like senior like junior

You say I’m not ready for the unexpected but after years of being a Kpop fan, I’m pretty sure I am ready for anything..
—  My senior quote when I graduate

luv me some gay space robots………

When a hot guy stretches and his shirt pulls up:

u know when you forget the name of someone who was important to you and u die a little bc how could you ever forget that ???

anonymous asked:

soundproof anon: part two? i got you. then you start talking with him about guys, not realizing that he likes you back because why would a senior like a stupid junior like me and you start to kinda advance on him to see how that might turn out. then you get too close. his hoodie smells like heaven and your scented lotion is making him intoxicated. you both look at each other and gravitate towards each other kissing. peter's a nervous mess and apologizes even though he didn't really kiss (1/?)

first and you shut him up with another kiss. you two start dating and he’s on cloud nine. and he realizes he’s not really a macho dominant guy and kinda gets insecure and you’re there to tell him that it’s okay because he doesn’t have to fit into the mold. that pep talk led him to steal five of your sweaters and wear one of them the next day. ned is curious because why is peter all of a sudden wearing sweaters then you swoop in and give peter a kiss on the cheek and tell him he looks cute and he’s blushing and ned’s just got this face that’s a cross between smug and surprised