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Y'know what my favorite thing about skam is? The Jesus shirt that Eskild wears in most of the season two episodes is also the one that Isak wears that Even eventually wears. It perfectly goes along with the story of 21:21 and Even dressing as God. Don't even get me started on the underwater kiss like Baz Lurhmann's Romeo + Juliet is written all over that scene.

i cant believe this show tbh

even says he like baz luhrmann and then isak sees him and radiohead’s talk show host is playing just like in luhrmann’s romeo + juliet this is too much, that scene in romeo + juliet is the best use of a song in any movie ever and the fact that they recreated it gives me a lot of feelings

yes, i started watching skam because tumblr says it’s amazing and i’m exploding

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The 'Romeo & Juliet law' thing was meaningless crap, Tessa is over the age of consent in Texas - They didn't do their research. Again.

im not sure what you mean by “over the age of consent”, and why you seem to be saying it like its a bad thing?

the reason why they included the romeo and juliet law was to make sure people knew that shane wouldnt be guilty of statutory rape. tessa was old enough to be in a consensual relationship with shane under that law. they met when she was a sophomore in high school, and shane was a senior.

then shane went over the age of 18, but their relationship remains viable because the romeo and juliet law protected them. he wasnt guilty of pedophilia or rape. the relationship is fine.

oh! I have to tell you guys a great story one of my professors told me. So he has a friend who is involved in these Shakespeare outreach programs where they try to bring Shakespeare and live theatre to poor and underprivileged groups and teach them about English literature and performing arts and such. On one of their tours they stopped at a young offenders institute for women and they put on a performance of Romeo and Juliet for a group of 16-17 year old girls. It was all going really well and the girls were enjoying and laughing through the first half - because really, the first half is pretty much a comedy - but as the play went on, things started to get quiet. Real quiet. Then it got up to the suicide scene and mutterings broke out and all the girls were nudging each other and looking distressed, and as this teacher observed them, he realised - they didn’t know how the play ended. These girls had never been exposed to the story of Romeo and Juliet before, something which he thought was impossible given how ubiquitous it is in our culture. I mean, the prologue even gives the ending away, but of course it doesn’t specify exactly how the whole “take their life” thing goes down, so these poor girls had no idea what to expect and were sitting there clinging to hope that Romeo would maybe sit down for a damn minute instead of murdering Paris and chugging poison - but BAM he died and they all cried out - and then Juliet WOKE UP and they SCREAMED and by the end of the play they were so upset that a brawl nearly broke out, and that’s the story of how Shakespeare nearly started a riot at a juvenile detention centre