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1. The popular geek.

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BTS (Taehyung & Jungkook )x Reader 

Gender: Male x Female
Genre: Highschool au
Warning: Drugs, Alcohol.
Word count: 5k

TPG 2 | TPG 3

Summary: Having a popular older brother is not all that it seems.
Hoseok is the popular half of the Jung siblings, he parties, and lives by his own rules. A true bad boy.
Y/N is the geek half of the Jung siblings, she loves to organize roleplaying games with her friends and lives by the rules laid out for her. A true goody two shoes.
But when Y/N gets mixed up in two of Hoseok’s friends her normal ‘geek’ life start to take an unexpected turn.

Fingers glide over the pink fabric of a fuzzy sweater, trying to smooth out the unwanted wrinkles. Wiggling the brown leather belt a bit more up Y/N gave herself a last look in the mirror to see if anything was out of place. Y/N didn’t care much for her appearance, but she did care if she would be walking around school with a huge stain on her jeans or sweater. She wasn’t ready for that kind of humiliation.

“Kids, breakfast!” Her mother yelled from downstairs.

“Coming!” Y/N yelled back. Turning away from the mirror she grabbed her black backpack and her red high top converse and began to run down the stairs.
“No running down the stairs!” Her mother warned, but by the time she said that Y/N was already downstairs, practically launching herself into the kitchen with a big smile.
“Good morning!” She chirped. Her mother who was behind the stove turned around to give her an equally bright smile “morning dear, have you seen your brother on your way down?” By the mentioning of her brother Y/N grimaced “Mom, it’s morning please don’t ruin it.” Y/N’s mother let out a deep sigh as she went back to her frying pan.
Taking a seat at the dining table Y/N furrowed as she missed a second person at the table who was usually nose deep in the morning newspaper.

“Mom, where’s dad?” Her mother gulped at the question, preparing herself for the storm that was about to come. “He left early this morning.”

“He-He what? He can’t do that!” Y/N yelled “He was my ride to school? How else am I going to school?” Turning off the fire Y/N’s mother brought the frying pan over to Y/N, sliding the bacon on her plate before taken a few steps back.
“Well, you’re brother offered to take you.” And here comes the storm.

“Excuse me? He is going to take me?”

“You aren’t the only one who’s unhappy about this.” Speaking of the devil. Entering the kitchen in all leather came in Y/N’s brother. “Then why did you agree?” Y/N asked her voice laced with venom. “Because dad pays me hella cash for driving a twerp like you.”
Before Y/N could jam her fork inside of her brother their mother stepped in “enough! It’s morning. Now Hoseok, sit down and have breakfast with us.” Hoseok shook his head as he reached out for an apple out of the fruit bowl that was placed in the middle of the table. As he took the apple he “accidentally” hit Y/N across the head.
Glaring at him Hoseok simply shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry mom, the teacher asked me if I could come to school early.”

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Request : Sasuke sees an old s/o that he left because he thought feelings got in the way but she’s walking around with a child that he KNOWS is his.

I gave Sasuke a daughter because I just don’t see Sasuke having a son? Anyway. I didn’t want to use Sarada for this scenario, also, I think I may have accidentally wrote this story in a modern AU… so I hope you don’t mind. - Aidyn (back from the dead)

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Sasuke had to double-check just to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating – that kid he just saw walking past looked exactly like a young version of his late mother. Unfortunately, the little girl vanished in the crowded streets full of tourists coming to enjoy the summer solstice festival.

Confused, Sasuke turned towards Naruto, who was busy trying to get his children to stay in the line of the dango shop they had been waiting in for about ten minutes already – which proved very difficult as Boruto was screaming about being hungry and kicking around in his arms and Himawari was constantly crying about wanting to see her mom.

Between two failed escape attempts from Boruto, Naruto looked back at Sasuke to ask him for help and noticed the apparent shock in his best friend’s eyes. “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost,” Naruto joked before having to dodge Boruto’s fist going straight for his head.

