like really i never ever thought i'd say this but

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Point out where its canon that Keith's Asian though that's 100% he's 100% a white passing character bc him being Asian is 100% fanon

That’s true. So if Keith’s white I guess that actually makes sheith an interracial ship as well. Anon, sorry, but you just played yourself  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But honestly the assertion that you shouldn’t ship a white couple (or ‘white passing’ couple, which is a horrible way to dismiss someone’s actual ethnicity, btw, like Shiro is obviously canonically Japanese, why would you want to erase that?) because there are darker skinned characters available is so weird to me. Like, people don’t ship based on stuff like that? They ship stuff based on how those characters interact in the show or how well their personalities would fit together. It’s not mandatory to ship something that’s gay or interracial or whatever else just to earn tumblr points

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Best olicity fanfic apart from Phoenix? ❤️

I didn’t say “The Phoenix” was my favourite, I really can’t choose between Matty’s fics. I really can’t.

The first thing I read was the “Free Fall” and it was like “HOLY SHIT that’s all I ever wanted from the Olicity fic" and then I went to her page on the archive and guys, she killed me because I wasn’t expecting this. 

The thing is we’re all different and love different things and I know a lot of great Olicity fics, but I never thought I'd discover an author whose every piece of work is perfect for me, personally. I’m not exaggerating when I say “I love
everything she writes”, because I don’t know how she does that, but her characters are different in every fic, but at the same time it’s Oliver and Felicity, I mean, that’s how they are for me.

Lots of people like threesomes in fics and I have nothing against it, but for me Oliver sharing Felicity with anybody? NOT A CHANCE! Like I just don’t believe it. Felicity being the goddess of them all and Oliver being “not good enough for her" and a weak type isn’t my thing either. Oliver Queen is my everything and I just can’t read it. I love Felicity with all my heart, but some people really make Oliver’s character unbearable for me to read. I also hate tragic endings, like I love angst and all but killing one of them or “they can’t be together”… No, thanks. 

Oh, and I hate love triangles! In fics or on screen! Many people think it’s a great thing for a love story. Well, Matty’s love stories are the most incredible and the most intense ones without any third wheels! So, you understand what I’m talking about. It’s hard for me to find my cup of tea.

And then comes SuperSillyAndDorky06 and I start to read her fics one by one and it’s like magic, I read “The Phoenix” after “Free Fall" and thought "there’s no way you wrote two such gorgeous things” and then I read “The Firebird” and “The Albatross” and I became an addict. Don’t judge me, I really can’t sleep until I check her page, and I know her schedule, but still… I need to check! And her smuts are perfect omg! And “Strangers In The Night” holy shit! Still can’t forget “The Mark”! And her ficlets and posts about season 4!

So, like I’ve already said on twitter:

I made a video about “The Phoenix” because Matty asked me, it doesn’t mean it’s better than others, no. I can’t choose, but if you loved it, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love The Phoenix Rises”, “Free Fall”, “The Firebird” and “The Albatross” too (these are my favourite Olicity fics!).