like really really love it

this break is so good for youngjae?? im so happy hes like on his own and experiencing things for himself and its not like being with other people is bad but!!! its so cool that he’s able to be by himself and learn like how to do things himself and he’s going to have SO much fun at that concert and he’ll probably get chipotle after and then sleep for 12 hours and im just so!!!!! happy hes able to have a lil break and live how he wants to, and even if its not forever it’s just so wonderful.. as far as we know he’s only there because he wanted to go for vocal lessons + the collab with sanjoy and now hes going to a concert and just IMAGINE all the other fun things he’s done.. im just so happy he gets to enjoy life like a normal person for a while with nobody constantly following him and taking pics of him and stuff like that, it just makes me so happy

“…Um can I touch ur hair?”
Uh I drew you and @juuria for no reason so here it is hope ya like it



  • Phil: *swears*
  • Dan: *swears*
  • Me: shut the fuck up and leave

In light of recent events, I think this post should definitely be made. It’s important to remind those around you, those you care about how much they mean to you.
I’d like to encourage everyone, not just those who are mentioned in this post, to reach out when things get rough. I’m not always the best to talk to, but if you need someone to talk, I’m always here. If Tumblr isn’t the best platform, I have no problem giving out my Facebook or phone number. Please don’t hesitate to message me. 
Let’s put aside our differences and show each other respect and love.

@maexchen-therescuemutt You’re such a kind person. I really enjoy reading about yours and Mäxchen’s accomplishments and what you did during your day.
@romatheacdmix Another truly lovely person. I’ve followed you and Roma since you were norestfortherescue and it’s been an absolute pleasure to see Roma start overcoming fears and the two of you start really becoming a team
@aelthen Okay so maybe you’re not a dogblr (#bringbackcaninesandcomplaints2k17) but you’re still wonderful and I love ur poodle. I followed you way back when you were fostering Maybeline (I believe her name was?) Seeing you become comfortable with your sexuality on Tumblr has been wonderful and someday hope to be where you are with that.
@coonhoundchronicles I love you dogs so much, just absolutely adore them. It’s wonderful to find someone who is equally in love with plain ole’ hound dogs. You’re such a genuinely lovely person and I’m so glad that I still get to see your pups, even after Wagtail ended.
@blueboyluca A gem, honestly. You’re so sweet and I love interacting with you (even if I suck at it lol) Luca is a such gorgeous dog. I’ve learned so much about Schipperkes since following you.
@sidetongue Reading your captions and tags is honestly one of the highlights of my day. It’s so obvious how much you love Henry and Miller. I love reading all about your shelter and foster shenanigans as well.
@achoirofcritters I’ve been following you for forever it seems. I’ve loved seeing your photography and editing skills progress and you get more confident in your photography (which dude !!! incredible)
@tempurafriedhappiness Another amazing tumblr photographer. It’s been absolute joy to watch you develop a photography style and really work towards your goals. I hope Colorado treats you well
@bandizoi / @noodle-dragon One of the first dogblrs I followed and a core component to my dogblr experience. Whatever life throws at you, you seem to take in stride. I admire your dedication to your dogs. Also, a big thanks for introducing me to Silken Windhounds; they’re pretty neat
@pulldogs It’s so clear how much you love your dogs and do the absolute most for them. I’ve loved being introduced to a breed I’d never considered before and whole different side of the dog world.
@herebelife Thistle and Thyme are wonderful dogs with an equally wonderful human. Watching Thistle grow and triumph has been, in the simplest terms, incredible. You’ve put so much hard work into making life great for her. It’s also been a joy watching Thyme grow into the precious old man he is.
@tinybigpaws Despite everything that’s happened regarding Lotta and your health, you two are still here and still achieving amazing things. It’s so clear how caring of a person you are.
@perfectdogs I seriously love Aska and Goa so much. Before your blog, I’d never give Schnauzers a second thought and I didn’t even know Tibetan Terriers were a thing. Your photography is absolutely stunning, as well. And once again, despite all that’s happened, you guys are still here and you’re still accomplishing incredible stuff
@mango-pup Seriously one of the sweetest, most understanding people on here. When you posted your list of mistakes, I can’t imagine what that took, but it was an remains an important document. I admire your ability to put that out there and I admire your dedication to Mango

As much as I’d love to shout out everyone, there’s simply no way to do that all in one post, but I do hope to continue spreading positivity of some sort. I do intend to add to this eventually because I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the amazing and inspiring people dogblr has within the community.

