like really how can you not love him

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how about ☮ for our lovely jumin???? love youuuu

ILY2 sweet pea!!!! 

☮   - What do they like to talk to their s/o about late at night when they both can’t sleep? 

  • He is surprisingly open at night 
  • Something about laying in bed with you makes him vulnerable 
  • You could ask him anything and he will tell you honestly 
  • He loves you more than work 
  • How much he cares for Elizabeth and V 
  • How wrong he was about Rika and how that haunts him 
  • How worried he is about his father and how his health will be affecting in the coming years 
  • He really doesnt know how he will handle it and he wants to know you can be there for him 
  • His mothers mental illness 
  • Children 
  • Dude 
  • Jumin is an open book at night 

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Did you hear Tae saying Rap Monster, Dance Monster, Vocal Monster, smth else (I didn't hear bc i was laughing at how cute he was) I love him so much sjskdjsk

yesssss he was so adorable in this??? and he said shopping monster im sajkhfjskdh his english is so cute i love him

How early should we line up if we have a general admissions ticket?

sobs i haven’t lined up for any kpop concert with general admission in legit 4 years so i’m not really sure :( also idk what usa fans are like?? so i can’t really say, sorry!!

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I just can't get over how amazing of an actor Bob Morely is. Like in every scene he's in, he just uses his entire body (and his eyes!!) to express himself. I've noticed how does even little things, like pursing his lips or clenching his jaw to really show how Bellamy's feeling in a particular moment. He's just SO GOOD. His talent amazes me.

He really is. 

My internet is superslow and sometimes the gifs come in frame by frame, and I kind of love watching the ones of him, where you can see every microexpression on his face. The tiniest little changes and he’s expressing a whole range of emotions. A three second clip and Bellamy’s got a hold world going on in his face. 

 Bob’s very intense and focused I think. He really inhabits the character. You can see sometimes in the bloopers where the other actors break character and laugh and stuff, but he’s still holding on to part of Bellamy, even as he makes jokes. It’s interesting.

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Can I ask for a scenario between MC and Saeyoung where Saeyoung was exhausted and snappy, so mc pampered him to oblivion like every 2 seconds she would kiss and hug him and she would tell him how much she loves him.

Hi! I don’t know if you wanted something fluffier, but this isn’t sinful either, it’s somewhere in between lolol. Anyways, Long fics are not really my forte, but I hope everybody enjoys it!

Kill him with kindness

You kissed him, hugged him, told him you loved him,  that you wanted to see him without his glasses again… and then you told him you loved him, over and over again. And all you got as an answer was:

“Go away, MC! It’s impossible to focus with you all over me like that!”

Oh, there he is: the snappy Saeyoung… he comes from time to time, usually after long days behind a computer screen, feeding only of HBC and Dr. Pepper. Although you also like to eat those, you know how much of an influence they can be in Saeyoung’s bad mood.

You get it, he said he was done working like this, but some habits are hard to abandon , especially the ones that paid so well… he’d been doing freelance coding and programming jobs to the biggest companies in the country, and although it wasn’t as dangerous as his previous job, it was equally stressful.

You never take it personal, you’re mature and confident enough to know it’s not about you, he’s just taking it out on someone, and it happens to be you. However… that doesn’t mean you’ll just accept being treated like that. No, sir! That MC who would let him be rude because he was frustrated stopped existing in Rika’s apartment a long time ago. You are a couple now, you live together, you’ve been talking about marriage and kids, Saeyoung can’t switch his moods like this and expect for you to pretend nothing happened.

But you don’t want to be rough on him, that would only make it worse, so being as sweet and gentle as possible would do the trick. No, you didn’t go away as he bossed. You took a deep breath and went behind his chair.

You caressed his hair gently, as he didn’t say anything, you messed it a little, running your fingers playfully through the strands. “What are you doing?” he asked, his fingers were still typing fast.

“Me? Oh, I just like your hair. Have I ever told you that?”

