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Phichit/Yuuri/Victor - NSFW

  Phichit had wanted this for a long, long time. Yuuri wasn’t the only one obsessing over the beautiful and talented Living Legend. Of course, Phichit had long ago given up his celebrity crush and was more than happy to see his best friend’s fairytale dream come true. He never expected to be more to Victor than just a friend once removed.

  So finding himself naked and drowning in sweaty, arousal-flushed skin was still surreal to Phichit, even after all this time. He was on his knees, straddling Yuuri’s lap, arms wrapped around his best friend’s shoulders in an anchoring grip. They were moving against each other slowly, letting Phichit loosen as much as possible.

  On the other side, Victor was pressed against Phichit’s back, his talented lips doing sinful things from ear to shoulder, scattering Phichit’s thoughts like dandelion seeds. Two long, pale fingers were working their way inside of Phichit’s already filled hole. Phichit moaned at the stretch, causing Yuuri’s grip on his hips to tighten in worry. However, Victor just used his other hand to pull Phichit’s face back for a searing kiss.

  “We can try again later if it’s too much,” Yuuri reassured, dropping soothing kisses along Phichit’s collarbone.

  Phichit broke lips away from Victor reluctantly to look back at Yuuri. “No. I want this. Keep going.”

  “I can’t wait to feel the both of you at once,” Victor murmured, his voice deep and heavy with sex. He rutted his hard member along Phichit’s lower back as he whispered all manner of things in a language Phichit’s mind couldn’t begin to fathom.

  When they finally deemed Phichit’s body ready, he was half out of his mind with need. He didn’t want to touch himself until he felt the both of them inside of him. His cock bobbed and dribbled with need, seeking stimulation in the smallest of touches when it grazed Yuuri’s stomach.

  Victor pulled his fingers back, allowing enough of a gape to press his cock alongside Yuuri’s. It was slow progress and Phichit groaned at the burning stretch of being forced open so wide. Still, he was flying high on pleasure. He’d been working towards this day for quite some time.

  “Yes, yes, please…” Phichit whispered, his body trembling. One hand unconsciously moved to stroke himself, but Yuuri moved the hand away. Phichit whined, but didn’t fight it. He’d asked for this. He wanted to focus on the feel of them first before desperately searching for release.

  And then Victor was seated as far as he could go. Phichit let his head fall back onto Victor’s shoulder. Long fingers brushed through dark, sweat-dampened hair. Yuuri’s warm hands slid up and down Phichit’s torso soothingly.

  “How are you feeling, love?” Victor asked, voice soft and the slightest bit strained in his attempts to keep his hips still.

  “Happy…” Phichit breathed.

  Victor chuckled and Yuuri grinned. With great care, they began to move, building up pace and depth in excruciatingly slow increments. Phichit let go of his body and trusted all of himself to his lovers. He spent that night riding on wave after wave of pure bliss, wrapped in the arms of love, lust, and safety.

Fun Facts about Plants from Your Friendly Botany Major

• Cacti are some of the only plants to photosynthesize from their stems. Their needles are really just modified leaves.

• Avocados are only around because people pollinate and disperse them by hand. The large seed is indigestible to small mammals now. It was originally eaten by giant sloths who would poop them out far away from the parent tree so they can grow. This is called an evolutionary anachronism.

• Banana candy does not taste like bananas because it was designed to taste like the Gros Michel banana which was eaten in the pre-1950s. It was wiped out by a fungus called panama disease. Since bananas are asexual all of them are genetically identical making it easy to wipe them all out at once. However fungus is sexual so it evolves more quickly. This means eventually we may lose the modern banana, the Cavendish, to it as well.

• There are actually three different types of photosynthesis: C3, C4, and CAM. Which type is used depends on the aridness of the environment, and are increasingly more efficient as listed.

• Moss is amazing. The fuzzy part of the moss is called the gametophyte stage and it is haploid meaning it has one set of chromosomes like a sperm or an egg cell in humans. If you look closely, sometimes you will what look like little tiny seeds on stems coming out of the main body. This is the sporophyte stage and it’s diploid, or has two sets of chromosomes, like our body cells. Moss is the oldest type of plant.

• You can usually tell what animal pollinates a plant by the color and shape of its flowers. Red flowers are hardly ever pollinated by bees because bees cannot see red well. Butterfly flowers have long deep centers. Bird pollinated plants can bear weight and are wide and open. Bat pollinated plants usually smell strongly and are darkly colored.

• Almost all American native elms and chestnut trees are extinct because of fungi. Asian chestnut and elm have replaced them, because they are resistant to the strains.

• There is a type of fern that has over 1200 chromosomes. For reference, humans have 46.

• If you shine consistent low level red light on a plant it will grow extremely tall, because red light tells the plant it is being shaded by and competing with other plants. If you shine consistent green light on a plant it will not sprout or die (if already sprouted) because plants absorb red and blue light to use. This is also why plants are green, because the unused green light is reflected back out.

