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Roman Holiday AU/ Sakumoto

A prince plays hooky from his royal duties for 24 hours with a reporter.

  • Sho: Hey, wanna eat what my okaasan made?
  • Jun: What did she make?
  • Sho: Me.
  • Jun: [✓✓ Read at 8.30pm]
  • Sho: [gets ignored for 3 months]

From Popolo 2002/10

- As we talk, I’d like to hear about your first impression of each other… -

S: I met Matsujun maybe at Playzone rehearsal. I think it was Aoyama Theatre. I thought someone who looks like an insect came. Because he was thin and had big eyes.

M: Don’t say things like insect… As for me, when I saw Sho-kun I thought, “There’s a cute kid with a large forehead.” (laughs) That time, there are some  Air Force (sneaker) soles that had enamel, Sho-kun was wearing North Carolina color.

S: (laughs) Those shoes, I still have them. The other day when I was planning to wear them, they were too small so I couldn’t wear them (laughs). Around that time, during the sneaker boom, Air Max, Air Zoom Flight, and the likes were really booming.

M: After I appeared in Ai Love Junior, we came to interact a lot, huh.

S: There were times when we went back together, but from that time we got close and were together everyday, huh.

M: From around that time, I hung out with older kids. Going to Shibuya everyday…

S: Going to the game center everyday (laughs). Everyday up to the point of {making me wonder}, “Is it okay like this?” By the way, this guy once said, “I’m not going to high school.” I’m sure it was inside a taxi we rode from Dougenzaka. I still remember it even now. I said, “You have to go to high school.”

M: If I had to say, I wanted him to give me a push and say, “It’s fine even if you don’t go.” (laughs) Well, now I’m glad it happened.

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Yakai Katagiri Jin episode fan report:

During a photoshoot, when it was other members’ turn, “A-kun, B-kun, put your arm around the other’s shoulder.” In ShoJun’s case (the cameraman is careful), “Is it alright if I ask you to put your hand on the other’s shoulder?”

Sakurai’s excuse is that it’s not their attitude, but it’s because people around them are being careful with them for some reason.

Note: It’s probably lost in the translation, but the word choice for the other members’ case is very casual while for Sakumoto it’s more polite.

Matsujun according to Sakurai’s words. He really likes the team and colleagues he has worked with, a person who cherishes human bonds.


Upcoming VSA ep.
My heart squeals for this “family” moment. Hahahahaha

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i would like to thank not only god but also jesus for this mishap.

From The Television:

2001 Nostalgic Sakurai

Matsumoto’s side:

Acts spoiled to me by Matsumoto

Once in a while, he phones me, and asks me about some news or something, you know. Just trivial things, though. But, at those times, he depends on me, so it makes me feel happy. If we meet face to face like usual, he’s probably embarrassed. That’s why during our phone calls his feeling of depending on me comes out a lot, it feels like he’s acting spoiled, or am I wrong?

2013 New Sakurai

Dilligently communicating by Matsumoto

Ever since before, in between talks about work, talking about trivial things really hasn’t changed. Well, I don’t know about being depended on, but we talk about work through phone.

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└ 新しいモノマネですか、潤くん?😂😂😂😂😂

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 05.11.2016 Preview


Cos the boyfriends members were tickled too.


Is there anyone think like me The Sakumoto are like the lover are being O.A.?????? Like they are facing with the Questions Do you still fall in each other? Jun said they are good relation even it looks like they are not. They went to Johnny’s world together. Jun was so excited to be with Sho…. Maa Maa the Sakumoto!!!

During they stay side by side on Yakai I just think they are going to anonuce “Yes the world please learn he is the one for me”

Ai wo sakebe start to play


Sakumoto suits in JAL Fly to 2020 Conference


└ 翔くん expressed his concern that his segment has run into the proverbial wall; his initial objectives of rediscovering Japan have pretty much fallen flat.  

The solution: a RENEWAL to “Sakurai Sho’s Travels”.

Nino: So it’s just a normal travel segment?

Jun: It’s okay to call out to you?

Tsk tsk tsk, such stellar support, Matsumiya brats. Hahaha~

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 07.05.2016