“Yeah, a million times. Just… stop it! It’s hard to focus like this!”

“ So just focus, I’m not doing anything wrong, am I?” he just snorted in frustration, he knew it was better trying to focus and not going into a worthless argue with you. Plus, this was actually helping, your finger nails were relaxing him a little… okay, no, it was too relaxing, as he felt his eyelids heavy. “Oh, are you sleepy? Maybe you should lie down a little…”

“What? No! I’m not sleepy! See? That’s why you can’t be here when I’m working! You’re just… ugh! Impossible!”

“I can’t understand why you’re making such a fuss about your hair, Saeyoung. There are a lot of things I could do that are much more distracting than playing with your hair.” No! He was not asking you what would that be, forget it! He won’t do it! 

“Like what?” Damn it! His curiosity always gets the best of him!

“Like this” you moved your hands to his neck, pampering and squeezing his shoulders firmly, yet gentle. “Oh my! So tense!”

“Well, yeah… what did you expect after two days sitting in this freaking chair with my back curved like this?”



“You’ve been like that for three days.”

“Really?” he finally turned his head to look at you, he looked puzzled, but quickly turned again. “Well… yeah, whatever.”

“Seriously, I can only imagine how fucked up your back is right now…” you rubbed his arms sweetly.

“Language, MC.” You wanted to laugh, it was so funny when he tried to scold you like this, because you knew you were getting somewhere… but you needed to play cool and collected.

“Sorry, my bad. Will you forgive me if I give you a massage?”

“W-What? No, don’t mind it! I… I already forgave you, okay?” he was starting to stutter, you bet he was blushing too!

“Take your shirt off and lie on the ground” you basically whispered next to his ear, he jumped in the chair.

“What’s gotten into you now?  Jesus… sometimes I think you’re a big pervert than I am!”

“Pervert?” you acted like you were offended “Get your mind out of the gutter right now, Mr. Saeyoung Choi! It’s just a massage, jeez!” you sighed heavily and made your way to the door.

“Wait! Don’t… don’t go!” when you turned to look at him, it was hard to stay cool, he was already shirtless. “Don’t get me wrong, I… can use the massage so I can get back to work.” He was blushing and trying to avoid your eyes, it was so cute and hot at the same time.

“If you say so… Come on, to the ground! Chop chop!” he did it, and this man’s back available to your touch only was a heavenly vision to you. So you kneeled, spreading your legs between his body, oh… you could see his breathing speeding up in anticipation.

You  touched the middle part of his back, he let out a low moan. “Right here?”

“Yeah… or maybe a little lower? Ahhh…” now it was a loud one, you could swear he was about to purr anytime now.

“Oh… not so feisty anymore, are you?” you travelled your hands through all his back and squeezed the shoulders, you were basically sitting on his ass. “What about focusing right now?”

“You really need to be like this…?” he was gasping.

“Yes, I do. You know why? Because I love you! And don’t think trying to bitch me is going to make me go away, because it didn’t work when we were trapped in that apartment with a fucking bomb and definitely is not gonna work now I already know how much you love me.” you said all this while pampering his back and he was still moaning over your touch. “What? Aren’t you gonna scold me for my dirty mouth now?”

“No, I’ll… I’m sorry, MC. I’m so fucking sorry.” He was melting into your touch, it was time to have mercy… or not?

“Prove it.” You got up and made your way out of his office.”Take your time, I’m waiting in the bedroom.”

He sat on the floor, still a little lost from what just happened.  His back was much better now, but why didn’t he feel good? Maybe because he promised he would never try to push you away again and yet, here he was, standing alone on his office while a beautiful lady was waiting to give him some (probably rough) love now? Fuck this! You deserved better!

“Take my time my ass.” He got up and ran to the bedroom.

