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Wish mirrors were accurate

Garrett was not usually a man to experience jealousy. He rarely wanted for much beyond staying clear of the Templars, and yet here he was, with jealousy bubbling thick and hot in the pit of his stomach.

He sat near the back of the Herald’s Rest, tankard untouched in front of him as he watched them.

How Fenris had come to befriend Dorian, Garrett wasn’t sure. A Tevinter mage on the cusp of being a magister, the one thing Fenris despised above all else, and yet there they were, chatting over the bar like old friends whilst waiting on their drinks.

Really Garrett knew he had no reason to be jealous. Dorian had shown great respect for both Garrett and Fenris, and knew his bounds - any casual flirting was merely friendly banter, as evidenced by his interactions with the Inquisitor and other members of the Inner Circle. And yet…

“If you’re not careful, your face might get stuck like that.”

Garrett looked up to see that Bull had taken up the seat opposite him with his own tankard. The one eyed qunari gave him a grin and Garrett tried to return it. He must have failed miserably if the smirk on Bull’s face was anything to go by.

“Never thought you’d be the jealous type,” Bull went on, still grinning. “The way Varric writes, anyone would think you were a complete pushover most of the time.”

Garrett snorted, and said dryly, “I’ll need to thank him for that.”

“Don’t worry so much. Dorian flirts with everyone. He does that.” Bull leant back in his seat. “Everyone has their defence mechanisms.”

Garrett cocked an eyebrow at that, but said nothing and simply took a swig of his drink as Fenris and Dorian made their way over with their drinks.

“Well someone’s looking a little less than cheery,” Dorian commented, glancing over Garrett. “Fenris, you’re not starving him of attention, are you?”

Fenris smirked, and with a completely straight face, deadpanned, “only when it gets the best noises out of him and has him begging.”

Bull nearly gagged on his drink, a good amount spraying out of his nose. Garrett near choked, feeling his whole face heating up, and Dorian was cackling in delight. Fenris merely smirked, seating himself next to Garrett.

“You’re enjoying this,” Garrett grumbled, lowering his tankard.

“You seem to be doing enough scowling for both of us,” Fenris replied smoothly. “I might as well give myself reason not to add to it.”

He slipped his hand over Garrett’s thigh, leaning in a bit closer when Dorian and Bull weren’t looking.

“I am yours, you stupid man,” he said lowly.

Finally Garrett let out a short chuckle, shaking his head. “I know. I’m sorry.”

Fenris smiled, squeezing Garrett’s thigh.

“You can make up for it later.”


every book i’ve ever read 16?the fifth wave

“How do you rid the Earth of humans? Rid the humans of their humanity.”

Imagine cuddling with Woozi on the couch during movie nights and when he wasn’t responding to your questions, you look over to see what he is up to only to find out that he fell asleep, with his arms circled around your waist. Giggling at how cute your boyfriend is, you lean forward to place a kiss on his forehead before whispering a quiet ‘goodnight’ to him then covering yourselves with a blanket and drifting off to slumber.

i love justine and her kids…

Cassian Andor x Reader Imagine

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>Imagine Leia sends you away with Cassian because both of you are trouble makers, you and Cassian get closer with each other during your stay on another base.<

Leia Organa herself ordered you to take a break from missions since you became more reckless and inattentive during them. You risked to reveal the location of the Resistance Base the last time when you came back from a mission because you didn‘t check if anyone followed you. Leia didn‘t want to take this risk any longer so she decided to send you away for a certain time so you could clear your head.
But you weren‘t the only troublemaker on the base, another person named Cassian Andor caused some problems as well so she decided to send him with you.

To be honest, Cassian wasn‘t your favorite person in the Resistance and he didn‘t like you very much as well. He often complained about your hot temper and your stubbornness during meetings which was probably the reason why he disliked you, because he couldn‘t stand people with these characteristics.
Howsoever, you weren‘t happy to be sent away with Cassian but you didn‘t want to make the whole situation more unpleasant than it already was and you had to try to get along with him at least.

The planet which Leia sent you and Cassian to was really nice, the weather there was pleasant and the people who worked on the base were really nice and happy to get to know you and Cassian since it wasn‘t usual for -resistance heros- to give them a visit. Yeah, they heard about you and Cassian, they knew that you were one of the best pilots and Cassian one of the best fighters in the Resistance but nonetheless, they also heard about the trouble both of you caused.

