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13-year-old Yuzuru totally caught me off guard

Feel like I’ve been looking too much into his old vids but seriously, these 2 videos are so cute I CAN NOT >____< (x) (x) I swear they are the cutest videos of junior Yuzu I’ve ever seennn!!!!

When baby Yuzu realized he just won Junior Nationals in his first junior year:

And then they ask him about his expectations for Senior Nationals, this small bean was just like…… words slipped out of his mouth haha XD and then he tried to be cute to make up for it!!! DAMN BABY YUZU!!!

You say I’m not ready for the unexpected but after years of being a Kpop fan, I’m pretty sure I am ready for anything..
—  My senior quote when I graduate

luv me some gay space robots………

Nothing gives a better sense of Tessa and Scott’s unbelievable accomplishments throughout their career so far than this picture taken from their Wikipedia page. I keep going back to the fact that I still haven’t came across any other skater at any of the 4 disciplines who accomplished anything close to their accomplishments. Whatever happen next season, this legacy is undeniable. 

  • Senior: What is the most important rule in chemistry?
  • Sun Jing: Never lick the spoon!
  • Senior: Wha- Are you... are you saying that from personal experience or-
  • Sun Jing: *starts to open mouth*
  • Senior: You know what? Don't answer that. I don't want to know.
  • Sun Jing: ...

okay someone please explain to me how Sally in tlt says that she was only with Percy’s dad for one summer. But Percy’s birthday is in the middle of fucking august. oh my god. what???? LIKE AND YA KNOW PERCYS BIRTHDAY IS KINDA HUGE FUCKING PLOT POINT LIKE YA UMM


June, July, August, November

When a hot guy stretches and his shirt pulls up:

Don’t ever think The Bear hasn’t noticed what is going on, women! DON’T EVER THINK THAT!



After much convincing and bribing with lava cakes, Alan finally got Will to agree to go out with him and his somewhat boyfriends friends. Nervous about still going out with his new eye candy. Alan asked Eric the said new beau if they could go as a group. He bringing along his his friend while Alan came with Will by his side. Walking onto the grounds of this little amusement park, the smaller man looked up from his phone. “Thanks again for coming, I know I said I liked him, just i’m still new to this sort of thing. You’d think id be better at dating for my age.” 

