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I'm a huge Jarchie fan because I love their chemistry and how angsty they are. I love both Archie and Jughead, I possibly even love Archie more but I'll see how he progresses but are you telling me there are Jarchie fans that don't like Archie?? How does that work?? Like not judging but seriously how??

i know?? like i understand having fave characters but that’s completely different to shipping something purely bc your fave is a part of the ship, and then essentially overlooking the other character?? i dont get it?? 

Seriously though I feel SO satisfied by that 3 second interaction betwen dan and phils mum like… i have ALWAYS wondered about the relationship between dan and phil’s famalam - they go on holidays together. In their younger years dan basically lived at phil’s house (slight exaggeration okay) like… how does it work? What does she think of him? Is he a second son to her? Does she think he’s Phil’s best friend or internet friend or husband or work partner or what?

All I know is that it took Dan approximately 0.00003 milliseconds after she came on the phone to transform into a polite, charming little fucker that sounded a hell of a lot like a suck-up trying to schmooze his boyfriend’s parents 

“Hi, by the way, how are you?” 

I see right though you, Daniel

Jumin Savage Han Pt. 2

Zen: I can’t do this shit anymore. Seriously, why does V keep making us work together.

Jumin: Well you don’t to need keep asking such rhetorical and pointless questions.

Zen: And I didn’t ask for your attitude either but here we are.

Jumin: I wouldn’t have an attitude if you knew how to cooperate with other people.

Zen: You’re one to talk about team work when you act like a dictator towards your employees.

Jumin: Who’s the hypocrite when you throw a temper tantrum at your rehearsals because you’re not noticed for 0.8 seconds.

Zen: V! Can’t you see how much he bullies me!?

V: I’m blind.

Jumin: He’s not the only blind one here.

Zen: I heard that!

Jumin: Good. I’m proud of you for understanding basic functions.

Zen: I’ve had it. You think you’re so great-

Jumin: I don’t think, I know I am.

Zen: Well you’re not! You think you’re so amazing because you’re hot and-

Jumin: You think I’m hot?

Zen: Wha- No! Don’t twist my words around!

Jumin: -small smile- You’re not bad looking yourself.

Jaehee: What?

Jumin: I said he’s ugly!

Zen: Well you’re uglier!

Jaehee: I give up.

Leverage episodes I wish we saw:

  • the everyone meets hardison’s nana job 
  • the accidental acquisition of a baby job
  • the canon OT3 we’re not being coy like in the Rundown Job job
  • the one-off not quite canon within the story supernatural/fantasy elements job
  • the fake a cryptid (either bigfoot or el chupacabra) job 
  • the circus job (I really want to see Parker the acrobat)
  • the explain how their clients even find them job. Like seriously do they advertise??? How does this work???

As much as I enjoy Supergirl season 2, with gay Alex and the dctv crossover and all, I really, really miss season 1.
I miss Kara having to balance her day job and being a superhero. Now she is hardly seen working. She hangs out at the DEO most of the time now. And James has wayyy too much free time. How can you be the boss of such a big company like Catco and be the Guardian at the same time? I mean, we all see Cat having to work ‘til night time. How does he fit all that into his schedule? Did he take his work seriously? Miss Grant’s going to be so mad if she knows. And I miss her. I miss Cat Grant so damn much. Kara needs a mentor and Cat is the perfect one (also probably lover too, but the writers hate us SuperCat fans). I miss her perfect insults and advices and I just really miss Cat Grant right now.
I miss the SuperFriends too. The whole group with Winn and James and Kara. Now it’s more like “Winn and James” and “Kara and Mon-el”. I know they are trying to make a new love interest for Kara, but still. And how did Kara just get over James after pining after him for 20 episodes? I don’t ship Karolsen, but that does not make sense. And where the heck is Lucy Lane?
I just really miss season 1 okay?

I think it's pretty canon now
  • ***During Jaehee's route***
  • MC: I feel bad for Jaehee.
  • Zen: That's because Jumin is a jerk.
  • MC: He really shouldn't---
  • Zen: He's always making her overwork, like last year when he did that meerkat thing even though they were so busy?
  • MC: I didn't know---
  • Zen: Jumin has lots of projects that are non-profit and are all for de-stressing and giving something back to the community, and he takes them as seriously as he does the rest of his business.
  • MC: Ah, that's---
  • Zen: I seriously can't understand how Jumin manages to create more work, and it's not that he doesn't do anything, because he works just as much as everyone else, or possibly more, he's a workaholic and never gets enough rest!
  • MC: ...
  • Zen: Jumin, that jerk -_-
  • MC: I see you're close to Jaehee.
  • Zen: Hm? No, we don't speak much. She might talk to you since you're a girl.
  • MC: ...
  • Zen: Omg, look at the time! I gotta go. Byyye!
  • ***Zen leaves the conversation***
  • MC: ...;;;

Jin: Suddenly starts spending more time with Namjoon in a bid to make you jealous.

