like seriously i can't with these two

Warm up of casual touches and exciting new relationships.


NaLu and StarCo

Best friend ships hug

I TOTALLY LOVE THESE TWO ahhhhhh I’m sorry but I will go down with these shiiiips (◕‿◕✿)


#and this, ladies and gentleman, is what i call - development


MC: And you two can stop by whenever you want to see her, alright?

Saeyoung: MC, you are an angel! ★

Saeran: Seriously, thank you. You’re doing me a huge favor by taking her off our hands.

Saeyoung: *pouting*

MC: Hehehe.


Look at them being smooth af

We see your hands guys! (¬‿¬)

Real Bts conversation: Bangtan Christmas 🎄present party🎁
  • Yoongi: I wanted Jiminnie or Hobi to get it
  • Jimin: Why?
  • Yoongi: Because it seems like you two would actually carry it around
  • Jimin: Ah seriously. I won't carry this around.
  • Namjoon: Jimin doesn't even like this stuff either.
  • Seokjin: I will carry it around. Trust me, seriously, Trust me!
  • Yoongi: Okay i'm going to check your bag next time
  • T/N: Yoongi's present was an acrylic standee of himself

This is what happens when you make jokes



no seriously guys, who is the hottest for ya?

Wow!!! We hit 11k today! Thank you all so much! We’re all super appreciative. I honestly never even considered 10k. I told my roomies, who are now the two other mods, that I’d upload a video of me playing History Maker on guitar if I ever achieved 10k. That’s how impossible it seemed to me, back in October when we got our first thousand.

You guys are all so amazing. I still can’t believe some of you guys have made art related to this silly blog. You’re all just so lovely and talented. I love Yuri on Ice so much and I’m so happy to be able to share that love with all of you.

I’ll spare you my bad guitar playing, but if we get 15k, I’m considering a Yuri on Ice tattoo…

Lots of love and yummy katsudon!
Mod Star

Carla: Why do you still like that necklace of yours? It’s getting old.

Yui: You’re getting old but I still like you.

Carla: Shin must have fed you some of his dog food because you’re being a bitch.

Types of Characters in Ships
  • Character #1: You ship them with everyone, and I mean EVERYONE.
  • Character #2: You ship them with everyone EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE PERSON. Like, all of these other ships "awwww" but with that person? Ewwwwwww! You will unfollow someone if they ship these two together...just no...okay? Just no. Ugh, you need Buddha, Jesus and Allah.
  • Character #3: You ship them with one person and person only. This is most likely to be your OTP and you have and WILL unfollow someone if they ship the characters with someone else.
Two things I will always wonder about the Dragon Age Universe:

1. What is Anders’ real name?

2. How the fuck do Qunari sleep with those giant-ass horns? Like seriously??? I need to know, Bioware!!!

does anyone else hate when ppl just stare at you? Bc i do & i feel like i’m definitely not alone on that, its a pretty universal thing… so like… why ppl gotta stare..

Seriously guys I can’t stop looking at the behind the scenes photos of Kit and Emilia like it is just too damn satisfying. Like I’ve waited so long for these two beautiful babies to meet and now it’s finally happening?. I honestly think that I’m gonna lose my shit when the season premieres. Everytime I see all the pictures of them two I end up having this stupid grin on my face and get all giddy with excitement. Can season 7 just come already? My heart can’t take it!.

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It’s like spring has awakened every Top Kook fan in Korea all at once (seriously, what’s going on…how did this mysterious force manage to get Kook/Min, Kook/V, and Kook/Shoob fans to come together??), and I… want to go to there.