NCT as High School Students
  • Taeil: the good student. president of glee club. both teachers and students like him. basically no one is against him. teachers always ask him to do something for them. always cries. his vocals reach deep into your soul
  • Hansol: the tall, handsome man from busan. students often mistake him for a teacher. is hot but always makes a fool out of himself. member of the dance club. makes ovaries explode through his dancing
  • Taeyong: that one super hot guy with flaming eyebrows. passionate about everything. participates in all student activities. is student council president. member of almost every club. he is a beast in dancing and rapping. he can sing and write, too. his visuals are almost out of this world bc he’s too good-looking. his existence is the reason why women’s standards in men are too high
  • Yuta: the captain of the soccer team. his vibe can change from a cute cinnamon roll to a dangerously sexy beast. his smile heals everyone. excels in academics, too. always participates in debates and roasts everyone. judges everyone. sassy af
  • Johnny: the exchange student from Chicago. Instantly became your friend. became friends with everyone on his first day. imitates everyone, evaluates everybody’s fashion. teachers think he’s cool. is best friends with ten
  • Ten: another exchange student who’s from Thailand. people call him Thai prince bc of his good looks and he rich af. president of dance club. can do any dance and he’s real good at it. he can draw, too. is in the basketball team with jaehyun. also everybody’s friend. best friends with johnny
  • Doyoung: bunny lookalike whom everybody finds adorable except taeyong. they are arch enemies. he considers taeyong as his rival. ran for school president but lost to him. starts his own talk show but nobody pays attention. tries to be funny but isn’t. member of glee club. his vocals are always on fire. his body was once lanky but he got kinda buffed up. girls now call him daddy
  • Kun: member of the glee club. the shy type. the quiet type. or so everyone thinks. he observes people from the shadows, collecting information. you don’t have any idea when he’s planning to expose you and there’s no stopping him. just be ready for what’s about to come
  • Jaehyun: campus crush. guy of every girl’s dreams. he is tall, rich, handsome. he sings, raps, dances and writes. he has a deep voice. he has a sexy body. he lived in America for four years. also participates in all school activities and member of almost every club. wants to try theater. is on the basketball team with ten. both girls and guys find him hot
  • Winwin: the quiet, handsome guy whom everybody has a lowkey crush on. people barely see him in class even though he attends school everyday. kun claims that he’s weird, sleeping with his eyes open and screams randomly at times. people associate him with the words “whoop whoop”
  • Mark: his teachers like him. his seniors like him. his classmates like him. his juniors like him. he is very hardworking. he also participates in all school activities and is a member of almost every club, just like jaehyun and taeyong. is also a member of the basketball team. number one victim of donghyuk’s sassiness. everybody uses his iconic line, AND THAT’S A LONG-ASS RIDE. taeyong and jaehyun’s sensitivity strains him. is smart but once forgot what geography lines are called
  • Renjun: also member of the glee club. helps everyone. is loved by everyone. loves his juniors
  • Jeno: spends a lot of time with Jaemin. is a member of the dance club. has an adorable eyesmile. srsly nobody has even seen him frown. is not known by a lot of people but someday they will. he always looks enthusiastic. he’s the type to take out the classroom’s trash bin after class
  • Donghyuck: sassy af. his number one victim is mark. sasses even his teachers. a member of the glee club. people either like him so much or hate him so much. could be mistaken for a girl if he cross-dresses. ships himself with mark
  • Jaemin: flower-boy in the making. his visuals are always on point and everybody loves him. he loves everybody too. he smiles at everyone, hugs everyone, holds everybody’s hand. if you ever feel that he likes you, keep in mind that it’s not just you who feels that way
  • Chenle: looks cute but sometimes looks sassy. his posts go viral on sns. member of the glee club. aspires to be the president of the glee club
  • Jisung: another student whom not a lot of people know about, but is loved by everyone who know him. also a member of the dance club. everyone wants to be his parent
Welcome To My Highschool

who: Wanna One’s Park Woojin
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ps: you guys should check out @alliwannado-w1‘s HS! AU too! Euiwoong | Hyungseob

• HS! AU
• how Park Woojin would be like in high school

i’m kinda bad at high school related scenarios but I’ll give it a go! thanks for requesting, anon! also I love ‘Welcome to my Hollywood’ so much Daehwi is so talented God bless. Bless Donghyun, bless Youngmin, bless Woojin.

