like seriously could it get any better

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Dear LaDragonaria, I would like to know if you knew by any chances spanish websites for beginners or getting familiar and fluent with spanish. I hope that I don't ask too much, but could you also give me any advices or tips n tricks in spanish? (pretty please!) I am currently doing bad and I seriously want to get better. I would be delighted and glad, if you could help me out. (And I also adore your blog. It's seriously helpful.) With love, Stechpalmendream.

I think probably the easiest way to start out with Spanish (if you don’t take classes or have a textbook) is probably to try or check out duolingo.

I’d recommend my own book but I’m in the middle of editing it for an update.

I can give more help/advice but it really depends on the grammar tense/mood or phrases themselves since it’s such a broad topic

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The writing in su is depressing. The characters are all one dimensional and liveless. There's not a bond that we care and adore like let's say jake and finn or star and marco.Seriously any characters could disappear for a season and I would barely notice.Idk I feel like the characters just never grow and don't care about each other, why can't we see garnet bond with connie and not just stevonnie?Or pearl and connie having a talk about Connie's anxiety. In better hands this show could be awesome.

oh my god, i agree so much!

we barely get anything to go on with the plot anymore, too. like, how the fuck are they gonna stop the diamonds? and i swear to god if the answer is shattering..

I’ll just get a new page and make it so I don’t follow anyone so I can set my messages to only people I follow…OR DELETE THIS ONE and work on the book. I like that idea better. I tried but the truth is not important any more. Even people who know me are hating me for a rumor. I guess people will believe anything or lie about people. Though they could be harassing me over my dead account where I used linked fan art with proper credit before the traffic broke it. Even there I gave credit and asked when I couldn’t find it…oh fuck it. I’m tired of this I don’t want to be here anymore. I’ll be gone as soon as I make it impossible to get messages on my book pages. I thought I had friends. No one stood up for me. I guess I just trusted too much.

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Cartman: Uh oh, everybody stand back! Kahl’s gonna dance!
Kyle: Goddamit! Like the fatass could seriously do any better.

Cartman: Actually my dancing kicks ass, I was taught by a professional.
Kyle: Who? Your mom?
Cartman: No….

Cartman: Miss Jennifer Lopez!~~~

Kyle: Uh no, not this shit again! Get the fuck out of here!

Cartman: KYLE! That is NO way to treat a woman!!!

(A better look for anyone who can’t really see below: )

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I’m looking for middle names that I might want that could go well with my first name. Idk I’ve been thinking Bellamy and I do kinda still want that but if there’s anything else or even better then, idk, I’d like that. Seriously if any of you have suggestions then idk please drop then in my ask box? I’m omw out now but I’ll read anything I get when I get back home

Could Have Been Me

Title: Could Have Been Me

Genre: Idk man I think it’s like angst/fluff/gettingtogether 

Summary: Phil still loves Dan after all these years, however Dan has a new partner Indigo who is taking a serious toll on Phil’s life. Will Phil eventually get with Dan, or is it already too late for Dan and Phil?

Author: weasley-is-our-king-

Word Count: 5969 (I’m really sorry)

A/N: This is so long and idek if it is any good or not. Seriously I really do hope it’s better than I think it is. Btw there is some swearing and a homo/transphobic slur (just one). Oh and if you think that Quinn won’t be a reoccurring character in my stories now you are wrong. 

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EXO Reaction to you always getting what you want

Honestly, I think they just would make their girl happy. Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Pouts like you do* “Why am I not getting kisses? Every time you do this you get kisses…”


*Tries to be tough but end up treating you like a queen*


“If me is what you want… I’ll give it to you..”


“Seriously babe… I’ve never met someone more spoiled than me!”


“M-my chicken? You want it…..? I don’t know where it flied to… really jagi..”


“She will get snow today… I don’t think I could have given her a better Christmas…” *Changes even the weather just for you*


“I’m your Santa babe… of course I’m going to spoil you” *wink wink*


“No… I won’t give you my cookie… open wide! Say AAAAAH” *You are his weakness*


*Always spoils you* “I have something for you, the bag you liked the other day! And I could give you more…”


*Doesn’t mind going out at 2 am to get you some chocolate milk*


*It’s fine, he loves you so much he would give you the world*


*Has a major in always getting what he wants* “Don’t worry babe.. daddy Suho is here for you”

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If you're not watching Faking It, why the hell not?!

