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GRIMM | 6.12

I thought I lost you once already tonight. Be careful.

Ok but can we talk about how important Ludi Lin’s character is in Power Rangers like oh my god here we have this incredibly attractive ASIAN MAN who isn’t attractive because of his race and who isn’t a stereotypical nerdy unattractive Asian man but is really attractive and flirty and badass but also has a realistic soft side because he loves his mom and takes care of her because she’s really sick and isn’t afraid to scream to the world “I LOVE MY MOM” and isn’t afraid to admit that he’s scared that he’s scared for his mom and is lonely and is also undeniably Chinese but also undeniably AMERICAN because yes Asian people can also be American and omg I just can’t rn his character is a BLESSING

new power rangers hogwarts houses

jason: gryffindor…………..

kim: slytherin

billy: hufflepuff (for a moment I thought ravenclaw, but… actually, no.)

zack: gryffindor or hufflepuff, probably gryffindor??

trini: please send help

before power rangers stars when the “lionsgate” appears, i was thinking that i didn’t see this name often before the Twilight movies. And it gave us also The Hungers Games. And now we have something like Power Rangers. They’ve done far more for representation in movies than the “traditional” big companies. The same happens with Netflix - they came from a different background, and you see how they are much more open to LGBT+ representation and diversity. 

so my point is: we don’t have better representation because the big companies don’t want to do it (and this is why is important to support companies that are actually trying to do it)

Okay, but like Power Rangers was a GOOD MOVIE. I really recommend it.

The representation was honestly amazing. 4/5 of the cast is POC. The Yellow Ranger is a queer Latina. The Blue Ranger is autistic. And they address it??? And it’s handled well??? Like, I was so impressed.

There are backstories that are relatable. Each character gets a decent amount of screen time. And you fall in love with each character.

There’s jokes and good humor.

At times, it was cheesy toward the end, but I think the movie was self-aware. It knew it was cheesy and rolled with it for the nostalgia effect.

All in all, it was a good movie!! I really enjoyed it!!!

I sort of get where people are coming with being mad with the Death Note adaptation, but for me it’s just like Power Rangers or Phoenix Wright. Just a localized adaptation. Not gonna watch it, but it sure doesn’t anger me as much as GiTS does.

Just got done seeing Power Rangers. It could have been a bit better, but it was still pretty good. Build up to them suiting up took them awhile but I really liked the movie was about the kids and building their bond rather than just giving them the suits and throwing them at Rita.

Some things I really liked. They switched the colors around so the black guy isn’t the black ranger and the Asian chick isn’t yellow. Billy is autistic and my favorite character and Trini is gay. Brian Cranston made a good Zordon, but I felt they could have given him more to do. Alpha looked weird but he was great in motion. Same for the armor.

And lastly, It’s Morphin’ Time, Go Go Power Rangers, Ay Yi Yi, and THE SONG were all used. Long story short, if you’ve ever liked Power Rangers, you’ll like the movie. Maybe even love it. If you’ve never seen it, you’ll still at least like it.