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Part 1. I just read online that the director of the Power Rangers movie thinks one of the reasons the movie didn't do so well was because the rating was PG-13 & not PG aka for kids which I DON'T AGREE AT ALL 😒

Part 2. The reasons why it didn’t do so well was because it had competition, wasn’t promoted well & people thought it was going to be super cheesy. It had nothing to do with the rating, in fact I love the fact that it was more mature & not cheesy like previous Power Rangers stuff & was hoping it stays that way or gets more mature with each movie & go further into telling each Rangers side storylines, example: Trini’s sexuality.
Part 3. (last one) Now if we get does sequels I’m not gonna be excited for them, I feel like the director is gonna sell out & make it for little kids & not for teens & up, if the sequels are gonna be like this I don’t want them 😒 idk maybe I’m just bitter.

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I read this article earlier today too and the PG-13 rating the movie got was because of its maturity which I also enjoyed but it could’ve been a problem for some parents on whether they take their kids to see it. There were definitely a lot of more mature scenes for example: Rita might be considered too creepy for some kids with the whole ripping teeth out and killing a few people and stuff, Rita attacking Trini in her room and killing Billy and the more mature storyline stuff like with Kimberly’s storyline and that joke with the cow at the beginning of the movie. Even some of the deleted scenes like the Jason and Kimberly kiss (damn Kim) and the extended bedroom scene where Rita licks Trini, were a lot more mature than I expected and the latter was probably cut out for both time and because it could be considered too mature for kids. A lot of older fans preferred all the side story and character stuff over the action and that character stuff was the movie’s strongpoint, but younger fans don’t pay attention to that stuff and the fact that there wasn’t too much action (which I didn’t mind) didn’t make this a movie which younger fans would want to rewatch in theaters like they do with most superhero movies.

I definitely think there were various reasons as to why the box office wasn’t as good as it could’ve been and I think this whole PG-13 thing could’ve been one of them. As you said the promotional stuff wasn’t as good as it could’ve been (they started promoting late because they only had a $100 mil budget so they couldn’t spend a lot on promotional stuff, same case happened with Wonder Woman which had the same budget), the release date gave it a really tough competition with Beauty and the Beast, which Lionsgate should’ve reconsidered, and a lot of fans thought this would’ve been a gritty reboot when it was actually a good movie with heart and cheesy moments like the original show (the whole Krispy Kreme thing for example) and the perfect amount of maturity for a character-driven reboot. Then there’s the whole issue with the target audience for the movie. Lionsgate wanted older MMPR fans but they also wanted young and new fans for this reboot but they were so unclear during the promotion of this movie as to who it was for, that they didn’t capture a lot of attention from a lot of people from different groups. The diversity definitely helped the movie but it could’ve done better if Lionsgate highlighted that more.

Also Trini’s sexuality was made such a big deal in the media after the press screenings a week before the movie premiered and that plus the fact that it’s a PG-13 movie definitely made some parents hesitant on taking their kids to see the movie and that could be one of the reasons why the domestic box office (which is the U.S. box office) wasn’t too great. I think the movie was rated G in my country (that’s basically ‘General Audiences’ same as PG). Then it also premiered late in China after all the hype died down which is why it didn’t do so well there (it also had to compete with Guardians of the Galaxy) and I don’t think it premiered in Japan yet.

I don’t think the director can make any changes in regards to any possible sequel ratings because that’s entirely up to Lionsgate. I also prefer this more mature stuff and I hope any possible sequels continue that. That’s what the older fans said they liked about the movie but if Lionsgate decides they want a lower rating so they can make more money off of younger, the director can’t change that. Hopefully the DVD and Digital sales do well for Lionsgate to want to continue with a sequel and to realize that the rating doesn’t need to be PG for it to do well, it just needs to have a better release date, promotion and to know what their target audience is.

Marvel: we can’t make one of our film or show leads Asian. That would be…. against the original source material. That’s also why we can’t make them LGBTQ+.

Power Rangers (2017): hey what’s up. 4/5 of our leads are POC. One is autistic and one is confirmed LGBTQ+. We have the first Asian superhero in a big-budget film, the first autistic superhero in a big/budget film, and the first LGBTQ+ superhero in a big-budget film. None of this was really in the original source material, but representation matters and we specifically casted them with the intention of making a diverse film.