.)