“I just might have,” Sasuke mumbled under his breath, looking back in the direction he saw the little run in. “Did you–” Sasuke stopped mid-sentence when he realised Naruto wasn’t listening to him anymore. “Nevermind.”

The Uchiha buried his hands in his pockets and shook his head. He was definitely having visions. Or, at least, that’s what he kept telling himself, but that wasn’t enough to convince him. He could’ve sworn that this little girl was the spitting imagine of his mother.

Sasuke sighed, pondering about whether or not he should try to find her again or give up. The choice didn’t prove itself to be very difficult. He had to see her again, or else he would start going crazy.

“I’m going to the bathroom,” he announced, leaving the line right after without letting Naruto respond.

Sasuke scanned around the streets and the shops, paying attention to every face he came across, until his eyes landed on a familiar face: yours. His ex-girlfriend he left five years ago – a mistake he regrets today – because he thought she was getting in the way of his ambition of becoming a captain in the police forces just like his father was.

And then he saw her. That little girl he saw earlier. And he was right: she had Mikoto’s facial features, her eyes, her straight black hair framing her face. He heard her call you mama… and everything came clear in his mind. He had to talk to you. He needed answers.

After taking a deep breath to muster his courage, Sasuke crossed the busy street and caught up to you right as you were preapring to leave the mask shop you were in.

“(Y/N)?” he called from behind you, placing his left hand on your shoulder.

You jumped and quickly spun around. It took you a moment to recognise him – his hair was longer and his job seemed to have taken a toll on him as evidenced from the bags under his dark eyes – but when you did, you couldn’t help but frown. It had been five years since he left for some stupid reason… what could he possibly want from you?

“Ah. It’s you. I thought it was someone I actually care about. I’m disappointed.” Your words came out sharper than you anticipated: even after all this time, you still weren’t completely over him, and it hurt to see him again.

“You know what, I probably deserve it,” he began. “I didn’t expect to meet with you today, but I think you know why I came to you.” To put emphasis on his words, Sasuke looked down at your daughter, who scooted closer to you, visibly intimidated by the presence of this stranger.

“Not at all,” you shook your head.

“She’s mine, isn’t she?”

His question, which sounded more like a statement than anything else, startled you. You wondered if you should tell him the truth.

“Who told you?”

“No one told me. I saw her running past me earlier. She’s the spitting image of my mother… did you seriously think I wouldn’t notice?”

You pretended to reflect on his question. “Actually, I did. I thought I would never have to cross your path again. I guess I was wrong.” You paused, and a heavy, uncomfortable silence fell upon your shoulders. “Well, I guess we don’t have to prolong this unpleasant conversation any longer. You got what you wanted, afterall.” You picked your daughter up, preparing to leave, but Sasuke stopped you once again.

“(Y/N), wait!”

You let out an annoyed sigh. He wasn’t going to give up, was he?


“Just… please, give me one chance to make it back to you.”

You started laughing.

“What makes you think that I– that we want you in our lives after all this time?”

“I’m not asking you to forgive me. I know I was an idiot for leaving you that day–”

“You were.”

“… Thanks. Listen, all I ask is for one chance. I want to get to know my– our daughter. If not for me, do it for her.”

“How can I be sure you won’t leave after you get bored? I’d rather have her not know her father than having her suffer if he runs away again.”

Sasuke glanced at the little girl in your arms, looking for a sign that she understood who she was, but it seemed like she didn’t.

“I won’t. I swear on my mother’s grave that I won’t.”

His words shocked you. You knew how important his mother was to him. For him to swear on her grave was a huge deal. You looked into his eyes, looking for a sign that he was lying, but you found none.

You sighed in defeat. “Alright. You can spend the evening with us if you want. We’ll see how serious you are about this.”

You never saw Sasuke smile so brightly before in his life, and you had to admit… it did warm up your heart a little bit.

