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“Tony thinks creating an A.I. that is exactly like him with no mute button is a gift”

Invincible Iron Man vol. 3, #3 (2017)

I love being a Pisces so much. We’re just over here doing our hair like the mermaids we are. Sometimes we go talk shit about Leo’s and Aries’ to our fellow water sisters, Cancers and Scorpios. We cry a little too much and wear our hearts on our sleeves but at the end of the day, we go and pray to our patron Pisces goddess queen Miss Robyn Rihanna Fenty and create art.

To Riri Williams fans, from a Sharon Carter fan

I’m really sorry about Sharon in Invincible Iron Man #5. It was extremely out of character for her to accuse Riri of being a Hydra fan, and it made no sense that she did that. It also made no sense that she would say Riri needs to learn some respect, because Riri was respectful - meanwhile, Sharon was stabbed in the hand by Taskmaster a few issues ago in Captain America: Steve Rogers and took that in stride.

Anyway, she isn’t typically like that, and I’m really sorry that Bendis decided to write her that way. It really just… doesn’t make more sense. (Here’s some more about WHY it doesn’t make sense. I swear, Bendis either hates her or doesn’t read any comics but his own.)

But Riri handled that perfectly, and she was great. I’m just… sorry about Sharon. 

Being a woc and dating Tom Holland aesthetic

“I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Just because we’re different doesn’t mean we aren’t just as good, it doesn’t mean we’re not awesome. We’re like…Riri Williams and Peter Parker. Don’t think that you’re not amazing and that we’re not amazing together. You’re my melanin queen and I love that. I love you.”

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