like prison

My Chemical Romance

Aries: Welcome to the black parade

Tauro: Mama

Geminis: I don’t love you

Cancer: The sharpest live

Leo: Disenchated

Virgo: Famous last words

Libra: Teenagers

Escorpio: House of wolves

Capricornio: Thank you for the venom

Acuario: You know what they do to guys like us in prison

Piscis: I’m not okay

Sagitario: I never told you what i do for a living

Diganme plis si quieren que haga uno pero de cada album :)

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Is there a way to buy less expensive clothes that aren't made by people who are pretty much treated like slaves? Because as someone who has very little income spending $50+ on a tshirt is just not practical, but I want to be more careful and informed about where my clothes are coming from.

Yes, buy designer things second hand.

The good news is, people tend to treat their expensive things better so there is tons of fancy shit in like-new condition for the same price as Zara or less.

Try eBay shop Linda’s stuff or your local consignment store to start. The bigger the rich person population is in your area, the better your local options will be. Otherwise the internet is fantastic for shopping.


Merlot: I know you and I are still mending things… I have no one else. 

Victoria: Oh Merlot, she can’t stay here.

Merlot: Please?! You’re the only chance we’ve got. She has no other family, and my aunt would come unglued if she knew.

Victoria: It’s a big risk.

Merlot: I know, but you gotta understand how miserable she was there. Trapped like a prisoner in her own house.

Victoria: I know all too well what that feels like.
Trump Could Roll Back Decades Of Progress That Made Immigrant Detention More Humane
Detention centers aren't supposed to be like prisons.

In reality, immigrant detention centers ― some of which are inside jails facilities or former prisons ― are bleak places. Inmates report being denied medical care, held in solitary confinement, given inedible food and other mistreatment. This is all on top of the struggle of being locked up, often far from family and legal help. 

The facilities are supposed to be for civil detention, not criminal detention like a prison ― being in the country without authorization is not in itself a crime. Advocates are concerned that the Trump administration’s discussion of new contracts for jails to detain immigrants is more proof that officials will disregard standards meant to make immigrant detention less punitive.

not to do the annoying “this character is x identity of mine” thing but hamlet actually is female. or at least feminine on a profound and undeniable level. like “denmarks a prison” is something only girls get

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I'm not sure if it's a joke or not but your icon is used to make fun of ancaps. Some sort of reclamation or did you just not know? Also, I wonder how you feel that pro-capitalism and anti-authoritarianism goes together, since capitalism enforces strict hierarchies as well as promotes things like for-profit prisons, war, among other things.

Oh I’m wholly aware of the ancapball memes.  I have a whole “anarchyball” tag dedicated to it.  It’s my favorite thing. 

It’s funny to me because it’s all hugely obvious strawmen.  The scenarios depicted in ancapball memes are usually ridiculous and involve obvious aggressions on the part of the subject (intellectual property, slavery, gassing the neighborhood, etc) that actual anarchocapitalists/voluntaryists would reject are valid premises to act (or overreact in this case).  

And the situations are just so damn absurd, it’s funny.  I giggle helplessly whenever I see a new one or I hit upon a masterpost of ancapball memes.  It’s fucking hysterical!  Besides, if you can’t poke a little fun at yourself, you’re a real stick-in-the-mud.  

So part of it is reclamation, yeah, and part of it is that I just love the meme so much because it is great comedy.

Authoritarianism is a belief that an authority is justified in coercing a subject into obedience.  The difference, therefore, between left-anarchy (ancoms) and right-anarchy (ancaps, voluntaryists, etc) is which part of that definition they invalidate.  Left-anarchy selected “authority” in an effort to eliminate material and social inequality; right-anarchy selected “justified in coercing” in an effort to eliminate the justification of murder, slavery, and theft.  

Under right-anarchy, voluntary hierarchy, such as an employment contract, remains wholly justified, because you are not being coerced into working for anyone, and you are free to change employers at any time.  

Now, the problems begin when big businesses get in bed with The State to begin manipulating markets in their favor: exemptions to regulations, licensing requirements, zoning permits, etc.  The State, being the only entity with a legal monopoly on force, creates conditions to favor certain businesses over others, and are rewarded by big donations to re-election campaigns.  This is not the capitalism anarchocapitalists advocate: this is corporatism or crony-capitalism, and on that score right-anarchy and left-anarchy are allies in opposing this incestuous relationship despite having entirely different reasons as to why we oppose it.  

It’s easy to see, therefore, given this perverse relationship between government and business, how atrocities like war are sought to be made into an eternal condition.  If the government is justified in aggression, then they have a demand to act aggressively, and the market will provide if there is profit to be made there.  Businesses that provide for the government become immune to market forces because government is the only customer they need; after all, it is (supposedly) infinitely wealthy.  Almost every other business depends on at least appearing ethical, and one screw-up can have a major backlash (see the recent United Airlines fiasco, or the Pepsi debacle), because there is no monopoly in the private sphere: I can drink Coca-Cola flying Delta, or Arizona Tea flying Southwestern (hehe).  

But if the government commits an unethical action, what recourse do we have?  Both Democrats and Republicans are morally bankrupt; they both commit unconstitutional war, violate your privacy, oppress their citizens through campaigns like the War on Drugs, and more.  It’s not right that you must give up your property (your house plus exit fees) to leave and resettle in a country run by a government that in all likelihood is less ethical than the one you left.  Just because other governments are worse does not make ours good.  Evil is still evil, and it is never necessary.  

The common factor of the societal ills that right-anarchists see as running through history is not inequality, but aggression; the failure to respect the rights not to be murdered, enslaved, or stolen from.  When we let some people (government) get away with it but not others (private individuals), we get the kind of unrest and tension we’re experiencing now, and have experienced for thousands of years with the institution of The State.  

Since Shiro and Matt were taken by the Galra and subsequently escaped, they have, as the fandom put it, become really fuckin’ hot.

So here I am, already wondering when Sam Holt is gonna show up and Iroh his way out of a galra prison camp.