Sleepover With Chenle

~Bullet Point Scenario~

  • He’d be really foward about asking you
  • Like actually blunt af and wouldn’t text you either he’d ask you whilst you were both at school
  • You were just sitting with your friends on a nice peaceful Friday afternoon
  • That was until you heard Chenle’s yells from the other side of the canteen
  • ‘Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!’
  • Wouldn’t stop until you’ve answered him
  • When you finally do he’ll be by your side with his cute smile and arms around you 
  • Making you flustered because you have a crush on this lil dolphin
  • He has a crush on you too but he’s really good at hiding it so you have no idea
  • So you’re there getting teased by your friend’s because they know you like him and they’re making it obvious so it’s just like, please shut up???
  • Then Chenle decides to say
  • ‘Hey Y/N do you want to sleep over tonight? It’ll be super fun!’
  • You choke on air 
  • You’re friends tease you even more but thankfully Chenle is oblivious to literally everything so he doesn’t notice
  • He just laughs along with them when he doesn’t know what the whole situation is about or what’s so funny
  • Which is another reason as to why you like him so much
  • Anyways cue you getting to his house after have packing your bag
  • I decided to do the dorms for this one so it’s not an exact replica of Renjun’s
  • So you knock on the dorm door not really knowing who’s gonna answer it out of the dreamies
  • To your luck it’s Jeno, one of the mature ones 
  • He welcomes you inside and you see Jisung and Chenle struggling with blankets and Renjun looking over them with clear stress written on his face
  • When Chenle he drops the side of the blanket he was holding and rushed over to you, leaving the tent to collapse and Jisung pouting/looking dead inside
  • Renjun gives one last sigh before throwing his hands up in defeat and making his way to his room
  • Jisung slowly follows, the pout still etched on his face
  • Jeno just shrugs and pats Chenle on the back and ruffles your hair, then making his way to join the boys
  • ‘Finally I thought they’d never leave, I wanted to make our sleeping fort with you not Jisung.’
  • Ofc he sabotaged everything on purpose just to be able to do this with you
  • Which you thought was actually quite cute
  • You begin to make a large tent in the living room ensuring there was enough space for the both of you, all the snacks you were going to eat and a computer as well
  • When you had finished you both stood back and admired your hard work
  • Chenle did an extra ass clap and said that you both should become builders
  • You tell him to hush and let’s just get some food
  • Yes food because who doesn’t
  • You make your way to the kitchen, he raided the fridge whereas you raided the cupboards
  • Lets just say that when you leave they’re gonna have to go food shopping
  • When you’ve picked out the varieties of food you start cooking whatever is needed
  • Soon you’re both sitting in your tent surrounded by popcorn, ramen, other snacks and fizzy drinks
  • Your teeth will be non existent but that’s okay
  • So far it was just like any other day when you’d spend time at the dorms minus the big tent
  • So you kinda forgot that soon yall gonna be sleeping and you just got suddenly flustered 
  • Chenle saw this and finally stopped laughing for the first time since you’ve been here
  • He becomes really concerned and you didn’t know this side of him even existed
  • Y/N are you okay you’re really quiet all of a sudden? Was I too foward? I’m sorry if I’ve been too much for you…’
  • You don’t know how to react so you’re just kinda sitting there with a blank ass mind like tf do I do help ???
  • You notice Chenle lean in and then he places a kiss to your forehead and you’re like
  • What.
  • Just.
  • Happened.
  • He just smiles though and is laughing at your reaction
  • But you’re still shooketh
  • Eventually you ask him what the hell happened and he’s just like
  • ‘Well you looked cute Y/N I couldn’t help it!’
  • Again
  • Sh00k
  • He then realises what he said and he smile fades and turns into a face of full thought
  • He’s already said too much so he decides to just tell you how he feels
  • ‘Well you see Y/N I think you’ve been cute since the day I met you and even though you’re a little annoying sometimes I just want to say that I like you.’
  • Bursts out laughing when your face is a mix of offended and also touched with a little sprinkle of yes, shookness
  • You have to double check that you definitely weren’t dreaming and pinched yourself
  • Yes this is real life
  • You finally confess to him and after he’s a lil shiz about it
  • ‘Oh I already knew you’re just too obvious Jagi!’
  • You lightly hit his arm but then you look at him like wait did you just call me your girlfriend?
  • He just nods as if he knew what your eyes were saying
  • You don’t say anything and just go with it cuz like why complain???
  • Then you hear the cheers of the boys who had been listening in on you both the whole time
  • ‘Finally he asked you out! He never stops talking about you.’
  • Jisung died that day
  • But eventually it’s time for sleep time
  • You lie down next to eachother but you were still nervous about cuddling up to him
  • Well until he practically dragged you towards him and was like
  • ‘You can cuddle me now you know we are a couple.’
  • He said it so seriously you couldn’t help but giggle
  • He also does some aegyo hearts to try and make you laugh more because he loves it
  • Eventually he falls asleep, his arms wrapped around you and his head facing yours smiling sweetly
  • You fall asleep soon after, unconsciously snuggling into his chest, the sound of his beating heart soothing you to sleep