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Suga: Is mildly amused by how obsessed you are with fictional characters but seriously cannot understand what he must do to gain your love.

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J-Hope: Does 101 stupid/random/funny things to get you to laugh at him.

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Rap Monster: Breaks everything valuable in the house (in a wild temper tantrum) because getting scolded is better than being ignored by you.

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Jimin: One day when you come home from work/school you’ll find the wi-fi down and the TV disconnected and Jimin sitting on the couch like…

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V: Turns from baby to daddy real quick when he realizes you’re paying more attention to Sam Maek Jong than to Han Sung.

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Jungkook: Complains to all his hyungs and ropes them in to help him with his situation.

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Welcome to Hell - Human Mephistopheles Headcanons

  • He was definitely a music major in college. There are few instruments he can’t play, but his main instrument was the trombone (for the memes).
  • After college he did orchestral work for several years, switching between instruments to avoid boredom. Eventually, he decides that what he wants to do is to teach. This was a mistake, dear god someone save him.
  • He always starts the first day of the new school year by announcing ‘Welcome to hell.’ (Seriously, why did he think teaching high school band was a good choice?)
  • Mephi does not know how to play any string instruments (besides guitars and the like), so Tom had to be hired to handle that section.
  • Unknown to his students, Mephi is just as skilled in playing more modern music. He once was part of a garage band that never really played anywhere, mostly because they kept changing their minds about what sort of music they would play.
  • Sock plays violin and is taught by Tom, but somehow has managed to get attached to Mephi and comes to bug Mephi during his free time. He’s the only one who knows the extent of how truly adverse Mephi is to playing/learning string instruments.
  • Jonathan sometimes hides out in the band room. Mephi can’t be bothered to kick him out and sometimes they talk music. Mostly its mutual ignoring of each other. Sometimes he takes off his headphones to listen to Mephi play and is the only one in school who knows about Mephi’s garage band days.
  • It’s because of the way they hang out around Mephi that Sock and Jonathan meet and eventually become friends. Mephi makes sly jokes about them being together and him being a third wheel when they hang out in the band room.

This is less of ‘Human Mephistopheles hc’ post and more of a Band A/U post, hahaha. Oops. Feel free to add to it if you have any ideas for any one else in this A/U.

how does this work
  • Me: *posts some quality content and true facts that took me an hour to write*
  • Post: *gets 5 notes*
  • Me: *posts a shitpost about ships that took me 2 seconds*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Okay, tumblr.
On Her Period Sentence Starters

“You know, if I was pregnant, this wouldn’t be a problem.”
“Am I dying? I feel like I’m dying.”
“At least I know I’m not pregnant…”
“I don’t even want kids! This is stupid.”
“I can eat whatever I want. I deserve it.”
“How have I not passed out from bloodloss? Seriously.”
“I hate everyone. And everything.”
“Why does God hate women?!”
“The government needs to start paying for tampons.”
“I just want to curl up in a ball and die.”
“I don’t want to go to work. Why do I have to go to work?’
"I’m just sick and tired and bloated and gross.”
“I’m so hungry.”
“I hate my life.”
“Where is my heating pad?!”
“People should just stay clear of me during this time in my life.”
“I’m too sensitive. And angry.”
“I’m so horny but I’m so gross.”
“I thought it was only meant to last like 5 days. What is this?”
“ I’m seriously going to kill someone.”
“Oh my god oh my god oh my god I think I’m leaking.”
“Fuck. I just sneezed. Oh, that did NOT feel good.”
“I think it’s creeping up my back, END ME.”
“There is nothing ‘vagical’ about this!”
“I’m on my period. According to society, I’m allowed to be a bitch.”

No matter how I look at it, Yongguk is the perfect guy in terms of everything. He loves children, donating to charity is in his second nature, his smile is one of the post purest most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, he respects the elderly, he’s intelligent, he works hard and is committed to what he does, he’s like a father figure to all of his members, he’s strong and stands for whats right, he’s downright gorgeous, and his voice is a blessing to all of us. But seriously though, whoever marries this man will hit the biggest jackpot there is.

The Struggles of Packing. (all experienced before 7:00 this morning.)