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So. Okay. You know how in episode twelve Yurio was flat out sobbing after his routine. And in episode nine he retched on the ice. Let's combine this shit. How about Yurio at a competition and he's super sick, to the point he can't hold anything down and really shouldn't skate. But the match is important so he skates, only for his condition to catch up with him when he's done and cause him to start crying. Which leads to some gagging on the ice (possibly physically being sick). THANKS FRIEND

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEGAN!!! I hope your day was as lovely as you are, and I hope you like this fic!

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I have so many opinions on the last ep

Okay the whole “realizing how you feel by giving someone advice” trope was eh.

And what mon el did was still wrong. There’s a difference between keeping a secret from your parents regarding who you fall in love with eg. coming out for example (because that relationship is supposed to be built on unconditional love and we all know how scary that can be to lose a parent or someone we confide in our whole lives) and keeping a secret from a girl/guy you’re into because you don’t think you’ll have a chance with them if they know who you are.

Like, come on, from the beginning he could’ve just told her the truth and if she didn’t like him so be it that’s her choice to make on who to get involved with.

And a side note:

I really really enjoyed the super friends number with Barry because Kara being able to have positive healthy relationships and genuine happiness is my kink. I couldn’t help but wish we had more of that seriously it was like being in season 1 again.

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Hi! I've recently found the Font of All Things Awesome to Read- in other words, your AO3 page- and I went through and basically read every Donatello-centric fic I saw. I loved them! My favorite right now has to be 'I hear static, I hear you'. The way Don finally gets respected, and genuinely appreciated, really is my favorite part. I can hardly wait to see how he's managed, from BEYOND THE GRAVE, to figure out a way back home; I know that at least a few people won't take him for granted again!

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alien emoji review

a perfect lovely boy… kind, considerate, would bring u flowers and cuddle u to sleep. 5/5

a flat boy. very cold. devoid of dimension. not happy. not sad. just there. 1/5

no thank you. he’s plotting something and i do not care for it. please leave. 0/5

a serious boy, but kind of like a jane austen character. courteous, polite, secretly loves you but doesn’t know how to say it. 5/5

DEFINITELY going to probe you. i may or may not be into that. 3/5

trying really hard to blend in with humans, but can’t quite get the proportions right. i’d rather he just be himself. don’t hide your natural alien beauty. 1/5

an ugly boy, but i love him anyway. 4/5

this boy is flat but he’s got more personality than the other flatty up there. still, i feel like he’s only got ONE thing on that dirty little mind of his. 2/5

what the fuck. 0/5

All my life I’ve heard about that spark, that electricity, that something you feel when you finally touch the person you are meant to be with. I’d never really believed in it, till I felt it on my skin. I wouldn’t described it as electricity, I would rather tell that is more like this magnetic force that pulls you -all of you, your skin, your flesh, your bones, even your soul- towards that someone. It is kind of incredible, how a person -just like you- can make you feel all this things. But the moment he touched my hand, I swear to God, it felt so good. And then the first time we hugged I think I heard fireworks. And it feels so so good, it is like a drug. You just want to keep feeling it. You want to be tied to that person forever because something as simple as their skin on your skin can make you feel like the world its a better place and that everything will be okay. So yeah, now I believe in the spark between lovers hands.
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Why does Sherlock need a romantic relationship to be complete? Like, there is John, standing there in front of him. And that is important. John is important. John, just *as a friend,* is important. Why does there have to be some kind of realization linked to some kind of potential romantic relationship? I was actually really irritated by that. Like, John has this whole enormous speech about how Sherlock needs to go be with a woman because the woman is alive. What about the fact that his best friend is standing in front of him, alive? Even if you don’t think Sherlock Holmes is in love with John Watson, why is it that Sherlock can’t be “complete as a human being” without a woman? Or even without sex? Why is it that John thinks Sherlock needs *someone else* to make him complete as a human being? Why can’t John be enough for that? Or Mrs. Hudson? Or, you know what? Why can’t Sherlock be complete as a human being *on his own*?

