like really dumb shit

hey you guys wanna see the worst thing ive ever drawn

hi can I get a fuckin uhhhhhhh

badass, accomplished, intelligent leader Lance who is strong in his own right and doesn’t need to be coddled and doesn’t take shit from others AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY LISTEN TO HIM AND RESPECT HIM



Red carpet Voltron. I wanted to draw the dresses in my fashion tag, so… I did. (x) (x)

Here’s a bonus since Hunk is tragically hidden behind everyone above:

And another, because drawing six dresses on people with real human proportions was sort of a nightmare, and that means i get to bullshit the seventh one


I’m just gonna leave this here

Hey, you

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I finished BBS the other day for the first time and I just want my blue-haired daughter to be happy

conflict is when u want to Make Content bc ur thirsty desperate ass requires validation but also when u dont want to Make Content bc u know that u won’t get notes bc ur a small blog and bigger blogs that have Even Bigger Mutuals to rb their stuff and seeing that comparison will make u feel even shittier and dejected 

Pieck is just stoned on weed
Like all the time 24/7

I’d like to suggest that we consider Louis’s and Liam’s public personae being so out of their hands right now as indication that Niall and Harry are similarly constrained and that what we publicly see as their “decisions” may in actuality not be up to them.

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REDDIE for the otp meme!! :D

YAS NONNY THANK U (though i’m editing some of the questions so they’re not sexual, and i’m doing a more modern setting)

  • Which one texts like a straight white boy? DEFINITELY RICHIE and eddie fucking HATES it because he feels like he’s dating a damn 8th grader
  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie? both of them cried during moana at the end where she faces te kā and restores her heart to make her te fiti again
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave? HONESTLY i could really see richie doing dumb shit like this with eddie screeching for him to stop in the background
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing? they would both do it tbh, and i could see it becoming a contest of who can do it more often and they get REALLY competitive
  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner? eddie totally does this and richie’s soul leaves his body every single time and eddie just laughs his damn head off
  • Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon? they both watch reality tv but eddie watches it the most. keeping up with the kardashians is his fave
  • Who laughs more during make-out sessions? i can definitely see eddie laughing more because richie is a sloppy kisser and it’s just hilarious to him (but also disgusting because WHO WANTS SALIVA ALL OVER THEIR FACE)
  • WHO IS THE LITTLE SPOON? eddie, no question. and he absolutely loves being little spoon because he feels so safe and warm wrapped up in his arms ksmdfmsd
being an ambivert (intro/extrovert at the same time)...

1. I love the idea of being in social settings, meeting new people but sometimes small introductory conversations are not my cup of tea.. I end up stuttering & saying dumb shit like “I really like the shape of your head, really nice, defined..” So I’ve just given up seeking out new friendships. 

2. I’ll dead ass wake up in the morning feeling like “hummm.. this is a good day to hibernate & not to see humans, imma sleep in, pamper myself, read a book, cook, smoke myself up tonight, etc.” but by 12pm, my soul is craving a party, a  kickback or something of the sort.. 

3. I can go from binge watching Netflix for 2 days straight with an introverted friend to hitting that milly and shaking my ass at the club with a bunch of extroverts and have just about the same amount of fun with both. 

4. I can easily read people, put myself in others’ shoes and understand multiple points of views. 

5. I can do some wild, versatile shit like chop off all my hair, or dye it blue, have bodacious makeup on, dress a little out of the ordinary, perform in front of 100s of people etc. but standard conversation with strangers makes me extremely nervous/uncomfortable. 

6.I’m  Indecisive as fuck! 

7. I’m the person that will make plans with you, be hella excited to finally step out, hit the town and just have a great time but if you happen to cancel? Better believe I’mma enjoy this bed of mine just as much. I got Netflix && Hulu plus, faack you mean? 

8. I’ve questioned wether or not I’m bipolar several times. 

wondermumbles replied to your post “wondermumbles replied to your post “capn-beeb: roblowcop: the…”

Except you can. There’s a bunch of conversations where you can diss the old world. Prime example: the chat with Daisy about it. The only part that’s really locked in is the intro cinematic, and that’s only if you’re playing male SoSu.

