like really nobody in this big family is normal

You're just a Cargo Pilot

“You only became a Fighter Pilot because I dropped out.”
Keith might as well have slapped him in the face.
Allura has spent the past few weeks, testing their strength, physically, emotionally, and as a team for Voltron. This however, was a result of pushing limits.
“Keith…” Hunk doesn’t know what more he can say to ease the tension.
“We are supposed to open up, and be able to trust each other. We can’t form Voltron if we are at each other’s throat.” Shiro mentions.
“He started it!” Lance throws a finger in Keith’s direction.
Lance tenses up when Shiro raises his voice. Keith isn’t lying. If it hadn’t been for his leave at the Garrison, Lance would still be a Cargo Pilot if anything, but just like Keith has his own reasons for leaving, Lance has special circumstances too.
“Maybe we should call it a day… I’m exhausted anyhow.” Hunk says, as he watches Lance tremble with hands in a fist.
“I agree. Paladins, we will have dinner then head to our rooms to rest before training again early in the morning.” Allura commands as she and Coran leave to prepare dinner.
“Not hungry.” Lance grits between closed teeth as he storms off to his room.
“He has never been much of a team player, I would know.” Pidge says, recalling the simulation training at the academy.
“Pidge, that not true…” Hunk tries to defend.
“What’s his problem anyways… we’re all busting our ass to form Voltron…”
“Why did you have to bring up the Garrisons?” Hunk interrupts.
“It’s true.” Keith Chides.
“It’s not.” Hunk challenges.
Hunk, doesn’t normally challenge head on, He doesn’t have trouble in taking commands and keeping his 2 cents to himself, so Shiro assumes that Hunk is only trying to protect Lance.
“He was sick.”
Pidge and and Shiro perk up at the information.
“What?” Pidge says, hoping Hunk will elaborate.
He looks to the floors, as if they have the answer…
“Lance is from a really big family, and it’s not like tuition for the Academy is cheap. He’s on.. Well he was on a scholarship…”
“Your telling me Lance is smart?” Pidge jokes.
Nobody is laughing.
“It was a Full ride as a Fighter Pilot, he just had to take the test and guarantee his spot by his second term. He studied a lot, kept asking me to help him in the library… and I dont know if I should keep talking?Can we just forget what I said?”
“Wait, I’m not following… what does a scholarship have to do with Being a Fighter Pilot or Keith?” Shiro says.
“Fighter pilots need to put in a certain amount of hours before graduating and there are only 24 seats in that class. Only one Pilot put in enough hours to graduate that term…. and that was you, Takeshi Shirogane.” Hunk and Shiro share looks.
“There was only one seat open. If Lance didn’t get in, they were going to strip him of his scholarship.
The only other person who was testing in that year was…” they both looked to Keith. “well you get the picture.
So we spent every night for 2 weeks training and studying, until he made himself sick. Right before the Physical Test, Lance collapsed. He was in the hospital for 2 days due to dehydration and what they said was a stress cold.
When he woke up, Lance said he was sure he was going to have to start packing his backs, but instead Sergent Iverson, came to congratulate him. He mentioned that Keith dropped out and even though Lance didn’t pass the physical, his test scores were almost perfect.”
There is a long pause, but Hunk continued.
“Rumors spread like a wild fire. As far as the academy knew, Lance only got in because Keith left, and yeah Lance knows that’s the case, but if he had a chance to do all over again…”
“Is this why he constantly feels like he need to compete with me?”
“I don’t know. It’s nothing against you Keith, but this whole rivalry thing he has with you, it doesn’t really make sense to any of us, but for him….he needs to know that he earned his seat in that class, Lance… at the garrison, he would never know if he could compete with you fairly.
Then all this happened.”
Hunk spread is arms wide and high.
“So… maybe what I’m trying to says is,
Are you sure that the only reason Lance became a Fighter Pilot, is because you left?

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The Boys And School Runaway Reader

Request: Hello! Would you mind do a hc wich fem!reader in a moment ends up in boys bathrooms (cause she is runaways from someone).


A/N: I hope this is okay. I wasn’t 100% sure what to do with it.


Warnings: Implied bullying.


The Boys And School Runaway Reader…


  • You ran down the halls as fast as you could, praying that you wouldn’t run into everyone every time you approached a corner
  • This could’ve easily been the worst day of your life, and you were desperate to just be isolated in a small room in your own comfort

  • Without meaning to, you ran straight in to the boy’s bathroom, collapsing back against the door as you cried
  • You hadn’t noticed the line of boys at the basin - Alex, Justin, Monty, Jeff, Clay, Tony each of them doing whatever it was boy do when they hang out together in the bathroom, perfecting their signature appearances

  • They were all stunned into silence of course
  • They’re men, they have no idea how to cope with someone crying

  • Jeff was the first to approach you. His voice soft, as well as the hand on your knee. He knew he would somewhat startle you
  • You felt your stomach sink when you looked up to them and realised you’d entered the wrong bathroom. There was no way you’d ever get past the embarrassment of the moment

  • You’d been so distracted staring in horror to be calmed by Jeff’s thumb caressing your knee, and before you knew it, you were crying again
  • Justin looked literally stunned, with 0 idea on how to comfort you, Clay and Tony hesitantly approached you, and Monty and Alex seemed to keep their distance, understandably still uncomfortable with the situation