- Admin L 

• woojin is that student who is kind of in between ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’
• ho ho ho get ready for some two
months early Christmas scenarios
• even though I haven’t really done Fall/Halloween ones
request box is open btw ;)
• Woojin definitely isn’t the brightness student or the nicest person - but only because he is shy around strangers
• but there’s no way he’s the ‘student/classmate from hell’
• if he is tardy, it isn’t out of ill intention you know
• he genuinely overslept that day because he was studying hard for his mathematics exam
• fell asleep in class only because he was coming down with the flu and felt awful  
• genuinely tries his best to be an angelic student, though he can be a savage
• but really, he never has bad intentions
• Woojin’s grades aren’t the best and he doesn’t really have a ‘best subject’
• it’s more like no failures but Bs - Cs across the board
• no worries! he’s always improving!
• focuses well in class and always takes notes even if they’re somewhat messy
• but it’s the aesthetic messy
• probably runs a popular studygram that not even his best friends know about
• that classmate you don’t really talk to but wouldn’t hesitate to help him with math problems or notes because he seems so nice and innocent
• a reliable friend you can depend on for notes
• the classmate who will allow you to borrow his headphones if you ask
• nicely
• Woojin is also the resident dance king
• in fact, the dance club only exists because of him
• okay so this is where he gets a tad bit more naughty
• the reason is kind of because he started a dance battle with a Senior, Noh Taehyun in the cafeteria
• and the principal came to break it up but he saw the talent in the two dancers and was like ‘holy shit we actually have talent here we need a dance club’
• and now Woojin is the vice-president of the dance club
• Taehyun is the president but he’s graduating soon :(
• remember when they had disputes at first doshakdjd
• lowkey the both of them are a little competitive with each other but that’s okay because they both know their limits
• no joke, woojin is really talented we all know that
• is one of the head choreographers despite being a Sophomore and forms majority of the dances
• leads the club really well and Taehyun is assured that the legacy will continue even after he graduates
• shies away from signing up for competitions and only writes other members names
• even though he knows he’s good enough, he is hesitant
• but Eunki always secretly scribbles his name down before sending the list in
• all the talent is in Brand New High School - College dance team tbh
• they won :”)
• but really, who wouldn’t expect them to
• Taehyun treated all of them to barbecue after
• they eat well all the time
• during dance practice, he’s that crazy guy who can’t seem to sit still
• he just loves dancing okay
• reversal charms, no one expected him to be so loud, sarcastic - to a certain extent, or even outspoken
• likes to take random videos of dance practices
‘hey, guys! this is a dance practice in the life of Woojin, welcome back!’
• his Snapchat story and IG story is always filled with those vlog style videos
‘ah yes, here we have Seongwoo hyung working really hard’
‘ohhh, Jung Jung hyung, why aren’t you sweating as much as me? Did you not put in your best effort?’
• tbh it’s like a crack video even though he’s serious about it
• will voice out his ideas for choreography openly but not rudely
• no one saw this Woojin coming
• Woojin is that kind of guy who keeps his circle small and the space in his heart smaller
• like he knows a lot of people and has mutual acquaintances but it isn’t like they’re close
• like Seniors, Juniors in the dance club
• only has a couple of tight-knit friends but they’re also graduating soon
• someone save him, please
*drum rolls*
• the Avengers are here!
• he’s that guy who is in a really popular, like really popular clique
• everyone calls them the ‘Avengers’
• originally, he wasn’t in that line-up but Ha Sungwoon fell for his dance charms and invited him to sit with them for lunch one day
• the rest is history, all of them are like brothers now
• naturally, Woojin is pretty popular himself but he never realises it ???
• that kind of popularity that lands him a ton of roses, chocolates, teddy bears and cards on Valentine’s Day
• his hyungs tease him about it 24/7
• sometimes other students wonder how he got into Avengers because before that, they have never heard of him
• he’s just shy and somewhat socially awkward so he didn’t really approach too many people in his class
• the quiet guy who only voices out his opinions from time to time in clique meetings
• then again, the guy who can beat anyone at a dance/rap battle
• once, a Senior challenged him to a diss track battle during lunch
• Taehyun and Youngmin were like ‘hell no do you want death?’
‘from Woojin’s fans or from his rap?’
‘….both probably but mainly his diss track’
• Haknyeon nearly fainted and Jihoon’s mouth couldn’t close properly
• I realise he covers his mouth in a cute manner no offence
• I’m not saying Taehyun recorded Woojin’s rap and then choreographed a dance for it but that’s exactly what I’m saying
• Daehwi knew he made a good decision adding Woojin to the Avengers
• he’s nearly as trickass as Jinyoung
• totally the type to secretly want to participate in high school Sports Day races but is too scared
• whines about it to his friends absent-mindedly so Samuel pens ‘Park Woojin’ on the sign-up sheet
• is nearly killed by Woojin when he found out - through an email in his school inbox
• you know, his thing for flipping people over
• Samuel doesn’t regret it though because Woojin is hella athletic and won that race for their team
• cue celebration and lots of tears
• dad smiles from a lot of the Seniors watching
Dongho’s smile makes me cry it’s beautiful
• then on the other team we have Sungwoon throwing his cap to the ground out of frustration right after losing
• ‘okay, I just want to know who wrote my name down for the race against Woojin. All of you know my legs are much shorter than his’ he demands, holding up the sheet of paper that had his name written next to Woojin’s
• Ong just subtly slips away, ‘oh wow my water bottle is full! I need to water the grass and refill it!’
• it’s safe to say Sungwoon was chasing Ong around the track for a solid hour
• the Avengers volunteer to help set-up for this year’s Fall Formal, Woojin isn’t super sure of what he should do
‘uh, just help to add ideas and so on’ one of the main committee members tells him
• gets frustrated because he feels like he isn’t helping as much as the rest of his friends are
• thinks about talking Daehwi out of volunteering
• what does he like? what can he show?
• ding! *lightbulb*
• dance
• decides to propose a song and a dance that he can choreograph + involves the dance team
• gets really excited and starts SMILING a lot
• his smile is adorable I love his snaggletooth so much
• immediately, the whole planning committee cheers up with that one smile and outburst of ideas from him
• Woojin has that effect  
• his ‘sexy baby, oh my lady’ during the dance was kind of uncalled for but everyone loved it
• now the committee is begging him to join the planning committee full-time as they have never achieved such a positive response before
• definitely contributes a significant amount of ideas and thoughts to planning even if he doesn’t know much
• always gives his 110% for any class projects, other student battle to have him in their group
‘scissors paper stone! I win! I can ask Woojin to join us now!’
• but ask nicely when it comes to him
• Woojin is also that student who can yell at you for 12 hours straight but can also keep quiet for 12 hours
• at first, he was that shy new kid who melted into lockers in the corridor and who no one really paid attention too
• even getting bossed around by some of the Seniors
• but as time goes on, he discovers his potential and abilities
• such as playing pranks on his older friends, embracing his goofy side and messing around
• ah yes he once got up and danced on a cafeteria table
• Youngmin still has that video on his phone btw
• and of course, he got to know more good-natured and trustworthy friends
• with a little help, he gained confidence and is now loved and appreciated by the entire student body
• his high school years are some of the best
• not exactly his Hollywood but one of the more enjoyable things of teenage years