1. Where does a dick go?

2. How do you stop a dick from falling out?

3. Why did the dick disappear when I put my pants on?

4. Does it look like I have a dick or not?

5. How big is it supposed to be?

6. Okay, it looks like I have a dick. Does it look real?

7. I’m going to have to go through this every time I have to pee. 

8. How do you walk with a dick?

9. No, seriously. How do you stop a dick from falling out?

10. I have to bend down to tie my shoe but shit, my dick is in the way. 

11. How the fuck am I supposed to sit with this between my legs?

12. Does this guy on the bus notice that I’m lowkey staring at his dick trying to figure out how it works?

13. Why is that guys dick sideways how does he do that?

14. What if it falls down my leg when I stand up and I have to come up with an excuse for having a phallic object on my thigh?

15. Okay, at least if I walk crotch-first into a table I won’t feel it. 

MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: How they cheer you up when you’re sick in the hospital

(I made these into paragraphs cause it really didn’t sound right as a list in my opinion)


He’s always overly worried about you, even when there really isn’t a reason to be. He’s strict about you getting your rest but he’ll hold your hand and take walks with you outside of the hospital, and he always brings you food because he knows how much you hate the food there. Sometimes he sneaks White (his cat) in so you can play with her He brings your school work so that you don’t fall behind but most of the time he does it for you anyway because he doesn’t want you to get stressed. Will bring little games you guys can play, like Uno which he takes very seriously and hates losing. He doesn’t care if he’s tired or if he has a lot of homework to do, he’s going to hang out with you no matter what. He usually falls asleep sitting on a chair with his arms folded on the bed. When he leaves you’re already asleep and he kisses your cheek and leave you a note saying he’ll be back tomorrow.


He’s definitely one to be running you around the hallways in a wheelchair cause this guy gives no f***s about what anyone has to say. He’s always getting kicked out for doing something stupid but he somehow manages to sneak back in every single time and by the time the doctors catch him visiting hours are already over so it doesn’t matter anymore. He’ll occasionally hide in the bathroom or something so that he can stay past visitation hours. He’ll usually stay with you until like midnight. He always bring you some kind of junk food, and he’ll bring you a laptop with his Netflix so you can bring watch whatever you want. He’ll definitely make out with you because for whatever reason this guy does not get sick like wtf.


Kind of cliché but he does bring you flowers, just to brighten up the room a bit. He’ll walk with you around the hospital just to get you out of that room for a bit, because he really hated it when he was in there. Will sit and talk with you all day and doesn’t leave until the very last second of visitation hours. He’ll just quietly sit in the corner and be writing while you do your own thing. He just wants to show you he’s there for you. He would write a really cheesy poem for you as a joke telling you to get better soon.He can be surprisingly really funny sometimes. He’ll get you pretty much anything you want if it will make you happy. He’ll also cuddle with you on the bed and you guys fall asleep occasionally. When he has to go home he’ll sweetly place a kiss on your forehead and hands, then hug you for the longest time ever.


You’re never bored with Armin. He’s got his game consoles for you on deck, he’ll bring board games, junk food, and of course he’s gonna bring his ferret with him. He’d probably roll around the hallways on a wheelchair with you in his lap, or you guys would just unnecessarily go up and down the elevator. You guys get into some pretty heated fights when you play games together but it’s always funny. He swears you cheat. He’s gonna kiss you, and he honestly doesn’t even care if he gets sick or not. He’d get kicked out a lot and while he wouldn’t manage to sneak back in he’s definitely gonna call you to come outside so you guys can spend more time together. It’s always a party when Alexy comes around too, You guys get into major trouble all the time when it’s all three of you together but at the point the doctors could care less because they know this is going to be an everyday thing until you’re gone.


Kentin brings you flowers, chocolate, gummy worms, baked sweets, stuffed animals, etc. He’s the reason you have no room for anyone else’s gifts or get well cards. He’ll never allow you to eat that terrible hospital food. He’s gonna get you some bomb chipotle or whatever your favorite restaurant is. He loves cuddling you, and he brings his laptop so you guys can watch movies together. (He secretly loves the movie “The Notebook”) He’s worried sick about you all the time. He doesn’t allow you to do anything too crazy cause he wants you out of there ASAP. You can expect a lot of fretting from him. He makes you wear his jackets if you go outside cause he doesn’t want you to get even more sick. If he gets sick he honestly doesn’t even care as long as you get better.

ram emoji review

a beautifully rendered ram! he thicc 10/10

WOW!!! i appreciate this ram’s roundness! best quality? his wiggles!!!