It was a great idea of Leia to sent you away for a certain time to clear your head but you couldn‘t enjoy this opportunity at all, especially not while you were here with Cassian. It was hard for you to talk to him because he thought of you as a stubborn and too hot tempered person and you couldn‘t find a topic to talk with him about without getting into an argument at some point.

Some days passed since you and Cassian got sent away and you felt terrible. You couldn‘t sleep at night because your thoughts were with your squadron members and in the daytime you tried to distract yourself with training which led you to be exhausted and moody.
Cassian and you didn‘t talk much while being on the other base but the few conversations you had through the day were enough for him to see how bad your condition was. No matter what he thought about you, he couldn‘t see you suffer like this and he had to help you.

It was late at night and you were still not able to sleep when someone knocked against the door of your quarters. You wondered who it could be when the person invited themselves in.
„Good evening Y/N,“ Cassian greeted you, „I hope I didn‘t interrupt you but I wanted to check after you.“
His visit surprised you, Cassian was probably the last person you expected at this unholy time.
„Hey, no, it‘s totally fine because I can‘t sleep anyways. Why do you want to check after me ?“ you asked skeptical.
Cassian closed the door behind him and walked over to your bed before he leaned against the wall next to it.
„I want to check after you because you look horrible,“ he answered.
„I do what ? Thank you Cassian, thanks for visiting me in my quarters late at night to insult me.“
Cassian rolled his eyes.
„No, I didn‘t mean it like that ! You look horrible as in exhausted, tired, sad… you should know yourself that you look beautiful. Uh… howsoever I brought you something to calm down.“
He pulled a small package with teabags out of one of his pockets an threw it on your bed.
„This tea always helps me to calm down and relax when I feel tensed up or when I can‘t stop to think about stuff and I hope it‘ll help you with your problems as well.“
You didn‘t know how to response to Cassian‘s nice gesture so you gave him a short smile.
„Thank you, that‘s really nice.“
Cassian returned your smile.
„No need to thank me. It‘s really late, so… I guess I‘ll leave now to get a little sleep myself. Tell me tomorrow if the tea helped you.“
You nodded at Cassian and he left your quarters.
You never talked to each other like that and you felt grateful for his effort to help you but you were also kind surprised that Cassian thought that you‘re beautiful.

The next day you came up to Cassian to thank him for the tea. It didn‘t solve all your problems but it helped you to relax a bit and to get at least a few hours of sleep.
It wasn‘t hard for you to find Cassian because he often sat near the airfield to watch the pilots doing their job and to see some X-wings. You walked up to him and sat down right next to him.
„Y/N ? Hey, what did I do to deserve your company,“ Cassian asked teasingly.
You rolled your eyes and Cassian grinned at you.
„I just want to thank you for the tea, it really helped me to get a few hours of sleep.“
„I‘m happy to hear that it helped you. You already look way healthier than you did yesterday and you look just as pretty as usual. “
His words made you smile.
„I don‘t deserve your nice words, Cassian. I really need to apologize to you for being so rude towards you, sometimes my temper takes over me and then I don‘t really know what I‘m saying.“
„No Y/N, there‘s no need to apologize. I know I once called you out on your temper but I really don‘t mind it, it‘s actually kinda interesting.“
„Good to know that you‘re not angry. Anyways… you‘re a good person Cassian, we should get to know each other better when we‘re back at the main base.“
Cassian smiled at you and nodded.
„We really should. Besides, I asked princess Organa how much longer we have to stay here because I know how hard it is for you to be separated from your squadron members and she said we can come back if we want to.“
Your face brightened up and you couldn‘t help but hug Cassian.
„That‘s so good to hear, I‘ll go and pack my stuff immediately !“
You let go of Cassian and wanted to get up but Cassian grabbed one of your wrists and pulled you gently back.
„Hey, I know you dislike it here but a few more hours won‘t kill you, right ? How about we get something to eat and watch the pilots for a bit longer while eating and talking, huh ? But only if you want to Y/N.“
Cassian asked you so nicely and you wanted to get to know him better and this was probably the best chance you could get.
„Actually… this doesn‘t sound bad. Let‘s have a few good hours before we return.“

Both of you really had a good time, Cassian told you a bit about his life, how he lost his parents but also how he met some of his best friends, like Kaytuesso. He was a really nice and interesting person and the adventures he went through were so exciting, you really wondered why you disliked him before you came here.


His light shines as bright and brief as the setting sun.

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