Let me tell you a little bit about this show. Now, in the first episode you’re kinda like ‘oh… Some girls pretending to be gay to be popular… Not sure what to feel about that.’ BUT give it a few episodes okay? Seriously, you won’t regret it.

Faking It has more representation for the LGBTQIA+ community than any other show I’ve seen. Like seriously, it’s overwhelming.
It has Trans characters, bisexual characters, gay characters, lesbian characters, intersex characters, questioning characters and SO much more.
Not only that, but not ONLY does it have Trans characters, but they are actually played my transgender people which is AMAZING.
It deals with so many subjects that i could’ve used when I was younger.
I can’t give this show enough praise guys, every season it seems to be getting better and better.
Even though it’s super hilarious and is fun to watch, it touched upon so many different themes and problems that the LGBTQIA+ community face and it brings so much joy to me to see that representation.
Seriously, if you have free time, I beg you to go take a lot at this show. It should be WAY more popular than it already is.

Drabble #One

Cuddling with Justin could happen at any place, any time. And by that I mean ANY place and ANY time. Home, (obviously) the studio, (there’s couches for a reason) and you know most frequently the checkout line at Target. (that boy is clingy af)

But seriously, there’s no better feeling than having my distant boyfriend who rarely ever just gets to be with me right by my side where I can have him all to myself.

“Y/N…” He asked, closing his eyes and smiling.

“Yes, Justin?”

“Your skin is too soft. You feel like cotton candy.”

I giggled at his cute, childish remark.

“Thank you.” I replied, kissing his head.

“Just add it onto the list of reasons why no girl will ever be as perfect as my girlfriend.”

“Justin, don’t say that.” I scolded as my cheeks flushed.

“You can’t deny it, Y/N. I’m in love with an angel.”

“What makes me an angel exactly? The fact that I’m the messiest eater in the world? The fact that I literally dress like trash? Or the fact that I’m short and skinnier than fuck?”

“Mmm,” Justin hummed.

“…all of the above.”

I laughed and looked into his perfectly colored eyes.

“You’re funny.”

“You’re an angel, you just have to look deeper into the things you do.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re a messy eater, but it’s only cause you make such delicious food. You may come home and change into sweatpants you’ve had since you were thirteen, but it resembles your carefree attitude. And yes, you are short and skinny as hell but that’s one of the many symbols of your vulnerability. You’re an angel, Y/N.” He sang.

“Well, I had no idea angels could fall in love with such dorks.” I teased.

“This dork just got lucky.” He smiled as he leaned in and pecked my lips.

honestly let me tell you about Leigh Anne Pinnock… this girl is literal sunshine and all good things in this world. When she is not being fierce as fuck she ALWAYS has a cute lil smile on and just radiates sunshine and happiness. And she tells the dumbest jokes but she’s so endearing you can’t help but laugh it’s so precious. And omG is she TALENTED!! Her voice is so beautiful and it has improved so much, like it’s unbelievable that she could get any better but she HAS!!! And her body is amazing, seriously so fit! Also her hair is the most beautiful hair, she can literally rock ANY style and look perfect!! She is just perfect and she makes me so happy!!

Fans Do It Better

When Fans (Dedmerath, kammilu, kwon91, Plaitum, Lamb-Charmer, arriku, NataBob, and ???)




The Artist(s)

They Emulate

And Do 

Their Kids


(Why even open the door in making this kid look like someone who is inexplicably MISSING??? You could’ve literally drawn her any other way)


Why would anyone give up their money for your stuff, when they can get better quality for free :P

So I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but this is a PSA to read the manga “Dictatorial Grimoire”.

Here’s why:

  • main character is a descendent of the Grimm brothers and if that’s not the tightest shit you can get out of my face
  • he finds an old book in his basement and accidentally summons that other guy on the cover who’s a demon
  • btw that demon is Cinderella
  • no really that’s Cinderella do you think I’d joke about this?
  • so the Grimm brothers made deals with these demons to get their stories, and they promised the hearts of their descendants in return like really
  • main character ends up befriending most of them instead
  • everyone is either a badass or really hot and most are both
  • and nine times out of then the genders are reversed
  • seriously google image search “Dictatorial Grimoire Show White”
  • that is one hot dude
  • badass dudes and badass chicks this could not get any better
  • art is gorgeous
  • writing is really nice

TL;DR read Dictatorial Grimoire you’d be doing yourself a favor

no but seriously I read the first four Harry Potter books when I was like 7 and obviously the others ones as soon as I could get my hands on them and I am not kidding I refused to read any other book for at least 2 years. I just couldn’t do it. My tiny brain could not accept anything being better than Harry Potter and I did not bother trying. I just read Harry Potter over and over again. I read the first book at least 11 times. My parents fucking counted, they were worried about me.