all of the reasons kim possible is better than u
  • she’s a high school super hero
  • she has a catchy as fuck theme song and a computer in her locker like what she totally wins high school
  • her name is a play on the word impossible and her friend’s name is a play on the word unstoppable like whaaaat mind blown
  • she’s got mad skillz
  • she’s also a cheerleader and shows that cheerleaders can actually b pretty rad and not the bitchy stereotype they’re often conveyed as (except for bonnie but she’s whatevs)
  • she’s a female with a male sidekick which shows whooo women can be the main character 2 yay
  • her arch nemesis has a female sidekick who does all the fighting for him i mean how often do you c women being the brawn u don’t so shut ur mouth
  • but like the show is like actually really cool and they’re all like real ppl even stupid bonnie is a real character who has real problems or whatevr
  • whooo poc r in it 2 in fact one of kim’s best friends is black and the person they go to 4 help all the time is black and that’s like cool
  • even the villains are diverse like senor senior sr and junior r latino, and duff killigan is scottish, and drakken is blue
  • her dad is a rocket scientest and her mom is a neurosurgeon like the 2 stereotyped hardest jobs like that’s cool and they’re super chill so that’s cool 2
  • and like her parents both have phds and call each other dr and that is like rad as fuck ok bcause they totes have uber respect 4 each other
  • her best friend is a dude and even though they totes get 2gether in the end it shows that platonic friendships r real yo
  • her best friend wouldn’t b considered stereotypically “manly” and he gets scared easily and isn’t the best at fighting and that’s totally awesome bcuz it shows that there is a broad spectrum of what men are like and that it’s ok 2 not b “manly”
  • shego used to b a hero 2 and like drakken used 2 b a chill dude and like wow dimensions and character growth and they’re both pretty chill in the end
  • naked mole rat
  • so yeah
  • she wins u lose byebye

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Not sure if you answered before, but do you like Dylan's hair in his junior year or senior year? If you like his hair in his senior did you prefer it really curly as it is in the morning, dry wavy as it is in Hitmen for Hire & his yearbook photo, or his hair a month before 4/20??

Inquiring minds need to know, huh?

