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Promptis Headcanon

So why does Noctis like him so much anyways?

The whole “he doesn’t treat me like a Prince” is obvious, but so many people act that way towards him (Dino, Vyv, Ardyn, Aranea, Ravus, every side quest person ever…) but they don’t get along quite the same. I think it goes beyond mutual interests (like dogs and video games) too. 

One of the reasons why Noctis likes Prompto so much is because he feels like he’s needed around him. Like he’s doing something right

Imagine growing up, the ever incompetent Prince who can’t even clean up his own candy wrappers, and who had little to no interest in politics. He’s catered to his whole life, and disappointed so many people in his life.

Then there’s Prompto, who’s a little needy, clingy and an obvious klutz, and Noctis finds himself on the other end of the spectrum. 

Prompto tumbles and falls in the middle of a link strike: Noctis catches him and flicks his forehead. Tells him to be careful.

Prompto trips and hits the ground while they’re out camping: Noctis bends down, puts the camera away and makes sure he’s alright.

And Prompto thanks him so much throughout the game, when other people are just constantly berating him. Like he needs to focus more, get stronger, make better decisions. But with Prompto, his life seems a little less like it’s falling apart, because for once, he actually feels like he’s in a position to help someone else, and using his own power. For once, Noctis is good enough for someone too. He even caters to him (at least, if you let him) like taking random pictures, heading to the closest hotel when he’s tired, actually heading for the chocobo races, etc.

I mean, Prompto wants to be seaside supermodels? That’s really gay, but if that’s what Prompto wants, then Prompto will get it. Anything for Prompto.

Tldr; the real prince in the relationship is Prompto.

Currently working on a Swan Prince!Victuuri AU, and it’s not going so well so have a feathery Victor instead :’3c He’s so pretty, but so hard to draw….

this anime is killing me in more ways than one

Marinette accidentally picking up on Chat’s flirtiness and using it towards Adrien is my aesthetic

Like. One day she just sees him and she’s like “oh my gosh he’s so cute i love him.”

And she just casually winks at him. 

And she doesn’t even realize what she’s doing until after he looks at her weird. And she’s just like “WHAT AM I DOING AAA” 

And then one day he does something and she just is like “look at him he’s so darn cute I love him so much.”

So she smiles to herself and grabs his hand and kisses it.

And looks up at him and says in a very Chat way,

“My Prince~”

And Adrien’s like, ???

Alya is screaming

Everyone is screaming

Then Marinette realizes what she did and she’s just dead

And just.

I really need this

What’s so great about that small lasso scene is that I’m so busy staring at the beauty that is Wonder Woman

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is that it took me several re-watches to notice Steve Trevor on the right fiddling with a firearm.

Thoughts on Voltron season 3

Sooooooo. I just finished Voltron season 1 and 2 (in one day, hurraaaay). And I want to talk about something and I would like to hear what others think. Before I start, my English is not perfect. I may use certain words that are not grammatically correct or words that do not seem to “fit” in a certain context/sentence, so please keep that in mind.

I want to start with something Jeremy said in an interview, something about “facing sexuality in Voltron”. And I know a lot of people (including myself) want to think that he’s talking about Klance, but considering what happened between Keith and Allura (Allura accepting Keith being half-Galra and the hug afterwards), I think it is obvious who he was talking about. Allura never would’ve thought of falling in love with a (half-)Galra, a race that disgusts her. A race that killed her family and friends, but now we have Keith. Someone she considers family/friend, but is half-Galra. But why do I think that Jeremy is talking about those two? Well, apparently in the 80s version of Voltron Lotor was hitting on Allura while Keith was also pining after her. Also, there has been no developments with any other ““couple”” in season 2. If I don’t look through my shippers goggles, if I set my shipping goggles aside….. The first two seasons do not have any romantic interactions between the five (six if I incude Allura sorry Coran) of them. And if i’m correct it was said in another interview that they (the paladins) hadn’t had the time to bond with each other, which is 100% true.  When did they actually sit down and talk with each other? When did they have the TIME to actually sit down and talk with each other? Time to grow feelings? (not counting the bonding moments from the beginning of season 1) (Also I died at this part: WE HAD A BONDING MOMENT. I CRADDLED YOU IN MY ARMS - Keith 2k16).
These are all obviously speculations. If we look at Legend of Korra and the Avatar, the romance didn’t start until we were a few seasons in and in LOK I truly did not expect the Korra/Asami pairing (observation skills? what observation skills lol). So there is still a chance for Klance/Sheith/Shallura to become canon, but I feel like I set my bars too high after YOI (and Legend of Korra) and after learning about the 80s Lotor and Keith…..

This is MY opinion or you could call it a theory/speculation I guess, you do not have to agree. Hell, I don’t want to agree with myself (Klance/Lancelot i’m waiting for you in season 3). I would like to have a civilized discussion with our fandom, ‘cause I feel like overlooked quite some things….

What are your thoughts? :)

Utapri Analysis: Star Constellations

i’ve already talked about this on twitter, but i thought i’d post it here as well so more people can see it. will contain a few spoilers i think? not really bad ones or sth though.

so you might remember this screenshot from cecil’s and shion’s ep

the shape seemed really familiar to me, so i found that if you turn it around, you can see it’s the big dipper

cecil, tokiya, masato and otoya form the “body” of the star sign and ren, syo and natsuki the “handle.”

i looked for more information about the constellation and apparently megrez (cecil’s star) is the faintest star in the big dipper. in the screenshot though, it seemed more like utapri made cecil’s star the brightest. this might refer to how cecil has felt all this time, like he was the weakest part of starish and he didn’t matter as much as the others since he was the last one to join the group. but after his episode/the season so far, he realized he was more than just that and is actually a big part of starish and makes the group even, just like any other member. you can even see he’s the center of the constellation and thus holds them together. 

every single star of the big dipper has its own name, so every member of starish has their own star name. i’ve looked into them and the stars don’t really have a meaning or such, though they do all have an arabic name that can be translated. the translations didn’t exactly make me think ‘oh this fits them as a character’ but the stars individually might have certain connections to the other stars. (i haven’t really taken the time to look for this so feel free to if you want to.) 

starish’s star names are:

otoya: dubhe 
masato: merak 
natsuki: alioth 
tokiya: phecda
ren: mizar 
syo: alkaid
cecil: megrez

another thing that’s interesting is that the big dipper is part of the great bear, and the great bear contains of 18 stars. the great bear could be a metaphor for starish, heavens and quartet night as in the picture below.

with this, maybe we’ll see more star constellations in the future (or maybe there are some i haven’t noticed yet.) it seems that the ‘star’ in legend star really does have a meaning this season.

BatFam Headcanon 65

The batfam spoils the shit out of Damian. They all feel bad about him not having a normal childhood and being so cut off from the world and so they treat him like a little prince. They do it in subtle ways so he won’t notice just how much he is spoiled. Damian thinks he never gets his way even though the family always ends up doing what the little prince wants.

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