TLDR; Plants are frickin cool and should get as much love as our animal friends.

teru just likes to show off

reigen appreciates the help but also feels that mandatory existential crisis coming

(thank you anon for requesting!! apparently when someone puts “reigen” and “bonding” together in a sentence I just read it as “plants”. helps that I hc teru to be the one most into the whole plant thing out of the four esper kids too. they have a generally good time)

mint-scented request post with mint-scented info right this way

modern myth figures
  • fairies: pale pink bubblegum, diamond-studded tiaras, selfies always on point, screeching along to the radio, twirling around in a new dress, cheesecake, pastel orange sunrises, sunflowers, oversized sunglasses, sparkly lip gloss.
  • sirens: singing in the shower, classical music, seashell necklaces, waking up late, reading on the porch, lazy summer afternoons, sandy fingers, too much eyeliner, worn flip flops, dark blue, walking around barefoot, warm bubble baths.
  • nymphs: collecting violet wildflowers, stardusted nights, wineglasses, laughter like bells, planting seeds in a garden, long shadows, running faster than the wind, moonlight glinting off silver necklaces, fireflies, plum-colored lipstick, weaving flower crowns.

I can’t see Albus willingly walking into Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, even for Scorpius, so instead I like to think he stole his brother’s invisibility cloak and whisked Scorpius away on a late night date to the lake. It included a picnic (which was 100% sweets and cakes) and stargazing, because sometimes the most magical moments require no magic at all ♥︎

Yucca - Supermarket in the Desert

The most versatile plant in the desert is the Yucca. It comes in several sub species but all of them are very useful. 

The plant has sword like leaves that grow out with points and a tough outside but inside are thousands of fibers that can be broken down by pounding into fiber for cordage. The stem if it has one and is not dead can be broken off, peeled and eaten or cooked.The Flowers on the stem can be eaten and the fruit that the flowers later on produce can be peeled and eaten also as well as the seeds in the fruit being ground up and used as flour. Lastly the roots can be dug up and eaten or boiled and used to make a mild soap. 

The roots aren’t that bad and cook up decently. They can be made into anything you make out of a potato although they are not as nutritious. 

This is a coil of thin rope made out of Yucca fiber. It’s tough and works very well when braided. I’ve personally used Yucca fiber to patch up my pack and if you bite down on the point of the leaf but not all the way through and pull the point out with your teeth you’ll pull a few fiber strands with you and you have a needle and threat right there to use to fix anything including sewing up a wound.

The Baccata or Banana is edible raw and has disc like seeds in it that can be ground down for flour. All together the plant offers just about everything you need except water. 


Here’s a side by side comparison of the Lunar Flower from Wolf’s Rain and the Nightblooming Cereus species known as Brahma Kamal that it was based on

like oil in a seed 
like fire in a stone 
I search the outskirts of my soul,
looking for him

but I forget that he doesn’t live with me,
but within me

—  God 

dean doing soft and quiet things for cas

  • helping him fall asleep by holding him close and rubbing his back and lightly playing with his hair
  • forehead kisses in the morning as a greeting when he’s already up and awake and cas stumbles down the hall in search of coffee
  • building cas a place he can garden outside the bunker, researching things like seeds and soil and what will grow this time of year
  • picking out little trinkets and knick knacks for cas for no reason other than “i dunno, thought you might like it”
  • giving him a foot massage while they lounge on the couch watching a movie, cas’ feet in his lap
  • fixing his car whenever he hears any sort of mysterious clank or rattle, giving her a checkup at least once a month just to make sure everything’s good and she’s running safely
  • grabbing cas’ hand just briefly and lightly whenever they walk past each other, stroking his thumb slightly before letting go
  • dean saying i love you to cas with his every action, and cas knowing dean well enough to hear it

Lapidot Tuesday prompt 02/21/2017: Veggie Head

But what if Veggie Heads?
Peridot and Lapis learned that one can grow new sentient fruits from a sentient fruit’s seeds and that every pumpkin has hundreds of that. And so their initial intention to make a plantation of living vegetables was finally fulfilled!

Yes, I am saying that original Veggie Head is no longer with them. Such is the cycle of life. And no, they didn’t purposely kill pumpkins to get the seeds! Like the watermelon Stevens, pupkins probably don’t last long.


Reasons I’d watch a Cisco and Cynthia spin off (ideally some sort of mini-series of 3-12 episodes maybe over the summer or something that would be rad)

1. Travel the multiverse. 

2. Doppelgangers get just about every arrowverse actor to show up without actually having to worry about messing with their character arcs in their home shows. Actors get to stretch their acting chops and we all get to enjoy the heck out of it. 

3. Potential musical universe. I won’t even pretend I don’t want this. 

4. Cisco and Cynthia both have really strong personalities. We’ve only gotten 3 episodes of them, but Cynthia’s kinda aggressive standpoint of “this is Right and this is Wrong” balanced against Cisco’s empathetic ability to understand other people’s perspectives could–

5. –make for some wicked character arcs where Cynthia learns over the course of the show to balance what’s Right or Wrong as she sees it against what’s actually reasonable to all these different cultures they come across; and Cisco has to face a decision in the climax where the Right way feels wrong and the Wrong way feels right (preferably not kill or be killed cause thats old and doesn’t really fit Cisco) and there’s no apparent third way out and it could all end where either Cisco has to make a choice and carry that back into the main arrowverse after the miniseries is over or Cynthia and her own character development works with him and they find that third way and they macgyver themselves a happy ending

6. screen time and development for two of DC comic’s biggest nobodies (because I love them but try bringing either of them up to a non-DC fan. or even a DC fan.)

7. I’m cynco af