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Monsta X Reaction to Accidentally Confessing


Shownu seems like he would be really confident, but in actuality, as soon as he told you he liked you by accident he would become a shy little bear, blushing like crazy.

“I- er- well… Please say something, Y/N!”


Wonho might let it slip accidentally that he likes you, but it wouldn’t inhibit him at all and he would take it all in stride, completely confident in himself, and perhaps cocky, knowing you like him back.

“You know you like me too.”


As soon as he realizes what he said, he wouldn’t know how to handle it and would probably start screaming tbh.



When Kihyun accidentally confessed his feelings, he would blush, but would try to make it out like it wasn’t a big deal and that he meant to say it.

“Yeah you heard me, I like you,” *blushes even more*


Just like Wonho, Hyungwon is so chill and calm about it. The fact that he just confessed doesn’t faze him at all, and he’s already confident that you like him back from your reaction.

“With that look on your face, one might think you like me too,” *smirks*


So embarrassed he becomes a squishy little puppy and hides his face in his hands and probably is thinking about running away.

“Oh crap. Let’s pretend I didn’t say that, can we?”


He’s chill AF, he probably even meant to confess to you, who can tell by the way he acts afterward.

“Don’t be so surprised.”


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i love how the title of ur ask is still "blackwood will be up soon" asdfghjkl anyway ily and im so exited for whenever the next illaks is

IM CRYING ITS LITERALLY BEEN THAT FOR OVER 2 YEARS im thinkin maybe we’re gonna have to face up to the truth here……………. blackwood is a goner. im Very Soz.

ALSO THANK U i wanna knock up another chapter kiiiinda soon but then like ……. are people still reading it ???? would people want another chapter ??? @ some point ??? maybe??????? who knows  ? but thank u for ur enthusiasm that means a lot i’ll try and get another chapter together soon also ily too <333

This doesn’t even need a caption😂

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Erin and Abby Highschool girlfriends here we go

  • Erin did track and field
  • Abby wanted to join the marching band, but they told her she was too fat and she wouldn’t be able to keep up
  • One early morning Abby decided to go running to try and get in shape so she could finally belong somewhere
  • While she’s there Erin shows up to practise like she usually does
  • Erin starts warming up, and once she’s stretched she takes off her shirt to run in her sports bra
  • Abby is looking at her, and when she takes off her shirt Abby gets too distracted and trips over her feet
  • Erin runs over and asks if she’s okay or if she needs any help
  • They train together that day
  • Erin doesn’t usually have anyone to sit with at lunch, even though the track and field members are her team-mates, they don’t want to sit with ghost-girl
  • Abby has a similar problem: she is member/head of almost every club in school, so most days she just tries to sit with one of her club members and they make some excuse and leave and Abby ends up eating alone
  • this day Erin decides to go sit with Abby
  • “Oh you don’t have to sit with me out of pity, you can go sit with your cool team-mates.”
  • “Well umm… They don’t want to sit with me”
  • “Why not? You’re a jock, you’re smart, you’re a mathlete and an athlete. And you’re so beautiful too” (which totally makes Erin blush)
  • “I believe in ghosts, so everyone thinks I’m weird. They call me ghost girl”
  • “Oh cool. I like ghosts”
  • instant friendship from them on
  • Erin finds out Abby was just training to fit in, and that secretly she hates it
  • Erin tells her that she should only run if she really likes it, and that she doesn’t have to change to be beautiful, Erin likes her just the way she is
  • One day they’re walking down the hall together, and one of them just casually asks if the other is going to prom
  • “I wasn’t planning on. I don’t think anyone will ask me or anything”
  • “Well we could always go together”
  • They get matching dresses and go together without the intention of finding a date, but just to have fun
  • One of the geeky boys asks Erin to slow dance, but she looks over at her friend and sees Abby all alone, and says that she’s gonna dance with Abby instead
  • From then on the whole school assumes they’re dating
  • In the hallway Abby and Erin are walking together holding hands, as best friends do, and someone yells ‘dykes’ at them
  • Erin doesn’t understand, but she is so used be being called ghost-girl that she doesn’t really notice/mind
  • One day at Abby’s house while they’re studying for an english quiz Erin brings it up
  • Abby explains that they get called dyke because people think that they’re gay/dating
  • “Oh well that would be…” Erin looses her train of thought and kisses Abby right then and there
  • She pulls back and apologises and she starts freaking out and abby can’t get a word in edgewise so she just interrupts Erin by kissing her back
  • They figure if they’re gonna get called dykes anyway they might as well date right?
  • They are the cutest couple and go on ghost hunting dates, or dates to the library to research more about ghosts, or study dates in general

Ok this post got way longer than I expected, I just love the idea of Yatesbert high school girlfriends. (If you wanna see more than this tho, you can send me one of the one sentence prompts and I’ll write a Yatesbert Highschool gfs drabble)

ayyyy 3 away from my next hundred after being stuck hovering around the same number for over a year omg 


Oh hey so I made that warlock of the Raven Queen today!