a very boxy, minimalist boy 5/10

that’s not how a sheep’s nose works??? why is it flesh-toned? unnerving. probably has scrapie 4/10

this aged veteran has seen better days 2/10

i can’t decide whether this looks like a hieroglyph or a chicken nugget 3/10

okay i’m like 75% sure this is a goat with ram horns but i digress. would definitely summon for satanic shenans. point retracted for anatomically incorrect nose (seriously does it kill people to look up a proper nose?) 9/10

that beckoning, knowing gaze & those proud horns elude you… when were you ever attracted to sheep? regardless, you’re his ewe now 8/10


feel better, rammie! 5/10

 what the fuck 0/10

what a soft-looking ram!!! delightful wool ruffles. a kindred spirit 10/10 

Dreaming With Tarot

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So recently I’ve been doing this thing where I place one of the Major Arcana cards under my pillow while I sleep. It’s been…enlightening, to say the least.

My inspiration actually came from my deck itself. It’s the Chrysalis Tarot, a beautiful and eclectic deck with the theme of transformation echoing through the deck. The Major Arcana in this deck as well as pretty much any other deck tells a story of transformation. As I’ve been in need of transformation a lot recently and have been struggling in achieving the transformation I seek, I’ve started this process of dreaming with tarot. While I haven’t gotten through the entire Major Arcana yet, it’s been an incredible journey so far, with each card highlighting things I need to learn and let go of at some point in my dreams every night. 

How does it work?


In all seriousness, I do believe each card has a message, a theme. It’s essentially like meditation while you sleep. And although I don’t know for sure if there’s any science behind it, there is something to be said for learning while you sleep. At the very least, it puts the theme of the card in your head while you sleep and dream, and your subconscious does the rest. 

Start with 0, the Fool, and go all the way to 21, The World. Every card has a lesson to teach, even The Tower. (Although I haven’t gotten to The Devil yet, so who knows what dreams they may give! I don’t plan on skipping it, though.) You are The Fool, embarking on a new journey. 

Choose a deck that works well with you and is good with emotional topics. If you don’t have a physical deck, you can always take a screenshot of the card of the night and put it as your background/lockscreen and place it under your pillow or by your head while you sleep. 

Each night I’ve done this, I’ve had really illuminating messages/dream encounters, which I’ll do a series about here in a bit, so stay tuned!

Additional Suggestions

Place wards up while you sleep. Wear that protective charm. Putting a tarot card under your pillow with the intent of learning more about what that card has to teach you as you journey through the Major Arcana can attract negative energy/entities to you. There are some cards I’ve had to do twice because of interference from something malicious in the dream world. Don’t assume it’s safe just because you’re dreaming. The risks of tarot/dream work are still just as real and present. Ward your shit!!!! 

Keep your deck cleansed. This is always a smart idea anyway, but whatever message the cards have for you is probably going to appear easier with a cleansed deck. 

Keep a dream journal! Write out what you dream about or what happens with different cards so you can remember and look back on your journey of transformation. 

This post is honestly just from my own personal experience. Your mileage may vary, and the dreams can sometimes bring up tough topics you haven’t dealt with yet/need to deal with. (That’s happened to me for sure. It’s half the reason why I’ve started this.) It can be intense. Personal transformation is difficult and sometimes painful. 

Best of luck, and happy dreaming!

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I’m working on commission examples (check back on Monday for prices and slots) And since our lovely troll of a hacker came out yesterday I felt I had to draw her as one of my examples with her (not) mentor Reaper. Because you only piss off the people you can get away with pissing off in a team like that. 

My only regret is that I fried my motherboard so I am currently without a way to play the game when she does hit the official servers. (Seriously, check back on 11/7 for details on how you can snag this wonderful woman!)  

At this point the logic of how the fuck does Kenzan dinosaur bone in work baffles me on a far deeper level than just ‘DNA doesn’t work like that’

Are you telling me they brought him to an hospital were they could surgically put an entire new bone in your body and instead of them using a regular prothesis they fucking shoved a fossil in him?? Is that even safe did they properly sterilize that thing before at least? Is a piece of rock seriously the best thing they had to put into someone?

And besides, considering that Kenzan had to be at most 15 when he appeared and he had already fully healed from such an invasive surgery, he had to be what, 13-14 when it happened right? In which case he was still fully in growth phase how does that work out? Does the dinosaur bone magically grow with him? Because if it didn’t then Kenzan could likely end up with one leg significantly shorter than the other and all the issues that come with it.

But ultimately, how the fuck does a 13 years old get as ripped as Kenzan was in that flashback and how did he manage to go digging up fossils in the first place? Did they pay him for it? Is it like a family thing and his parents are dinosaur enthusiasts too? What were the writers even thinking fuck