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24K: When his girlfriend proposes to him.

Okay this was fun. This was really, really, reaaallly, fun. Like, I never imagined getting this idea but it’s brilliant because I love watching videos where this happens, it’s literally one of my favourite things ever. So yeah if you guys know any videos where this is happening and you want to link it to me, go for it, because I am all for that. Anywho, I hope you enjoy!!!

Cory: *Shows off to members* Guys, guess who finally popped the question!!!~ Isn’t my girlfriend just amazing? I mean, just look at this rock! 

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Sungoh: Hey wait that kind of look like the ring that I got for– How did you– When did you–… Is this your way of saying yes?

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Kisu: You realize I’m filming for V app right now don’t you? I’m going to tell her yes but just to makes things interesting…  *Looks at camera* What do you guys think I should do? 

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Daeil: *Covers face* Oh my god– Yes!– Yes of course I will marry you!!! *Tears up* And to think I thought things like this only happened in rom-coms!!!

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Jeunguk:  Yeah she liked it so she put a ring on it!~♪ *Keeps jamming out of excitement*

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Hui: *In a situation where they had to cross-dress* Oh haha very funny– W-Wait you’re being serious?! Did she plan this get-up from the start?! 

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JinHong: *Looks at the promise ring* Does this mean we’ll get married once we’re able to? I never realized she felt this strongly about me, like I do for her.

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tardisabovearbys said:When did Dean first learn that Cas love bees? 

My inbox is being a butt, so I’m answering asks like this! 

Reaaallly quickly, haha. Teensy-tiny Cas gravitated to bee-themed stuff almost immediately after relaxing a bit around Sam and Dean. He also has never ever been scared of the actual animals and instinctively knows how to not get stung; the bees seem to really like him, as well! (while Dean is going apoplectic when he sees the goddamn cloud of bees descending on his tiny, helpless fledgeling lol)

Things older sisters (like me- okay only me) do!

1. Randomly tackle your younger sibling and yell “OH MY GOSH YOUR SO OLD-” then run away as fast as you appeared.

2. Pretend you have something amazing and drive your younger siblings crazy by giggling and saying how amazing it is.. (ITS probably a cracker-)

3. Make a “eeeeeeeee” sound at very very random times

4. Stare at them for a long time with out looking away.

5. Say something confusing, I mean like reaaallly confusing but never finish the sentence so they are left confused.

6. Hug them and say you love them. They won’t be around for ever.

7. Play video games with them and lose on purpose so they are happy.

8. Make ‘em happy. Just for their smiles.

9. Wake them up at a random reaaally early time and say things like “so.. how are you?”

10. When they are with a someone their age yell, “IS THAT YOUR BOY/GIRLFRIEND?!” Really loudly.

Fan Fiction Inception

Fandom: Undertale

Based off: A Year Every Minute by Skull

Additional note: Second Person POV

SOOOoooo I’m procrastinating so hard on my own fan fictions I decided to hijack @askull4everyoccasion ‘s characters for a one shot (I’m going to apologize in advance if I butchered anything, but this idea has been eating me for like ever). I REAAALLLY love their A Year Every Minute fic, like a crap ton, it’s beautiful. I decided to do a one shot of some scenes from it but from Sans’s point of view a fan fiction of a fan fiction what kind of hell have i spawned 

With that said, here’s the thing :3

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mini rant about music genres !!!

ok so like it reaaallly bothers me when i tell people i listen to alternative/post hardcore or anything with “screaming” in it & they tell me my choice of music is trash. it may be trash to you and we’re all entitled to opinions but to me & many others, it’s something we enjoy & it means something to us so you don’t need to go bash our choice of music. also, i hate when people say i don’t “look like the kind of girl to listen to that type of stuff”. i listen to different kinds of music besides just alternative/post hardcore/rock & punk how the hell am i supposed to look like i listen to all those genres + rap/hip hop/& r&b like you don’t need to look a certain way to listen to a certain type of music and i just afsgehegfbjf