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Okay so my gifs still ain’t working and it’s annoying me noww, I won’t be able to do reaction posts in a while guys until it’s fixed!

But anon I really do hope you liked this and it’s actually really long, I enjoyed writing it! Tomorrow there’ll be an EXO text that’s been requested so just wait and see guys! I love you all~ <3

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yeah but twilight link as captain of zelda’s personal guard and zelda never laughs EVER, not since everything with ganondorf and zant, and one day link tries to make her laugh by telling dumb jokes, but does something stupid like falls on his face on accident instead and she just breaks down and fuckin dies in the middle of the courtyard like “OH MY GODS YOU’RE SUCH AN IDIOT YOU’RE LUCKY YOU’RE ADORABLE HOW ON EARTH DID YOU SAVE HYRULE WOW FARORE SURE KNOWS HOW TO PICK EM” and she’s just bent over and weak and link’s dazed and confused but all the surrounding guards are snickering quietly like “awwww yeah she likes you a lot bud”

As Many Questions As Emotions

“So I went yesterday to Planned Parenthood and got a swab. I won’t know until about Friday which type I have but do you think it’s possible that I’ve had genital herpes just never had an outbreak? I thought the moment you are infected you have an outbreak? This is the stuff that confuses me! I’ve been researching and reading over blogs since Sunday knowing very well before I went to the doctors that I had genital herpes but when I was reading on the internet it said that if you have type 2 you are more likely to be exposed to HIV. 

All this stuff just makes me not want to have sex anymore. There is someone I have been on and off with for 7 years. He’s in the Navy and what am I supposed to tell him when he and I meet up again. He and I would have amazing, great sex and now I just feel gross and feel like I won’t be able to do the same things I once did with him. 

I’m trying to move past the whole stigma about herpes it’s just difficult. Granted, the medication is helping the pain even after only a day of having it but it still just sucks. I literally cannot go pee without looking down and feeling so ashamed. I’m going in and out of being sad and feeling confused and not knowing what to do or think. Who I should tell? 

I’ve already had a slut image in high school and I just keep thinking like wow everyone was right. I am a slut and worthless and no one will ever take me seriously. And now that I actually do have an incurable STI it just confirms everything anyone has ever said of me and it sucks. I told my best friend and one of my roommates and they have been extremely supportive. But getting my head wrapped around the reality of it is still difficult.”

Okay let’s break this down…

It is totally possible you could have been carrying the virus for some time and this is only your first outbreak.  Herpes likes to hide and is one sneaky bitch.  The moment you are exposed to herpes doesn’t necessarily mean you will immediately have an outbreak.  Everybody reacts differently to herpes, so while some may have an outbreak a few days or weeks after being exposed, others can go months and even years without an outbreak, and some never outbreak to begin with (Asymptomatic carriers with the ability to pass on herpes).  

