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{{ I got that one anonymous ask a little while ago that I hadn’t answered yet – “Mod and Teo body swap?” I think that celebrating my 600 followers is a great occasion to make your dreams come true. >3> }}

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hey @orphanblack, me again. clonecest extraordinaire

so tatiana can’t improv with herself right, but do y’all think kathryne alexandre could get a little of the spotlight too?

obviously these “rules videos” are “here’s a scene starter, now roll with it” type of improv. as fun as it’s been to see jordan and kevin and evelyne and kristian improv’ing with each other and with tatiana in a few cases, i for one would love to see kat and tat improv’ing a little clone/clone scene for fun. obviously /tatiana/ plays the clones but for these little snippets it would be so rad to see kat’s take on sarah or on helena or krystal or cosima or MK or alison. just like. any of the clones, it would be fun to see how different kat’s version of a clone is different than tat’s. 

and what better way to do it than have them act opposite each other in one of these little “rules” vids… and /not/ have to keep kat’s back facing the camera?? like how cool would that be. just to see them side by side and acting together. idk if you guys are all done filming the rules videos or whatever else but… if not, and if there’s a slim chance that you see this… please consider… tatiana and kathryne, acting side by side for all of clone club to see.


things I’m 100% done with: ppl calling the accomplishments of trans people “a win for the gays” or “gay culture” 

Why is it that modern AUs always automatically mean modern America but never modern Amestris? I mean, the series is set in the 1910s in Amestris and they already have quite advanced automail. What would automail look like in 100 years? 

You could have people designing alchemy arrays with computer programs. Maybe in 100 years Amestris will have universities with alchemy majors! Maybe Ed works in a coffee shop to make some money and repairs stuff around the place with alchemy.

There are so many world building possibilities! 


AQUARIUS S2 PREMIERE : A special 2-hour commercial-free event!


on petco’s website u can sort cat food by type/brand/price etc and there was a vegetarian option which confused me until i clicked on it and it literally just says “no” this is beautiful


Fixing it for myself. No don’t worry. I’m totally fine. I’m cool. It’s okay. ( ಠ◡ಠ )