The issue with Fallout 4 in general is that it has all the cards to make a great and compelling story and narrative but it never uses them. It really has no theme because it has a lot of themes that are never developed to the end, usually being dropped halfway through - the Minutemen are obviously inspired by the historical Minutemen with the colonial clothes (which I personally dislike but its there), Goodneighbor has the vibes of that 50s noir fitting Nick Valentine and his story arc, Diamond City has this baseball oriented classic Boston aesthetic and  yet there is really no one in fandom that would ever refer to this game as “Oh colonials and baseball players in post apocalyptic america” the way people refer to FNVs aesthetic as “romans vs cowboys”. No one would ever look at a baseball related picture or some colonials and be like “Fallout 4 (2015) Bethesda Softworks”. 

I am not saying Fallout 4 should be a copy of FNV in terms of this, I am saying that Fallout 4 had themes that were very weak to the point that most of the fans, even those fans who are really invested in the story (like myself hey I am writing a 12 chapter fic on it) can’t make any kind of jokes that are not very specific inside jokes, like it wasn’t memorable, it’s themes didn’t touch people in any way even though they were there.

And that’s the exact same problem with the Old World - New World theme that was supposed to be the leading idea of the game. Honestly you can completely remove Shaun as a plot line and still make Fallout 4 work. You are playing a character that lived in the American utopia before the war, the suburbs, picket fences and backyard bbqs, house of tomorrow, rose colored lenses kind of deal. With them or their spouse being part of the military. And then suddenly what to them seems overnight they wake up in the world left in ruins by the war their society brought, and them as members of it. Can you say that they too had a role in it? That pretending everything is alright and living the illusion makes you an accomplice in the greater scheme of events? 

And you can easily parallel them waking up from the cryostasis as this rebirth, they open their eyes again in a new broken world and they can’t go back. The Old World is gone and now this is their world. Will they hold on to the Old World ideals or will they adapt to the New World? Will they see the flaws in their old society and try to build a new one or will they just repeat the mistakes of those that destroyed the world? Fallout as a franchise on a subtle level deals with these themes through it, and they are especially prominent in FNV which is why most people like it best. Themes of the faults in societies, in humanity, in people’s need for War - and most importantly how War never changes but people do - in FNV you can choose to war or you can choose peace.

I am not saying that everything has to be based on this I am saying that with the inclusion of a Pre-War protagonist you open up this great narrative to sort of summarize everything the franchise had as a theme before your own game, to touch on the original Fallouts, on 3 and on FNV and yet…it just doesn’t. You get the best ending by nuking your enemies and at no point the narrative criticizes that, and you don’t have the option to say wait if I do this will I just continue what the people that destroyed my world were doing? Is there another way to do this? I see two ways, can I make a third one?

So it’s not that these things are not present, it’s that they are not prominent. If my main theme has to be something I fish out from a conversation with a random ass shopkeeper with three lines most people would ignore then it’s not my main theme. Was the main theme of New Vegas travelling to the moon because there is that one quest where you send those ghouls– You get my point. 

This is not me trying to argue with you over the Vidya Games I mean they are just games after all, read this in the most lighthearted tone you can, but as someone who sadly loves Fallout 4 and has over 400 hours in it I am sad that the game has all these themes, all these nice characters, all this narrative potential and it just never uses it properly and leaves every arc to be half assed and in the end fails to make its own identity as part of the franchise when really it could have been great. 

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Do you dislike Warren? Can you explain why, if you do?

more than anything i dislike that his character was put in so that homophobes didn’t have to do an Icky Gay romance route. other than that, his character served no real purpose. all of the things he did (beating up nathan/taking the photo at the party) could’ve been done with a different character.

and he did nothing other than make max uncomfortable- constantly texting her throughout the day about how she “owes” him, asking her, over and over, to go out with him after she’s said no. he also STARES into her dorm room in the beginning of episode two as she undresses

not to mention that max is clearly made nervous by him. in the nightmare she can open a locker of a shrine that he made of her. she very much feels like he’s obsessed with/stalking her so.. yeah. i’m not a fan

having a crush on a man in my actual acquaintance is so dumb like what do you mean i can’t search “His Name + Funny Moments” in youtube???? 

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The Richonne bottle episode was the least watched episode in season 7 because the novelty has worn off, not because it followed a bad episode. They promoted it big time yet fans turned it off in droves. Thank goodness the show is moving on to showcasing another ship in season 8. They're finally listening to what we want.