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Looking for tattoos...

Because apparently I managed to make a proper, working tattoo overlay box *flails* It wasn’t even hard, just required a looooot of boring copy pasting (but my weird mind doesn’t mind boring copy pasting, so)

My main problem is that I have only 1 female and 1 male tattoos (from my sim projects) that I can use. And I need 4 more female and 4 more male ones (because I want my first tattoo overlay box to be like a random whatever I find tattoos box XD)

So! If you know or have some tattoo pngs or whatever that can be used (if you’ve made a tattooed skin and still have the tattoos separately, or know someone who made a tattooed skin and shared the tattoos separately), please let me know! Or you can just whip up your own, if you wish! But! They need to be on the right place on the skin (so don’t just suggest pictures of tattoos), and I can’t rip off tattoos from existing skins (I need them separately). I hope someone can help meeee in this fun project! :D (khm, looks pointedly to @strangetomato)