like poor life choices


tatzelwyrm asked: revan or quinlan vos

“Sir, you seem troubled.”
“Quinlan Vos has that effect.”


this is very random, but i drew some clotheswap for you! hope you like it,, aha uvu

(england is rlly grossed out bc america’s jacket smells like hamburgers and poor life choices)

Oh my gosh… (〃゚艸゚) I LOOOVE IT!! It looks so good! .。o♡ ❤ 

You have a unique style, I really like it! Thank you sweetie~ ♡

Do you have an Art Blog??

I really wonder why people who often describe themselves as suffering from mental illnesses, personality disorders, depression, self-loathing etc… say that they relate more to a character who is emotionally unstable rather than someone who sorted his life out? /sarcam

Three different concepts

  1. To relate to someone
  2. To admire someone
  3. To aspire to become like someone

Two characters

Kylo Ren

  • Is a mess
  • Is conflicted
  • Feels completely trapped
  • Made pretty poor life choices so far


  • Always had a good heart 
  • Displays qualities such as courage, wits, and perseverance
  • Accepts to face his demons mid-way through the film rather than running away like he initially planned to do


I can aspire to overcome my fears like Finn, I can admire Finn for being courageous, strong and a great friend but I will still relate to Kylo because I’m an emotional wreck. 

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700 Celebration (6/100)

Request: Anonymous: “A request for your celebration. Clint 74. 26”

74. “Where does it hurt? Yes.”

26. “Can you… can you just hold my hand, please?”

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You felt… hazy. Warm and heavy. Nothing felt real; nothing felt quite right. It took you a minute before you could gather the focus and the will power to open your eyes, and when you did the world that was your little hospital room seemed even less real than you did. There was a steady beeping from an EKG, though, and that gave you something to focus on. Once your sluggish mind finally found something to anchor it to your present situation, it was kind enough to remind you of the backstory in a series of quick bursts.

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We had our chance (Part 3)

Enter Jasmine and Anthony! Woo! So this AU and this timeline is a little wibbly wobbly. In celebration of reaching 200 followers JUST THREE DAYS AFTER REACHING 100 (Omg, I love you all! <3), I give you this really long part 3. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it.

Part 1, Part 4Masterlist

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Summary: Love is like a puzzle, you have to find the right pieces to create the whole picture. But what happens when the pieces are incredibly small and easy to loose?

Warnings: This will contain angst. Not only angst, a little fluff as well, but the ride won’t really be an easy one.

Wordcount: 3,463

-Present day-

You had no idea why you were so nervous. Your feelings for him was long gone, and you hadn’t even thought about him that much in the past few months, other than the occasional Facebook and Twitter posts. Yet here you were, standing outside the café with your hand hovering over the door knob. A dark-haired ponytail on the backside of a head had told you that he was already in there, sitting with his back against the exit. So he hadn’t noticed you yet.

A part of you wanted to turn around and just go home again, since you knew that this was kind off a bad idea. In fact, your brain had been screaming this at you for the past days since you talked on Facebook, but your heart had apparently said another thing. You just didn’t know what it was saying exactly, just that it had urged you to agree to meet up with him.

With a deep breath, you finally pressed down on the door knob, entering the café. Your heart was beating faster and faster as you closed in on his back, but completely stopped when he turned around to look at you. As per usual, he greeted you with a big and warm smile.
“Y/N!” he said and stood up, raising his arms slightly to hug you, but stopped midway through the action. You wanted to hug him back, but couldn’t seem to bring yourself to do it. Instead, the two of you just stood there, looking at each other.

“Hi, Lin! It’s so nice to meet you.” you said, trying to sound as natural as you possibly could, trying to get rid of the awkwardness. It seemed to work.

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One too many - Chapter 1

I just posted the first chapter of my new other fanfiction One too many. A college au featuring my favourite trash ship, Yang x Mercury, and White Rose. Also some background Renora, Arkos and Cat Burgler.

It’s a college au and basically about Yang making poor life choices while drunk, just like starting a casual affair with Mercury that will of course never ever turn into something more. Tell yourself that girl. 

Also Weiss is totally convinced she’s straight, but of course she’s not. It’s not a big coming out story, more my love for Weiss the oblivious lesbian. Expect some really cute and fluffy White Rose. 

No smut, mentions of sex and people are getting drunk. Also some mentions of Mercury’s dark, dark backstory later. 

Read it here!

Let me know what you think!

summersleeper  asked:

Wait a minute, how do mornings work? You're underground??