  • You weren’t sure how long you sat there on the floor like that, but at some stage Jeff had sat beside you and put his arms around you
  • It suddenly fully hit you that you’d never been close to any of these boys, just class acquaintances

  • That didn’t stop Justin from instantly asking you whose ass they needed to kick though
  • And Monty hurriedly agreeing

  • You figured you couldn’t possibly tell them what happened, the guy who’d tried to pull your pants down in front of the class was a jock, so you figured that meant most of the guys would side with him instead
  • You were wrong though, once they finally coaxed what happened out of you they had a pretty good idea who did it, and Monty absolutely punched him later on in the hall

  • The guys let you hang around for the rest of the day, and while it was awkward at first, you relaxed around them super-fast
  • It wasn’t quite like they were a group of your big brothers, maybe more like cousins- they had that protective feel of family, but a day certainly wasn’t long enough for them to really gel with you

  • It was Tony’s idea for them to take you on a ‘date’ after school to help cheer you up. You all got food and went and saw a movie at the crestmont, sneaking the food in with the help of Hannah behind the counter
  • Afterwards when the sun was setting they dropped you home, and you figured that tomorrow everything would be back to normal again- you’d just be the nobody they didn’t look at in the halls, and you hoped by then everyone had forgotten the incident of the day

  • You were wrong though, and Tony was promptly out front of your house the next morning, ready to drive you to school with Clay
  • It definitely took Alex the longest to warm to you, but that didn’t surprise you much. He seemed like the most closed off of them all, and basically the whole school knew this group was basically all the social life he wanted anything to do with in crestmont

  • Clay surprised you with how funny he was, and Monty with how sweet he was
  • It suddenly made sense to you how people like Justin and Monty could be such good friends with people like Jeff and Clay, they were just misunderstood sportsmen trying to make it through high school

  • And you all ended up being some kind of saviour to each other

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Drinking Games

Believe it or not…I’m going to turn eighteen soon. And yet I still have the mind of a terrified eight year old who doesn’t want to start an argument, who knows just how that ends. She knows she’ll never win, because he’s really big. And she’s really small.

I’m going to turn eighteen soon but parties have never really been my thing. In fact, drinking has never really been my thing. In fact, anything that reminds me has never really been my thing. It’s partially that I don’t trust other people – they are nice, really nice, until they are not nice anymore – it’s also that I don’t trust myself.

As the child of an alcohol addict, at least one alcohol addict…, I realise that I’m four times more likely to develop an alcohol addiction. That makes me dangerous. I have my father’s eyes and god knows I remember the look in his eyes when he’d drink. I am him, he is me, and I know the damage I could do. I know the way he’d look at me. I know how the nights went. How he’d tell me if I don’t stop crying he’d hit me…again…and now when people say drink all I can think about is trying to swallow the tears before they drown me, because there was never any escaping him once I was underwater. Up against the wall and he’s screaming in my face - his mouth is foaming. We’re alone and nobody is going to save me. I thought this was normal. When I was eight I thought every family was like this. I feel like I lost my childhood. I toss and turn at night when I think about his arms grabbing me and shaking me shouting at me because I’m wrong again, because I’m always wrong. Because I’m top of my class and I’m still wrong and at the end of the day he’s really big and I’m really small. He’s a boxer and I’m a loser. People call me nice…I think I’m just terrified.

It’s actually a little soul destroying to see people who look at a beer and see a beer. Who don’t picture the way the glass shatters on the floor along with all the other glasses in the kitchen, who don’t see their mum crying on the floor begging for it to end and they don’t see his fist go through the wardrobe. They don’t hear the scream as he breaks his hand from the force, and they don’t know how at the end of the night it will all be their fault.

I have this superiority complex that tells me if I have a drink that I’m no better than him. That the pop of a beer bottle is practically the same as the pop of a bone when you get in a fight or the pop of a word when you say something that might emotionally scar a kid for ever…and you know, give them a superiority complex. I feel I have to be better than anyone else to be anything at all…or he’d find a way to hurt me. Go big or go home…I know he’d drink to that.

In fact he’d drink to anything because he was an addict. It goes from one beer to have more fun, to one beer just to relax, to one beer because there’s nothing else to do, to one beer because work went bad and one beer because…it makes you feel better. You sleep better when you aren’t yourself. One beer because you need it. One beer because your friends are drinking. One beer, one beer. One beer because your team lost. One beer just because. One beer. Two beers because one just doesn’t do it anymore. Three beers. Three beers for breakfast.

I’ve watched an addiction. Can I afford to risk it? Can my hands twist around a neck as well as they can a bottle? I honestly don’t know…I don’t want to know…can I afford to risk it? My friends pass me a drink. Just drink it. I want to throw the drink…and watch it shatter into a million little pieces, just like he did. I’m just like him. I am him, he is me.

My eighteenth birthday is coming up and yet I still have the mind of a terrified eight year old. I know I’ll never win so, can I risk it? I sleep better when I’m not myself. I want to know.

juzosuke domestic au!!

me and maddie came up with this huge ass juzosuke au to recuperate from episode 11 and i needed a way to keep track of it so its all under the cut!!

WARNING: this thing is ridiculously long?? unless u really want a super long juzosuke au, then go for it my dude

edit: if ur reading this there is now a part two so click this cool link 2 read it 

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