Now for the HIV question, herpes puts you at more of a risk to acquire HIV.  Since herpes causes sores which break open, if you have herpes and have an open sore, engage in sexual activity with an HIV positive individual, you are more at risk to acquire HIV than a herpes negative individual because of that open sore.  Normally when you have a herpes outbreak it means your immune system is running a bit low, so that also puts you at more of a risk.  Herpes and HIV are each other’s worst enemies, one makes the other worse and it’s hard to stop since HIV causes the immune system to shut down, and what does you body need to heal a herpes outbreak? Your immune system.  If you get tested for HIV once a year and are aware of your partner’s sexual status, HIV is not something to worry about though.  

You have to be honest with the guy in the Navy if you are going to see him again and know that sex is on the table.  Any genuine person should not look at you differently or turn you away.  If this guy is in the Navy I would think herpes would be the last thing he’s scared of…  You can totally do the same things with him like you were before being herpes positive, you can do anything you want, herpes won’t stop that.

Herpes is 1% physical and 99% mental.  The stigma is the absolute majority of the worst part.  Nobody had an issue with herpes before the 1970′s when the Pharmaceutical companies went on a propaganda, bullshit, tirade against anybody who had herpes, tainting them with the “slut” image you see today, all to make a profit on their antiviral medication.

Who the fuck cares if you had the “slut” image in high school?  I graduated high school in 2010, six goddamn years ago hollyyyy shittt.  High school is not real life, everyone from there grows up and moves on, old rumors and shit talking don’t matter, and honestly nobody cares anymore.  Trust me when I say that a quarter of the girls from your high school already have herpes, as do a fifth of the men.  Herpes is blind, it chooses whoever it wants with no regards, whether you’ve slept with 1 or 50 people, protected or unprotected, in a relationship or not.   

Who you tell about your herpes is up to you.  At first my mother adamantly told me that this was not for anybody to know besides myself, but I think that further provokes shame and stigma.  I quickly said fuck that.  It’s also really hard to hide in conversation, you can’t tiptoe around it sometimes so it’s better to just say the reason why.  But it took me about 3 years to get to the point I’m at today where I truly don’t give a fuck who knows and who doesn’t.

Herpes happens, it’s a part of life and granted, one we could all live without.  But it’s really not as bad as you’ve been taught to think.  You are not dirty or worthless, you deserve everything a herpes negative individual does and more. Honestly I feel like we deserve more and are more likely to get more because we don’t settle and recognize our true worth.  Plus herpes really does weed out the people who are unfit for you.  I promise, you’ll be rocking this bitch in no time.




You looked up from your book.  This was your third time reading through the same paragraph and you were more confused by what you had just read than before.  "Do we have any idea what Professor Taylor is even looking for with this question,“ you wondered aloud, "I mean, it could be taken at least half-a-dozen different ways.”

“Which one,” Edmund asked, leaning over so he could look at the sheet of questions.  You pointed to the third one up from the bottom.  It was a rather short question, at least as far as the actual text was concerned, but the professor had left a lot of room open for interpretation.  "Maybe she just wants to see what we’ll come up with,“ he suggested.

"Easy for you to say,” you muttered under your breath, “She actually likes you.”

Edmund shook his head from side to side.  "I don’t think so,“ he chuckled, "She’s been on me since the beginning about my write-ups.  Something about the formatting or whatever.  No, she definitely likes you more.”

“Seriously,” you said, bewildered, “I find that hard to believe…”

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“Caught” – Prince Leonardo

I don’t even know with this….

Blame otomesass​…


The clack of your heels against the marble staircase echoed in the cavernous hallway of Dres Van manor as you raced to climb to the top as fast as you could.  The haughty prince who sneered at you below had made it clear that you were to vacate the premises as soon as possible and you were more than happy to oblige him.  Swallowing hard, you blinked back tears, the result of his acid words that eroded the brief sliver of self confidence you had felt after the King had commended you for the good work you had done creating their Majesty’s outfits for the ball.  After spending a near sleepless week designing, then sewing, their garments under an almost impossible deadline, you had prayed that the end result would be up to their high standards.  And for one brief, shining moment it seemed as though it had been – until their sour son opened his mouth and snuffed out the small candle of hope that had been lit by his father’s previous praise.