Anyone wanna listen to me talk about her? Yes? No? I’ll tell you anyway.

So I’ve not really figured out what she was doing before she was… 18-ish? I mean.. what do kids even usually do in the dnd-verse? go to school?? is that a thing?? dunno. But at around 18-19 she started stealing things, breaking into places, that sort of thing, to make money. Most of the money probably went into food and all that but she always made sure to give a part of it to the local temple (/some other form of charity). She learned to be quite a successful cat burglar, and maybe even made a bit of a reputation for herself, she was probably caught once or twice but usually managed to break her way out of holding and just hid somewhere for a while. She also kind of dated this awesome half-elf girl, who also happened to be a very reliable fence, for a while. It was a really casual thing though, they were never anything serious (also she’s. like. so gay. (which i believe has somehow become like a theme for underlings of the RQ?? i’m okay with this.))

Then, she managed to somehow make some really powerful enemies in the criminal world (maybe she broke into the wrong place, maybe she stole something important, maybe she made out with someone’s girlfriend, who knows) and she had to go into hiding. She’s about 22? at this point. This is also the last time she saw that fence girl, I’m really hoping they meet again at some point. She managed to stay hidden for a while, probably moving from city to city, but eventually those enemies found her and they tried to kill her by burning down the house she was in at night. And they succeeded. Sort of.

As she was dying, or dead, or something, she had a vision of the Raven Queen. She was offered a deal; she could survive the fire and continue her life if she swore to help track down and recover an important artifact (maybe???) that was stolen, probably from like some ancient temple ruin or something. She agreed to the deal because a) she didn’t want to die and b) she liked the idea of possibly getting revenge on the ones who murdered her. And that’s how she became a warlock! I’d also like to think that after the fire the word spread that she was dead, but she managed to get a message to a few of her closest contacts (including the fence girl, i just really want a reunion okay) that she was still alive.

She’s very charismatic and pleasant to be around, and she has a habit of trying to convince people she’s right. And also lying (i mean what, her?? lying??? never.) She has pretty good stats all around - except her strength, she’s feeble af - and she has skills in things like arcana, history and religion. She’s also kind of a kleptomaniac, she can’t help but think of stealing little trinkets and whatnot whenever she visits a place. I think she also doesn’t exactly advertise the fact that she’s a warlock or who her patron is (like most warlocks i think?), but I haven’t quite figured out how she does explain her powers, maybe she just pretends to be a wizard. Or a rogue.

Oh, and she’s a half-elf, btw.

Line art butterfly bog drawing WIP

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Hi, could I request something that I could use in the future for a new phone case for myself? I absolutely love your work!

mmm i don’t know how you’ll make my artworks into a phone case,, but im planning to make some ham iphone/android wallpaper for people to use so!!!

skater heart;

member- taehyung

genre- au, fluff

words- 2, 000

summary- the boy with the scuffed up knees and kind heart falls for the girl with a witty mind and cute smile. skaterboy!taehyung

a/n- sorry i havent posted in a while, im just really swamped with school work! i’ll be working on requests soon though. but i actually really like this??? tell me what you guys think.

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

You grew up in this tiny town. You grew up with the faded playground, with the family-owned ice cream shop, with the same group of friends since elementary school. You grew up reading on your grandma’s porch while it rained, you grew up here…with Taehyung, the boy you’ve had the biggest crush on since junior high. 

He grew up here too. He grew up skating with his buddies on the dingy but usable skate park, with bruises constantly on his knee, with the same skate shop that sold the raddest wheels. He grew up doing 360’s off of whatever was available, he grew up here…with you, the cute girl who he had always saw reading on the front porch at the house down the street from his. 

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maan you guys know i never do backgrounds but like two months ago i made this. I think it’s the first room I ever actually put effort into??

someone teach me how to draw backgrounds without excessive crying

me in 5th grade: crushes are required right?? every other girl has one… hmm.. oh! theres my.. friend thats a boy! ill act like i like him!! now i can relate to this… feeling of… im sure ill feel a Crush , like what all the pretty girls are describing soon!

some girl: omg haha u like him!! really?

me, actually angry and offended and feels nothing: ,, i.. have a.. Crush.. on him… Yes,,