Do you ever have one of those days where you just really love j-hope?? Like you’ll be listening to a bts song and then Hoseok’s part comes on and you can’t help but smile because of how much you love and appreciate and respect him?? Or you’ll just look up ‘jhope’s funniest/cutest moments’ on YouTube because you just want to see his adorable face??

SIKE that’s everyday lmao

You know, Shiro really lives up to his space dad name, and I love how he’s always trying to be the more mature Paladin, when it comes to things like this. They are just playing around, but he can’t seem to keep his dad caring nature from taking over. That’s why, when he says “all right, guys”… even if he is having fun, he wants to keep them safe, because who else will?

He knows they are all kids, including himself, he’s just a few years older, but his sense of responsibility, takes over him, even for little things like this, he wants them to take care of themselves.

But just like any other dad, sometimes he gives in to the crazy doings of his kids and just plays along.

He is like “Ok, now you’ve all done it! I’m serious now!”, and he is ready to show his kids how it’s done.
Anyway Soldier is perfect and good

One of the most unfortunate (and fortunate in some cases) aspects of completely delving yourself into a fandom is that you begin to accept how other people interpret characters versus how the true game interprets them. Like I mentioned, this can be a really awesome thing!

But sometimes, not so much.

A good example in our home sweet home, the tf2 fandom, would be the most antagonized character of the game (at least imo. Medic gets a lot of shit representation too)

Good ol’ Jane Doe.

Most of my opinion on this topic is from a personal experience so I’ll jump straight into that:

When I first joined this fandom/ got the game, my love for the characters was pretty contrastive; Medic was super up top, and engie, demo, and ya boy solly I wasn’t really into (yet of course). This was pretty realistic since I was newer and had set my heart on my favs. As I met people, enjoyed content, and created my own, my love began to spread and even out (thank God). 

Except…one merc was still lagging. Soldier. As I matured in my knowledge and independence of interpretation I began to really notice why. 

Soldier is portrayed very heavily as the angry hateful antagonist of many artistic scenarios, especially writing.

It’s too easy. Jane’s excessive expression of opinion and loud sense of patriotism and criticism made him an easy villain to give an insult, or cause a problem. I had seen this usage of his character so often that I had forgotten how this absolute DORK teleported fuckin bread for three whole days, just out of childish impulse

LIKE HOLY HECK HE IS SO BUBBLY AND ALL OVER THE PLACE! The interpretation is flawed in one major place. Is Soldier someone who has opinionated outbursts?? Yes. Are they all based on hate and bias?? NO. Soldier is very expressive in all fields, including excitement, love, and the support he has for his team

The team part is a big one. Like wtf are you thinkin’ Jane LOVES his teammates!! He is extremely supportive and doesn’t seem to push his insults any further than impulsive outbursts

look at him smiling during scout’s date!! He’s so proud


he’s so loving in his own way

anyway this kinda turned into a soldier appreciation post that is too long but uh yeah pls he’s not awful he’s a big ol dork thanks

Can we just...

appreciate the fact that Victor notices all these little endearing things about Yuuri?

And how he watches over him with so much love in his eyes?

Oh and it’s not just Victor

Just look at this lil sinnamon roll when Victor says that they don’t celebrate before the actual birthday and they don’t really celebrate Christmas either

like he was so hopeful when he asked Victor?

and he got is hopes all squashed  

So he decides to make it a “Thank you gift” instead

these two  <3

what was really in genji's letter to mercy 100% real not fake

dear angela, how are you? i’m writing this letter and watching my beautiful robot husband play in the snow. haha. he’s such a nerd i love him. i hope you and fareeha are doing well in your marriage

love genji

p.s have this feather i found. it is from a bird. your wife, fareeha, who you love very much, is also like a bird. i thought you would appreciate it

p.s again i love my omnic husband we are going to make a snowman now

There are only two people in the whole who would really care about me”

- Meowth



Meowth Rules

A Poached Ego

Litwick Mansion

Meowth, Corless (I forgot the rest, it in the best wishes series)