* Well, we have this;

* But as you can see, I personally don’t pay much heed to it.

SHIT DES HAS SAID     :     PART 1 OF ???

this meme is a compilation of the things that des has said while we’ve been on calls. various sentences are from des playing min.ecra.ft, being extremely tired, or just being generally silly !!! please enjoy !!! 

  •  fuck whoever killed me, i hate you.
  •  don’t come near me; i’ll hit you with a carrot.
  •  it’s almost dark out, i have 14 carrots, i’m all good.
  • woah, pig! why do you love me?!? GO AWAY!!!
  •  there is literally no one I would go to the end of the world for.
  •  i should be the next dr. suess.
  •  i still have my mac n’ cheese … OH SHIT!!! DIE!!! GO AWAY!!! … yeah, I still have my mac n’ cheese.
  •  when a creeper’s after you, but you still gotta tend your garden.
  • i’m wrapped up in like 4 blanket. i’m a human sushi roll. but i would not like to be dipped in soy sauce & eaten. no thank u. (simon cowell voice) that’s a no from me. 
  • for a second i forgot his name and almost put mean british guy but that could also be gordon ramsey. and i didn’t swear enough to be him.
  • i’m crying over pennsylvania food and the x-kit guy.
  • you didn’t tell me you were friends with pippa soo  !!!  WE COULD HAVE GOTTEN HAMILTON TICKETS !!!
  • alright, if my day gets any worse, i’m suing. idk who i’m suing, but i am.
  •  it’s like a refund … well, less of a refund. — it’s like a refund!
  • the chickens are mocking my poor life choices!
  • they have a les mis plot!! HOLY FUCK!!! Wait — that’s assassin’s creed – nevermind.
  • i’m just a bread cabinet.
  • i just watched a chicken commit suicide.
  • i have to refill the bacon aaaaAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa
  • i’m dragging you on tumblr, just so you know.

          ❛  do you ever get that feeling that you’re supposed to be someone else? i’m not talking about poor life choices, but rather this…  this feeling like you’re missing something crucial, and right now isn’t all it’s supposed to be?   ❜

@etfuturus  /  modern magic au.

Random Quotes by my Friends

Kai - “One day, I’m gonna get high and drunk and play with weapons. You’re invited.”

Jay - “I feel like I smell like poor life choices and bad decisions.”

Cole - “Life’s to short, just like you. Eat some cake because… you know… if you get fat enough you could just like roll everywhere.”

Zane - “Sometimes I want to slap you in the fucking face with a baby so you have to deal with the crying baby after I slap you.”

Lloyd - “Somethings missing. I don’t know if it’s a person, dog, or a burrito. I guess we won’t know until you take me to Taco Bell.”

Nya - “Sometimes, I need to remind myself that I’m a girl. Like it doesn’t change anything but like… oh yeah… I have a vagina.”

But he wasn’t careful; a gift so powerful can be taken away as easily as it is given. All it takes is a single bite. As his eyes began to weep, he searched in vain for The Outsider, but found himself alone once again.
↳ Tales of Dunwall / Dishonored

Round 10 // HatingCoriander vs Mad-Adam
artist’s choice

something, something, you get me closer to god

Fandom: Life is Strange
Pairing: Chasefield, mentions of one-sided Victoria/Kate-ish? and Marshfield
Rating: Hard R, like M+ or whatever
Warnings: Alcohol, blood, dub-con…ish?, poor life choices, swear words, mentions of canon suicide attempts. Really, any warnings you’d find in the source material.

Happy Slightly Belated Birthday to Jade aka femslashmonster

If anyone tells me Max is behaving out of character, I’m going to direct them to the interactions with Frank in episode 3.

Blood is dripping from your nose, but that’s nothing new. This universe looks familiar, scurrying grey-black clouds and an oppressive sense of dread. You check your text messages. The most recent is from Chloe. Chloe with fingers that can type. Chloe with blue hair and a ‘can’t do’ attitude when it comes to rules, establishments, and her stepfather; David Madsen.

You rub the blood away from your nose and make your way towards the dorms. Does this universe move without you? Is there another Max Caulfield, now displaced from this body. Maybe it was a straight swap between you and ‘Popular Max’. How jarring that must have been. Her waking up as some loser nobody with the end of the world hanging over her like a cartoonish anvil.

Thankfully, the walk to the dorms is quiet, not too quiet. The regular amount. You swing the door open using your whole body and see the other girls gathered in the hall outside Kate’s room.

Jesus fuck, what now?

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