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I reckon that if kallura does happen it will end quickly, like asami/mako or mako/korra, then klance will be canon 💕

i would fucking smack someone if this happened, that love triangle shit in tlok was AWFUL to sit through and it would be ten times worse in vld

lance would feel like absolute SHIT if keith got the girl he’s been flirting with since the start, he would just be thinking “oh, another thing keith is better than me at/another thing keith has that i don’t” and i’m not here for that. i don’t want to deal with experiencing what happened to bolin in tlok again… it was fucked and he deserved better and lance deserves better. ALLURA deserves better, keith doesn’t even deserve her lmfaofjsfns anyways they all deserve better than some fuck shit like that

and i think the creators know that most people would really really hate it seeing as how they worked on tlok so they probably know how most fans felt about that love triangle bs… so i like to believe that they know better. it would also just be too much drama and there’s already SO much shit happening in the show rn… doing an annoying love triangle type thing would be a waste of time and fuck with the bonds between everyone, i think

also keith is gay like LORD that boy is SO gay… there is no way he’s interested in allura romantically, they would have animated his expressions differently in their scenes if he was. they have already been building keith and lance’s relationship up and developing it, it seriously wouldn’t make sense to throw some crap like that at us, especially since keith shows no interest in allura, you feel?? 

in short, i don’t think a love triangle type of deal is going to go down in vld, like i’m pretty damn sure of it lol

i need you right here with me

I just thought of it but My Hero Academia is progressing pretty rapidly through the manga and at some point they’re going to reach the end of what’s there and they’re either going to deviate from the manga via Black Butler or start filler arc-ing the hell out of it via Naruto/One Piece

tbh i really hope they go the One Punch Man filler arc way with the manga legitimately adding substance to the webseries

I thought the era of hating Ayato and “Kaneki did nothing wrong”s was over. I’m wrong apparently. 

Here’s a quick sketch and a quicker coloring of our mystery killer just because I love him, his kickass backflips and badass poses. (And that one quote.) I also hope that one day he gets to drink all the beer he wants. 🍺🍺

Have a good week, everyone! Looking forward to the next chapter and I’ll see you all soon! 🐰🐠


*insert trendy hipster name for a restaurant* Part I

For Phae’s very first, but definitely not last, interior project she was given the arduous task of redesigning and completely refurbishing a restaurant. She was in a bit of a time crunch, but she is exceedingly proud of how it all came together in the end. Her boss’s were honestly surprised the level of determination, and endless stream of creative ideas she had regarding the project, and they cannot wait to see how she tackles more jobs in the future.

lovebug3769  asked:

YES, you have joined the tododeku shipping. There is no going back now that you're in.(insert evil laugh) Ps your art of bnha is awesome ๐Ÿ‘

I stepped into bnha hell and tododeku was my consolation gift. I’m such a happy boy. 💖

Describe yourself with song titles

The artist I’m selecting: In Love With A Ghost
What is your gender: am i a boy? am i a girl? do i really care? i’m hungry anyway
Describe yourself: sorry for not answering the phone, i’m too busy trying to fly away
How do you feel: i was feeling down then i found a nice witch and now we’re best friends 
If you could go anywhere, where would it be: goodbye earth, i’m taking my spaceship to explore the universe
Favorite mode of transportation: let’s walk across this forest, i can feel that everything is real again
Your best friend: we were friends
Favorite time of the day: sunset 
What is life to you: it’s valentine’s day, i’m having a chill dinner with my cats and my ukulele
Relationship status: i thought we were lovers
Your fear:  you fucking broke my heart 
What do you want: i know it’s not easy but you’re not alone anymore
Relatable: when you think about her and your brain says no don’t do that

i’m tagging @amberatww @aphroditeam @archeozoic @deltakin @prometheus-fallen @techno-dancer and @yarnyspaceace and i’m imploring everyone to check out In Love With A Ghost they make such wonderful music