Pokemon XY Japanese Opening


Pokemon XY episode 63 

Dating Enoch O’Connor would include:

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Not requested I’m just really trash for good ol’ baby boy Enoch:

- Him being really awkward around you at first

- Miss Peregrine and Horace / Millard / Emma briefly discussing how happy you two are with each other

- Really awkward but really cute hand holding

- In fact he REALLY likes holding your hand, and finds himself grabbing it several times throughout the day, even for short periods of time

- Him being really hostile around Jacob if he gets too close to you

- “You know she’s mine, right?”

- If you played an instrument, he probably loved listening to you play it.

- Sometimes you two walking to each others rooms in the dead of the night because you’re ‘cold’ or ‘can’t sleep’

- Cute little kisses throughout the day 

- All the others being happy that Enoch was happy (but mostly they were happy that he wasn’t so rude to them when you were around)

- Him rigging his homunculi to bring you flowers while you read in the library

- c u d d l e s

- Him being incredibly overprotective of you

- No but seriously ^^

- “Y/N are you okay you have a scratch.” “Enoch It’s just a scratch.” “But you could be dying.” “Enoch I’m fine.”

- If you have a mental illness he drops anything to help you when it gets hard to deal with

- Helping with his homunculi

- “You’re so beautiful.”

I’ll probably make another one of these cause I really liked making this.

Choi Seungcheol / S.Coups is one of the best leader in my opinion. He really cares for his members and loves all of them. He looks after them like they are his kids, always made them first in line before himself. Although he’s the maknae in his house, he shows his leadership greatly in Seventeen, leading them. And moreover, you can see how every member in Seventeen respect him as the leader. I hope until the end, he can keep Seventeen as 13 members and grasp for success with all of them.

Who likes to stay in and cuddle:

It’s Dean. It’s always Dean who’s engrossed in the idea of cuddling. Yeah, that probably would come to a surprise to some but it’s true. Dean likes the idea of having someone in his arms– being in someone’s arms. The idea of that type of security and warmth just appeals to him on a level that he can’t really explain.

But none of that matters, he likes it and Castiel loves that. That’s how they end up in bed on Sunday’s and never being functioning productive adults.

Castiel is an early riser. He’s up before the sun regardless of the fact that Dean thinks that’s demonic activity to be awake before noon. But who’s being rational here? He isn’t.

Dean, despite his dead sleeps, is actually a very light sleeper. Contradiction perhaps but it makes sense when you’re Dean. He sleeps hard but if you disrupt his sleep with just the slightest movement that indicates leaving the bed, he’ll wake up.

Just like that, eyes snapping open and arms shooting out to wrap around whatever he can get ahold on. Usually it’s fingertips grazing over Cas’ t-shirt, if he’s wearing one, in an attempt to stop him but he misses and drops to the man’s boxers since he’s not wearing a shirt.

Castiel falters and finds himself plopping back down to the bed, underwear hanging off his hips. So he whispers, “I have laundry to do. I have class tomorrow.”

Dean shakes his head and throws a leg over Cas’ and slips his arms around him then scoots close. His hands slide up his torso, fingertips tracing over warm, smooth skin while his face presses into Cas’ neck. “Laundry can wait.” Dean hums, tapping light patterns over his boyfriend’s ribs.

Castiel lays there for a moment before relaxing. He ‘needs’ to get up and get things done but he WANTS to lay here for an eternity pressed against Dean.

Moments later he throws his head back and smiles. “What will we wear tomorrow?”


“That’s not appro–” he pauses when he catches on. “Oh.”

Dean grins against his neck while his hands slide down to Castiel’s hips. He doesn’t stop though, he keeps going, taking the light fabric down with his thumbs.

Now they’re naked and engulfed in the heat from their bodies, tangled and content with their sleepy state.

It’s Sunday.

What college student actually gets things done on cold mornings in early January?

Not them.