Mm..probably Senior year, mid afternoon fully air-dried and hand tossled (lol), soft, romantic waves. He looks like a hippy poet discussing existentialism and favorite pizza toppings.

and of course..The Pony ™    

It’s all about The Hair with Dyl. 😏


How Eunhae spice up a 2 year old song they sing at least 20 times a month

Ladies and gentlemen follow the SJ way of life

I think this is what they want fangirls to call them from now on

Hyukjae anyways

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What are your headcanons for when (present time / hs) Riley and Lucas are just alone, cuddling, whispering sweet nothings, etc?

you know, it’s really freaky you should ask this because kate and i were literally just having a gotor-related discussion about this… like that’s weird are you eavesdropping on us

anyway, here’s a comprehensive list compiled by me and the bae:

  • lucas and riley are always holding hands when they’re together. it’s like the only PDA thing they’ll do in front of their friends (barring rare occasions) and almost constantly when they’re alone. like, no matter how they’re sitting/laying/etc, they’re holding hands. bet.
  • kate has this one that makes me want to die that like, one of riley’s favorite quiet places is just laying with lucas and laying her head on his chest because she likes to hear his heartbeat. like, it puts her at ease for some reason. i hate kate for this
  • while in this position, lucas likes running his fingers through her hair. particularly when it’s wavy/curly, because detangling it is a good calming mechanism for him.
  • they’re also still holding hands. they’re always holding hands.
  • in sophomore year lucas starts sneaking the bay window at night – not for anything nefarious, just because they want to stay up talking even though cory and topanga have sent him home. he always leaves around one or two a.m.
  • until the one time he doesn’t leave, which is in junior year during first semester. lucas gets dragged along to a party and hates it (which you’ll see during gotor), and his first instinct is to go to riley for comfort. he stays overnight but is gone before riley wakes up in the morning. she’s not entirely sure she didn’t just dream it up.
  • as junior year gets more difficult (again, in gotor), lucas starts showing up late at night and staying the night more often. he always leaves before topanga and cory wake up, but riley is becoming more and more comfortable with him there overnight.
  • when he has his breaking point in second semester junior year (again… gotor im so sorry lmao) and basically just collapses in exhaustion at her place, that’s finally the time that topanga discovers he sneaks in at night. riley explains its the only way he gets any sleep, and topanga is pretty chill about it but agrees they shouldnt tell cory quite yet lmao
  • on the subject of holding hands (always), when lucas stays over he usually falls asleep holding her hand. this is a habit he never gets rid of
  • i feel like i should be clear on the matter that like, lets be real, when they get older like junior and senior year their relationship gets more serious and they start doing Teenager things, but… they are legitimately always soft??? like, regardless of how passionate they are they are always soft and gentle. holding hands, kissing, otherwise – they’re Soft. bottom line
  • speaking of kissing, it should be noted that even when they’re Teenagers and kissing for long periods of time, they’re that couple that’s having half a conversation while kissing. they’re always talking. like they’ll have a convo while kissing, kiss for like fifteen minutes, and then randomly pick up the conversation from the same spot. this ain’t no joke, these two can’t stop talking to each other
  • i told kate this and i hate myself for it but like… lucas is constantly catching his breath around riley. he feels out of breath constantly. like y’all know those kind of kisses where they kiss and then the person has to break away just to breathe for a minute and they’ll like bump foreheads or noses?? that’s a lucas thing. 100%
  • this is another sort of PDA thing they do but i love this idea that like when they’re waiting around or just standing around like in lines or in the halls at school or whatever they’ll just start like… dancing together?? like riley will take his hands/hug him and then they’ll eventually just end up sort of swaying to this unheard song and it’s totally playful and goofy but riley absolutely loves it and lucas loves how giggly she gets
  • also, as riley brilliantly demonstrated in gm world of terror 1, she is the master of finding ways to get lucas to touch her. like, when they go bowling or golfing or try some new activity she’ll lowkey play dumb a little bit to get lucas to come up and help her figure it out. and maya is always astounded that riley is still good at maintaining that level of innocence that lucas doesn’t catch onto her schemes (my hero riley matthews)
  • when riley joins the group at topangas, she’ll come up behind lucas and kiss his cheek over his shoulder, and she likes to prop her chin on his shoulder which is very distracting for him especially when hes trying to do homework like riley pls
  • holding hands. they’re holding hands. just remember that.