like seriously

K so here’s the thing, Hannibal and Mischa are like 3-5 years different in age, so if Hannibal is like ~50ish then Mischa would be ~mid-to-late-40s and so if you really really want to play as Mischa-Lecter-who-never-actually-died I really REALLY strongly recommend that you consider using Lucy Lawless as a faceclaim dw you can thank me later I know it’s genius.

here’s an idea. victor should choke himself with the same beads he threw at zakiyah and meech

PSA: Sasha Pieterse is effing beautiful

It literally pisses me off so much when I see all these negative comments about Sasha’s appearance. She’s even freaking explained herself without even needing to do so - she shouldn’t need to explain all of her healthcare to her fans! Her true fans would be supportive no matter what. 

Now here is a tiny Sasha image spam of just some of the millions of occasions where she is slaying and doesn’t give a shit about what anyone thinks…