like really a tiring one

I was feeling weird about my coloring lately cause it seemed to make the original lineart look so different from the final illustration, so I decided to simplify it a lot and this is my first attempt! So far I like it better, the face over all heee. 

This is also the first time I draw Inej so here have her *shoves her towards you*


JY: Running in such a hurry, were you scared that I left?

ZX: If you dare to not come back… I won’t forgive you.

some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.

About the ship wars on this fandom (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Seriously guys, why don’t you just use your energy and love to create content to your OWN ship(s) and characters you like instead of using it to HATE and talk shit about the others??!!! Please??!! Thank you!!!??

i love justine and her kids…

So I’ve been talking to @evenandsana​ about all the glorious POC interracial couples that Skam could give us, and…this happened? 

One day at home, Isak’s like “it’s really tiring being the only gay around here” as he’s lounging on their couch, and Sana snorts loudly as she demolishes Jonas with her third headshot. Eva cheers, and Even kisses Sana’s cheek in celebration. Isak rubs Jonas’s shoulder consolingly. Jonas says, “where did you learn your video gaming skills from??” and Elias jumps over the couch with some chips, plops next to Eskild and kisses his cheek loudly and says “she learned from the master.” and Eskild smiles fondly, while Yousef yells from across the room , “yeah the master of LOSING” and mahdi snorts and rubs Jonas’ curls and says “that’s another thing you have in common” while Mikael is confirming to Yousef that Elias was indeed properly burned. and Eskild finally realizes what Isak’s said and says “excuse me, you’ve been gay for 5 minutes you don’t get to claim the Only Gay title” and Isak’s like “well, if you ever came over, you could have it but alas i have to pick up the slack!” and Yousef’s like “idk my dude i’m pretty gay” and Isak says, “yeah but i’m a Real Gay. a Full Gay.” and Even shoves him and says “that’s a toxic idea, bisexuals aren’t 50% gay” and Sana points at Eva and says “trust me my thoughts are all types of gay.” and Elias groans and so does mahdi. and Yousef says “no but i’m like… gay.” and then pauses and says “i’ve never really said that out loud before. i’m really gay.” and Mikael is beaming at him, and so is Mutta, from sitting next to his best bud (possibly queerplatonic partner) Adam and Isak sits up and says “WOO GAY SOLIDARITY!” and Eskild says “LOOK WHO’S THE NEW BABY GAY!” and Isak says “boys are so great” and Yousef feels free enough to say it, so he says “I LOVE BOYS” and Eskild raises a glass and says “I LOVE BOYS” and isak, Even, jonas, mikael and mahdi, elias and adam follow suit. Eva snorts and raises her glass and says “TO GIRLS!” and Sana raises her champagne flute of apple juice (it’s CLASSY, eva. you put ice in your wine!) and says “GIRLS!” and Vilde does the same, and everyone laughs and cheers. and Mutta raises his glass and says “TO LOVING MY FRIENDS! and sometimes adam” and everyone coos, as Sana obliterates mahdi as well.

I drew the lineart for this a week ago.

I have art block, so I did this sketch-painting of how I imagine Adam from The Bright Sessions

Saturday is by tradition Allurivan Day,

didn’t finish the drawing yet, kinda tired after yester.. today’s night drawing-recording session so the painting goes in a queue for tomorrow

But here’s the art process video for the digital painting, it has a different approach (and very messy sketching, I must admit). I really can’t add much comment here, except you just take the brush and like, paint? Srsly it’s just endless rendering and going back and forth until you’re happy with what you get. And a lot of color sampling. 

What is good about the lineless painting, I can resize and fix proportions in progress without the need to redraw, as you can see I almost don’t use eraser; also, that handy little trick to fix her nose. The comic style process I posted previously requires way more solid artwork underneath, but still for me it’s much quicker than painting, requires less stuff to fix and less post-processing. 

Comic coloring video here