“Stupid jerk!” you thought to yourself, unheeding of the figure who was walking down the staircase as you rushed up. “He’s hated me the moment since I came here and for no good reason! Well, if he wants me gone he doesn’t need to tell me twice, that purple piece of –“


Startled by the harsh voice you had come to know so unwillingly well over the past week, you spun around instinctively, completely forgetting that you were on a very high staircase in very high heels. Gravity took over. With a gasp you pitched forward, stomach churning as you stared into amethyst eyes that went from stern to surprised as their owner realized you were falling - and straight into him.

Suddenly, a strong arm circled your waist from behind, and pulled you back, steadying you against a tall, warm, solid chest.

“Whoa, there,” a voice smooth and hot like brandy breathed in your ear, sending a shiver through your body. “That could’ve been a nasty spill…”

“Leonardo!” Prince Joshua’s eyes narrowed at the mysterious man at your back. “What are you doing here?!”

Craning your neck behind you to catch a glimpse of your unknown rescuer, you were caught by cognac eyes glittering beneath honey blonde bangs. “Oh you know – breaking rules, saving damsels in distress, plotting your downfall – in other words, the usual,” he smirked defiantly at the Crown Prince.

“Tch,” Joshua glowered. “With a frivolous prince like you it’s no wonder Nerwan is in shambles.”

“Prince Leonardo of Nerwan?!” Your mind spun in a whirlwhind at this piece of information. “Don’t tell me I was just caught by THE Prince Leonardo?!”

“At least a frivolous prince like me knows how to treat his designer – as well as a lady,” Leonardo shot back, gently letting you go before stepping away to give you back your personal space. He looked down at you with a devastating smile. “You alright?“

You gave him a small nod. “Y-yeah…”

Joshua’s brow furrowed. “Your designer? Since when is she your designer?”

“Since about five minutes ago,” Leonardo grinned, making a show of looking at his watch.  “Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to get her packed and out of here so that she can start work bright and early at Castle Nerwan tomorrow morning. I’m sure you won’t mind, seeing as how it’s past good little boys’ bedtime anyway.”

“How dare you! Why you, you -!!!” Joshua sputtered.

“Your Highness.” The calm voice of Jan as he rushed forward was a welcome relief to your nerves that were getting increasingly frazzled at the predicament you had found yourself in. “Please forgive my intrusion but your father wishes to speak with you urgently.”

“Hmph. Very well,” Joshua grumbled, his eyes never once leaving Leonardo. “Don’t think I’ll forget this.”

Leonardo chuckled. “Considering how you haven’t forgotten the one time I accidentally took one of your pens home with me after a meeting, I won’t.”

“But that was my favorite pen!” Joshua shot back, Jan quickly ushering him out of the hallway and back into the main ballroom before things could deteriorate further.

Letting out a sigh of relief, you turned to face the golden prince who was eyeing you curiously. “Thank you so much, Your Highness!” you curtsied. “How can I possibly repay your kindness?”

He frowned. “You can start by stopping with all the Your Highness and curtseying crap, I hate that stuff,” he replied coolly. “Prince Leonardo is just fine.”

“Alright, thank you Prince Leonardo,” you tried again, a little taken aback at how hot and cold he seemed to run. “I appreciate you catching me from falling.”

“No prob,” he shrugged leaning against the staircase railing so casually you would have thought he was a commoner just like yourself. “Knowing the rules around here you’d probably end up in the dungeon or something for falling onto his Royal Pain in the Ass. Just doing my civic duty.”

You stifled a giggle at the moniker he had bestowed on Prince Joshua. “Still,” you persisted, “You didn’t have to make up that lie about me being your personal designer to help get me out of here quicker. You went above and beyond there and I’m grateful for that.”