Sassy ship is sassy!

Q brought his freshly made mug of Earl Grey to his lips and sighed as he fell back into the cushions of his sofa. His fingers tapped out a rhythm of some code or other on the side of his mug, restless. Q had not stopped working for nearly forty something hours (he really couldn’t be bothered to keep count) since three double-ohs who couldn’t do their jobs right the first time needed his expertise.

Seriously, how many of these men had the mental capacities equal to their age? He very much wanted to know if he was the only one left who could do the given mission without getting someone killed or at least shoot someone every time they left the building. His own mind would have answered with ‘007’ if he didn’t know any better. Bond was just like the rest of them, unable to complete any mission as he had been asked to. However, when it came to the most important decisions, he knew exactly what he was doing. Even if doing what was right was going against orders.

Apparently, though, even Bond could go AWOL for weeks at a time and come back when he deemed fit. It was an unspoken rule at Six that in the case of 007, if there was no body, no one would dare to bother changing his status to KIA any more. It just became a game of waiting for his return when he fled the many technological eyes of Q-Branch.

This was exactly the case at the moment. Bond, the idiot, had last been heard of when he cut communication with Q himself three days ago. They had successfully infiltrated the target’s hanger in a seemingly deserted airfield when shots were fired. 007 grunted some choice language which Q took to mean he’d been hit. By what Q could determine without a visual line he then proceeded to empty his round into the room of enemy combatants and, as if that wasn’t enough, he blew the place up.

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How to Recover from Post Series Depression Syndrome (PSDS)

Preface: Post Series Depression Syndrome (PSDS) (otherwise known as a “Showhole” on those Amazon Prime commercials) can also apply to movies, books, and sagas, of sorts.

**I am not a Doctor, do not take any of my advice seriously. I barely take my advice seriously.

So you just finished that show/movie series/book series, and you don’t know how to go on. All you want to do is curl up in a ball and cry because that fantasy world you lived in for a while has now disappeared. You feel like life is pointless and nothing could ever make you feel better. All because of some damn fictional characters!

I’m here to help. I spent all of my college years binging TV shows and trying to get over them. I thought I’d learned how to recover. Then I saw Mockingjay Part 2 and I thought my world was ending. Here are the steps I took to recover from my haze. If you follow these steps, I can guarantee that you will recover with 1-3 weeks (I cannot guarantee this).

These are recovery plans that I have tested and approved.

Recovery Plan #1: Binge a comedy series

Step #1 (I did this after a certain character died at the end of Game of Thrones this season and I was inconsolable): Push this topic out of your head by binge-watching Parks and Recreation. It works. It really really works. Already seen Parks and Rec? So have I; watch it again. Don’t like Parks and Rec? What’s wrong with you? (Estimated PSTS recovery time: 1 week)

Recovery Plan #2: Complete Immersion

Step 1: Go home, get on Tumblr and search it. Search it like there’s no tomorrow. Laugh over it, cry over it. Stay up way too late. You don’t even care; your body is numb with pain.

Step 2: I bet this TV show/movie has a soundtrack or a score. Download it. Listen to it on repeat. Listen to it until it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Step 3: Go do some physical activity. But make sure you are also still listening to the music. Exercise increases your endorphins which will start to make this sad music seem happy(er).  *SCIENCE*

Step 4: Watch the actors in other things. Realize that they have other interesting projects. If their life can go on, so can yours!

Step 5: Are you still listening to the music?

Step 6: If you like to make videos or gifs, or paint or draw, etc. Do it. Put it on Tumblr.

Step 7: Your in your car driving to work and *that* song comes on. All of the sudden you realize you’re not sad anymore. The complete immersion into the topic allowed for a healthy, cathartic release.

(Estimated PSDS Recovery Time: 2 weeks; 3 weeks for serious cases)


Whatcha gonna watch next? ;)

**This is meant to be facetious. Please don’t misconstrue this fun post as me mocking real depression. It is a serious disease and I respect and empathize with anyone suffering from it.