He grinned. “Are you kidding? There’s nothing I love more than confusing that guy any chance I get. And besides, if you accept the job then I’m not actually lying am I?”

“W-what?” Your heart skipped at the implication. “Accept the job? Does that mean -?”

“Yup,” he nodded. “I liked what I saw out there. You made the old man actually look decent for once. If you can do that for me, well, it would help me loads with my credibility. His Royal Stuffiness was right in one thing – Nerwan’s economy is suffering. Your clothes could help me project the right image to get our country taken seriously. Unless you got something else going on?”

You shook your head. “No, I don’t have anything else going on. And I would be honored at the opportunity Your High-“ you stopped to correct yourself at his eyebrow raise. “Prince Leonardo.”

“Awesome! I’ll talk to Jan and have him get you all packed and ready to go.” He extended his hand out to you. “Shall we?”

Shyly, you placed your hand in his. “Yes, let’s.”


A/N – Ficlet? Prelude? I have no idea….

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anonymous asked:

So you may or may not know, Alan Moore in his recent Goodreads Q&A praised your work on Mercury Heat, and especially Uber. How does that feel?

I take any of Alan’s kind words the way I take all compliments: presume the other person actually despises everything I’ve ever done and is just being polite.

More seriously, it’s something you have trouble actually fitting inside your head. Moore’s my single biggest influence in comics. I have difficulties dealing with the idea that Alan has read any of my stuff, let alone like it. 

Alan’s Q&A answers over here. Bits regarding me…

I confess I don’t read many comics these days, chiefly those by my current Avatar stable-mates. So that would be Garth Ennis’s always-powerful War Stories along with anything else that the man happens to put out; Si Spurrier’s excellent and reinvigorated Crossed + 100 and his forthcoming Cry Havoc from Image; Kieron Gillen’s spectacular Mercury Heat, Phonogram,The Wicked + The Divine and, whenever he gets his lazy arse into gear, the next run of the exemplary Über; and, as mentioned earlier, the incredible Brian Vaughn’s concept-crammedSaga. 

And regarding Uber…

Über is a meticulous and carefully worked-out piece of extended parallel history that makes most other examples of the sub-genre seem frankly lazy.

Which is very kind.

I’m told Alan asked after Leah from Uber, which is probably saying something when I’ve treated a character so badly that Alan Moore is worrying about her.

I must stress that my arse is very much in gear.

pots-n-pansexual  asked:

Not really related to the Stevenbomb, but how do you think Pearls are formed? Seeing that pearls usually grow in oysters and such...

I didn’t have my glasses on and seriously read your ask as ‘ostridges’ for a second and now I have to share that image with the world

But for Pearls, I tend to  I imagine them developing within little sea pods? I don’t know how else to describe it, but it seems cute in my head and not gross like an actual mollusk bleh


A Barduil Birthday

It’s my birthday today!!!! :D so naturally I wrote about our favourite two goobers on the theme of birthdays….

A Barduil Birthday

Thranduil had been with Bard for a while now, but there wasone key date that they either had not yet passed, or that Bard had managed toslip past Thranduil unnoticed.

Thranduil suspected the former, although he supposed thelatter was possible given the stretches of time they were forced to spend apart in their own kingdoms, and how Bard hated to be made a fuss over.

But still, Thranduil knew the race of men must celebrate their begetting day, he often saw them having small parties and gatherings celebrating one individual, it was the only explanation.

And Thranduil wanted to know when Bard’s was. It would be the perfect opportunity to throw him a lavish party and an excellent excuse to stay in Dale for, oh, at the very least a week, Valar maybe even a whole month would be required for the merriment (for their merriment anyway).

His stubborn lover also wouldn’t be able to scold him for buying him expensive gifts if they were begetting day presents. He was already compiling a huge list of things he was going to get him. Not to mention arrangements for the massive party he was going to throw, the bigger they are the easier it is to slip away and ravish the person it is for.

The only problem was, he didn’t know when his begetting day was.

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